How To Make $1000-$2000 Dollars At Your Next Garage Sale

How To Make $1000-$2000 Dollars At Your Next Garage Sale HUSTLERS KUNG FU ONLINE COURSE ENROLL NOW

Garage sales offer a great way for getting deals and making some extra money.

There is a lot of money to be made if you know how to exploit garage sales.

If you have a system, you can explode your garage sale profits. If you are going to spend the time and effort of having a garage sale, you should use a plan to quadruple your profits.

This book is for:

  • Anyone who wants to maximize garage sale profits
  • Resellers who want to get great deals at garage sales
  • Treasure hunters interested in making the most of their time during garage sale season
  • People who need quick cash to pay for emergency expenses
  • People moving away who need to lighten their load and make some money
  • Serious resellers interested in getting valuables like “gold” on the cheap

If you want to earn 200, 300, or 400% more, then you can. The tips in this book are proven winners.

This book explains:

  • Why pre-hunt planning is necessary to maximize garage sale days
  • Why planning your route is 50% of your success
  • Pricing strategies
  • Methods for accessing hidden items for sale that are tucked away in the house
  • Storage strategies for maximizing your time as a reseller
  • How problem solving is your best friend when working with sellers
  • Psychological strategies for success as a buyer
  • The secrets for winning big with costume jewelry
  • Why a frazzled seller can work in your favor
  • How to Use Craigslist and eBay to earn more
  • The right questions you should be asking for greater success


Buy this book today and learn the insider secrets the pros use to earn big money.


How to Get Cash for Your Business – How to Bootstrap Your Business – Finding Money for Your Business

How to Get Cash for Your Business – How to Bootstrap Your Business – Finding Money for Your Business

You can read this summary of this video, well you can watch it as well to get  four times the impact. In fact watch the video 3-4 times to get the full dosage of information.

As we sit here and we talk about this stuff, I see people who accept defeat before the battle even begins.

It’s insane. So many people capable of doing so many things. They don’t believe in the value of hard work. Two good books on the subject are: How Children Are Successful and Helping You with Success


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I see a trend. When I speak of social issues, people want to debate me on social responsibility. People want to debate me on the value of hard work. Typically, you can’t win if you are going to ignore things that are proven. Here’s my story. I am a self-made person. The books, the storage auction business, I bootstrapped it. I’ll tell you that when I started Conundrum Media, it was $289 and a bunch of hard work.

Let’s get in a time machine and go back to 2009. I was meeting people at a favorite lounge called Vino Libro, a bar I hung out at. I’d tell people, “You should start a YouTube channel. Self-publishing is the shit. Hey, you should do this.” People would ask me if I could guarantee results. I’d say “No. That’s part of the fun.” People looked at me like I was crazy. People talked shit about me.

This is the thing. If you’re not feeling technology, you’re putting your family at a disadvantage. It is the great equalizer. This creates so much drive and energy.

Once again, let’s go back to the time machine to 2009. I’m talking to people, trying to educate them, trying to put this together. But, no one is interested because of no definitive payoff in the end. That’s the problem for many people. That kind of mindset will keep you poor. It will keep you disenfranchised.


For those of you who want to get in on special, THE PRICE WENT UP  and you get everything on the website and everything coming  go here to buy it.


Let’s talk about hard work. Let’s talk about working in the dark.

I wrote my first book. I had no clue how it was going to turn out. I had hopes. I had plans. I had ambition. I had a certain mindset of how I wanted it to happen.

I didn’t know I was operating on faith. Not religious faith. I’d say to myself, “I know this stuff is going to be successful, I just don’t know when.”

Stop saying bootstrapping is a nasty word. People hate the fact that I am evidence of many of the things I say.

As long as it is just one theory, we can go back and forth all day.

I am giving you fact.

Bootstrap, this is fact.

Bootstrap Upscale Garage Sale – fact.

Bootstrap GC Solution Furniture Company – Fact

This is what’s going to happen. In the beginning, it is extremely hard work, long hours. You will be poor while working harder that you ever did before.

Many people say, I can’t do it.

I asked them, would you rather do it by force or choice?

Google this guy, Dr. Andrew McAfee. He’s a MIT professor. He and his partner study employment. He’s been on 60 Minutes and has done TED talks. He says there are not going to be jobs for a lot of people in the near future. There will always be jobs, but not nearly as many.

For example, GE at one point employed 1 million people for a billion-dollar company. Delta employs 80,000 worldwide and is a $80 billion company. Uber hires contractors and is a $50 billion company. Airbnb owns no property. You’re having people with the ability to make crazy money. This is the new economy. This is App income.

The guy who owns Uber could probably light up a $100 bill every second and not make a dent in his fortune before he dies.  

This is what the economy is producing. When you’re saying, I can’t bootstrap business, you’re missing some opportunities.

Essentially, you can bootstrap a business. I can’t give you an outcome. You might not make it. But, you take those lessons to the next opportunity. Each failure gives you data for the journey.

You’re delaying your success, if you aren’t willing to fail.

It used to take three to five years for a business to get to a certain level of income. No more. In roughly 24 to 36 months, you can seriously cash in.

When I wrote my first book in the summer of 2009, my trajectory was roughly a year. Some days I’d put up five videos. My partner questioned me. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

I said, “Yes.”


I said I don’t know. That was my answer.

I have tons of faith in myself. I will put something on a sheet of paper for today. Here’s my goals for the day. I’ll execute and it falls flat. Then I’ll say, what did I do wrong. I’m not bitching, moaning, whining or crying. That’s not going to solve a damn thing.

When you hold yourself accountable, you become “God-like” in your power to change your life and in your ability to create change in the lives of other people.

Taking responsibility for my success, that’s what bootstrapping is. I am not borrowing any money. I don’t want anyone to go into debt to buy my course. I think that’s irresponsible. That’s why I changed the pricing.

Let’s talk about working in the dark. I work in the dark a lot, trying new stuff, putting it out there, testing stuff. This is the reason I test so many things. When I put something out and I get feedback, I have numbers to my success. Which is roughly 20 percent, sometimes it’s 30 percent. Or, if I want 90 things to win, I have to do 300 execution points based on my success rate. That’s what I have to do.

Today, I want you to think of ways to bootstrap your idea. Bootstrapping is starting with little or no money. You want to do the unknown. Let’s take a time machine to 2009. I write this book. I had no clue the shows were coming. This was my plan. I’d make 50K and get maybe a book deal. I was operating 100 percent in the dark.

I submitted my manuscript to my first editor. He said this is some “fucked up” shit. I took the shit back to work on it. Then I started hustling, pushing and executing, hustling, pushing and executing. Then I got to the point, I was making some money. Then the show comes on. This isn’t about my good fortune. My point is, when you do stuff that is unknown, you will have a higher level of benefits than doing the safe shit.

There is progress in struggle. You build your struggle number. You don’t give up. Many people are avoiding the struggle.


I thought I’d give you an idea about my consulting business.

I’m not doing any eBay consulting. I hate eBay.

No, I don’t do Amazon consulting. I’m the guy that believes in using your own internet assets, not using someone else’s.

I am a strategist. I am a growth person. I create a growth map to get you from point A to point B.

The Internet is a separate business. It’s a different animal. I help you with answers for what are we going to do and what we can do.

I’m the guy that can show you the way.

This is what you need before you call me. Ask yourself what kind of life you want. If you are more into systems without lifestyle planning, then I can’t work for you. One of the beauties of having a lifestyle plan – I’m going to help you have a better life.

How do I get paid? By hour or by project. Or I can work for an equity split. Currently I am not accepting anymore long term clients.  However, if you want to attend a bootcamps, be part of a live stream get on this Hustler Kung Fu Live email  special offers and much much more!

The Mental Side of Hustling and Why You Should Do It

The Mental Side of Hustling and Why You Should Do It

What is hustling and why should you do it – even if you have a good job? Read the summary and watch the video.For the last two years, I’ve been talking about the “New Economy.” Some people are very resistant to change.The “New Economy” is about a shift in society at large. It’s a big change financially and economically. It’s not just me. Two guys recently wrote a book about this. These two guys are from MIT, one of the top 5 educational institutions in the world.  They are saying what I’ve been saying for years.

The essentials of life are going up in price and things you don’t need are plummeting in price. This fact can be awesome in some ways because it means more opportunities for people who are prepared. Being prepared does not mean having a college degree. Being prepared is being in possession of highly desired skill sets.This thing that is coming will be so crazy. It will be like the caveman days…kill or be killed. The world is moving towards two classes of people. It’s different than the “haves” and “have-nots.” It’s darker than that.

You think technology is moving fast right now? We’re going to hit a point where it will look like we were coasting.

Let’s define hustling. Hustling is exploiting opportunity. If you’re walking down the street and you see a guy selling a cord of wood for $5 on a chilly day. Then you walk around the corner and see a guy with a sign saying we will pay $10 for a cord of wood and we need it really bad, you’re going to walk your ass back to the $5 guy. You’ll say, I’ll take all you have, and then you sell it for 100 percent profit. That is hustling.

Hustling is observation and knowledge base. Many folks look at hustling as taking advantage of people. Let’s say you’re at a garage sale and you see an item for $30 that you know is worth $1000. If you’re a true hustler, you say, here’s $30, have a nice day. That is hustling.

Now let’s talk about why you should do it. Right now, you might have a great job, money in the bank. Your bills are all paid. Due to technology, in five years that might not be the case. You did all the right things, went to the right school. Then one day, they lay you off.

You didn’t see it coming. The company is growing and showing record profits. Yet, you are still laid off. Why? They don’t need you. New technology or your job is being outsourced. This is going to be a common story!

For the first time in history, we have a very large educated underclass. This is a huge, huge group of people. We have people with two or three college degrees making under 30K a year. That’s all they have the skill sets to do.

I’m in Atlanta. When I go out, I can instantly tell when I’m talking to one of these people by the way they carry themselves, their conversation, diction and so forth. The crux of the issue is that when they were in school, the world kept spinning. By the time curriculum is developed, it may be obsolete. But they’ll teach it for a few years, or even a decade. And it’s obsolete. So, you have this person that worked hard and had a high GPA, which explains the resentment of these people. I totally get it. They can only find jobs they could have gotten without a degree. It is an incredible mind fuck, the source of a lot of misery.

I tell you something else that is happening. A lot of 25 and 30-year-old adults can’t leave home. They may leave for a minute but they come back, or they are forced to get a roommate.Your money doesn’t go as far. Fuel, food, and healthcare are extremely pricey.  You have this paradox. People are pissed off and confused. It is a growing segment of the population. It’s true college graduates have a higher level of employment than high school graduates. If I’m an employer, and I can hire a college graduate for the same price I could hire a person without a degree, then I’m going to say…” Come on in Mr. BA or MBA.” This trend is not going to reverse anytime soon. The number of premium jobs between 90K and 500K is shrinking, due to technology and displacement.

This is why you should hustle even if you have a great job. I promise you in five to ten years, your situation will change. I’ll bet money on it. Unless you’re preparing for it, it can be an ugly event. You should hustle to gain skills. Hustle knowledge is different that knowledge that helps you get a job and maintain a job.  There is nothing like the experience of running your own business that will prepare you to run your own business.

You need to get started now.

How do you change your mindset to take action now?

You have to create a sense of urgency. I’ve noticed with my students that without a sense of urgency, some people don’t perform.I’ve been in a number of Facebook groups. I’ve noticed that someone will join the group and get better results in two or three months than others in the group for two years. They had a sense of urgency.

Another reason to start hustling now is due to technology. If you get in the hustler game after losing a job or when you are about to lose a job, there’s high anxiety and a lot of fear. If you get in the hustle game now while you have a job, then you can build your hustle muscles in a peaceful environment, you can take some losses and learn from them.I’ve actually turned some away in that desperate mode. If something goes wrong, I get the blame, even when they don’t do what I say. It happened in the storage auction game. It got really, really ugly. Bad things happened. He got divorced. He had to move back with his parents. He wrote me a letter later and apologized. Now I won’t take you on in a firestorm.

This is why you want to start hustling asap.There’s plenty of people hustling part-time, making 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6K per month. Another reason you should hustle is to open yourself up to some tax benefits.  Tax code is written for business owners. You should start hustling now and you will beat the masses who will move in that direction out of necessity. Don’t wait until you are in a desperate place. You need to hustle from a more stable mindset.

44 to 55-year-old people are sitting ducks in the scheme of things. You are expensive to the company in two ways; salary and healthcare benefits.

Ageism is real.

Everybody needs to learn to hustle as a survivorship skill. If you want to be part of the live streams special offers and deals be sure to get on my email list today!


How to Create Content Online That Makes Money

How to Create Content Online That Makes Money

One of the big things that so many people have a problem with is a lack of patience when making money online. The first rule if you create content, is that you’re looking at three months to a year before it makes money.My content creation process was roughly 4 ½ months and it took a lot of time.I’m going to create a group, a video school.You’re going to get video school and “How to create video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that actually makes money. There are many people coming from the school of thought that creating content is about giving value and you don’t ask for money. If that works for you – fine. I didn’t do any of that. But, there is a better, more comprehensive plan, because I didn’t do any of that. I have been making the majority of my income from video marketing since 2009. I’ve been asking for the money, asking for the sale since 2009. I’m going to teach you how to do that stuff. Plus, you’ll get to see the creation and development of the video school. Now, what is that? It’s for people wanting to start a YouTube channel who don’t know where to start. You’ll get this book – Inbound Video Marketing. You’ll get that information and more.

Then, there are many people who come in asking, how do I write a book? I want to write eBooks. I’ll be talking about that in the creative group. Then there’s blogs – I’ll be talking about that in the creative group. I’ll also talk about creating online courses and YouTube and websites in the creative group. This is a micro launch. After today, all of the Mack Daddy Media content is going through the Mack Daddy channel. I’m building this out for something much bigger.

The YouTube special is $150 per month or $750 for the year. You have two choices. It’s not going to change anytime soon.It’s all about doing what I’ve done with this YouTube channel for various things. There’s so many things that no one else is doing this process with.The Mack Daddy Creative Group is going to be a creative group. We’re going to be talking about all things creative. We’re not going to be talking about any of the Hustler stuff.Tomorrow we will be getting information out for the Business School for Hustler.

One of the things with creating video is the planning aspect which takes a lot of time and research. We’re going to walk everybody through that process because it’s going to be really fun.After today, I’m going to start building out Mack Daddy Media, the YouTube channel. If you want that, you have to go to the Mack Daddy Media channel.I don’t really do 1 on 1 consulting anymore. I’ll do a lot of group training and boot camps. I like the bigger projects. They are more fun. Works better for me.Another thing that is going to happen is that you’ll get to watch me build out Mack Daddy Media.

Media companies are the lobbyists of the Internet. If you know anything about Washington, lobbyists run Washington. All these companies who put out content, they are sharing narratives, creating outcomes and selling billions of dollars’ worth of products.

If you want to be a blogger, a writer, a YouTuber, or one of these people who make money from social media or online assets, the Mack Daddy Creative Groups is going to be for you. If you want to be part of it, the price is $150 per month. I’ll tell you why it costs $150 per month. There is so much that goes on with updates and changes in video if you want to make money with video. If you want to be a speaker, you don’t need this. I don’t want to do that.

Subscribe to Mack Daddy Media in the chat. Then, you’ll get to see a lot of stuff you won’t see in this channel. This channel will get back to pure hustling. Then, there’s going to be another channel on advanced business tactics and some more stuff.

Links are below for those who want to join the school.

If you join the group, if you’re trying to build an online business, I’m going to put out purposeful content that you need to take action on to benefit from.

One of the things you’ll get to see if you’re in the group is how if you build out your Internet properties correctly, you can make a lot of money and you don’t have to travel.

Mack Daddy Media is going to be very local. It’s going to be a physical company with an office. You’ll get to see behind the scenes stuff.

I’m going after local businesses. No one is talking to these people. I’m going to use post cards and say… How would you like to improve your video marketing presence using video?

With the prices I charge, if I get 1 client a month, it works.

I’ll talk about the philosophy of that.

What’s happening is that everybody is running online with false expectations and wondering why they’re not successful. For every 100 people that start doing Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever, 1000 people give up and say, “Fuck it.”

I see so many people trying to make money online without talking to anybody without creating workable solutions.

Tomorrow…we get back to the Business School of Hustling.


No Ebay, No Amazon – Recorded Sessions

No Ebay, No Amazon – Recorded Sessions

I was once in love with eBay. I also liked Amazon a lot and had my books published there.

It was a short love affair that ended after eBay tied up my money in PayPal and deleted my listings for no good reason that I had any control over.

I suffered financially over an unpredictable eBay concern that I was never privy to until it happened.

  • I had not broken any rules.
  • I had taken good care of my customers.

For weeks, I could not touch my money. I had to fight to get it released. It was STRESSFUL.

eBay wasn’t the only cause of my frustration. Amazon made a large payment error that did not benefit me, and I was forced to uncover it and get it corrected.

Then I realized that by depending on eBay and Amazon:

  • I had no control over my money.
  • I had no control over my listings.
  • I was a “sitting duck”  for policy changes or new rules that eBay or Amazon concocted.
  • I had no peace of mind.

After eBay screwed me once again and held my hard-earned money in PayPal, I said, “No More!”

It was a “Do or Die” situation. I had thousands of dollars of my operating capital stuck in PayPal for no logical reason.

Business owners often rely on eBay and Amazon as a crutch because:

  • They do not respect the vast opportunities available outside of the Amazon and eBay arena
  • They do not respect their own ability to create a fully functioning business of their own
  • They do not recognize the technology available to help them build their own business

Once you realize that eBay and Amazon are companies promoting only their agenda and not yours, that’s when you know that it is time for you to establish your own sales channels and payment vehicles.

Until you control your sales and your payments, you are vulnerable to the whims of those who do. Third party platforms take away your leverage as a businessperson to control your destiny and income.

By taking the plunge and creating a business that is truly yours,

You will never have to worry about:

  • Arbitrary policy changes that dramatically impact your earnings
  • Confusing algorithm changes that stop your sales and traffic
  • Your account being closed due to bogus customer complaints or accusations

Seize the moment and start your own business. You do not need eBay or Amazon.

Take control today and regain your control and peace of mind.




Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

This is a summary of this video in I give you why I think following your passion is very, very bad advice!

What I want to discuss today is one of the biggest lies. I call it the passion trap. Follow your passions and the money will come. There is no bigger lie on the planet.Think about what you’re passionate about. Did you become passionate about these things when you learned of them or did you become passionate about them when you became good at them?For example, I’m really passionate about YouTube videos for the last 2 ½ years. I’ve been on YouTube for past 4 years. But I’ve been passionate about videos the last 2 ½ years because I became good at it.

When I first started YouTube, I was a scared little bitch making videos; it was just me and the camera in my basement. I was terrified about what would happen when the video was released. There are things you can get good at that you suck at now. Do not swallow the passion Kool-Aid. One of the best quotes I ever heard was something Mark Cuban said. “Don’t follow your passion, follow your determination.” Anyone who made it through a concentration camp made it by determination, not passion. It was a horror of horrors. This was life or death.When you’re sick. When someone gets cancer – the whole family gets cancer. With these people, it’s determination. It’s something so big; they become super human. If you’ve known someone with cancer, you know it’s a damning thing.

Certain events don’t make you stronger; it reveals what’s already there. Personal courage is already there. Start working on shit you want to do. People screw themselves by waiting for the perfect time. Today, you can pick something. Start working it. Once you start to own shit and feel good about it, passion develops.I’ll give you an example of determination. If you take a person who’s never made more than 30 or 40K and they get a drug addiction, all of a sudden, they’re making 200 or 300K per year. They never could do it before. They didn’t have the proper motivation. You can’t tell me someone selling their body online or on the street is passionate about it. They’re not. They are determined. How do you get determined? You have, to be honest with yourself. You can start assessing yourself. Like, right now I’m fat. That’s why I’m in the gym. I started doing yoga. I was falling and looking crazy. About six months into it, I started to like it. Why? I became good at it.  Now I can hold a plank position 3 or 4 minutes. It embarrassed the fuck out of me when I started. That came from determination.

The first step is to be honest.

The second step is to take action. A lot of action. Actions is the key to everything. Gain experience. Try to be bigger and better than before. Some situations will be humiliating. Put yourself in positions where you look stupid. That is determination.

Step 3 is to take consistent action. You can’t stop when things get dicey. It’s going to get dicey pretty quickly. There will be dark moments when you question your sanity because it is not happening fast enough.

Consistent action is key.

4th step is reevaluation. You must constantly readjust. Why? Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

You must get the courage to deal with these things. I am so criticized.  I am a polarizing figure. Either you really like me or you just can’t stand me. Everybody is not for everybody.

It’s about growing up and being a full, articulate adult. One of the reasons the whining is so loud is because they have fallen into the passion trap. Execution brings in dollars, not passion. Determination brings in dollars.Passion is not as enduring as determination. Number five after reevaluation is don’t be afraid to dream your dreams. Remember, sometimes the dream you have is not appropriate for the person you are. It could be your mother’s dream or your father’s dream or your Boo’s dream. Sometimes, you’re doing it for the vanity of other people. If you are following your passion, there needs to be some results. That means your passion has legs.

You’ve got to stand up. You’ve got to produce results. When you do, your confidence level goes up.Set small goals and consistently accomplish them. Make starting and completing a task a habit. Make it a priority.This means I can’t watch Housewives of Atlanta. This means I can’t go jet skiing this weekend. I need to sit home and get busy. I need to produce some results. Goals must be written down. For any person faced with the accomplishment versus “you have potential,” reassurance, that’s Bullshit.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to start playing with the big boys and big girls to get ahead. You can only go so far by yourself. You still need other people. You have to treat your dreams seriously. One of the biggest complaints I get is…” people don’t take me seriously.” It’s because you aren’t producing any results. You may have to go to a bigger court. You may have to pay for a coach. The level of thinking you have has created your current situation. Until you “Up” your thinking, your situation won’t change.

My income quadrupled when I started paying for education.

If you buy tapes, books and audio courses, they serve you forever. They pay for themselves a million times over.

Life is a journey of continuing education. You have to create new experiences, or you will get stale and ineffective.

The people who really get it, listen to my videotapes several times. You get something new every time.

This is the offer:  For those who never want to be broke again – get The Never Broke Action Pack!

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