The Hustle Formula – 10 Steps To More Dollars In Your Life- Audio Book

The Hustle Formula – 10 Steps To More Dollars In Your Life- Audio Book

The Hustler’s Formula changed my life!

Let me explain.

I was that guy who played by the rules for years.

I was the loyal “corporate man,” working as many hours as I could to provide for my family. But, I never had enough money or time. I had no control over major events in my life. I was laid off three times in eighteen months and had finally had enough.

My life was not working.  

I went from broke and living in a boarding house to wealth. I did it by following The Hustler’s Formula.

You can do it too!

You can make more money in life if you understand key universal truths and follow these  simple steps.

This course is for:


  • People tired of living a life where there is never enough time or money


  • Individuals who want to take control over their destiny
  • Unemployed and underemployed individuals
  • People who fear an uncertain financial future
  • Ambitious wage earners who want the “good life”
  • Dissatisfied individuals in search of more money and happiness in life
  • People willing to follow this proven formula and take action

This course:

  • Provides a simple, step by step plan that anyone can follow for success
  • Is based on universal truths that work in every economy
  • Does not require special technical expertise or connections
  • Works for anyone willing to follow the formula

This course explains:

  • Why money is a byproduct of service and how you can benefit financially
  • The difference between value and profit and how to use it to win in life
  • The bold action steps necessary for your success
  • The role your self-esteem plays in achieving your goals
  • Why small calculated failures lead to huge success
  • Why it is important to reject many of the “societal lies” that keep you down

Buy The Hustler’s Formula today. The life you want is possible if you know what to do.


Uber Is Taking You For A Drive

Is Uber/Lyft A Business Model Or Merely A Hustle? – Beginner Tips

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I am going to put out a $10,000 bet. If you can prove with evidence that I drive for Uber or have driven for Uber in 2015 or 2016, you get $10,000.

I wrote a book about driving for Uber. The links are below.

I drove for Uber in 2014 for six weeks to do research for my book. What I found out in 2014 was that Uber is a great hustle. If you have a valid driver’s license and can pass a background check, Uber is not a bad thing.

Let’ get into all this stuff people talk about with Uber. Some people say, Uber’s a scam. They talk about all the wear and tear on their car.

If you are Broke Dick Danny and you have no money and all of your bills are piling up, who are you to be choosy?

This is the thing that gets me. There are so many people that want to be a millionaire until it comes time to do the work of a millionaire. The first thing you’ve got to do is crawl, before you can walk. Then, you have to walk before you run. Then you need to run in practice before you start sprinting.

Some people want to go from Broke Dick Danny status to millionaire status in 30 days. If you win the lottery. Ok. But your chances are pretty slim.

I was Broke Dick Danny and I reached a point of practicality. I reached a point where I had to be very realistic. I had no money. Nobody was knocking down my door to give me money. And I needed to make some money. So, I went to do this thing called Labor Pool. Labor Pool is one of these places where you can show up early in the morning and you sit and wait in line for the jobs to come in. Then you can go and make between $30 and $80 for a day. You get paid at the end of the day in cash if you make it back before they close so you can cash your check.

I did that because I realized I was Broke Dick Danny. There are many of you out there who are Broke Dick Danny or Penniless Priscilla and you think you have options, and you have no damn money in your pocket. You don’t have enough skills to command options. Be real.

If you want an online empire, in time you can have that. But. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take hard work.

So, Uber or Lyft may be one of those things to carry you over while you build, because that was 1997 when I was doing that. I was doing that in 1998 and I was doing a higher level of temporary job at the staffing agency. That’s how I got to work at T-Mobile. I did what I had to do until I could do better.

Be real. If you aren’t living a millionaire lifestyle, it may be because you don’t have millionaire skills yet.

Question: Can you explain how I should incorporate for it?

Answer: If you’re going to incorporate Uber and put yourself down as an independent contractor and have an LLC you need to have the LLC and your EIN number before you apply. Maybe Uber will allow it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, unless you’re going to be hiring people and get five, six, or 7 cars, or something that.

I would say to use Uber to carry you over, to pay bills while you build. That’s how I see Uber. Uber and Lyft are hustles.

Some people like Uber and Lyft and they turn it into their full-time thing.

Now, let’s say you are paying your bills and you are no longer broke. You need a money management tool. When you have a bad day, you need to know it instantly. Once you get all of your core bills straight, then I would say while you’re building, get rid of any expenses that are bullshit.

If you’re trying to become a millionaire, fuck cable right now. Fuck cable. You have to make your expenses so small that maybe one or two weeks of Uber covers everything.

You’ve got to have a little money to start this. You also have to have an hour or two a day dedicated to your business.

Typically, when you are building that online business, it takes about 10K to get going. Even when it is fast, it takes about a year to build an online business.

There are some hustles that can turn into businesses, but many hustles will never be businesses.

Unless you’re in a city like San Francisco, New York, or Washington DC with super high volume, you won’t make a lot of money driving for Uber or Lyft.

In vibrant cities, you can drive 24 hours a day. There’s always demand.

When I drove for Uber in 2014, I lived in a wealthy neighborhood. When I started, I woke up at 4am in the morning and I would get three to four airport runs which is $135 to $200 per day before 6ish. Once I figured out the hotspots and about surges, I could average $100 to $200 per day and then do the power thing on the weekends. Back then, driving when you want didn’t work for me.

I tested this. I sat in my car from 10am to 6pm and did maybe $100. Whereas, if I got up at 4am, I could do $180 to $200 before 10am. I tested this a few times.


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Question: What were the hotspots you drove in 2014?

Answer: I lived in Sandy Springs. There was this spot at Powers Ferry where the BP station was in that neighborhood. There were a lot of million dollar homes. Who is going to the airport at 4am? The answer is a business person or a salesperson, or someone who has got to go to a business meeting. These are not regular jobs, right?

Another hotspot was on Northside Drive near the Flying Biscuit.

On my best weekend, I did $800. It was during football season.

Uber is not a business model. Driving for Uber doesn’t make you a business person. It’s a job with flexible hours.

Don’t try to make it more than it is. Do it for a bit. Or do it part-time. Have your eye on something else.

When you start your own company, you have more options.

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Disruptive Money – The Mad Life Skill

Disruptive Money – The Mad Life Skill

Never be broke again!

I remember the stress of worrying about money. It casts a dark shadow over your life. When I started following this plan, my money worries were over.

You can do the same thing, no matter what your circumstances are.

This simple plan can be followed by anyone at any income level. It is not some complicated stock plan or gimmick that is hard to understand. It is as easy as counting to five.

You have a better option. You can choose to take control of your finances today. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn now, there are proven money management strategies that “people in the know” use to always have the money they need when they need it.

By using this proven system for managing your money, you will never be broke again.

This course is for:

  • Parents who had to say “No” to their children when they asked for something reasonable that they needed
  • Individuals who would be devastated by a job loss
  • People who don’t have the money they need when life’s emergencies occur
  • Homeowners who worry whether they can pay for the next home repair
  • Car owners who worry about paying for repairs and normal maintenance
  • People who are worried about their financial future and employment prospects
  • Anyone who does not go to the doctor or dentist because they worry about the cost
  • People who fear being sick and away from work and getting behind on bills
  • Employees who believe they do not earn enough money to save any
  • People who are always broke after they pay for basic living expenses
  • People who want to start a business
  • Spenders who simply can’t figure out where all their money goes every month

This course teaches:

  • How to save money on “any” budget
  • Why your habits are to blame for having no money when you need it
  • How to set up different accounts to manage your money and save
  • How to start small side businesses to secure your future and build your savings
  • Ways to always have the money you need to take advantage of “deals” when they come around

You have the choice. Buy this course and never feel broke again.


Money Monday – How To Increase Your Income As Fast As Possible

Money Monday – How To Increase Your Income As Fast As Possible

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I’m about to tell you how I made a lot of money really fast in a bad situation. Years ago, I overbought at the storage auctions and I ran out of money. I just went crazy. It was so much fun.

We had warehouse rent coming up. My partner was losing it because some of the money that should have gone into certain operating accounts didn’t go in. This is why we were broke.

It was bad; really, really bad. We had people to pay. I needed to come up with about 28K pretty quickly.

This has happened before. When you push the envelope, and take your business to the net level, you break some eggs. In the course of breaking some eggs, you create new recipes.

I needed 28K. I put everything on eBay on sale. Everything on Craigslist went on sale. Then, I got on the phone and called a lot of people, because I had a client log. I needed $28K in four days.

Then I started thinking and I said to myself, “Wait. Why don’t I do this all the time?” So, it became a part of the business plan that elevated us above other storage auction people. There’s some serious lessons to be learned in a crisis if you don’t lose your head, and you take action.

There’s a lot of people who look at money as the big thing. They look at money as the endpoint when money is just a byproduct of the journey. Does that make sense?

That poverty mindset comes from a lack of action. If you take fast action, you will have a turnaround.

If you keep pushing – you will create a new norm in your life.

It’s like when you go to the gym that first day and it’s really hard. But, if you keep at it, then a year later it’s like child’s play. You do it with ease.

That’s what happens when you take action and do multiple things as fast as possible. It becomes a new norm.

Most people are fundamentally broke, even if they have a high income. They can’t withstand the blows of life, right? One thing can knock them out. So, you’ve got to increase your income. Watch the stream, The Fake Ass American Middle Class. The reason so many people are so angry and disillusioned is because they were living under a false narrative. Anytime someone says…”Hey, let’s change that false narrative,” they want to cling to the dream versus becoming active.

This YouTube channel has made over $4 million since I started it. My first four months, I didn’t make a damn thing. Nothing. I was working 12, 14 hours a day for four months. I didn’t have a job. I had money in the bank. I want to put that out there with proper context. I had money in the bank, so I was able to devote months to this without worrying. I know that’s not the situation with most people.

That’s why a service business is better for you in the short-term. Let’s just say you live at home with your parents. You’ve got a $40K-$50K job. You need that job to pay your student loan debts, your car, other bills and taxes. Maybe, you can take a trip to Cancun occasionally. But, you can’t really move the needle of your life that much.

This is what you do. You go ahead and keep that job, and then you start a service business. You start a business whether you like it or not because your ass is broke. You have no fucking choices. That’s the thing that cracks me up…broke people who think they have choices. No, you don’t.

A service business is a delivery business. It’s a repair business. It’s about helping people buy back their time. It’s cutting grass. A service business is the quickest way to get paid without waiting for months. You need some kind of service business in conjunction with your job. That’s what you’ve got to do to move the needle and to get a lot more money much faster.

A lot of these higher-level internet marketers don’t get their money from an email list or a YouTube channel. They get their money from what’s called joint venture partnerships. It’s a good business practice. Fortune 500 companies do this stuff all the time. What they’ll do is partner with someone who has a better situation than they do. That’s how they’re making their money.

I’ll give you the blueprint of how I started this YouTube channel. I took my 11 years of experience on how to make money selling stuff online in various capacities. I took that information and created content. I created products. I worked on YouTube, and in Facebook groups. That’s how I made a lot of money. I didn’t know anybody. At the time, I had no competition.

The fantasy of quitting your job while you go do this business to live the laptop lifestyle and hang out with silicon chested bimbos is not in the cards for most people. It’s just a dream.

The best skill set you can get as a business owner is learning how to sell. It is important to remember that everything is negotiable.

Now, we’re going to talk about the scarcity mindset. The scarcity mindset is not so much that there is no money out there. That’s not it. It’s more about… “I can’t do this because of this.” I don’t know how many times that I have pulled off some stuff that shouldn’t have happened because I simply believed I could do it.


Buy the Never Broke Action Pack. You start doing the stuff. For the people who do the work, who follow the steps, and who do the most action, I’m going to mentor you on that stuff. Part of the deal is, you have to buy the Action Pack. Then, you have to create a daily journal of activities. There can’t be big gaps in there. For the next 30 days, there needs to be 24 days where you’ve done something.

The reason I’m doing this is that if you get the Money Action Pack and start doing the work, your life will improve in 30 days. Your money will improve in 30 days. Your credit will improve in 30 days. But, if you buy the course and don’t do shit, nothing is going to happen. That’s where a lot of people are.

The Action Pack is under the video. I’m going to destroy my old email list. There’s only going to be one list for all the new stuff. Hustler Kung Fu live is the list you need to subscribe to.  

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Disruptive Circus: Life Skills – Income and Life Hacks

Disruptive Circus_ Life Skills – Income and Life Hacks

You can earn the money you need to establish the lifestyle and future security you want.

These courses are the strategies I used to go from broke to wealthy. It wasn’t easy, but I am living proof that you can follow a plan and get what you want out of life.

You can do the same thing. If I can do it, then anybody can. I had no special training and no money when I started. But I followed a plan that worked.

You don’t need a college education, investment money, credit or special connections to follow the instructions in this course and get ahead.

Imagine never worrying about being laid off or unemployed again. By establishing a thriving business, you can say goodbye to a dismal employment market where good jobs are drying up and the odds aren’t always in your favor.

This course teaches:

  • How to establish a successful reselling business on Craigslist
  • How to determine the best business for your personality and interests
  • Universal life skills that the wealthy use to protect their assets from Uncle Sam and lawyers
  • How to start a storage auction business
  • How to use the “Discovery Tool Box” to harness your skills and interests for a new business
  • How to buy a used car and beat the system
  • How to earn $1000 a week with Craigslist immediately

This course takes the guesswork out of the equation and leads you to the answers you need to succeed.


  • Never having to worry about being able to pay your bills again
  • Adding an extra $1000 week immediately by following a simple plan that anyone can follow
  • Always being able to say “YES” to a family vacation or a nice dinner out
  • Being able to jump off of the employment treadmill and say goodbye to your boss forever
  • Living in the neighborhood you want and driving the car you want
  • Creating your own dream job that satisfies your wants and needs
  • Not counting the days until the weekend or your day off because you are miserable
  • Being in charge of your own life, free from office politics and unreasonable demands

This course is not:

  • A “Get Rich” scheme with vague instructions that leaves you lost and broke
  • For people who are unable to follow simple instructions
  • For lazy people looking for a quick fix without doing the work

The hardest part of starting a business is taking that first step. This course makes it easy and leads you forward with detailed instructions that anyone can follow.

Buy this course today. Take action and create a life of prosperity and security!


Playing Victim Is The Sissy Doctrine


Bitching and whining without any solution is a recipe for insanity, misery, and depression. It is also the voice of a victim. I don’t think any of you are victims unless you are truly a victim of assault or some heinous crime. The problem is there is a victimhood mentality. It is so embedded that every time you poke it people say…”You’re being unfair. You’re doing something wrong.”

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

See, I used to work in the medical profession. I used to talk to doctors all the time. How do you cure a disease? You can treat symptoms which is not a cure. It’s just going to make you feel better. You could go down to the root cause and cure the source of the disease.

When you are caught up in ideas like… “It isn’t fair” some very interesting things happen. They adopt a position of… “I can’t do x, y, k and z because I’m a victim.

If you want to be a hero, if you want to live a different kind of life, and look at the world through a different prism other than victimhood – go to and get yourself the hustler’s bundle, which is everything on the site and everything that is coming.

Let’s jump off into this wonderful world of unfairness and how life is horrible.

I think complaining is part of the process. Some people who have a victimhood mentality think complaining is the process. That’s the big difference.

Before we jump into that, I’m going to give you some example of how things are unfair that you don’t seem to mind. If you are walking down the street and you find $300 or $400 in cash and you are the only person on the street, you look around and no one else is there. You go to a few stores in the area and asked if anyone has lost some money. They’re like…”Nope.” So, you go home and you’ve got yourself $300 or $400. Is that fair? No. It’s not fair. It happens.

Is it fair that you can buy a lottery ticket for $1 and end up with millions of dollars? It’s not fair. But, I don’t hear anybody bitching about that.

You bitch about what you perceive is unfair based upon the benefit.

Now this is going to offend some people. We have people who live in the hood who are living way better than those folks who are living way better than those folks who are living in abject poverty. Abject poverty is you don’t have running water. You don’t have electricity. There’s some places like the Philippines and Thailand where the grids just go out for a few days. Yes. For two days, the power is out. The internet goes down. There’s nothing you can do about it because the infrastructure is shitty.

If you grew up in America and you’re 15, 20, 35 or 40, you haven’t experienced that shit.

Going back to the fair argument, is it fair that you are in the USA and you have all of these opportunities? Yet, some person who comes from abject poverty can come over here and not know the language and within five or ten years be ahead of your ass.

One of the reasons I’m able to do the same thing is because I took note of my Hispanic brothers who used to work for me in the storage auction business. I looked at their work ethic. I looked at the family structure.

I would go to Home Depot and pick up two or three of them to do work. Then, I would give them some flyers to tell them about my great deals. Then they would come on the weekends and spend the money I paid them. Then, they would bring their family. They would come in busloads.

This is my big problem with victimhood mentality. It robs you of the desire to do better. It robs you of the hope that you can do better. It robs you of the hope of having a life that can be so wonderful.

One of the reasons I do these videos is because I want kids to understand that the fucked-up pathology that some of your parents are trying to give you is not true. It’s simply not true.

I’m going to talk about my journey, something I know intimately. When I was stuck in black folk’s pathology, I had some really jacked up thinking. My mother had three kids with three different men. She would never tell me who my father was. She wouldn’t tell me. When she finally told me, it explained a lot.

We were poor. Compared to a lot of people, I had it very good.

One day when I was in the boarding house, I said to myself….”You’ve just got to let this shit go.”

I never blamed my father. My mother confirmed it wasn’t his fault. He never even knew I existed. I just let that shit go. If you don’t have a male role model or father figure, go out and find yourself some male mentors. It will make a difference.

When I let go of the victimhood mindset, I replaced it with the success mindset. You can’t have a victimhood mindset and a success mindset at the same time. I saw a lot of victimology.

This is the thing. You can’t turn back time. You can’t change things that happened in the past. It’s over. It’s done.

So, you have to move forward thinking… I’m going to control my future. I’m going to put together some things that will enhance who I am, will make my life better and create this wonderful awesome experience for me.

You can’t have a victim mindset and a success mindset because if you don’t understand the deal with class, I will break it down for you.

My kids are not going to be around some dirty little trashy kids. Unfortunately, it’s not the kid’s fault. It’s the parents’ fault.

Parents who have freshly scrubbed little kids who speak the King’s English properly do not want their kids around kids who do not. This is why. You spend more time as a kid with your peers that your parents.

Let’s look at the existence of the poor person in America. Being poor in America is one of the most expensive things you can do. I mean it’s crazy expensive because of the cost of everything.

If you’re not doing anything to change it, you’re clinging to it. Life is not fair. Get over it. At times, it works in your favor.

How is life not being fair a good thing? If you start a business and you push – you will be able to make more money in a month, than you did in a year. And, it will be totally, 100% unfair.

Feeling shit is unfair isn’t going to change shit.

You can’t be a hero with a victimhood “V” on your chest.

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Hustle Sweat Profit – Increasing Salient Action For More Profit

Hustle Sweat Profit – Increasing Salient Action For More Profit

The difference between business success and failure is knowing how to grow your business and then being willing to take consistent action.

When your business stops growing, it is time to pay attention. Trial and error solutions that don’t work eat up precious time as profits dwindle. All business owners know the feeling. That’s when panic can set in. The only path out is through calculated immediate action.

It is too easy to get stuck, making less money than you want. Since your business is either growing or dying, there is only one option for entrepreneurs who seek long-term success.

The solutions are available. You only have to ask.

This guide is for:

  • Business owners who want to increase profits
  • Struggling entrepreneurs who aren’t earning the profits they desire
  • Business ventures with declining revenues
  • Businesses with low profit margins
  • Business owners seeking proven ways to move up to the next level

This guide provides:

  • A step by step guide that will always work to increase profits
  • Tips about how to analyze pain points that need to be addressed
  • Proven strategies for creating “the good life” you seek long-term
  • Practical advice about ways to cut the fat that will immediately increase income
  • Techniques for creating more financial stability to weather market changes
  • Tools for increasing your activity that will produce positive business results
  • Strategies to identify and establish sustainable income sources
  • Proven ways to “blow up your business” for increased income

This guide answers these questions:

  • What can I do to move more money to my bottom line?
  • How can I make my business more efficient so I can earn more income?
  • How can I prepare for an uncertain future?
  • What steps can I take to grow my business as quickly as possible?
  • How can I determine what is causing lagging profitability?


Take control of your business today. Buy this guide.


The Hustlers Mindset Pimping Your Mind for Success

Buy my product

Pimping Your Mind For Success Audio Book

Everyone wants to be successful , but most seek external solutions to internal problems. The best way for you, to make your life better and more successful is to address your inner problems with internal solutions.
Your mental environment is your most important tool to success or your most able enemy!  How you think, will enable you or hamper your success, there is no middle ground.
What you think about the ( the most) is what will be realized in your life.
The Hustler’s Mindset is about the most import aspect of you, your mindset. Once you change your thinking you will change your life!  It sounds fundamentally simple, yet is making this change  may be one of the hardest battles of your life!