I Broke My YouTube Channel – The New Rules of Success on YouTube

I Broke My YouTube Channel – The New Rules of Success on YouTube

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I intentionally broke my YouTube channel. Why did I do it? It was going to happen anyway.

What’s going on now with YouTube is insane. You’re seeing people with channels with millions of subscribers disappearing. I’ll give you an example. There was a guy, Soldier Knows Best that was a tech reviewer. He took two months off and his subscriber base went into the negative. This is the thing many people don’t know unless you’re doing this.

The new features in place dictate that you have to upload frequently. You have to. The old ways don’t work. I remember when I could get away uploading every two weeks. I remember when I could get away with uploading once a month. The new thing is you have to upload consistently and you’ve got to have a deeper knowledge base about whatever you’re discussing.

There’s a lot of people out there saying, “Just upload a bunch of videos and figure it out later.” I don’t think that’s a good policy with what I now know. Another reason I broke my YouTube channel is I got bored about things that were going down and how things were happening. I was bored with the subject matter. I was kind of bored with the responses. It was just something I didn’t want to do anymore.

I figured I started this thing and I could fix it. The best way to fix this is to start over. I started messing around with videos that were right because they bringing me leads I didn’t want. That’s an issue, a big, big issue.

Following your instincts is a really good thing to do sometimes. I would have probably been able to limp along for another year. But what’s happening on YouTube would have happened to me.

One big issue is segmentation. This was the biggest reason I broke my YouTube channel. With Hustler’s Kung Fu, there was literally fifteen different categories of people coming to the channel. So, when I put out an offer, maybe one or two of those groups would like it, but it would alienate the others. So that was a huge problem. It’s a good problem to have. Many people are struggling to get views. They may only get five or six views every time they put up a video.

I knew I had something to work with, so I dove into fixing the channel. I am learning so much. For example, if you have 10,000 t0 50,000 subscribers, you get a YouTube person. Your YouTube person will give you advice about what works.

What I currently have is a clunky channel. I have 15 different tribes coming here looking for different things. You can’t serve that many people without being a massive organization, which I’m not. Building a clunky channel will give you traffic. It will get you attention.

But, when you are chasing trends, your channel is subject to breaking itself. The minute you stop chasing trends, then you have to depend on your core audience. If you don’t have a core audience, it’s going to go really, really bad.

If you have a core audience, you can have a smaller channel. You won’t get the views of a larger  channel, but you can sell more merchandise. Now that’s the game that I’m playing. That’s why I’m getting rid of certain categories and information.

I’m building a channel for the future. What I am doing is creating a Netflix affect intentionally. I’ve seen this for years. I’ve never tried to do it, it just happened. I’ve had people say, “Dude, I’ve been watching your channel straight for two or three days. That’s the Netflix affect.

Having a channel where people binge watch you, it keeps you in YouTube’s good graces. That increases your watch time. Also, if people are doing this, it means you have a lot of stuff people want to watch. That’s going to help you in terms of positioning yourself and selling stuff, which is awesome.

You should have as many playlists as you have subjects. When you see the channel’s front page now, it is easier to binge watch than it was before. Anything that helps you create a better customer experience is going to help you make more money. That was one of the issues.

I am uploading so many videos to encourage binge watching. My goal is to do three to five a day. You have to look at your analytics. Last weekend my, viewership plummeted. That’s explainable. My audience is 92% male. They’re watching football on the weekends. I’ve seen this year after year.

With the new YouTube algorithm, you don’t want to put your videos out on days when the viewership will be low. It’s pointless. This decision to not put videos out on the weekend is based on my data. Someone else with a different audience could crush it on Saturday.

Another reason I broke my channel is I was tired of the affiliate comments. On some of my better videos that got a bunch of traffic, there was all of this video click bait in the comments. Unfortunately, some of that spam still slips through. It’s a pain in the ass. With the newer stuff, I don’t get that as much.

Ultimately the reason I am doing this is the new rules. I saw what was happening. I saw YouTubers much bigger than me that were slipping. There are people who if they don’t change how they upload and what they’re doing, their channel is going to go extinct.

In 2009 when I started my channel, YouTube was three years old at the time. There weren’t a lot of people there yet. You can literally replace a big YouTuber in the YouTube ecosystem overnight. To prove this, look up Trainer. This channel is about how to play Pokemon. The channel was started in January. He gained 480,000 subscribers in two months. That’s because of the way this new algorithm works.

For every big YouTuber out there, there is another YouTuber positioned to take their place. With that kind of competition, there isn’t any loyalty. With the new algorithm and the way it works, they can afford to get rid of a big YouTuber. You need to understand that.

While YouTube is somewhat challenging, it is also replete with opportunity. Since it is so easy to scale now, there are a lot of people that will go from nothing to one to two million subscribers in a year. Success is going to be heavily based on topic.

In the long-game, if you don’t have channel integrity, you’re not going to last. It’s a slippery game. You can do the trendy stuff, but you’ll be a flash in the pan.

This is what I’ve learned. The more videos you put out, the better. Always keep some videos in the bank so that if you go out of town, you have some you can put out during that time. If you’re going to play the YouTube game, you’ve got to have consistent content.

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Instagram Marketing YouTube Marketing Facebook Marketing – What You Need to Know – Influencer Marketing

Instagram Marketing YouTube Marketing Facebook Marketing – What You Need to Know – Influencer Marketing

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today we’re going to talk about becoming an influencer. I was poking around on the internet, and I didn’t really see a lot of people talking about becoming an influencer. People talk about wanting to start a YouTube channel or an Instagram account because they want to make bread. The thing is, there are people on YouTube and Facebook who are making millions of dollars a year or a month being an influencer, not necessarily selling anything.

I am an influencer. I know, right. It’s kind of crazy. But, I sell stuff. Since I came into the game just selling stuff, it’s going to be hard for me to sit back and let someone else get all that money.

Let’s talk about being an Instagram influencer. I’m a media buyer and what that means is I buy placements on ads on YouTube, Facebook, whatever. So, when I’m looking for engagement, I’m looking for real engagement. I am looking for true engagement. Because the influencer marketplace is so dynamic and so big, that you have people who will inflate their numbers to make you think they are bigger than they are. If you advertise with those people, your money is not going to go anywhere.

Let’s say your name is Carl and you’re crazy about watches. You start an Instagram account of you “rocking” watches, right. You’ve got a little swag and a little style. The next thing you know, people are approaching you offering you $50 to post something for them on your account. So, then you put this post on your Instagram account.

Let’s say they make $10,000 in sales and the cost of the goods was $3000. You need to know your worth, because you just got $50 for posting the ad on your account and the guy made $10K. You can go to the Social Bluebook and this gives you the value of placements determined by your account metrics.  You have to create an account, then they will give you dollar values you should charge based on your account activity. They offer values for a shout out and for a dedicated upload. Direct links and activity promotion are two other activities that are given a dollar value.

There is this girl named Mindy who is an influencer. What she does is take pictures in exotic places. A lot of hotels and retreats actually pay her to come and take pictures. I’m not kidding. I think she has five Instagram accounts. That is one way you can kill it with Instagram. Now, here’s the rub. You’ve got to build it.

You can make a lot of money doing this. You can have a lot of fun. You can go places. You can do stuff. But, you must build the Instagram account. Once you build it and you get true engagement, you can make what the average person makes in a year in a month or a quarter.

Now let’s talk about Facebook. We’ll talk about Kev on Stage. He’s another influencer. He uses his channel to create booking opportunities for himself. Let’s say he has 500 people and charges them $30 to attend. That’s $15,000. If he gets 70% of that with 30% going to the house, he still ends up making $10,500. Let’s just say he makes about $50,000 for working six days. That’s the power of being an influencer.

There’s another comedian I know who does about $100,000 a month in booking. I can’t remember the guy’s name. He has bug eyes.

The new YouTube algorithm is so dope, that it is allowing people to get to $400 to maybe $1000 in AdSense money with relatively small subscriber bases. It’s not about the subscriber bases, it’s about the views. I was watching this young lady who has about 25,000 subscribers but she does about $3800 a month in AdSense because she has like 12 banking videos that keep bringing that money in.


Question: Can you build an audience on Blogger?

Answer: Don’t do it because you can’t take that audience with you.


Here’s how it goes on being an influencer, you have to create a following. Then you monetize that following by taking ads or promote a post. But, first you have to build a following.

Influencer marketing is growing and starting to spread. It’s mostly on Instagram. It’s on YouTube and it is starting to come to Facebook.

If you want to do YouTube or podcasts and you don’t know what you want to do, start on something. You can always change later. But, that will allow you to build valuable skill sets that you can use in other ventures.

You need to get started now. Get your camera phone and start making videos now. Write a goal down and do it. Go through the ugly beginner thing. This influencer thing is just getting started.

There are going to be influencers who have more power and pull than cable channels. Yes, it’s already happening. The epicenter is Los Angeles, Salt Lake Center and New York and some other cities. You’re going to have YouTubers with 50, 60 million subscribers, right? Then, they’re going to drop a video and get 10 million people just like that. That is coming.

There’s this guy named Casey Neistat. People love this guy. Every time he puts up a video, he could easily be making $30,000 to $50,000 per video. That doesn’t include the old inventory; that’s just for new uploads. He could be making $500,000 to a million a month from YouTube ads.

You want to get on this gravy train. Some people think it’s too late, but it’s not. It’s just beginning.

I’ve been testing the algorithm. As I said earlier, I’ve been getting away from the stuff that YouTube wants me to do. The problem is it is diametrically opposed to me making money. So, I have just decided that I will pay for traffic. I did that and it exploded my channel. I got 9300 subscribers in one month. The paid traffic was subsidized by AdSense. I didn’t have ads on all my videos that I had paid traffic on.

It blows my mind for real. I am still testing this. But, essentially the money I am paying for traffic could be paid back to me by the AdSense money I earn from that extra traffic. I was like, “Oh My Goodness.”

Some of you are looking for sure things. This is not a sure thing. But, I’m telling you, you need to get started. You don’t know, but you could become one of those people making this crazy bread.

This is incredible. This is like crazy incredible. You can literally pull out a camera phone and start making videos.

There’s this guy, Peter McKinnon who just got started and he’s doing really well. He just got started about a year ago. He does a lot of vlogging, photography stuff. Four months ago, he had $500K. He’s got over a million subscribers. This could be you in a year.

Get started. Don’t worry about being perfect. Don’t worry about having the right camera. Just get started making videos.

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How I Made $20000 on YouTube this Month – Real Numbers and Tips

How I Made $20000 on YouTube this Month – Real Numbers and Tips

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Let’s talk about the money I made. I made $2352 on YouTube and $18, 512 is the money I made on my courses. Typically, when people talk about the money they made, the don’t get into the details. Some videos make a lot more than other ones.

It only takes a handful of videos to really roll your channel out. We’re going to talk about browser features. Now what are browser features? It’s important to remember that most of the traffic, over 60% is mobile. One of the ways you can get your video to take off is to learn to use browser features correctly. A lot of people don’t talk about that, but that is why I am all up in your grill. I am always up in your grill.

YouTube will move a video that has browser features and that used keywords a certain way. YouTube will take those videos and push them. Here’s the thing. The video doesn’t have to be that good.

If you make a good video, if people get to see it they’ll watch, right? But due to the way YouTube is set up, people may not see the video. If you have subscribers, they will not see it. You would think that all of your subscribers would get notification when your videos are up. Only five to ten percent get notifications.

At some point, you’re going to have to make a decision about whether you want to push your videos or not. What I mean by that is you are going to have to decide whether you are going to pay for traffic.

There is authority. There is ranking, and there are browser features. When you get all those things working really well, then your channel can take off. Another part of my success is about having something to sell.

Whatever you start your YouTube channel off with is what you need to stick with. You can’t change it up. You can’t mix it up. If you start off with comedy, you’re going to have to ride with comedy.

This is my recommendation for anyone starting a YouTube channel. Start off with your phone and make 30 videos. The reason I say this is because if you can’t make 30 videos with your phone, you can’t make 30 videos with all of this other equipment.  

You can still have controversial content on YouTube, but they aren’t going to make money. You remember how old Las Vegas got sanitized and cleaned up. YouTube is going through this process right now.

I can’t overstate how important browser features are because the video has to be pleasing to the eye. If there is a lot of space around you on your YouTube video, people won’t like it as much. If you seem far away from the camera, viewers don’t like that. Part of it is probably because a lot of millennials are using their phones and they have short attention spans.

If you’re going to do a YouTube video, you need to be close and personal with your audience. It’s little weird. When I do it, I feel like I’m about to jump into somebody’s mouth.

Let’s talk about the money the top 20,000 YouTubers make. They make from about $50,000 a month to millions. You’ve got to create your own lane. Just doing what someone else is doing is not going to help you.

Browser features are huge. This is why sometimes you’ll see someone with a low-quality video take off. It’s because of browser features. They’re very important.

Question: Can you talk about live streaming videos versus regular ones.

Answer: I do a lot of live streaming. Part of the reason is because I have so much to put out, and because doing a regular video is so time-consuming. The channel was kind of dead for a while and I just started getting back into it.


In June, the channel was dead. August was when we woke the channel up. It’s taken me about 90 days to wake up the channel. There’s a lot to it because as far as demographics go, I’m an anomaly. I have a YouTube channel and I’m doing well. But, I know why I’m doing well.

The new YouTube algorithm is making it possible to just blow up your channel. This one guy went from like 5000 subscribers to over a million subscribers in one year. It’s getting to the point where getting 100,000 subscribers and getting your gold play button is nothing.

My goal this month was to get 10,000 subscribers. I’ll probably do 9500. My goal next month is probably going to be to do 15,000. It’s very possible that I may be getting a play button this year. I understand how YouTube works and I know what to do.

I use AdWords to promote my videos. I don’t use it to promote my new videos. I use it to promote my old videos. One of the things you should know about this, is I have a huge catalog of videos. It’s pretty interesting how it works for me.

It kind of depends on your audience. I’m in the “How to Make Money Space” and the “How to Start a Business Space.” But, I’m not part of the Hustler Porn crowd where they show the flashy cars and chicks that appeals to the 16 to 27-year-old crowd. That’s not really me. I’m in that demographic, but I have a different message.

I had to figure out a way to get noticed. That’s why I use paid traffic. It’s worked like gangbusters. I have gotten 15,000 subscribers in eight weeks. Of course, if no one is interested in the topic you’re talking about, you’re not going to do well.


Question: Does YouTube pay less now?

Answer: YouTube pay is all over the place. All videos do not get the same ads. That’s one of the big determinants of how much money you will make. Some smaller channels can make more money because of what they talk about. That’s something you should think about.


Question: If you were starting a new YouTube channel, how would you drive traffic to it?

Answer: A lot of ways. The first thing you need to do is build an audience. You need to have something that an audience will come to.


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Don’t Start Your Internet Lifestyle Business Like It’s Amazon

Don’t Start Your Internet Lifestyle Business Like It’s Amazon

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

You need to start your business using the processes that work for that type of business. There are different types of businesses. They all have different characteristics and unique needs.

Then you have lifestyle businesses. That’s what I do. I’m a writer. I’m a digital pimp. I create eBooks. I create audio books. My big thing is freedom. I believe in creating things that make money when I’m not around. I spent all day yesterday working on some personal things, and I came home to money.

Then you have the service business. This type of business can work for people who have no clue about what they want to do. They don’t know what their talents are. What’s a service business? You help people out. Services like carpentry, washing cars and cleaning houses are huge businesses.

Then you have the physical businesses which include Walmart and Macy’s. This is a very different business with a very different behavior. It is nothing like a venture business.

Take a venture business. That’s Amazon, Uber and Facebook. These are businesses that people with very deep pockets said, “Hey, this is going to win.” They opened up those deep pockets and put coins all over the table. The thing is most of those businesses fail and a lot of money is lost. We tend to look at the winners and ignore the fact that most of the businesses never get off the ground.

While most of us won’t start the next Facebook, many of us can start a business that sustains us. That’s the most important thing to remember. There’s not going to be another Facebook for a minute, because the conditions were just right for it to get started. When I say that, people say that I’m hating. But, Facebook had no competition. The idea was grand and the execution was brutal. But, they had no competition.

When YouTube started, they had no competition.  Facebook wasn’t the first to market with social network; Myspace was first. Facebook just had better execution. Uber didn’t invent taxi service, they just executed better. What makes these companies successful is timing, execution and vision.

My thoughts are you should do as much as you can to start a business before you ask for money. Bootstrap the hell out of what you’re doing because when people open up their wallets, they’re taking equity in the company.

I’ll give you a story about how things get real when the money hits the table. There is even a video about it on YouTube. I had this partnership with this dude and things were cool. Then we had some big sales and the money started rolling in. He had a lot of bills, so he wanted me to subsidize his life. That’s when the partnership ended.

When Gates, Cuban and Zuckerberg got started, they didn’t go out seeking money. They wanted to serve the world. I think Google’s mission was to index the world. That’s pretty heady stuff.

The venture business model does not work for everything. Anytime you asked for money, you become beholden to them. You become their bitch.

When I was broker than broke, I could not ask for money. I just couldn’t. It turned out to be one of my better decisions. When you use other people’s money, it can be very expensive. So, if you are a founder, I suggest you do as much as you can before you ask for money. Many businesses are expensive to build because people make them expensive.

Part of the issue is a lack of foresight. What I mean by this is the decisions that you make today are going to determine your tomorrows.

Let’s say you’re 25 and you have this idea for a business, but you’re doing it the regular way. You’re going to get all of your ducks in a row. You’re going to make sure you don’t have any debt. You’re going to do all this planning and by the time you’re ready, you have money in the bank. But you have one problem. That idea that you have, the conditions have changed. You realize that you can’t wait a year or two years or three years while you get your shit together, because conditions continually change.

If you have an idea, get started with what you have right now where you are. As you build, you’re going to learn some stuff. When you’re building a business, your most successful days are your ugliest days. That’s where the success happens.

It’s in those ugly moments when there is nobody around and people are laughing at you. You’re not going to the party or the beach because you’re at your office. That’s where success is built. This is why. When you can endure all of that bullshit, you have made yourself a much stronger person.

One of the reasons so many businesses fail, is because the minute things get janky, they give up. Believe me, things will get janky. People just freak out.

I had a client who got into this business and the money was flowing. They reached out to me because the money stopped flowing and they had a really bad day. They called me up and they were freaking out. I told the guy to take his phone out and take a picture of the wall. He thought I was being silly, but he took a picture of the wall. He asked me, “What does this do?” I reminded him that today was just a snapshot. I said, “You’ve got an obligation to yourself.” I continued, “You can hold on to this day and put it in your fucked-up album or you can delete it and move on.”

That’s what many people do. They take a snapshot and put it in the fucked-up album. Then when the fucked-up album gets so big, they decide they can’t look at it anymore.  Then they stop trying and that’s when they fail. If you keep going, then you will win.

I’m going to give you a hard number here. It’s eleven. Eleven years is the average time it takes an entrepreneur to make their first million. I’m not talking about their first million-dollar year but their first million dollars collectively. Why? Because there are a whole lot of things that go wrong. It’s ridiculously hard at times. But, if you serve enough people, you will be successful.

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The Secret Recipe to Making a Million Dollars Online

The Secret Recipe to Making a Million Dollars Online

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

All great recipes have to have the right ingredients in the right proportions. The first secret ingredient is you have to have something that people want, whatever that may be. It’s got to be something valuable.

When I was a storage auction person and I was out there on the storage auction trail, I knew there were many people who needed a “How To” guide because when the newbies would come out, we would fuck with them. They had no idea what they were doing. They didn’t know what was in the units. They didn’t know how to evaluate the unit.

So, I knew a book to teach them what they needed to know would be valuable. I knew there would be people that wanted it. I just didn’t know how many people that would be.

The second thing that you need is determination. You need an enormous amount of determination to get you over the hump. Making a million dollars online is not easy. There are people who will tell you that if you buy their $29.99 course, then in six months you’ll be making a million dollars.

That’s not going to happen. It’s just not.

I’ll give you an example of determination versus passion. I believe determination is more valuable than passion. I have some haters, right? One hater I had didn’t like something I said on one of my videos and waged a campaign against me. I researched his YouTube channel and he had three videos on his channel and two of them were about me. That wasn’t passion; that was hate.

That fool is still watching this channel and that fool is still hating versus taking his energy and building himself up.

So, Number 1 – you need something that people want. Number 2 – you need determination. Now Number three, which is probably more important than one and two is: you need a system. You’ve got to have a system.

This is one of the reasons that reselling is so hard. You can only do so much in systemizing reselling. When I had my resale business, we struggled with the systems and it took a lot of work to put the systems in place. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I’m a great believer in systems. I actually hacked my dating life. I’m in a relationship now, so I don’t need that. But, when I was out there in the game, I sat down and created this system for dating. I was not a club type dude or a bar type dude. I used a website and in the beginning, it didn’t work.

I sat down and figured out why the model wasn’t working. Three months later I had a model that was giving me leads of women to date. I got anywhere from three to twenty leads a week.

This is why dating is so hard. It is a huge consumer of energy, time and money. Going out on dates is sourcing. Talking to people is presenting. Explaining your intentions and desires, that’s closing the deal. The more you go out, the more successful you will be. That takes a lot of time and commitment.

I didn’t want to do that, so I created a system I used for about seven years. It worked very, very well. That’s the power of systems. They are incredibly helpful in becoming successful in any area of your life.

The fourth secret ingredient is scalability. Scalability is the single most important element for making a million dollars online. Let’s say you have ingredients one, two, and three, but you can’t scale it. This is what happens with a lot of resellers. If you don’t have the infrastructure, you can only get so big. Scalability is huge. Those are the four elements you need to make a million dollars.

People are saying, No. That can’t be all there is to it. I’m telling you, that is how I did it. That’s it, for real.

What I just told you has to be processed in your analytical brain. But before it gets there, it has to go through the hind brain or the primal mind. Typically, it won’t make it.

Let’s just say you’re Broke Dick Danny and you take this to heart. What would your life be like if in five years you were making $150k a year? It’s going to take a few years. What would your life be like? Seriously, think about that.

If you’re making $12,500 a month, how would your life be different? We’re still in the kitchen breaking down this recipe. I want you to think about that.

I want you to get this book, Pitch Anything, by Oren Klaff. It was funny because I was doing a lot of the right things, but I didn’t know it. So, I stopped doing some of those things. That’s the importance of feedback.

Part of the reason you won’t accept this information about these four things being the steps to making a million dollars online is because your hind brain isn’t believing it. You can read about it in the book. Essentially, the hind brain has only four responses.

There’s fear, interest, eat or fuck.  That’s it. Your hind brain is like, me like or me no like. Now if I were to show you my pool and my house surrounded by million-dollar homes with photos of my trip to Dubai, that’s the stuff that touches your hind brain.

Money is not rare. Good ideas are rare. Money is a tool. It’s a commodity. What’s rare is execution.

When you want to put together a business, understand that you can do it.

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