30 Days to Success – Hustle Camp Summer 2017 – First Stage Hustling

30 Days to Success – Hustle Camp Summer 2017 – First Stage Hustling

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What is Hustle Camp? It is a formalized structure for you to build three streams of income. I’m going to tell you why you need to do this. You have people who want to start businesses. The first thing I hear is I don’t have any money.

One of the big problems that I see is people lack a structure. This is not magic jelly beans. This is not some overnight success program. This is a structured process to teach you how to hustle and to begin to start your business.

Let me explain. When you’re out there “getting money” and doing whatever you need to do to get money, you are handling your business; but you don’t have a business. Handling your business is paying your bills. “Get Money” hustlers, which is most people, hustle out of necessity versus hustling for choice. Hustling for choice is totally different than hustling out of necessity.

That creates a problem. If you’re hustling out of necessity, for you to “amp up,” you need a crisis. That’s not the best way to build a business.

Hustle Camp is going to consist of a Facebook Group, Boot Camps, a t-shirt, and online tutorials. The person who sells the most during Hustle Camp gets a $1000 prize. Let’s talk about that.

To get the prize, you must be a member of Hustle Camp. It’s a paid product. The other thing you have to do is be active. This is the reason for the Facebook Group. You have to post what you’re doing and what you’re selling.

If you’re a member of B School for Hustlers, you’re a member. You don’t have to do anything extra to join. If you bought 30 Days to $2500 last week, you are a member of Hustle Camp.

The goal of Hustle Camp is to get people to $5K to $10K a month in hustle income. What you’re doing when you’re hustling is you’re creating a job for yourself. That’s what a hustle is. You are trading time for money.

The stuff I am going to teach you in Hustle Camp is what allowed me to enjoy robust passive income for three years. This is the secret. You have to go out here in the real world and get yourself some experience and then crush it online.

Why would someone take Hustle Camp? If you’re having a really hard time getting out of that job or it’s a big struggle for you to pay your bills, then Hustle Camp is probably for you. If you’re doing okay but you can’t figure out how to do better, then Hustle Camp is for you.

What we’re going to do is get an anchor source of income. That’s going to be your biggest hustle. Then you’re going to get two secondary sources of income. If you had $500 a month coming in somewhat effortlessly, then you had $2000 coming in here and $300 coming in there, that’s $2800 a month hustle income.

Then once you work out the kinks, you can grow them. What people are trying to do is leave their job and go straight into hustling and build a business and also take vacations and days off. No one has time to be grinding. That is a false narrative.

I expect this group to be small. We’re not going to have a Facebook group where folks are not contributing. There’s two types of people in this world. There are folks who want to do something, then there are the folks that do it. I want the folks who are doing stuff.

Let’s talk about how does resell hustling contribute to making money online. First of all, before you can be something, you have to do something. This is what’s going to kill a lot of people in this next recession. You have a lot of what I call “Fluffy Entrepreneurs.” They have a great Facebook page, but when you go there, you don’t know what the hell they do. When you research them, there’s nothing. You can’t find anything.

Far too many people want success without the work component. I have proven to myself, that if you give unmotivated people great information, it doesn’t matter. Last year, I put up a lot of great courses for free. This was the thought process. I would give these courses away. People would utilize the courses, make money and buy my higher-level package. That was the plan.

I was Boo Boo, the fool. I had one guy. He got the course. He said, I made $1000 this week. There was no love, nothing. I figured it out. It didn’t hit me until later. They believed, “G – You’ve already got money, we don’t need to raise you up. We don’t need to support you anymore.”

Just because I have money does not mean I don’t want more. Where does this thought process come from where people want to dictate how much money you should get based upon what you already have? A lot of you can’t make money as entrepreneurs because you are undercover socialists.

Every mentor I ever had felt comfortable talking to me because I didn’t want shit from them. I’m not a groupie. Don’t be a groupie. It’s bad if you want to be a supreme hustler. It’s not going to work.

I’m not going to soft peddle how hard it is to get started. Here is the disconnect. If you are so great the way that you are, why are you struggling? I asked myself that question many, many moons ago. I thought I was a hot commodity. I thought I was the shit because I was smart. But I was broke.

The thing is I was smart. I had a lot of potential. But, I wasn’t working as hard as I needed to work. I wasn’t putting in the time. I wasn’t putting in the effort. I didn’t have a strategy. I was operating on hope. I was doing all the wrong things.

The group is going to be really, really wild. It’s going to be crazy. We’re going to talk about a lot of stuff. We’re going to be focused on getting you set up.

The group is all about getting those three income streams. If you’re not willing to do the work, don’t get in it. You’ll be disappointed.

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