Doing Your Best Vs. What is Necessary – Hustlers Mindset Philosophy

Doing Your Best Vs. What is Necessary - Hustlers Mindset Philosophy

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There is doing what’s required, and there is doing what is necessary. All of these things are different. How are they different. When you do what is required, the bar may be set so low that it is really easy to do what is required.

Then there is doing your best, which may be above the bar or it may be below the bar. Now the final one is the most important; it is the one with the most power. It is the one that will change your world and change your life. That’s doing what is necessary.

I reached a point in my life where my best wasn’t good enough. Slowly but surely, I got where I needed to be. What I am telling you is that when you say you are doing your best, you may be shortchanging yourself. A lot of people say they are doing their best when they’re not.

I want you to do this exercise. I want you to put your back against the wall and see what happens. When your back is against the wall, certain things are eliminated like certain distractions and the things that are not important. All that goes away. When you’re doing your best and you still have other things that are in your way that are creating drag, you can’t perform as well as you should.

Now, how does this factor into hustling and making money? Typically, you are moving at 10% or 20% effectiveness. Now to stretch yourself that other 80% is going to require a level of commitment and tenacity, something that you’re currently not doing. You have to tap into that inner thing, that special place. When you start doing what is necessary, you’ll see your life change. You’ll see your business grow.

I was talking to someone this weekend who did what was necessary, and it’s a beautiful story. He left California. He didn’t know what he was going to do. He knew he didn’t want to end up like his friends. He wanted to go to Australia. He had no money. He didn’t even have a passport, but he wanted to go down there. He sold everything he had. He did what was necessary. He got himself a first-class ticket. He got to Australia and made a few contacts before he got there. He got a job. Now he has a business in Australia.

He didn’t do his best. He didn’t do just the bare requirement. He did what was necessary to make the dream happen.

When you say you’re chasing a dream, but your cable, your iPhone and your car is more important than your dream, you’re bullshitting yourself. For a long time, I thought I was doing my best, but I wasn’t doing what was necessary to make this channel better. I pretty much coasted. I worked a lot of hours and produced a lot of videos, I was down at the 20% level.

To crank it up to that 80%, you see magic happen. You see wonderful new outcomes. So, as we go forward on this journey, you’re going to see me do what is necessary.

I had a personal issue. I’m not going to go into detail. I talked to several people and I said this is my intention and this is what I want out of this. Everyone said, “You can’t do it. It doesn’t happen.” It took me 14 months of doing what was necessary, even when it looked like I was losing, I kept showing up. I kept representing. I kept pushing. Then one day the opportunity door opened slightly and I jumped in there. I got what I wanted.

You’ve got to do what is necessary. Competition isn’t really the problem. Status quo is the problem. The big challenge is changing your mindset. My mindset change happened over years as the result of experience and feedback.

You have to exploit opportunity as it is, instead of how you hope it will be. That’s why I have this saying. “Don’t hate the game. Don’t hate the player. Learn the fucking rules so you can win.” In our society, we have many “unwritten rules.” You may be playing by one-tenth of the rule book. You may be playing by the rule book you think is in place, when you are ignoring the unwritten rule book which is more powerful and has more impact on your life.

Where you spend your time is where your interest lies. We’re going to be very honest. We’re going to kill a lot of sacred cows. There’s going to be some ruckus. There is going to be some mayhem. That’s part of it. You can’t change your mindset, unless you break your current one.

I’ve told people that the mindset is the most critical aspect for getting ahead. But people don’t hear me. They are focused on money and want information about Craigslist and YouTube. People seem to be completely focused on the money. The money is an automatic byproduct of the new mindset. But the development of the new mindset is a hard task.

That’s the problem. It is not a 30-day fix. It takes consistent grooming. Which means I have to offer you more.

Maybe 20% of people can buy a course and run with it and get crazy successful. Other people need more hands-on mentoring and more conversations. For you to be the best version of you, you need help, just like I needed help.

My help was Earl Nightingale and Tony Robbins. I met other mentors from on the job connections that resulted from my work. Action is the greatest truth there is. I don’t care what anyone says. Your intentions and your good wishes are bullshit without action.

We’re in very crazy and wonderful times. Amazing stuff is right at your fingertips, but if you look at it with the wrong mindset, you miss the opportunity. I had a situation today, that if I was looking at it from my loser mindset, I would have thought that things didn’t go my way. But since I was looking at it from my abundant mindset, I was picking all kinds of jewels from the experience. I thought, “Oh man, I learned so much.”

You have got to learn how to embrace experiences and leave yourself open to outcomes versus having certain outcomes. Sometimes that thing that looks like a mistake is the way you should go. If you are so wedded to the outcome, you may miss a great opportunity.

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