Building a Business or Pimping Out Your 401K

Building a Business or Pimping Out Your 401K

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People are always asking me questions about how they should invest. I am not a financial adviser, but I can tell you how I feel about that. People asked me what they should do and where they should put their money.

Let’s get into it. Should you invest in a business or pimp out your 401K? I’m going to give you my experience and invite you to take from it what you will.

When I was investing heavily, I noticed something. I was doing really well because I was living on 50% of my income at the time. I did build up a large portfolio which I did have to liquidate to pay off a huge fucking loan. The reason my portfolio was doing so well wasn’t because it was appreciating; it was from contributions. You should really know that.

There are some people who will start investing today and have a million or two million in five years. That’s not me. I’m not comfortable with it. I lost all of my interest in the downturn. I got a little bit of it back. For me, I don’t like it.

There are some of you who are real comfortable. You want to invest your 401K. Knock yourself out. I did it. Now, I’m on a different path.

I believe in what I call the perpetual business. I’ll tell you how I got here. I’ve experienced retirement before. When I wrote my first book, many great things happened. I got to experience what a retired person feels like. In my case, I got paid every Friday, whether I did anything or not.

This went on for about two years. It didn’t matter if I put up a video. The machine was built. No matter what I did, money came in. My income appreciated at points. I knew it wasn’t going to last forever, so I made the most of it.

I was able to help people in retirement and illness so it was a good thing for me during my semi-retirement. I don’t like retirement where you just sit down and do nothing. That type of retirement isn’t for me. It may be for you, but it’s not for me.

So, back to the perpetual business. That book taught me something. I spent a lot of time on writing that book and promoting it. That’s why I say I’m cool with life being unfair. It’s amazing that it is unfair. The fact that I wrote and sold my book and was making a livable income in 11 months is not fair. It’s wonderful, but it’s not fair. For me to put in literally six months of work and do some other stuff and create this machine that gives me money for years is not fair.

That’s why I say, “Fuck fair.” I don’t care about fair. I don’t dwell on it. If life was fair, that would not have happened to me on the positive side.

I can do this shit until I’m 80, 100, or 105. Shoot, maybe I’ll have a bionic heart. Whatever.

I plan on working the rest of my life because I choose my work. I choose what I get to do. I choose where I work. I recently turned down a contract with a fool. He offered me $10,000. I said keep your money.

Those in the communication industries and who are writers and create movies and art work are going to have huge opportunities. Someday soon, you’re going to have a writer that is going to write a book and become a billionaire, because of the worldwide distribution. This book is going to go everywhere. Creative people are going to do well in the future. That’s coming. It’s going to be in our lifetime. I have a shot at that, or being part of it. That’s one of the reasons I left resell.

The first few years of building a business are often rocky. It’s just a matter of pushing through it. It’s amazing the changes that are going to happen. You can take $500 and flip your way to six figures in resell. If you try to do that in the stock market with the same amount of money, it will take eight or maybe ten times as long, maybe even 20.

Let’s get into investing in a 401K or starting a business. If you don’t have a lot of “get up and go,” then go ahead and invest in a 401K. It’s better to have something than nothing. If you’re not rough, ready and rugged starting your business then you’re better off following that traditional path because you don’t have what it takes.

I’ve had a lot of students. Based on their questions, I can just kind of tell where they will end up. People often ask the wrong questions.

What I’m learning to do is to take small teams of people and work out all the business kinks as I grow a perpetual business. I want to work with committed people who want to do something and provide a really awesome service or product.

Personally, I was put in a position where I had to hustle or die. When I say hustle, I’m not talking about selling drugs or anything. When I say I had to hustle or literally perish, I did not want to be living in some hovel working some job I hated and just making enough money to exist every day. To me, that’s death.

That’s where I would have been if I didn’t hustle. I would have eaten. I would have had a place to stay. I probably would have met somebody and got married and had one of those lives I would have been unsatisfied with.

If you know you’re going to go the 401K route, be sure to go with a no-load plan. If you don’t, you can lose 60% to 70% of your gains. You’re never going to get ahead that way. Your broker will tell you one thing and the forms will say another. You’ll get better information on YouTube and in the forums from other investors, because they’re doing it and they’re winning.

Some of the richest people I know don’t have any stocks or bonds. Zilch. That’s another fallacy. A had a business owner reach out to me, asking what he should do with the three million dollars he had after selling his business. I told him what happened to me. I told him to buy an apartment building in the best part of town. He did it and it worked out well for him.

I can tell you from experience, the first years of a new business are usually a mother fucker. People will lie to you. You just learn so much those first few years. If you can weather that and stick to it, you will make money.

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