Disruptive Mating- The Sane Man’s Guide To Life Love Sex


Men and women live in confusing times. Expectations around sex, love and life can have long-term consequences that leave men in dire straits if they aren’t careful.

The rules seem to change daily. Some men are taking drastic actions and giving up on women completely.

You can do that, but you don’t have to go to this extreme if you know how to play the game to win.

This guide is for men who have:

  • Lost too much money and too many of their rights in the name of love
  • Been in destructive relationships that left them broke and emotionally devastated
  • A desire for sane romantic relationships that make sense for them
  • A dream of finding the “right” woman in a confusing world of changing roles
  • Unrealistic expectations about how to get what they want and need from women

This guide answers your questions about:

  • How to decide which women to date seriously and which ones to date casually
  • How women think and judge men
  • Strategies for building a life that works for you in spite of societal changes
  • Shifting your mindset to attract quality women into your life
  • The “disposable male” attitudes that work against men
  • Making romance and dating work for you as a man seeking less drama
  • Changing the power dynamic to your favor in the world of romance and dating
  • Why you should expect her to pay for dates too
  • Protecting yourself against exploitive women looking for a “Daddy” to pay their way
  • What women really want from a man
  • How to talk to women
  • Online versus offline dating
  • Cheap dates she will love

This guide is not:

  • For men stuck in old mindsets about sexual roles that are no longer relevant
  • For men who are afraid to buck the system that no longer works for them
  • For men hoping to completely eliminate women from their life
  • A rant about how all women are evil and uncaring people

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Uncivilized Profits The Course = How To Use Propaganda To Make Sales and Influence People

Uncivilized Profits The Course = How To Use Propaganda To Make Sales and Influence People

Trump won.

No, I didn’t vote for him.

People are freaking out and feeling uncertain about the future. They don’t need to if they have a plan.

The truth about the election is that Trump found his audience and told them what they wanted to hear. Then he was rewarded by being elected as President, against all odds.

There are business lessons worth learning from this election, about finding a hungry audience and speaking to them in a language they understand.

Uncivilized Profits answers your most urgent business questions:

  • What is the best audience for me to serve to make money?
  • How can I profit in such uncertain times?
  • How can I reach my “hungry audience?”
  • How do I analyze an audience for business purposes?

Find out why:

  • The key to wealth is not in the product or service you offer, but about something else
  • Customer “needs” take a backseat every time to a different emotional factor you must address
  • You work hard and still do not get ahead
  • Propaganda works in both politics and business to shape results
  • The new business order is changing and you must embrace it
  • The real reason Trump beat Hillary and how that knowledge can propel your business to success

What Uncivilized Profits will do for you:

  • Provide proven business strategies that work all the time for everyone in any economy
  • Provide a business vehicle for financial success so you do not have to tie your security to another person’s business or the President in office
  • Explain basic consumer psychology that always works to predict sales performance
  • Provide universal principles and explain how to apply them to any business to succeed today

Uncivilized Profits success requires:

  • No specialized skill set
  • No educational degree
  • No large capital expenditures
  • No established business, start-ups welcome

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The $25 Dollar Hustle

The $25 Dollar Hustle

If you are searching for a permanent answer, a proven system to make money with as little as $25 to start, then you are in the right place.

How do I know? I did it myself.

Through trial and error, I learned and succeeded in the resale hustle, after many dark days and uncertain times of wondering how I would ever get ahead.

The only difference between you and me is that I now know exactly how to succeed in the resale game.

It’s true. Information is power. I learned through experience. I failed a lot, until I learned about the simple strategies that make all the difference.

I learned the secret to success in resale.

The only difference between a successful hustle and an unsuccessful hustle is a proven plan that works.

What this Resale Game Plan IS:

  • A proven, step by step way to succeed in the resale world
  • A system that works anywhere, anytime and for anyone willing to follow the steps
  • A system based on basic strategies you can use the rest of your life to always succeed
  • A practical and down-to-earth plan that requires no special skill sets or education
  • An independent plan that does not depend on a company partnership that will change over time, leaving you in a powerless position with decreasing margins and rule changes

(Hint: I’m talking about eBay and Amazon and other companies that make the rules if you let them)

  • A time-tested plan that worked yesterday, works today and will work tomorrow

What this Resale Game Plan IS NOT:

  • This plan does not require you to borrow money or spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get started
  • This plan is not difficult and does not require specific technical skills
  • This basic plan will NEVER become obsolete based on societal technological changes
  • This plan is not dependent on another company like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook
  • This game plan is not a system that will work in some locations and not others
  • This game plan is independent of who is President or how the economy is performing

There is no longer any reason to continue worrying about how to make it in a world that is constantly changing the rules.

Products will ALWAYS be bought and sold for a profit. While the products may change with demand and supply, this proven game plan will ALWAYS work for anyone, anywhere.

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The Hustler’s Mindset: Pimping Your Mind To Success- Vol. 2 The Agency Of Men


The Agency of Men discusses what men must do to reclaim their mental and economic freedom.


Why this book is necessary:


This is a wakeup call for men who are tired of being enslaved by a legal and social system that treats them as disposable commodities.


This book is for you if:


  • You are a male
  • If you are tired of being exploited by women seeking to take your wealth
  • You have been forced to pay child support for a child that is not yours
  • You find yourself in unhealthy relationships with women looking to “use” you
  • You have had a serious of relationships where you left all of your stuff behind
  • If you are angry at women because traditional dating and marriage roles have left you broke and powerless
  • You feel like the deck is stacked against you and in favor of her


This book explains:


  • How men are actively redefining their lives
  • New ways to date that attract the “right” women
  • How to claim your economic agency
  • How to reject decades of programming that doesn’t work about “being a man”
  • How to change your “disposable status” as a male in today’s society
  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • Why men must change the male/female dynamic to finally win again
  • The types of women to date
  • How and when to approach long-term relationships
  • Why owning a corporation is the way to go
  • Why hiding some assets makes sense
  • The process necessary to make lasting changes in your financial and romantic life


You don’t have to opt out of romance to regain your life.


Buy this book and reclaim your new life of power!