Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

This is a summary of this video in I give you why I think following your passion is very, very bad advice!

What I want to discuss today is one of the biggest lies. I call it the passion trap. Follow your passions and the money will come. There is no bigger lie on the planet.Think about what you’re passionate about. Did you become passionate about these things when you learned of them or did you become passionate about them when you became good at them?For example, I’m really passionate about YouTube videos for the last 2 ½ years. I’ve been on YouTube for past 4 years. But I’ve been passionate about videos the last 2 ½ years because I became good at it.

When I first started YouTube, I was a scared little bitch making videos; it was just me and the camera in my basement. I was terrified about what would happen when the video was released. There are things you can get good at that you suck at now. Do not swallow the passion Kool-Aid. One of the best quotes I ever heard was something Mark Cuban said. “Don’t follow your passion, follow your determination.” Anyone who made it through a concentration camp made it by determination, not passion. It was a horror of horrors. This was life or death.When you’re sick. When someone gets cancer – the whole family gets cancer. With these people, it’s determination. It’s something so big; they become super human. If you’ve known someone with cancer, you know it’s a damning thing.

Certain events don’t make you stronger; it reveals what’s already there. Personal courage is already there. Start working on shit you want to do. People screw themselves by waiting for the perfect time. Today, you can pick something. Start working it. Once you start to own shit and feel good about it, passion develops.I’ll give you an example of determination. If you take a person who’s never made more than 30 or 40K and they get a drug addiction, all of a sudden, they’re making 200 or 300K per year. They never could do it before. They didn’t have the proper motivation. You can’t tell me someone selling their body online or on the street is passionate about it. They’re not. They are determined. How do you get determined? You have, to be honest with yourself. You can start assessing yourself. Like, right now I’m fat. That’s why I’m in the gym. I started doing yoga. I was falling and looking crazy. About six months into it, I started to like it. Why? I became good at it.  Now I can hold a plank position 3 or 4 minutes. It embarrassed the fuck out of me when I started. That came from determination.

The first step is to be honest.

The second step is to take action. A lot of action. Actions is the key to everything. Gain experience. Try to be bigger and better than before. Some situations will be humiliating. Put yourself in positions where you look stupid. That is determination.

Step 3 is to take consistent action. You can’t stop when things get dicey. It’s going to get dicey pretty quickly. There will be dark moments when you question your sanity because it is not happening fast enough.

Consistent action is key.

4th step is reevaluation. You must constantly readjust. Why? Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

You must get the courage to deal with these things. I am so criticized.  I am a polarizing figure. Either you really like me or you just can’t stand me. Everybody is not for everybody.

It’s about growing up and being a full, articulate adult. One of the reasons the whining is so loud is because they have fallen into the passion trap. Execution brings in dollars, not passion. Determination brings in dollars.Passion is not as enduring as determination. Number five after reevaluation is don’t be afraid to dream your dreams. Remember, sometimes the dream you have is not appropriate for the person you are. It could be your mother’s dream or your father’s dream or your Boo’s dream. Sometimes, you’re doing it for the vanity of other people. If you are following your passion, there needs to be some results. That means your passion has legs.

You’ve got to stand up. You’ve got to produce results. When you do, your confidence level goes up.Set small goals and consistently accomplish them. Make starting and completing a task a habit. Make it a priority.This means I can’t watch Housewives of Atlanta. This means I can’t go jet skiing this weekend. I need to sit home and get busy. I need to produce some results. Goals must be written down. For any person faced with the accomplishment versus “you have potential,” reassurance, that’s Bullshit.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to start playing with the big boys and big girls to get ahead. You can only go so far by yourself. You still need other people. You have to treat your dreams seriously. One of the biggest complaints I get is…” people don’t take me seriously.” It’s because you aren’t producing any results. You may have to go to a bigger court. You may have to pay for a coach. The level of thinking you have has created your current situation. Until you “Up” your thinking, your situation won’t change.

My income quadrupled when I started paying for education.

If you buy tapes, books and audio courses, they serve you forever. They pay for themselves a million times over.

Life is a journey of continuing education. You have to create new experiences, or you will get stale and ineffective.

The people who really get it, listen to my videotapes several times. You get something new every time.

This is the offer:  For those who never want to be broke again – get The Never Broke Action Pack!

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Video Inbound Marketing – How to Make Money with YouTube

Video Inbound Marketing – How to Make Money with YouTube


This was a live stream and a little whiteboard action for you! Check out the stream here or read the summary.

We do video inbound marketing.

There is Content Marketing

There is Influencer Marketing

There is Direct Response Marketing

This is what we do.

Content marketing is blogs, video, and tweets. How can all these people with so many followers not make any money?

It may be content marketing, but typically it has no purpose. This is where most people go wrong. Also, it doesn’t have an audience.

Influencer marketing has an audience and a demographic. A lot of influencers become unintentional marketers. If you get big in that market, like a famous skateboarder in the skateboard culture, you become an influencer.

Direct Response marketing is finding an audience and asking them to do something. This is the fastest and most expensive way to make money.

Let’s say you’re a skateboarder and an influencer. You’re going to spend money on Facebook or YouTube ads to grow your income.

Other people see what you’re doing since online is transparent. People will find out your keywords and start competing with you.

Why video marketing kicks all that in the ass…

YouTube is the King of video right now, with How To videos, cartoons, movies and porn

Facebook is the king of current events, drama and storefront preachers or people with an agenda.

YouTube wins with ranked videos. I’ve got videos that are 5, 6 and 7 years old that still make money. In Facebook, once you stop spending money, the income goes away.

What we do is use ranked videos and storytelling content. When I wrote my first book, I sold it by talking about my life as a storage auction person which prompted sales and created the channel. That’s it in a nutshell.

There are two companies.

  1. Hustler’s Kung Fu – Business Education
  2. Mack Daddy Media – Consulting Business

Hustler’s Kung FU is how to start a business, how to hustle…those kinds of things.


Valencia takes over for a minute at the whiteboard.

We talked about bridging the gap. It blows my mind how they some companies or people have a big following but they make no money.

I want to show the whole process of trial and error – the process.

I struggled with finding the type of content to start a business.  People don’t always go into the struggles. People don’t go into production and buyers.

Those are things I wanted to touch on. Cameron’s back. I’m back.


Cameron takes over again at the whiteboard.

One of the things we’re going to do that is really different than before is to really train people.

I am going to create marketing courses and I am going to teach you guys exactly what I do.

We are going to do business education. We are going to really educate people. We have a nice space with training rooms. There’s going to be a live event, probably in September.

There’s Mack Daddy Media. There’s going to be a physical product and two more things I’m waiting for information on.

You will see results.

I haven’t been a reseller in a long time.  We are going to do a course on How to take a YouTube Channel to increase EBay or Shopify sales. We are doing that for a client right now.

Question from audience: Any tips on how to get good employees?

Answer: Practical Hiring. I asked Valencia to introduce herself on film for 30 seconds. She did it. How many people do you think I asked to do the same thing? I asked 50 and 2 did it. One got scared.

I said I’d hire in two’s in case people disappear.

50/2…that’s terrible. My total hiring costs were $900 to $1200

Here is what I do…

Practical Hiring

  1. I have a task for them to do
  2. Then I interview
  3. You also want a co-interviewer with experience. I hired a recruiter.

Why I’m not using Virtual Assistants?

They’re awesome, but not physically present. There is also a language barrier and often the grid goes down.

I want to do weekly classes and I can have local employees help me. I can do much more with local employees.

I can build an agency from $3,000,000 to $ 10,000,000 in three years.

I went to events and talked to a lot of internet people with names you’d recognize, people who are teaching. I found out I was making more than most of them.

I’ll tell you how they make money. It’s called Joint Ventures (JV)

They leverage each other’s audience, which is smart. They don’t make pure internet money though.

When I launched Hustler’s Kung Fu the first time, I did $300K in six weeks, pure internet money. There was no paid traffic, no affiliates, and no joint ventures. It was pure internet and came from inbound internet marketing. Nothing but YouTube.

That’s the stuff we’re going to talk about in future courses.

Question/Comment from audience: I notice the resume does not seem like a real factor for you.

Answer: Resumes are good. Resumes are real. Let’s go with people. People come in all flavors. So, you have someone with this resume and it is great. Then they get the job and they are terrible. I’ve learned there is a big disconnect.

The disconnect can be a personality issue. There are many factors.

What happens is: Jobs are systematic. They aren’t designed for various personalities of people.

Part of the reason people are terrible is this: NO REAL TRAINING!

When I worked for Rent a Crate years ago, they spent about $30,000 training me. We spent the whole week learning how to use Gold Mine. The President of the company sat in on my sales calls. This went on for a few months. He was a Mother Fucker. I got scared. They flew us up to Massachusetts to a nice lake home. The President would say, “You don’t give a fuck,” or “you’re lazy.” He was fair. Afterwards, we’d drive around Boston Commons in a limo.

The Practical Task knocks out 70 to 90 percent of candidates.


Cameron turns to floor over to Valencia. She goes to the whiteboard to explain her retail Gucci experience.

When I worked for Gucci which is a luxury retail niche with lower foot traffic, I had to build my clientele. The reason I was so good is because I figured out a way to sell to people with PowerPoint. I liked visuals and graphics. I was selling $1 million to $2 million per year. These people weren’t just my clients, they were my friends. That’s how I made my numbers.


Cameron takes the floor again.

Direct Response Marketing. That’s what she did.

Nobody wants to train. Everybody is looking for a rock star, an A+ employee. If you take someone with a good personality and some drive and train them, you can turn them into an A++ employee.

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What to Do When Your Sales Are Slow

What to Do When Your Sales Are Slow

Watch the video or read the summary. During the summer the sales of “some” businesses plummet! This is what you can do about it.Right now. The time is to buy. All the links are below the video with some goodies and deals for the holidays.

Number 1 – You need to have a plan. The work that you do today may not pay off until a month later, the following month or maybe not until next year. Stop chasing immediate gratification. People get discouraged when things slow down and they stop doing what they’re supposed to do. When I got a sinus infection and could not speak, I wrote 43,000 words for a planned project to keep busy.Have goals for your business. If you’re only reacting as a “get money” hustler, it’s a recipe for being one of those people with no retirement. Let’s discuss slow moving inventory. Is your inventory what the marketplace wants now or later? Go to EBay and check listings and sales numbers in summer and fall.

Let’s talk about that. There’s going to be a $10 webinar, that is really free since it comes with a $10 coupon that can be used for anything later on. July, August, and September are roughly 8 ½ weeks. When kids go back to school, your income goes up. You need to focus on what’s happening now. It’s a short window. If you’re too preoccupied on what’s happening now, and not focusing on buying cheap inventory available, then you will run out of items and have to pay higher prices in the fall. You need to have storage to set aside inventory. You need a plan and need to be good selling a few items knowing them backward and forward. I was good with furniture, good at art, and really good at watches. I could sell in any market. Knowledge is king.

Go through all your inventory. Take the word slow out of the picture to decide why it is not selling. Is it in the proper selling channel?

You could have what you think is a slow seller in the wrong place. For example, EBay pricing at a garage sale won’t work. The first wave of people are ardent deal hunters and resellers. You should place those items on EBay to sell. EBay is a necessary evil. It is the best place to sell certain items. Some things will sell better on Amazon than on EBay. You must know the proper selling channel for your items.Do some research on your inventory items. Google it. If it is not name stuff, it will sell cheaper. I believe in having groups of activities. Take one day and go through all your inventory. Research it and make some decisions. Make piles into booty stuff, middle-of-the-road stuff and the cream of the cream stuff that might not sell until the fall for top price. Hold onto the best items.If you’re not managing your time correctly, you’re losing out. Everybody needs to have a plan. Time is finite – the most valuable resource you have. Organize. Make the best of it. You never get this day back. Maximize all of your time.

Let’s talk about your investor. Sometimes, you’re going to take a loss. Sometimes, you make an improper buying decision. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you’re going to lose money. Get rid of those items. If you are properly paying your taxes, you can donate it to offset earned income.Two – Really take your business plan to next level. Say, where do I want to be in 2018, 2019, 2020. By asking yourself this question, you’ll come up with a better plan because you won’t be operating as a “get money” hustler. They jump from thing to thing. Do you have long-term goals, short-term goals and daily task lists?  Build something that is consistent that will work in any economy.Let’s talk about this summer and getting ready for fall. Right now, a ton of inventory is dirt cheap. This is what you do. Flip what you can flip fast. Buy quality for yourself. This goes back to a video I did. The best way to become a good reseller is to buy quality for yourself. When you buy quality, you’ll recognize quality. There is a movement back to quality. If you believe in what you’re selling, it is easier to sell.

You need to be on top of your numbers. You need to increase your operating expenses if you are worried about paying your living expenses. Have a garage sale and sell everything to raise operating capital. Go through the closets and the whole house. When rent is due, it should not impact your business. Get my book, How to Get $1000 and $2000 at your next garage sale. There’s a special link and deal for this weekend, just to help people out. Let’s talk about space. You want to be at 5K, 6K, 7K or 10K per month in gross sales? You’re going to need some space. If you’re in a three or four-bedroom home, you may be okay. If you live in an apartment, you’re going to need to rent a storage unit. If you don’t have the space, you’ll pass up good deals. Plan.Have a sale. Make some goals. Put them in a place so you see them constantly. Either you’re growing or you’re dying.

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The Weed Business and More – The New Hustler’s Kung Fu

The Weed Business and More – The New Hustler’s Kung Fu

This a summary of the live stream, if you want to watch it go here.

Things are about to be very different. Next week we will start doing more interviews with business people. I know someone who knows someone who is legitimately in the weed business. They may come on and do a phone interview and give you some insights into the business.I am building a new business platform. I got bored and am going back to the roots about building a business. The new is going to be a little different. There are going to be a lot of things about starting a business and putting together things you can make some money on and move forward with this year.

We’re going to have some co-hosts and topics with a bigger focus on starting businesses and making money. Many people are ill-prepared to start an online business. There’s a lot that comes with that. Let’s talk about EBay and Amazon. I have several videos out recommending No EBay and No Amazon. Watch them. Everything I said in the videos came to pass. Recently, in the last six months, Amazon started charging a long-term storage fee that knocked people out of the ballgame. There will be more of this. Amazon is getting rid of people costing them money.


Question from the audience: What is your opinion on Network Marketing?

Answer: I’ve never done it. Can’t say whether it is good or bad. Anything can work if you work it really hard. Your chance of success is higher if you work hard.


The phone number is coming back. For everyone that buys the Never Broke Action Pack, someone is going to call you or you can call them after the purchase to decide what you need to do to be successful in the course.

We will create an offer, you’ll sign up, someone will call you about the course.

There will be more interaction and more live trainings.

There will be no free trials. You’ll sign up. There will be someone for you to call with questions and you’ll have someone to talk about if you have any problems with the course.

This will be interactive and responsive online training.

I am going to make Hustler’s Kung Fu more formal. It’s about eight years old now. You will get to see me start a new company. Mack Daddy Media. I just bought the domain name for five years. I committee to it.

The site’s not up yet. I’m going to show the buildup of that company. The nitty gritty stuff is going to be in the course.

There’s going to be a podcast. There might be two podcasts.

You’ll see the behind the scene work. You’ll see how I get clients.

Hustler’s Kung Fu is going through changes. It’s getting a website. There’s also going to be swag. There will be special t-shirts for every course, plus other things.

There will be a lot of events, probably in September. We are set up for 50 to 150 people depending on demand, to discuss video marketing and some other stuff. It will be advanced level training. It’s already set up.

Question from the audience: Are there going to be new books?

Answer: There will be three new books this year. One will be on the Inbound Life and another will be a Hustler Mindset book.


The phone number is going back on the channel. You can call in and ask questions after you purchase.

You buy in and we will walk you through the process. They’ll be a lot of insider stuff for paying members.

I’m going to start interviewing a wide variety of entrepreneurs – local people here in Atlanta.

I’ll be trying to integrate streams with business.

I’ll be building out a lot of stuff. It’s the birth of a company, Mack Daddy Media. The company will teach people how to make videos to create inbound marketing.

I don’t come across many people who do what I do. I’ve never met a lot of my clients. When I meet them, they say they are blown away.

Inbound Content Marketing – That’s what I’ve been doing for eight years. This is a really big opportunity.

I’m looking at a team of ten by the end of the year. Two to three salespeople or co-hosts, two writers, cameraman, script writer, a video editor or two. That’s just for Mack Daddy Media.


Weed is coming! It will be legal in all 50 states in the next few years, all across the country. The money is there! The money is sick! The work is hard.


Here’s where I am with my online company.

From 2009 to 2013 I am working by myself. The I started getting virtual assistants (VAs). Now the majority of my team will be local. I’m sick and tired of explaining everything. I want to sit down face-to-face. How many folks have a phone number and a staff in Internet Marketing? I will separate myself from the rest.

I am moving away from reselling. It is hard to scale. The minute you stop working, the income stops. We are going to teach people how to start a business.


Question from the audience: Is the transition to have employees hard after flying solo?

Answer: The big transition has been dealing with people. Many companies have big issues with getting past this point. I spent $1500 on Craigslist ads. I’ve done it before. You have to understand this environment.


You need to get on the email list. People on the list will get an offer. It will be one of the best I’ve ever done.

I’ve tried working remotely. I want to build something. I’ve had the laptop lifestyle. I didn’t have to leave the house. I got bored.

I’m doing this for fun. I also know a lot of this online stuff is not working. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

To distinguish myself from the herd, training is important. If you train people to succeed, they will succeed.

Experimentation can make you rich!

People look for templates.


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Digital Pimping Versus Physical Pimping the One Thing You Need for Both

Digital Pimping Versus Physical Pimping the One Thing You Need for Both

You can read the summary or you can watch the video to get this knowledge

We’re going to look at digital pimping and physical pimping. And if you never want to be broke again, be sure to get the Never Broke Action Pack.I was googling some stuff and fund that there are not even 2000 billionaires. I also found that there are only 2000 to 3000 people near billionaire status.So, the Mega Rich people in the world are only 2000 to 4000 people out of 7 billion people plus. When I was on Craigslist, I sold something every day. Assembled furniture sales faster than unassembled stuff. That is why I always assembled everything for the pictures. I’d take a picture of it put together. I got over 70 phone calls on a mattress because I put it together on the frame for the photo.

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The one thing you need for both physical and digital pimping is good pictures and attention.If you spend two to five minutes more per ad, you will get more attention. The problem for most folks selling digital products, is they don’t have real world experience to back it up. I’ve been doing this a long time. I had real world experience before I started on YouTube.I was a Craigslist savant. I was an eBay savant. I was one of the first five people in Atlanta to start selling stuff from storage auctions on Craigslist.

You have to get experience.

When people are selling you courses or information online, that is only the best of the best who do well, the ones they are talking about. Stop looking at the exceptions as the rule. They are making you think you can duplicate these systems.There was this girl, a graphic designer. She circled back to her clients and made more money using this system. But she already had established clientele. She was a good worker. What happened here is that she went from employee to boss.

Another thing is, if you’re broke and trying to start a business, cash flow is like oxygen to a business. Some service businesses you can start are a lawn service, car wash, housecleaning. Go to Angie’s List and you will see a ton of stuff.

When you are trying to live, and build a business and your living expenses and business expenses are coming from the same plate, someone’s going to go hungry and it’s usually the business. That’s why digital pimping doesn’t work for the average person. I have a video, How to Make $1500 to $2500 in 90 days. Go to my page and watch it.

Why I have stages when building a business. You do a service business to support yourself first. Because, if you’re desperate, customers can tell. If you go back to caveman times. Resources were scarce. That’s why you have fat to make it through the hard times. When someone comes to you from a position of neediness, people reject you. They sense you’re desperate. There’s a psychological reaction to you. It fucks up a lot of your deals. You need to know if I don’t get the deal, I’m not going hungry.

You can’t chase the dream and live the dream at the same time.

If you leave and the client doesn’t buy, you can always go back. Follow-up is important. Use a predetermined plan. Try one call a week. Some deals took me 15/20/30 calls.Follow-up is the reason so many people don’t make the deal. Follow-up is not one phone call or one text. You can use Customer Management Relationship {CMR} software and put notes about the client in there for following up later. The most I would bother someone would be once a week.

When I was fucking up in 2009, my books had typos and I had a merry band of haters, and was getting bad book reviews. But I still made $62,000 in digital in 11 months. Why was I still making money? Because I had real life experience. Follow-up never ends. If you have CRM, you can sell to someone you’ve sold to before. It is easier to sell to someone again. It’s like the first time you have sex with your girl, you can’t see her naked. Then after you’ve hit it about 10 or 15 times, she’s walking around the kitchen butt ass naked.I’ll show you what I used to use as my Customer Relationship Management Software. I used Goldmine. For most of you Excel would work. Goldmine is not cheap and it has a learning curve.It’s $55 per month. This expense makes sense if you are a durable company.

My advice to you before going online is to become really good at something before you teach it. When I do courses on something, I don’t have to do research because I’ve done it for years. My stuff is super simple now.

How do I plan my day?

I write it out. I even have a course about it called The Power of Six.The reason I recommend a service business first over digital sales is because it is hard to do these things if you haven’t done them for a long time. I’ve started many companies. My first five businesses failed. If you learn how to sell and market in the real world and then jump on live, you can do really well. I sold millions of dollars of physical products first, for a decade. I’ve been selling digital products since 2008. If you try to learn something, just to teach it, your knowledge base is shallow. You will have cracks when you’re really challenged. You’ll be challenged online.

Selling physical stuff is faster than digital pimping.

The hard part of this is marketing it. It is easy to buy. Products are everywhere. Inventory is not a problem. Customers are the problem. You should build business credit under the business name. If you have business credit developed under a LLC or a corporation, it is like a person. These credit profiles don’t show up on your personal credit. One of the reasons I push service businesses is because you can start with no money.

To work with me 1 on 1, it is 15K per month. That’s the floor and it goes up from there to $50K.

Seriously, there are a lot of people I don’t like.Since my lifepath is happiness first, and money second, I would rather work with a handful of kickass people than a bunch of folks I can barely tolerate. If I have four clients a month, it’s a pretty good month.I’ll probably do some courses and some boot camps.

How do I differ from Hustler Porn?

There’s 1600  + videos on this channel. If you’re going to ask a question, do your due diligence. If you did a minute of Googling, you wouldn’t ask that question. You must constantly market, because people are lazy.If you would go online and pick one thing and research the shit out of it, you’d make money.Service business work is hard, but if you have no money, it’s the easiest thing to get into. Can you give me some advice about team and self-branding?I asked myself, what do I want to do? What am I good at? So…I am going to talk about business on YouTube. Helping people who are helping themselves is working. Focus on what makes you happy. Find something you like to do and do it better than anyone else.

Talk about Podcasts versus business channels.

Podcasts depends on the audience. A lot of business podcasts do better than business channels. Videos are a show in real time. Podcasts are for busy people. It’s a different audience. Uncivilized Products is going to be a personal development program including meditation and some “game.” Game is not just for dating, it’s also for sales. I’ll probably have a live session and will accelerate it. I’ll probably have three sessions a day on different topics. It will be a live interaction and recorded. I’ll do it in one week instead of stretching it out. I want it to be a seminar. At the Vid Summit, I met a guy named Joseph who talked a lot about messaging. I talked to him four times. Messaging is very important. If you already have uncivilized products, you’ll get it. Tickets are like $700. Costs after buying the plane ticket and hotel are about $2500. I learned a lot. I met the guy who created the pooping unicorn and the guy who created Goldilocks and the purple mattress there. This is a new event It’s on social media marketing and video marketing. There’s a lot to it.

I want to get in your class and don’t have the money. You should round up all the junk in your house that you don’t use anymore and sell it. Have a garage sale.

How did you get to know so many rich people?From business. You have to not only move your business location but your physical location. I can meet someone at McDonald’s who is a decision maker. You need to get out and start talking to people. I got to meet the guy who owns Peachtree Towers while I was working. Finally, before I bounce, share this video with somebody you care about and if you need the Never Broke Action Pack – Get it.

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A Funny Story…accidental success

A Funny Story...accidental success

In 2009 I had a dream. I wanted to be a published author. There was something about seeing my name on the spine of a book in Barnes and Nobles that turned me on. I had tried two times before to get my author on, with some success; but I was not as disciplined as I am today. Little did I know that daily determination was the missing ingredient to success, not talent, More on that later.I did not care about money; it was all about becoming a real author. Getting an agent and living that writer life was what I wanted. Travel.  Radio. Talk shows and my name in lights.  The thoughts of hanging with fancy people and doing fancy things were very seductive. The whisper of fame held my attention like a steak to a hungry dog. I had done well in the storage auction business. I had no debt. My car was paid off. I could not think of a better time to chase a dream and make myself happy.

My best friend had cancer I was the first person she told about her diagnosis. I was glad to be there for her during her battle with cancer, which she lost. Chasing my dream helped a lot of people. It is funny what happens when you cast fear aside.It all seemed to make sense, and I was all in. Some days I wonder if I knew just how much work it would take to get a book published if I would I have pressed forward? I guess we will never know.I also had a massive chip on my shoulder and all of the little voices screaming ” you will never do it.” I like to think I wanted to prove it to myself, but truth be told I wanted to stick it to every person that doubted me and there were quite a few members in that camp.

In the middle of dreams, a thing called reality tends to wake you up.

My first book was supposed to be about relationships. A hot topic. Men who wrote relationship books got instant kudos.  The market was massive.  I wrote my concept down and decided the angle I was going to take was interviewing as many women as I could. I would create the book from the conversations. I spoke to over 200 women. My pitch was simple.“There are no right or wrong answers; I just want your story.” One of the women, a teller at Bank of America, had many things to get off her chest. I gave her the pitch with every intention of speaking to her later.  She held me at the counter and did not care about the people waiting to get their banking done. Her expression was ???? and just as fiery. No one complained, and many people listened with dog-eared attention. She was in the middle of a divorce. He left her for another woman. Her soul was torn apart, and she needed to get it out. I was over halfway done before I decided I did not want to be the ” relationship book guy.” One day I woke up and said ” I am not doing this anymore,” and ended the project.There was a stigma, and I saw many of those guys – typecast.  I just checked, and most of them are not doing anything.  Plus, my book was not going to be the typical relationship book. With an audience that was going to be 90% female, my confidence was slim that it would sell. It did not feel right, and I needed a book I knew was going to sell. I gave myself 24 months to make this happen. I was 3 months in and time was flying by.I made many friends. I also learned many things about women. Some of it scared me!  I was surprised by how many women married for security and never loved their husbands. This would shake the average guy, if he really knew how many women do this.One of the main pieces of advice I heard as an aspiring writer was to:

Write about what you know:

I had just spent 10 years of my life, buying storage auction and creating systems and process for the resale business. We had two warehouses and a staff of 15. I knew that ” newbies” coming out had no clue about how the esoteric business worked. At the time, it was 14 months before Storage Wars and Auction Hunters would air on TV. I begin working on that book like a crazy person. No research was necessary. I wrote every day. I struggled quite a bit. The writing was not fun, but I was on a mission. I wrote the first version in 90 days. A friend who happened to be an editor said she would edit my book. It was looking good. After giving her the manuscript, she called me back and had that, someone has fucked up tone in her voice.”I just read your manuscript. Look I need to be honest with you, this is terrible and needs to be re-written. I don’t think you have what it takes to be a writer.” I picked my face up off the floor and said thanks, hanging up the phone. That night I put together my book in PDF form and sent out an offer to my email list. If I had paused, this book might have never seen the light of day. I made $643 in 24 hours. I was fucking proud of my fucked-up book!  Yep, it had typos. Yep, it was rough. Yes, I made $62,000 in 11 months selling my book. I got roasted in the reviews, but something else happened. I got email after email of thanks. One guy named Morris bought my book and went to work as a reseller part-time. Two years later, he got laid off.”Hey G, I got laid off today and thanks to your book, I am going to make even more money working for myself! Man, you are a lifesaver.”I can’t tell you how fucking great that made me feel! My little fucked-up book was changing lives and making people money. Eventually, I fixed all of the errors and rewrote the book three times.  This is evidence that persistence kicks talent in the ass. I know there are many writers who are much better at lacing words together in a seamless manner than I am. But 95% of them can’t make a full-time living writing like I do.

None of this would have happened without YouTube. The book is dropping sometime this year. Get on this list if you want to be notified when the book drops.

Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

By Glendon Cameron

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

School doesn’t have anything to do with your success.

For those of you who never want to be broke, get the Never Broke Action Pack. Go below the video to get it. It will make you more money than you will spend.The fact you weren’t programmed has made you a success.

Let’s talk about the A students we all know about. Bill Gates was studying pancake flipping which has something to do with your DNA. Jobs was no lightweight either. Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg have displayed some serious mental bandwidth. So, what people think is I’m not smart so I can’t be successful. Right now, there is a kid in the ghetto or somewhere in Chile or Chicago with the capacity to do the same thing, but they don’t have the family support. Another thing that happens with Gates, Zuckerberg and Barack Obama is they come from very stable family situations. You can be a B or C student and leap over someone who is brilliant.

There are many people who won’t start a business because they don’t think they’re smart enough. People are comparing themselves with elite people from elite backgrounds, wondering how do I overcome that? You have to understand the environment. The A+ students are begging B and C student for jobs. How do you do this if you’re poor? As soon as possible, you must become autonomous. When I was a kid I was in special education. I was not challenged, so I changed schools. Even as a kid, I knew I need to do this. I went and got a job and got into Catholic school with the nuns.

I started making big decisions for my life very early.

Sometimes the kid is smarter than the parents. I had a neighbor who was supportive that I talked to. If you can’t get the support at home, you have to outsource it. Someone is having this situation right now.If you are an adult, become very self-directed. There are jobless 50 year olds with a degree living with their mother. You have a bunch of fake ass educated people. They don’t have the experience to make the money. Smell the reality.I was an A+ student in some courses. If I cared about the subject. In other courses, I did just enough not to flunk. If you know how to think and become self-actualized, you’ll be fine. The correlation between education and wealth is somewhat parsed. Dennis Campbell was a mentor of mine. He was a pharmacist. He was a big game hunter and had trophies hanging all over the place. He owned the pharmacy. I would come over and talk to him. He talked about hard work. He did not grow up with money. My grandmother taught me to read before I started school. That was an asset. There are different types of assets besides money.

It makes a big difference.

Only in America, if you do something marginally criminal and you win big, we celebrate you. Society is twisted. Don’t hate the player. Don’t hate the game. Learn the rules. Hitler was a genius. Stalin was a genius. Just because you do something morally bankrupt, it does not change the fact you are a genius. Genius is a tool. Some people use it for good and some use it for bad. Hate is not necessarily a bad thing. I want to open your mind up to question stuff. Let’s take Mr. grab them by the pussy. Look at what he’s said and done. But he’s been elected President. From a linear perspective, it makes no sense. From a hindbrain perspective, it makes tons of sense. Here’s a billion-dollar secret. Most billion dollar conglomerates that pass from generation to generation are boring as fuck. We’re talking about oil, gas, commodities, corn, potatoes, rice. The stuff is very boring.Even Charles Manson has to be a genius in order to exert that much influence over other people.

When Trump won the Presidency, I woke up the next morning and said, how can I make money from this, instead of going this is bad.

If you stay smart, Trump won’t impact your life. If you understand humans, there’s a lot you can do. I learned sales techniques. I learned the assumptive close, the Ben Franklin close. I took my sales training and applied it to daily situations. I tried a social experiment. I used the 5 Yes close.This doesn’t work with someone unless they are interested in you. It works with a dude and a girl. You get them to say yes to five questions and touch them every time they say yes. Every time they say yes, they are giving you permission to touch them.Get it out of your head that you can’t win being a B, C or D student. There is a strong correlation between being a strong salesperson and a good date. When I sold furniture, I was going to dinner and we got to a hallway where you had to go single file. I put my hands on her waist and guided her. She giggled. She was the decision maker. When I knew, there was some level of attraction, I’d do shit. For the people who feel less than brilliant, ask yourself how many people have you worked for that were idiots but they made 2 to 4 times more than you.  This shows that you don’t have to be the smartest person to make the most money. You don’t have to be smart to rise and make money.

What you have to do to make money is to make a commitment. You have to say I am going to commit to this 30, 60 or 90 days.

I used to be a medical technologist. I worked with this Indian doctor. He was very cool.  I asked him if he had an arranged marriage. He said, “yes.”He said he knew he would have to learn how to love her. That whole thing stuck with me. Love was a choice for some people. Marrying for love is relatively new. He and his wife were cool. They had kids. Typically, today, people don’t commit. When I commit, I am there.When dating, I realized I was not the most handsome dude. Instead of hoping she’d like my personality or see I was a good guy, I got big as fuck. Then when I walked in a room, people noticed me. Love is something you earn, it is not something you can take.Elite people are going to marry elite people. I found it a challenge to date because I made money in a weird way. Women were weirded out that I made money on the Internet. If you feel you’re not smart enough, test it out.

I recommend you start a service business to learn how to sell and how to handle customers. These skills are transferable to other businesses. I got all my bigger clients from YouTube, my 15K or 20K clients. I wasn’t getting them on Facebook. On Facebook, you’re pushing out your marketing. I am not fucking with Facebook right now. They unpublished my page twice. I wasn’t posting enough. I’m not playing in the Facebook sandbox anymore. Before I bounce, one last thing, be sure to share this video with someone you like.

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The 10% No One Talks About: The Haves and Have Nots

The 10% No One Talks About_ The Haves and Have Nots

What defines the haves and have not? If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

 We have two very distinct classes in the US: the haves and the have not.

Make the change today because you can. It is all mental. examine a few things.

#1 – Poverty is at an all-time high, the highest level since 1971.

Let’s look at something else. Corporate profits are also at an all-time high. Is that every corporation? No. Many of those corporations are about to be expired.

We talk about the words recession and depression. We’ve used the “R” word because we’re very scared of the “D” word.

How many people do you know personally who have been unemployed for an extended period of time? If they are working, how many are working for one-half of what they used to make?

Think about that. You know people like that. I do.

Also, things that are important are going up in price. There’s a lot of manipulation in pricing and commodities. Gas has been going down, which is really interesting. It’s only a temporary relief though because of the emerging markets of India and China. Sooner or later, you have to pay the piper.

There’s certain people that have more money than they’ve ever had before. There’s also a whole bunch of people holding a bag with the bottom ripped out of it. Two groups: the have and the have nots.

There’s this mental manipulation in the press about taxing the rich. I did a video on it. You will never tax the rich on the same level that you are going to tax the poor people.

I know people who make anywhere from $45K to $100K. I’m telling you, if you make $45K, you can expect $15K of that to be gone for taxes. If you make $100K, you’re losing damn near $40K, which leaves you $60K, making you better off than 85% of the people in this country. But still, that shit hurts.

So. Let’s look at that. The middle class is being whipped like a runaway slave. If you scream and bitch, you get whipped harder. That’s who is paying these taxes. That’s who is getting hit. That’s the group of folks that would help us move out of this “Depression” if they had the money to spend.

Everybody is paying the mortgage, the rent, credit cards and interest. All of these forces are conspiring to keep you poor.

You’re going to have to change. I’m not going to keep going on about the way things are. Even Ray Charles can see how bad things are.

This is the deal. How do you go from being a “have not” to a “have?” How do you change that personal paradigm in your life to move forward?

There’s some simple stuff you can do to get out of that trap. You’re going to have to accept the mindset that having $10K, $20K or even $40K in a bank account is good, even if it is not doing anything. No, you won’t earn a high rate of return. But, you won’t lose it either.

How do you get out of the matrix? First of all, you have to take an inventory. You’ve got to sit down and ask yourself, what is most important to me? That’s the first thing, because that’s going to decide step 2.

Whether your top priority is making a lot of money, being a mommy or being married. You have to pick something and run very hard with it. The whole notion that you can have everything and you can be anything is some bullshit. If your IQ is 89, there is no way you are going to be a rocket scientist. It’s not going to happen.

We as humans have limitations. Spiritually and mentally, we can expand. Often physically, we can expand. Before that happens, you need to know where you are.

#2 Once you have decided what’s most important to you, the next question is “Are you willing to pay the price?”

Opportunity costs. There is nothing in this country that is free. Not freedom of thought. Not freedom of speech. There is a consequence and a cost to everything that we do and say. Know that, so you are willing to pay the price for the thing that makes you the happiest.

Now that you’ve identified that you are willing to pay the price:

#3 is action.

The first thing you’ve got to do is get your financial house in order. Either you are going to manage your money, or your money is going to manage you.

What does that mean? You are going to have to make some very different decisions in your everyday life. Starbucks may have to go. Comcast may have to go. That new car may have to go. I’m not talking about doing this forever, but for a year or two. You have got to change your financial footprint. You have got to learn how to accumulate money.

Once you do that, you are slowly but surely going from a “have not” to a “have. “

This whole thing about businesses shipping “our jobs” overseas makes no sense. Those jobs are the company’s jobs.

You have a skill, talent, whatever that you trade for cash. That’s the exchange. You don’t own that job. If it was your job, it wouldn’t be going overseas

The only way for you to own a job is to create a company that you start. They will never ship that job overseas because it is yours.

You must change the things that you do to change your life. It’s that simple. The hard part is building a habit of doing better things and picking better friends. You want to have people of value and integrity as your friends. If you build a strong circle, when shit happens, they will be there for you.

If you wake up today and say I want to be a friend to seven people, you’re going to have seven friends. The more you give, the more you get.

With all of the financial hocus pocus going on, if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to be one of the people living in third world conditions in the US.

That poverty rate is not going down. If you don’t have money management skills, you are going to be screwed. So, I beg of you today to start making changes to move forward in your life.

It’s going to take time. Make goals. Immediate gratification will screw you.

This is your choice. You can either be a “have” or a “have not.” It’s a mental thing first. Then, it will become a physical reality. You’ve got to change the way that you think.

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