Three Drop Shipping Strategies that Really Work – Real Life Tutorial

Three Drop Shipping Strategies that Really Work – Real Life Tutorial

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I hear a lot of people talking about drop shipping and pushing programs but I don’t hear anyone talking about the mechanics of drop shipping, which is really about creating a professional relationship. This is the first professional relationship I formed with drop shipping. Now let’s talk about what drop shipping is.

Drop shipping is having access to inventory before you have to pay for it. Many people talk about the drop ship lifestyle. This discussion is not about that. This process is more involved and complicated. It’s not for the faint of heart.

When I used to sell on eBay years and years ago, I realized as a physical business, you’re always spending money. That’s when I figured something out by accident. One of my wholesalers had this big container of furniture. I wanted that furniture, but I couldn’t afford it. The name of the company was Coaster. They still exist.

I was there one morning at 6am. If you didn’t get there early, you had to wait all day. We were talking and they had these containers with a certain type of modern furniture, right? They didn’t even have catalogs. They just had pictures. So, I go ahead and get the girl to give me some of the pictures. I had a good working relationship with them because I was selling a lot of furniture on Craigslist.

So, I took those pictures and put them on eBay. Now understand, I was taking a big ass risk. Since this was not my inventory, I had no guarantee it was going to be available when I needed it. So, I created specials and promotions. I made a bunch of sales. Then I went in with about $20K and bought a bunch of furniture. I started doing this and developed a relationship where they started holding stuff for me. The lady told me something I did not know before. She told me I could put an order in, and I had two weeks to pick it up.

That’s when I started selling furniture on my eBay channel. I never bought the furniture upfront except in small quantities for two and a half years. For me, this strategy allowed me to get paid before I had to buy the inventory. I also started to do that on Craigslist.

As I became more successful, I started to run into some problems because the best-selling stuff would run out of stock. This brings us to the risky part of this strategy. If you do something like this, understand, if you don’t have that inventory locked down you could be in a world of hurt.

Fortunately, I had access to Coaster’s inventory. I could go online and see what they had. I realized that the information was not completely accurate. So, if it said they had 90 in stock, it was really 75 or something like that. I only got caught with my pants down four times and I had to refund the money and got some bad feedback. It was work. This was not automatic, but we were making a lot of money.

Now the second drop shipping strategy I used was Amazon’s CreateSpace to drop ship my books. Some of the haters would mention me having a garage full of books. I never had inventory. I did that for about three years. CreateSpace had a website where you could direct traffic, but I realized nobody would buy from that site. For some reason people would pay more to buy it off the Amazon site. That was another form of drop shipping.

Now I’m going to tell you the third and most powerful strategy. I discovered this with another furniture wholesaler. This was during a time when Atlanta was doing a lot of loft construction and modern homes, so platform beds became very popular. I actually have one in my bedroom. The design is low and sleek and you don’t need a box spring under the mattress. It was selling really well.

This company was based out of California. They had a warehouse here that wasn’t doing well. They actually shut the warehouse down. I was selling a lot of stuff. I was on the phone with a rep. and said, “I wish you could ship this stuff for me.” The dude said, “We could do that.” He said, “With your order history, we could do that for you.”

You can’t just walk in the door and do this. I set it up. I created special Craigslist ads for it. Since they were a wholesaler, I had to make the sale on my side. I had to have my own website. The bed cost $138 and I was selling it for $400 to $450 including shipping. I didn’t have to touch it. That happened because I created a professional relationship with the company.

I took that same business model and went to Boss Chairs. Now Boss was the major warehouse for the East coast.  They were getting containers of chairs virtually every day, because they were shipping them out. There were certain brands and models that they had. I never worried about them being out. I sold a ton of them on eBay. I would go down there and give the money and addresses to this lady and knew they’d ship the furniture.

I’m going to tell you about one more option. This is something you can do. If you want to drop ship, what you need to do is get it out of your head that it is going to be easy. You need to let that shit go. This is why so many people are not successful and why so many people get scammed.

Typically, the best way for you to make a lot of money is to go out and create a relationship with a company that does not have a good online presence. Notice I said company. I did not say product.

Go to Search for the company. See how long they’ve been in business. You want a company that’s been in business at least five years. Find a company with products that you like.

A lot of people get in this with the attitude that they don’t care about the product as long as they make money. If you feel that way, it makes it real difficult to market at times. It really does.

Find a company and go in with this pitch. “Hey, I’ve been doing some research on your company and I noticed you were established in _____ year and your CEO is _______.” Go in armed with knowledge.

Then continue by saying, “I want to develop a relationship where I can make you a lot of money.” Then sit back and see what they say. Most people go in asking what the company can do for them. After the company responds, then explain what you want to do.

It is important to remember that a lot of companies that do really well are still offline. Over 80% of sales are still offline. So, find one of those companies and help them. Develop a marketing plan for them.

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How to Sell Stuff Online Thinking Outside the Box

How to Sell Stuff Online Thinking Outside the Box

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I was going to have a different Fiverr update for you but I’m still doing some testing. I will share something with you that was unexpected. I always believe in running parallel sale items. For example, if you have a nice item on eBay, you should also put it on Craigslist. Use the same listing and the same terminology. You’ll get more traction that way.

I did the same thing with Fiverr, but I did not put it in the last course because there were some people running out of the gate and others were trying to get their feet wet. What I did was put an ad on Craigslist with one of my Fiverr gigs. I got one customer and I made $500. The thing is, this is a gig I was going to put on Fiverr. I said I would teach them how to do YouTube videos. The idea was I’d do a little 30-minute consultation to teach them how to do it. The people liked me so much that they asked me to do it for them. I said, “Sure okay.”

I told you about this to make this point. When you’re doing your Fiverr gigs, you need to really put a lot of thought into them. Remember, it may not work on Fiverr, but it may work somewhere else. You never know what you can leverage that thing into. If you’re running your gigs on Fiverr, also run them on Craigslist.

It’s all a numbers game. Everyone is competing for eyeballs. It is hard to stand out in the noise. If you have 18 courses making noise, you are in a better situation.

Now I want to segment into multiple streams of income. I’ve been big on multiple streams of income since 2000. Even when I had a job, I always had something on the side. At the time, it was nice and extra, but today; I think it is mandatory.

You need to develop other streams of income based on your strengths. One of the things that happens online is people see Bill doing something or what some other guy is doing. A lot of people are afraid to do their own thing. So, if you’re developing your gigs and they don’t work on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean it won’t work somewhere else.

You have to run a lot of tests to see what works best. So, when you put up your Fiverr gigs and they fail, it’s okay. That’s just one test. I have been looking past Fiverr. I just introduced that platform first because it is free and cheap.

One of the core values of the Hustler Mindset is looking at the world through a different lens. The first rule on Hustler Mindset is that it is all about you and making your life more productive and happier. It’s about making money.

Another thing you should consider is old-school marketing. Ninety percent of commerce is done off the internet. Ecommerce still only represents eight to ten percent of all commerce. You have to think about the demographics. I’m an early adapter. I embrace technology, but I have many friends who could give a damn about technology. I have friends who make a lot of money and who are good at their jobs, and they have old phones. They don’t care about all of these apps.

When you think about it, there are probably more people in your sphere of influence who are more likely to be influenced by old school methods than by social media methods. The problem with social media is there is too much of it. I am oblivious to 98% of what comes across my Twitter feed and maybe 90% of what comes across my Facebook feed. Is your goal as a person looking to make income to have a conversation? No, it’s not. That’s where the noise becomes a problem.

Every time I remove clutter from my website or from YouTube, my sales go up. I’ve got three and a half years of data on this. My YouTube channel is my number one factor for driving sales above all other things. It’s a higher level of engagement and it reaches more people.

I don’t want you to be seduced by social media. You can build relationships with people using it. But, you have to think about the best way to influence people without running yourself ragged. I’ve made a lot of mistakes myself. At one point, I got totally seduced by social media.

You must always measure what you do. You have to track your results. When I started looking at the data that measured my social media results, I realized it wasn’t working. Just because you increase your followers does not mean it will increase your income necessarily.

In this world where people are becoming less and less engaged in real conversations, relying more on texts and tweets or Facebook posts, you can definitely become more successful by being one of the people that reaches out and has a personal interaction with other people. For example, when I go to a party, I always try to be one of the first people to arrive. I try to get there so I can introduce myself to the hosts and assist them if they need help getting ready. A lot of people just arrive at a party and do a big wave to everyone in the room and don’t introduce themselves to everyone individually.

I will tell you from experience that if you become very good at introducing yourself to strangers, you will become very good at selling products whether you’re doing it offline or online. The genesis of what we do is introduce a service or a product to a stranger. If you become very comfortable doing it in real life, it becomes very easy to do it online.

Social skills are still important to a very large segment of society that spends money. The demographics on my YouTube channel have really moved up. I’ve noticed I have a lot of people from the ages of 35 and 55. That’s a high-spending demographic. These people have homes. They have lives. They have kids in college.

If you can build a 25-person network in your neighborhood, you can build a network of 1000s on the internet because of the efficiencies and economies of scale that come into play. If you’re finding it challenging to engage online, I’m going to bet that you are going to find it challenging to engage in real life.

You need to go out and introduce yourself to 10 strangers. Be sure to get their name and phone number for some reason. It’s not about selling. Being comfortable with this will help you succeed online and offline.

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How to Buy from Companies Developing Relationships – How They Think and Why You Need To

How to Buy from Companies Developing Relationships – How They Think and Why You Need To

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I used to work for this company years and years ago. I had a business card with this company and went down to the Apparel Mart because I wanted to get in. I knew from doing research that the company had a showroom down there. So, I go down there and show the lady my business card and boom, I get a pass. It just opened up my eyes to so many things.

I used to take chicks on dates down there because it was that amazing. After going in there and learning I didn’t know the hell what I was doing, I would talk to people. They were hitting me over the head with terms I had never heard before.

Then I set up my own account because I had a company at the time. They put me through the ringer. I had to show them my LLC papers and a debit account and some other stuff. Then I started going in there talking to people.

I used to sell Invicta watches. Those watches were super-hot. They were very easy to move. I met a guy so that I could cut out the middle man.

To get to that level, I had to have all of my paperwork to even have access to know that stuff existed. I am a watch guy. Because of my connections I can get you a deal on a watch. I don’t talk about that on YouTube much because it takes a lot of time to market high-end watches. It is an elitist type thing. A used Daytona can be $8K. A new one depending on the case could be $60K, $70K or $80K. Those aren’t watches for regular folks.

That was just a little detour to talk about what you have to do to get setup with legitimate vendors. The first thing you have to consider before you approach these vendors is how can you benefit them. There’s so much that can happen when you get into this world. When you get in with a vendor and you have so much purchasing power, they will do so much for you.

Many of the vendors with the better stuff will not talk to you unless you have a store. I remember when I was signing up with one of these furniture guys. The dude actually went to check my address on a map to be sure my address was in a commercial zone. He asked me how big my store was. My warehouse at the time was 8000 square feet. He said that was good enough and he signed me up.

You have to know what they’re going to ask. There are many Amazon sellers going through this shit. This is what is so funny. Many wholesalers don’t like selling to smaller guys. What the wholesalers don’t like is the fact that if you get a small business who can’t sell the items, they will bomb the price and it disrupts the whole market.

As big and wonderful as the internet is, there are still companies who have not set themselves up on the internet yet. You may still have to do business with them through fax, phone calls and personal visits. You still have to do business the old way at times.

You have to dig deep to find these companies. They don’t want to do business with the public. They want to do business with another business. I know one company where the only way you can find out what they have for sale is to go to a trade show. They have no website. I’m friends with the people and that’s why I know how they operate. They will open up the doors for a $5K order if you’re local.

You’re going to have to run your business like a business to really be successful in the next four to eight years. You’re going to have to do this stuff by the book to protect yourself from what’s coming.

You’ve got to go ahead and get yourself a budget. Some of this stuff can only be purchased at a trade show. I live in Atlanta and there were a lot of shows at the merchandise mart.

Many of you don’t look like a real company and that’s why you can’t do business with some companies.  I think the recession lowered the bar. Vendors had no choice at the time. The companies that weathered that are back to their old habits now of being selective about who they do business with.

You have to look at it from the business owner or manager’s point of view. For example, if you are buying $40K or $50K worth of business furniture, the person wants to feel comfortable with you. They don’t want to spend that kind of money online. Nobody’s spending big money online without meeting someone in person. I don’t see us getting around that for a long time.

A group of younger people have always had the internet as part of their life. As they get older, I think a lot of these things will change. But it will be awhile.

Certain business models don’t work well online. Let’s say you’re a fabrication company and you do these specific projects. Somebody’s got to give you blueprints. There are just too many intricate details that have to happen. That’s why 85 to 90% of business is still done offline.

To get into the big leagues, you’re going to have to start networking and meeting people. Many companies are cutting the small guy out because they are a pain in the ass to deal with. A lot of companies won’t get your order ready for you ahead of time if you’re a small customer, because they question whether you’ll show up or not. I noticed when I started ordering more, I got treated differently and my orders would be ready for me when I got there. Sometimes when I got there, they’d start loading the truck even before I paid.

First things first. Go ahead and get your LLC. Get your business license if the state requires you to have one. Get your business checking account. Get yourself a business address. Some of them are going to check to see if your business is in a commercial zone.

You can do a lot out of your house. If you’re ordering from China, they don’t give a damn. Here’s the thing. If you can order a product from China and have it shipped to your house, the competition is fierce because so many other people can do the same thing.

Anyone who is trying to build a better brand has to get more professional. If you want to do business with the bigger companies with the lowest prices, that is what you need to do. Many of you are going to have to do this stuff going forward.

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How to Be a Treasure Hunter

How to Be a Treasure Hunter

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

There are a lot of terms thrown about. Hey, I’m a picker. I’m this. I’m that. I’m a treasure hunter. When I had my storage auction business, I dealt with treasure hunters. It’s a different breed of cat.

If you’re doing this to make money, you’re not a treasure hunter. I’m assuming if you’re doing this to make money that you don’t have enough disposable income to be a true treasure hunter.  Let me break it down for you. A true treasure hunter has disposable income to get whatever he or she wants. They don’t have to work for it or if they have a regular job, it handles the bills and the acquisition of treasures.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with not being a true treasure hunter, but you have to really identify what you’re doing in this business to be successful. For example, if you go out there and you see something that could make you a significant amount of money, but you don’t realize it or care necessarily, it’s because you’re a treasure hunter in the strictest sense.  Labels and terminology are huge. There’s a reason we have nomenclature for things and people. It’s because we’re different. What we do is different. What we think is different.

By claiming that word treasure hunter, you’re taking money out of your pocket and you’re looking for the bit hit. You’re not looking for consistent cash. You’re not looking for a business model, because you are a treasure hunter.

If you’re doing this to make money, take that word out of your vocabulary. You are a capitalist. You are a reseller. You are a storage auction hound. You find stuff that you can buy so you can flip it and make more money than you spent. That’s what you do. Live it and breathe it. This notion about this fancy stuff and you’re going to find this treasure and hit it big and solve all the problems in your life, it’s a pipe dream.

With hard work, a plan and realistic expectations, you can actually build a business that will make you a treasure hunter at some point in the future. Look at Barry West. There are all these rumors about what he did. He and his brother owned a produce business. They weren’t producers, which means they brought stuff in and they sold it. He sold a huge volume, which means he probably got rich and was put on a show because of his amazing personality. He’s got that kooky look. You can’t be Barry without working for 20 or 25 years and retiring with all that loot. That’s the reality.

That’s one of the things that kills so many people in this society. They want to be at the CEO level before they’ve mastered the entry level. You can’t do that. I’m sorry. If you were CEO material or President material, you would be it right now. The fact that you are not means that you aren’t prepared. That doesn’t mean you can’t be that in the future. You need to let that notion go.

First, you’ve got to put in time and work. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not always going to be fun. That’s the reality of it. I felt the need to explain this because I got this email from this guy who said he wanted a career as a treasure hunter.  There’s no such thing as a career as a treasure hunter.

There are people who spend millions looking for treasure on sunken ships. Some people find a piece here and a piece there. Many spend their entire life chasing that dream. A lot of them don’t find it, because treasure is rare. Interestingly, what is really rare is people that understand the dynamics of the situation and treat it as such.

The TV shows have created these crazy, over-the-top unrealistic expectations of what this business is. I did the business full-time, every day, sometimes six or seven days a week and I got to a six-figure income. There was a 10,000-square foot warehouse. There was a 27-foot truck. There was a 17-foot truck. There was a load crew. There was a marketing plan. I had a wonderful partner business partner that kept that shit together. It was a lot of hard work. So, slow it down. Forget treasure hunting.

Now, there are other types of treasure hunters with metal detectors and stuff. I will say they are treasure hunters, because they understand the dynamics. There is a lot of work involved before you find something. You could go weeks, months or years before you find something. They know they are going to put in a lot of work before they find something.

You’ve got to do research. You’ve got to know where the burial grounds are. You’ve got to do your due diligence and hit the beach regularly.

Seriously, if you want to get in the game and be successful, rearrange the terminology in your head. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Be clear about your goals. You’ll be far more successful when you do those things.

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Your System for Being Successful in Life 4 Steps

Your System for Being Successful in Life 4 Steps

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Important lessons have become very clear to me this year. It is not how much your course costs or even whether your information is good or not that matters for success. Price points don’t matter. It is your system that matters.

For years, it has been driving me crazy how I would have one person take my course and read a book and do really, really well and then I’d have other people who would struggle or drop out. I’ve had some smart people who couldn’t do my courses.  I’ve had other people who weren’t that smart be able to do my courses, read the books and get benefit.

I wondered what the hell makes the difference. I started to inquire. I’ve talked to some people on the phone. I’ve nailed it down to the system people personally have for success. This goes back to the question: Do you know how to study.” It’s not about money. It’s not about being connected. It’s none of these things.

If you have a process for success, you can get connected. You can easily get connected if you have a methodology. Have you ever thought about how you do what you do?

Frequently when I’m in Facebook groups, I’m the contrarian. When people talk about their success, I will ask them questions. Are you doing X? Are you doing Y? As I ask these questions it becomes clear that these people are doing something different than what I am doing. We’re all using the same words, but we have different definitions based on our experience.

I’ve got a process of success and it’s not going to work for everybody. It’s really, really interesting because some things I’ve done recently which don’t have a lot of people as part of the mix are doing amazingly well. I’m talking about a handful of people. But, these are folks I’ve been choosing. I realize that my system won’t work for everybody. That is a dream I’ve had to let go.

I don’t care how bad you want it, unless you are going to make some fundamental changes in who you are and how you do things, you can have the best mentor, the best teacher, information, connections and money and still fail. It’s amazing. It’s this system of success that explains how Arthur Blank can go from nothing to becoming a billionaire. Then you can have people who are born rich like Donald Trump who does not have the positive impact of an Arthur Blank. Donald Trump had a head start over Arthur Blank, who has ended up richer and as a better human being, in my opinion.

There are a lot of people who want to quit their jobs because they hate them, but they have no process or pathway to success. I have talked more people out of quitting their jobs than I can count. I know what it’s like to work my ass off and not make any money for months. I know that to launch something you are going to have to put forth so much effort, time, energy and enthusiasm, that the average person who doesn’t have this system of success is just going to say fuck it and go get a job.

Number 1 – You’ve got to be honest with who the fuck you are. That’s hard. You can build a successful company that is 100% against who you are as a person and that will destroy your soul. You may have all the trappings of success, but you could end up like Kurt Cobain and commit suicide or get addicted to drugs or alcohol. That happens a lot.  People think if the money is there, it is worth doing.

Money is not the most important think. When I started this YouTube channel and my writing, my goal was to make $50K a year, and I would be good. I had no grand or over the top expectations. I studied the market and knew it was hard to make a living as a writer, but I just went forward. I was very realistic.

You might be a person who wants to make earrings. Making handcrafted earrings makes your heart leap for joy. The market may dictate that for you that equals $80K a year, but you’re happy. The marketplace may pay you $40K a year, but you’re happy.

Then you might start selling some stuff you don’t believe in, but the marketplace likes it and pays you $2 million a year. I just don’t think the money is always worth it. I’ve never been like that.

I’ve never said I wanted to be a billionaire. I’ve never wanted to be a millionaire for the sake of saying I was. With that said, I have always wanted to be wealthy. Wealthy is when your money and assets work for you when you’re not working. That is something I’ve always wanted. You don’t even have to be a millionaire to have that kind of lifestyle.

You could have $800,000 worth of real estate and earn $9K a month from it after taxes and expenses. That’s $120K a year sitting on your ass. That’s a good lifestyle. You’ve got good money coming in and you have the time to enjoy life. Comparatively, if you build something you don’t like and you make a lot more money, you have to consider what your life force is worth.

Let’s get back to how to create a system of success. The second thing you have to know is who you are and not who people want you to be. The world is really strange. If you’re authentic, the world may shit on you at first. As you continue to push on, a lot of people who used to hate your ass will start to love you. They will start to support you.

I’ve seen. Look at Howard Stern. At one point, he was vilified. He’s got his own radio show. That’s who he is. The takeaway is to be brutally honest about who you are, what you want to do and how you want to live. That energy does not disappear like the energy present when you assume other people’s idea of success.

The third thing you must accept is that you are going to have to become comfortable with failure. That’s part of the system. You will have many ideas that won’t work, but you have to keep trying different things to find the winners. You have to look at failure as a feedback source.

The fourth thing you have to do is to learn to appreciate small things. One of the things that stops people is the home run mentality. There are many people who are terribly unhappy who are doing $60K, $80K or $100k a year. They are upset because it isn’t a million-dollar business yet. You’ve got people who can’t appreciate the success they have because it is not the success they want.

Back in 20009, I appreciated all those people who bought my book. It totaled up to only about $560. I was so grateful. I knew if I could make money with this first book that had issues, it made me excited about what I could do in the future. There are some folks who would have given up.

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My Last Job A Lesson in Pimping – Hustlology

My Last Job A Lesson in Pimping – Hustlology

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

My last two jobs taught me some valuable lessons. I learned something about ownership. I was exposed for the second time to rich people. For the sake of this conversation, we’re going to define rich people as folks who do not have to work for their money. Their money works for them. That can be somebody worth $1.5 million or $2.5 million because they have the power to allow their money to work for them.

There are a lot of different levels of rich. When people use the term rich they are often talking about the mega wealthy. What I have learned about people when they get to that position is that two things happen. They remain a sane sensible person or they become Caligula.

I’ll give you a recent example of that. With Resaleogy, I met someone when I was getting my car serviced. She was a rich person. She behaved like a rich person. She and her husband have real estate and they make a great deal of money. I met this lady at her compound, and I call it that because there is a call box then you go about half a mile of the driveway. I was supposed to sell some stuff for her.  She had some motorcycles and other stuff for me. There were some service people around.

When they saw she was selling some motorcycles, they all came over. One guy offered her some money immediately. I knew at that point I was not going to be able to sell those. She was nice and she never said it. She and her husband went on a two-week vacation to Europe and I never heard from her again. Recently she contacted me. She still had one thing she couldn’t sell. She asked me if I was still interested in selling that, knowing she had already sold the juicy stuff that was part of the original deal herself.

A lot of rich people become desensitized and totally self-absorbed. There are ways you can become a billionaire and not sell your soul but the avenues are few and far between. Typically, when you get to that level, if you’re not taking people out, they are trying to take you out. But you can get to $10, $20, $50, $80 million and not lose yourself. That amount of money can fund several generations of living well.

I learned this from my last job. You have people that will tell you that all you have to do is work hard to become rich. They say you need to go to school and become successful. If you see my video, The Degree Myth, I talk about how the recession exposed that lie. It worked for a long time, but it never really worked. It was part of a system that served a handful of people.

I want you to think about this. You have Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dell, Henry Ford, Vanderbilt (the old one) who all became very wealthy and did not go to school. Think about that.

This is the power construct. Get the money. Get the power. Then get the education. How most people do it is they get the education, and they try to get the money and they try to get the power. It doesn’t work most of the time.

You get the money first by creating your own economy. Then you get the power. Then you get the education.

I got referred to this job by a friend. I went in and there were two partners. One partner was the average American at that point.  He is now rich. The senior partner who had controlling interest in the company was from the rich class. His father started that company thirty years earlier. He inherited a 30-year-old corporation with a Paydex. tax forms, credit and bank accounts. If you know anything about corporations, a 30-year-old company like that is extremely powerful. You could buy a house with a corporation like that. Most young corporations can’t do that because they don’t have the history or the credit profile. There are so many things he can do with that asset that his father created for him.

The guy from the rich class almost never came to the office. He used the other partner who was the former working-class guy to do all the grunt work. But he did contribute in a big way.

This was his power. Since he was from the rich class, he could get deals other people could not get. They were his friends and neighbors. No ordinary person could get to them. The working-class guy saw this and recognized the value. His kids will grow up rich with these contacts.

Once I realized what was really going on, in 1998, I completely changed my mindset. I am a capitalist but not a mercenary capitalist. Mercenary capitalists will obliterate anything that gets in the way of profits. I’m not that kind of guy. I did a contract with myself and I know how far I will go. I can go far without losing my soul. Many people aren’t that introspective.

Let’s get back to my last job. I knew from day one what I was dealing with. It put me in a very powerful position. I was under no romanticized notion of where I was. I knew I was dealing with a rich person who was used to getting his way and commanding people around and extorting people for personal gain.

I sat back and I studied him. One day we had a manufacturer’s rep come by and we all went to lunch. It was real interesting. At the time, the rich person had a very rare BMW. One morning when I walked by his car, I saw a Wachovia receipt on the dashboard. It was the first time I had ever seen an ATM receipt with seven figures on it. He had pulled out $500 cash and there were seven figures just sitting there. In his neighborhood, that was a common occurrence. There was no reason to hide it.

So, we were all headed towards his BMW, but he didn’t want me to ride in it. We all ended up in the manufacturer rep’s car.

At one point, I tried to negotiate for a better draw because I was bringing some contacts to the table. I had a few deals cooking I could transfer over. Once again, the rich person went for maximum exploitation. I had a $1000 draw. I took it because I had some money in the bank and the hustler mindset was in full effect. I spent 20 hours a week working on their business and the other 60 hours a week I was working on mine.

I used their resources and connections. That’s how I got access to the Apparel Mart. Since I had a business card with the company name on it, I got in. This is what I’m talking about when I say not to be emotional when dealing with your problems and running away from them.

There was a time before I developed my Hustler’s Mindset when I would have walked away from a $1000 draw, thinking I could do better.  I knew the guy was rich and had connections. I also knew he didn’t like me. I picked up on it instantly. He didn’t like me, but I learned so much from him. I got access. I was sitting at the table.

The internet does not level the playing field, it is a new playing field. That is why Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Zuckerbergs were able to come from average or slightly better than average homes and become billionaires. It’s because it is a new playing field that the old, established rich got caught sleeping on.

Because the internet is a new playing field you can win in this new economy.

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Fat Cat Secrets the Power of Filing LLC and Getting EIN (Articles of Organization)

Fat Cat Secrets the Power of Filing LLC and Getting EIN (Articles of Organization)

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I am building out Hustle Camp right now. I will be going up on the  price, not dropping the price in the future. For the person who said I should not charge for my information, here is what I have to say. I started five businesses that failed before I became successful. There was huge emotional cost to that. There was huge financial cost to that. There was also a huge time cost to that.

There are people out here who want it for free. The reason you want it for free is because you know you’re not going to do anything with the information. It doesn’t matter if it is a dollar or if it’s free, if you aren’t going to do anything with the information it is worthless. That’s where a lot of people are because they are looking for hustler porn and ways to cheat. They are looking for ways not to work hard, and I don’t have any of that for you.

When you are working on your life, the long hard way works faster than the quick “hack” way. It’s also durable. Once you build something of substance, it just does not disappear overnight.

If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to not sit around and wait for something to fall in your lap. Make something happen. Push for something.


Question: Do I need an attorney to start an LLC?

Answer: No.


If you’re broke, you should find some stuff to sell. Get some used stuff and flip it. That is the easiest way to make money when you don’t know what you want to do yet.

Okay, back to the discussion of getting an LLC. Here’s why you need an LLC. Let’s say you have employees. You are going to have to file payroll taxes. You need to find one of those companies that handles all that stuff. Maybe your CPA can handle it. Payroll can get very time-consuming. Before I hired ADP, which tis the payroll service I use, I was spending about 25 hours a month on that. My advice to everyone is to get yourself a CPA.

If you try and do it yourself, it will take a lot of time. You will have to learn how to do it. The time you spend learning about tax rules and regulations, you could be running your business and marketing to earn more income. Plus, the tax rules change and you will have to keep up with it. When I first got started, my business partner was an accountant. She did all that stuff. I’m telling you, it’s rough. If you aren’t an accountant already, then you should turn it over to an expert. It’s worth the money.


Question: Is Legal Zoom okay?

Answer: Legal Zoom is fine. I’m just going to say that many people will charge from $600 to $25,000 to form an LLC. I know many of you will say, you can go online and get it for a lot less. That’s true. You can go online and fill out a few forms to form an LLC, but you have a very flimsy LLC. You have an LLC that doesn’t have Articles of Organization. You have an LLC that doesn’t have an Operating Agreement. Now, you can fill that stuff out later, but every time you make a change you have to complete a change form and they charge you for that. Eventually, that extra money can add up.

The first thing you should do when starting a business is to set up a budget. People never want to hear that, they simply want to know the secret for making more money without having a foundation established for how to handle the money once they get it. The problem with that way of thinking is that if you don’t learn how to manage your money, your money is going to manage you. If you make more money, you’ll have more problems if you don’t learn basic money management skills.

It’s also important to declutter. When you work out of a cluttered home or office, you rob yourself of energy. That’s something you need to work on as you get started with a new business. I will be working on that in Hustle Camp.

A good strategy for getting started is to keep your job and start a side hustle. You should explore various side hustles. If you leave your job and try and start a business, you are trying to do too many things at once. Number 1 – You’re trying to start a business. You are also trying to make enough income to support yourself and the business. That’s why so many people fail. That’s just too much stress and it can just crush you if you’re new to these types of challenges.

Hustle Camp is designed to provide practical information for building your business. It is a comprehensive course that goes into great detail.

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Fat Cat Secrets How LLCs Make You Bank Stuff Your Lawyer Will Never Tell You

Fat Cat Secrets How LLCs Make You Bank Stuff Your Lawyer Will Never Tell You

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

An LLC is a tool. An LLC by itself, with no strategy, will not make money. It’s like YouTube. Everybody can use YouTube. Everybody can create a channel. More and more people are creating channels, but they’re not getting any views. The strategy is what will enable you to make money, including for anything like an LLC.

The other day I was talking to a client who has been in business seven years hustling really hard.  They had no LLC or business checking account. They finally hit $100,000 and they were starting to make so much money they were having problems. We spent three hours on the phone.

Here’s the thing. All these tax deductions you can get don’t last forever. You’ve got a window when you count those deductions or they’re gone forever. I can give you some overview information, but the strategy is the most important thing.

I’m going to give you an example of how LLCs have helped me. Years and years ago, I used to be racially profiled in Dekalb County. I got pulled over all the time. It was always something. Then I put my car in the name of the LLC and all of a sudden, I stopped getting stopped.

This is the thing. Cops run your tags. It just happens. By putting the van in an LLC, I stopped getting stopped. It was the same van and the same driving behavior, but by putting it in the LLC’s name, I stopped getting pulled over. That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? That’s one way that an LLC shielded me from bullshit.

Here’s another way. We had an issue years and years ago with eBay. A client bought a lot of office furniture. It was like $20K worth. I would not take $20K through PayPal. I took a $2K deposit on PayPal. I took the rest as a check. They didn’t get the furniture until the check cleared. They got the furniture and everything was good. But for some reason, the dude did a chargeback on PayPal. He never talked to me. He said the furniture was not as described. That PayPal account closed because that was the last strike on it. But that PayPal account was in the name of the LLC. It had its own EIN number and was not attached to my social security number. So, we just went with the other eBay ID and kept on trucking.

Another time the LLC helped me was when I was involved in a lawsuit. That’s one of the reasons Conundrum Publishing went away. They sued Conundrum Publishing and won, but they got nothing. There were no assets in the LLC. That dude was so upset. He couldn’t sue me.

That’s three times LLCs have protected me. Once again these are devices. As the President says, I just used the system like everyone else. That’s why I keep saying, if you have the right mindset these can be some very profitable years.

There was another thing I learned at the last job I had about LLCs that blew my mind related to how you get paid. One of the owners of the company sat in the cubicle next to mine and I would listen in and hear things. He got a paycheck every two weeks like most of us. What was interesting though was that he also got a dividend check every quarter. The dividend check was taxed like capital gains instead of like income, which is a much lower rate. That’s why forming an LLC and taking dividend income is a smart way to go.

Part of a sound financial strategy is to form the proper business structure to get business credit. You can do it off an EIN, but it isn’t the same. I’m a follower of Clark Howard’s. He’s a consumer advocate. If you don’t know who he is, he has a radio show. You should never do shit with your debit cards. I’ll give you an example of something that happened to me recently with a debit card. I went to the machine to get some cash, and somehow the machine screwed up and I did not get the cash. It gave me a receipt and it said you did not get the money.

I talked to the guy at the bank and he said your money should go back to your card. So, I waited a few days and then I literally had to force the bank to get my money. It took two weeks to get it back. If I had used a credit card to get a cash advance, they would have reimbursed me in a snap. There would have been no issues. Typically, if something goes funky with a debit card, you don’t have the speed or customer service you have with a credit card.

If you lose your YouTube channel in your name you can’t open up another one. With that said, my YouTube channel has never been in my name. It was once in Conundrum Media and it was sold to Hustler’s Kung Fu. You can sell a YouTube account. You can sell an eBay or Amazon account too.

One reason S Corps. make sense is because they don’t pay taxes. They pay taxes on dividends. So, you can form an S Corp and pay no taxes and then make an LLC for that S Corp. as the Operating Company and have all kind of money.

Every state is different in terms of the cost to form an LLC. In Georgia, it’s like $100 and it takes a day to three days. My advice has always been to create income before you start spending money to set up an LLC. You can get information about this from your Secretary of State. They will tell you what is required. You can get find out about the fees there.

Remember, if you don’t file the proper forms, you will be taxed at 55%. The details can really become a problem if you don’t know what you’re doing. We will be covering that information in Hustle Camp.

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Guaranteed Money the Kung Fu Master Path of Success – No One Cares about Your Pain

Guaranteed Money the Kung Fu Master Path of Success – No One Cares about Your Pain

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today I am going to show you the path to success. If you do this, you will make money. There is no doubt about it. I should warn you that this is hard. This is not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen next year. If you follow the information I am going to give to you in this live stream, you will be guaranteed to make a lot of money.

Many people need to reformat their thinking process. This is really, really big. I can’t stress enough how important that is. When you tell people they are going to have to work hard to make money, some people get a little upset. Some people even become evil and it becomes a very sad state of affairs. There are people who just do not want to provide service for the world.

Some of the challenges for many people relate to a lack of discipline and delayed gratification. This creates a huge problem in our society. There are many people out here who are not producing, not making money and not being a good citizen. So. We’re going to solve all that.

Let’s talk about an apprenticeship. What is an apprentice and how does that help you? Apprenticeship is very important because it sets the stage for wealth. Going back to the DoJo thing. When someone would go to Kung Fu school, they didn’t just walk into school with this attitude, “I’m the man, teach me your best Kung Fu.” They had to do an apprenticeship. They had to bring water up from the river. They had to move rocks. They had to tend to the garden.

What many people miss with this is when you do these things, it creates a work ethic. It creates discipline. It makes you more robust.

Here’s the apprenticeship I put myself though in 2009. I didn’t know how to do YouTube. I didn’t know how to set up a blog. I didn’t know how to do Facebook Groups and stuff like that.  I had to teach myself.

From July 15, 2009 to October 2009, I was in this massive apprenticeship thing. I worked eight to twelve hours a day without pay building this YouTube channel. I’m telling you what I know works, because I did it. I started making some sales in October and they started to increase every month. For months, I worked for no pay. I did an apprenticeship. I invested in me to get this. That’s called delayed gratification.

When I came to YouTube out of another business, I never expected to make money fast. Why? Because I was coming from a business. People will fight me on this. They say working hard means you’re doing something wrong. Do you think Facebook, Apple or Google was built working eight hours a day, five days a week? No. That’s just reality.

Everything I have put this kind of effort into has paid off handsomely. Now here are the details.  Timetables don’t matter. I didn’t know when this thing was going to take off. I’m going to tell you my goals. They were very, very simple. I’m going to write this book. I’m going to get a publishing deal. Getting the deal was more important to me than getting the money. That was before I became educated about the publishing business.

Like I said, I woke up every day and I had headaches. It was hard because I didn’t know what I was doing. I knew nobody knew who I was. I was just another person on the Internet trying to make some money. I realized I was dealing with that. So, I knew I had to create value which took time. It too ka lot of effort. I went through my own apprenticeship with YouTube, blogging and Facebook.

Everything that I teach is something I’ve done. I know it well.  

When you position your business to answer the question all customers care about which is, “What’s in it for me?” that’s when you get paid.

Let’s talk about the fact that no one cares about your pain. There’s this article named, 6 Harsh Truths that Will Make You a Better Person. You can Google it. It talks about that. For example, there’s this person who’s a good person walking down the street and he comes up to a person on a sidewalk who says he needs a doctor. The guy says, “I’m not a doctor, but what else can I do for you?” The guy says, “Fuck you, I need a doctor.” That’s the reality of it.

Many people don’t get that. Just because you’re a good person, and you haven’t harmed the environment, no one gives a fuck. People want to know, what can you do to make me happy and what can you do to serve me.

Let’s talk about my apprenticeship with the Craigslist ads. It took me three months to figure it out and I was writing every day. I learned by being inefficient. My journey was not about getting to some place super quick. My goal was to sell products every day. I did not see an endpoint, so I kept investing. I still use those skills today.

A lot of people don’t know what they want to do. If you don’t, you have to experiment to figure it out. It’s like dating.

If you put in the work on something then you decide it’s not for you, you will develop skill sets appropriate for your next venture. My first five businesses failed. Some people tell me, don’t say that. I’m proud of that. I’m proud I didn’t give up on business #1 or business # 2. I’m proud I didn’t give up on businesses 3, 4, or 5. If I had done that, I would never have gotten to business # 6 and started making some bread. I was trying to figure it out.

You start a business. You go out there and try to sell it. That’s what you have to do.

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Don’t Be Homer Simpson F#@# the Common Man

Don’t Be Homer Simpson F#@# the Common Man

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today in this video, we’re going to talk about why you don’t want to be the common man. There’s a problem. There are too many common people. You need to be uncommon. I’m going to talk about why I’m going in this direction and how it is going to help you.  

There are a lot of people defeated before they even start. You are not going to be successful overnight. That is the problem for the common man who expects to go from unsuccessful to successful without putting in the hard work, dedication and commitment.  People want to skip over the work. But, you have to give before you can get. This is a lesson many people need to learn.

The problem is that people are looking for something cheap and easy and that is very common. When I made $250 week, I paid $114 for Earl Nightingale’s course, Lead the Field. So, I spent roughly 10% of my income on this course and I was poor at the time. In order to move past the Homer Simpson syndrome and the common man’s plight, you are going to have to do uncommon stuff. You are going to have to change your priorities.

Let’s talk about going to Houston. SO many of the “moist” people balked at that video never considering it as the true opportunity it is. Watch the video if you haven’t seen it.  It’s going to be hard. You’re going to see stuff that’s going to break your heart. It’s not going to be easy, but if you do it and you invest your time, heart and money; you could be very wealthy in five or six years.

For the complainers out there, you need to sit down and ask yourself if you want to be common. Common isn’t pretty. Common gets screwed over every day of the week. Common is mistreated. Common is arrested by the police. When you’re trying to build a business, you can’t be weak. When you’re trying to do something extraordinary, you can’t be common or you won’t make it.

Some people are afraid of success. If you are a member of the “moist” parade, you probably are. Success demands that you be responsible. If you’re moist, you don’t want to be responsible. You just want to drive your chick’s car or live up in your parent’s basement.

Here’s the truth. If you’re inexperienced at starting a business, chances are you will fail. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re moist, you’re going to stop at the first sign of a problem. You’re not going to continue going forward. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

If you don’t change your attitude, you’re going to be in a world of hurt in the near future. You need to read this book called, Upside. It explains the way things are going to change in the future. Read it and it will blow your mind. According to the book, manufacturing is coming back because of technological advances. It won’t be like it used to be.

Essentially, in every generation, so much changes. You hear people say, “Things haven’t changed.” That’s bullshit. Things change every generation and every decade.

As a man, it is your duty to lead. This isn’t to say women are stupid. This isn’t to say women are incapable. There is a reason you are bigger. There is a reason you are stronger. There’s a reason for that. It’s been like that since man has been man.

Increasing your income does amazing things for your life, for your credit and for your love life. But, you can’t just make more money without laying the foundation for money management. You have to learn how to budget too. If you don’t prepare your financial foundation and change the way you think about money, then your old bad habits will get in your way with the new money.

This is bigger than you. If you start managing your money properly, your kids will see you do this and they will inherit it from you. They learn more from what you do than what you say.

Success isn’t easy. Stop looking for the easy way out. Stop looking for common man solutions. The common man has less options. When you have less options, people treat you a certain kind of way. Your kids will do it to you. If they see your wife talk down to you, they will talk down to you too. That’s the way this world works.

Part of my frustration is I can only give you guys the information. I can only point you in the right direction. For those of you who choose to buy a product, I can give you a blueprint. But, at the end of the day, you have to do the work. The work isn’t easy. If the work was easy, everybody would be a millionaire.

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