Fast Money

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We need to have a talk. It’s long overdue. We’ve been in this space for a long time. Today, we’re going to bring it out. Every day, I get this email. “Hey Glendon, I have a question. I’ve got a situation. Hopefully you can help me out. I need something that’s going to make me from $1K to $3K extra a month, but I can’t work too hard. I can’t devote a lot of time to it. I need something that makes a lot of money but doesn’t take a lot of time. I’m broke, so I have no money to pay you. But I want you to help me out because you’re such a good person.”

I get that email every day. I’ve got love for you and that’s why I’m going to talk to you like this. We live in an internet society. We live in a world where things are moving very, very fast. We live in a world where things are just amazing. Technology is amazing. You can do things in a snap that a few years ago took days, months and even years.

You need to understand though, that fast money does not come to most of us. I understand that you are working 2.8 jobs and that your kids need shoes. I understand that your sick father needs you. I understand. However, you have to make a choice. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. If you’re going to be there for your family, be there, but understand that the chances of you being poor are extraordinarily high. It is what it is.

If you want to start a side business to bring in extra income, let me give you some of my criteria. In the beginning, you will probably work your side business longer hours than you work your real job because you don’t know what you’re doing. Once you figure out what you’re doing, the money is still not going to look as good as your real job because of the effort to reward ratio. Number three – You will not have any time to yourself. Between your real job and your side hustle, you will be exhausted.

You might make $200 to $800 per month while busting your ass. See, I have love for you and that’s why I’m going to tell you the truth. What upsets me with you is you’ve been asking the same question for the last decade.

If you want $200, $300 or $400 a month, you can probably make that and not work very hard. But I you want more than $1500, 2K, or $5K, you will have to apply yourself with more vigor than you apply yourself to your real job.

The reason I keep distinguishing between your side hustle and real job is because until you think of your creativity or things you can do as something valuable, you will always be a sideline ‘ho. What I mean is you will whore yourself out for your side business because you don’t think you’re good enough to turn your sideline business into your main business. That’s your problem. That’s what upsets me.

People lie to me. They blow smoke up my ass because they don’t want to admit they are a scared little bitch. They don’t want to deal with that. So, you’re going to ask me this question over and over again. People think I owe them for some reason.

If you’d look in the mirror and say, “I fucked up today, but I am going to do better tomorrow,” you have solved 50% of your problems.

Some people want me to stop saying fuck, damn or mother fucker. So, I am going to say kindly, don’t read this or watch my videos. Go away. This is the beauty of owning your shit. This is the beauty in having enough faith in yourself and your abilities, that you can live your life how you fucking please. As long as I don’t break the law or impede on the rights of someone else,  I can do what the fuck I want. I can say what the fuck I want. That pisses some of you the fuck off.

I used to be like you. I used to drink the Kool-Aid. I used to stand in the “come fuck me today” line of society. I was that dude. Then one day I saw an opening. I got kicked out of the pasture. They said, “We don’t want you no more. You asked too many damn questions. You think mother fucker. Stop thinking.”

Once I got kicked out of the matrix, I found out it’s pretty cool out here. The adjustment period is rough though. It’s harsh and it takes a lot out of you.

We’re having this talk because I care about you. I want you to be successful. But for you to be successful, you must change how you think. You won’t be able to make half of what you make or equal to what you make without vigorous effort.

The reality is that long-term success requires long-term determination. If you continue to think you are going to skate past all of that hard work and just somehow start making this money, you’re wrong. Some of you will find a scheme or tactic that will work for a minute before it comes tumbling down because you never learned how to build your business correctly in the first place.

This is not tough love, this is mother fucker love. You’re thinking like a loser because you don’t think you can do it. You’re thinking like a scared little bitch because you want something for nothing and you think you should have it because you’re entitled.

Get real. Understand you are not competing with Bill across the street. You’re competing with some guy from China. You’re competing with some guy in India. That’s who you’re fucking competing with. Until you realize that, you are always behind.

If you want to get a few steps ahead, this is what you have to do. Number 1 – look in the mirror and say I really fucked up and I’m going to do better. As long as you think it is someone else’s fault or blame it on who’s in office, I’ll laugh at you.

I started this business in the middle of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression and it thrived. You know why? Because I thought I could. You have to start thinking you can do this stuff, and do bigger and better things. You’ve got to stop looking for the shortcuts and realize you have what it takes to go the long way.

I’m going to tell you the truth. The reason you are not successful is because you don’t work hard enough. You have a choice. Stop looking for the easy way. Stop looking for magic jelly beans. Stop looking for fast money.

You can’t push this any faster than you push this, if you get my drift.

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Money is My Best Friend

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Let’s talk about one of the surest paths to making your business successful fast. I’m talking about hiring. Many people delay hiring. They struggle with it and don’t want to do it. One of the benchmarks for determining how successful your business will be relates to when you start hiring. The sooner you hire, the greater your chance for long-term success.

How do you hire? I’m going to go through the process of things I did and some of my struggles. When you hire someone, you have to have a plan for them. You’ve to craft a program for them. The program includes training. This is why hiring early is so important. It will be easier to spend the necessary time in a young business, because otherwise you will lose ground in your business while you spend the time to train someone and manage them.

Even if you hire someone with a lot of experience, they don’t have experience working for you. Your personality and temperament as their boss matters. All that has to come into play and gel.

I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about. When I hired my first assistant it was a big adjustment for me. I was accustomed to just getting up and doing what I wanted to do. I had to prepare her work. I struggled with that at first.

Then with my next assistant, Amy, it was much easier because I knew what I wanted her to do. I gave her weekly assignments and I got an update when it was done. She had a lot of freedom.

I don’t really micromanage. Who can deal with that? If you’re a micromanager, you’re going to have to find someone who can deal with that. I know I used to buckle under that myself and would rebel. Then I would start looking for another job.

The hiring process is just that. It’s a process. I was talking to a client yesterday and I told them they needed to hire someone. I explained, there will be mistakes when you hire people. Bad things will happen. Do not even worry about that because the good that will come from this process is so much better.

I try and keep it real. You can hire someone and their resume looks awesome. They could be killing it on paper and then you hire them and they’re a yard bird and nothing but trouble. It happens. You can’t let that discourage you from hiring.

If you have a job and you want to start a business, you want to hire an employee as soon as possible. That means you will spend all the money the business makes in the beginning on that employee. That means there will be no money for you, but you own the asset. You’ve got to really wrap your head around that.

Hiring is a big, big thing because it is scary. You have to pay payroll taxes and file payroll forms. You’re responsible for people. There is a lot to it, but it’s worth it because of the things the employees will bring to your business.

The best time to hire people is before you need them. When you need them, you have that crush and too much to do already. If you wait too late to hire, you’re being pulled in too many directions and it is harder to train and manage them.

I know it seems too expensive for you to go ahead and hire somebody when you could do the work yourself. Let me tell you the trap you are entering into if you don’t hire when you should. It’s a nasty trap. It’s the me, me, me trap. You think no one can do it as well as you can.

The second part of that trap is when you personally serve your customers and they expect you to always serve them. Then they will balk when you try to introduce them to someone else.

If you start your mobile detail or your window washing business now, you need to go out and get yourself a salesperson from day 1. You will make way more than if you do everything yourself. This is why. When I hired three moderators for the Facebook Group, it freed up five or six hours a day. That adds up to 30 hours a week and 120 hours a month.

I took that energy and put it into coaching and mentoring. That was a 1000% return. That’s why employees are worth it. They can help you scale your business so fast.

If you have a job and maybe $5K in the bank and 15K you can use on a credit card, I would tell you to spend the first 90 days doing everything yourself. Then when you have enough information you bring someone else on because you now know what’s going on and they can’t play you. Your job is ownership. Your job is management. Your job is vision. Your job is sales, if need be.

It is better to make your hiring mistakes when your company is small. Then you can’t hurt yourself that much. But, if you wait until you’re larger and busy as shit, that’s when the fuckery is going to creep into your business because you’re so busy.

I know everyone is enamored with VAs. I’ve had VAs. I’ve had some good ones. I don’t like it. I’d rather have someone I can reach out and talk to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be here. There’s a VA and there’s working remotely.

For you internet folks, my thoughts to you would be to get someone local at first so you can go through this training stuff. Seriously, you can make more money faster. All of this is contrarian to all the stuff you’re hearing.

You can use the power of a contract to protect your ass, even for a P/T employee. If you give them a contract that spells everything out and follow all of the terms, you’re good. Now, the contract also puts some handcuffs on you. There are certain things you have to do. You should write a fair and simple contract. You don’t need an attorney for this. As long as they sign it and you sign it and record it, you’re good.

Definitely put hiring on your list. This is one of the things that kills eBay people and FBA folks. You don’t have to have a team of 50 people. You can run an eight-figure business with a team of five people to maybe twenty.

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Building a Business that Has a Recurring Income

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

There are many people who are looking to instantly create an internet business model. The internet impacts everything. To develop an internet based business only takes time. I spent six months working full-time on this YouTube channel before I earned a dime. For most people, that is not plausible. That’s what it took for me to get some traction.

Let’s talk about Cleaver. Cleaver said, “I have no money. I have no car. I am ass out. How do I make some money in my position?”

I answered him by saying, “You need to start a service business.” In a matter of six months, Cleaver went from a very bad financial position to owning the house that he was staying in. He went from someone who needed the help of friends to a person who could fund that house by himself because he created a service business.

Let’s just get into this. Everyone wants passive income. I have passive income. I’ve had passive income since 2010. Now, let me tell you about passive income. It’s hard to get it and it’s even harder to maintain. That’s why you need a lot of it. It’s going to go up and down.

There are many people under this false notion that they are going to come online and get themselves some passive income without having to work. Just let that shit go. What you can do is start building where you are right now with what you have.

For many of you who want to live the internet lifestyle, there needs to be an extra step. That extra step is for you to start a local business or to become a seller of big ticket items while you develop an internet model. But doing this, it will get your basic expenses covered.

Remember, when I started online in 2009, my bills were paid and I had a lot of free time to invest in building my online business. That’s not typical for the average person. That’s why so many teenagers are doing well online. Their parents cover their basics and they have a lot of time to devote to their business.

Now, let’s talk about Steven. He has a window washing business. If built properly, it could fully support him and his family. To really give it some juice we’re going to add the multi-channel business model. I’ve done this several times. You’ve got to get back to infrastructure. He’s got some trucks. He’s got some clients. He’s got the will.

What we can do with that infrastructure is spin off other businesses that will use the same infrastructure. They will use the same employees and some of the same equipment to make more money. First, we must get the first business established.

That’s where a lot of people are going kind of crazy. They’re trying to do 4, 5, 6, or 7 different models before the first one is locked down.

From 2001 to 2011, all I talked about was storage auctions. I locked down my first business model which was making income from selling a book and teaching people how to become resellers. That’s all I did. Then I branched off to other things.

Being a person driven by data, I knew the storage auction thing was going to be very short-lived. It went on longer that I thought it would because it’s a lot of hard damn work.

I have YouTube income. I have book sales and consulting. I still have those same revenue streams and they still come from the same infrastructure. I’m not going out and creating a new infrastructure.

Let’s talk about Ray. He works his business and has a part-time job. Ray is close to being totally out of the regular employment game. You have to get busy to get started. You’ve got to go out there and take that first step.

If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried. You have information and feedback and data that can help create a plan that will work the fuck out.

I’m not saying you should not follow your internet dreams. I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is you need a solid plan so you can put food in your mouth and pay your mortgage with money left over to save for building your internet business the correct way.

Let’s get to the gist of automatic income. The problem is that many people are trying to become a consultant who don’t have a lot of experience doing anything. The big question is would you hire yourself selling what you are trying to sell? If you pause, then you have your answer.

You can create a better situation for yourself by getting out there and putting together a sales team. Once you systemize this and you learn how it works, you can train your employees to do it. That is one of the best ways for you to create recurring revenue. Part of this process is formatting your mind correctly.

You have to change who you are to get the money you want. You have to make some concessions and create a better you.

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How to Get All the Money You’ve Ever Wanted

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

In this video, I’m going to tell you how to get all the money you want and more by doing this one simple thing. There are a lot of people out there who want to make money. They’re looking to create an income stream. They’re looking to take their business to the next level. They’re looking to buy a car. They need to pay for their kid’s education or for doctor’s bills.

But here’s the thing and this happened this weekend. There are people who are afraid of making money. Now, I’m going to give you a template here, to let you know if you’re afraid of making money. Here’s the thing, if you are afraid to ask for money for any reason, your chances of getting it are slim to none.

There are these people out there who think they know how to make money. Here’s a rule of thumb. If someone tells you how to make money and you know they don’t have any, don’t listen to them. Check their advice. Learn how to ask for money.

There are many different ways you can ask for money. Many people avoid asking for money. They don’t ask for the sale. They don’t try to close the sale. They just hope and wish for money to land in their pocket. That’s crazy stuff.

There’s a process. I’m going to explain to you why I’m making this video. This is Hustler’s Kung Fu. This information is for beginning entrepreneurs to give you guys the real advice, right?

Now, I had a comment this weekend. He said I shouldn’t be asking for love offerings. If you’re new and you don’t know, I don’t have any ads on this channel. If you like the content, I asked you to go below the videos and make a love offering of $5 to $5000. I’m asking for the money. Some people have a problem with that. They say, “It is unseemly.” “It’s below you.” “You shouldn’t do that.” “You’ve got money.”

I hit that person up with this question. “So, I’ve got money. Does that mean I don’t want more?”

Poor people have some really strange concepts about money. I know when I see that poverty mindset that is full of fear of asking for money. People say they aren’t going to ask for money. They insist they’re going to use this app. They’re going to use YouTube ads. Wait a minute. YouTube ads and Facebook ads are asking for money.

Here’s the thing. This has been scientifically proven. If you don’t ask, you’re closing rate goes down. If I didn’t ask for the love offering, my percentage rate would go way down. It works by asking subscribers, “If you like the content, subscribe to the channel.” It works for asking for all kinds of things.

But, if you’re feeling undeserving and you feel like you don’t need it, it is hard to ask for the money. If you think its beneath you to be a salesperson or marketer, your chances of making money are pretty slim. But many people have their fake narratives of how to make money.

It has been scientifically proven that if you continue to ask in the appropriate way, you quadruple your results. There are people out there who have good businesses and they don’t ask for money. They simply put marketing content out there. They put their product out there and people buy it. If they would ask for the money, they would make a lot more money.

I’m going to share something with you and it is not bragging or boasting. Since I have started asking for money as a love offering, essentially saying, “If you love the content, leave a love offering,” the money has exceeded my AdSense earnings. I’ve only been doing this a few weeks.

Now, this is another income stream. This is a revenue stream. If you can learn how to close sales on a basic level, you will learn how to close sales on a big level. I’ll give you an example. I used to sell furniture. I was afraid of the customer at first. I would come up with all kinds of activities to keep me off the phone and from asking for appointments.

After a few months, I finally got good at setting appointments. I had to learn to ask for the money. Money is not tight. There are people out there that are so scared to let a dollar go because they feel that a penny saved is a penny earned. I think if you spend some money and start asking for sales, the money will come.

You need to become a salesperson. If you want to start a business and to build something, learn how to sell. If you don’t know how to sell, you don’t know how to ask for the money. You’re not going to create a YouTube or Facebook channel that asks for the money. That’s how so many people lose a lot of money.

If you believe in your product or service and what you do, asking for the money is not so hard. But if you know deep down that you have a shitty product, it could be hard to ask. If you get in the habit of asking for money and asking for the sale, you’re going to be stronger and more successful.

There are people out there giving out great advice. Some people are giving out advice that is better than mine. But, they absolutely refuse to ask for any money. They believe, it is so unseemly. They’ll keep putting out their content and burning out while I’ll be asking for money and developing several different income streams.

So, learn to ask for the money. It’s a very simple thing in terms of the concept. Most of the folks here see my videos all the time. In the past few weeks, how often have I failed to ask for the money? In this video, I’m asking for the money eight times. I’m going to keep asking.

You should learn to ask for the money. It’s a simple thing. It may feel weird. It may feel uncomfortable. If you do this every day, someone’s going to say yes.

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Your Comfort Zone Prevents You From Being Your Best

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Your Comfort Zone Is Holding You Back

It’s a rainy day in Georgia. I was having a conversation with someone and it was a little heated. It was a consult and the first time it ever happened. He was stuck in his comfort zone.

There’s this person that has a great life. That’s the problem. I know you are wondering what’s wrong with having a great life. Their life is so great that they will never aspire to anything else.

When I say great, I mean everything is taken care of for them. They receive money from one of the parents. Essentially, they are never going to bust it, which means they are never going to do something significant, radically different, astounding or awe-inspiring because they don’t have to.

If you’ve watched the channel for a while, you realize that at one point I was homeless and going through some stuff. I had reached a point where I had to do something.

I had to bust out of my comfort zone. I had to create new energy for myself.

Essentially, if you aren’t faced with a crisis. Most people are not going to change. Some of my best students from the Hustler mindset and consulting were people that had their backs against the wall. I mean some of the stories I have heard, I go over them to inspire myself.

To put it bluntly, for many of you, you will need a personal crisis to push you in a new direction. That’s a conclusion I came to about two years ago. The conversation with my consult client I discussed above just confirmed it.

When I was in the storage auction business, I had a lot of things go wrong. There’s a whole bunch of things I don’t really talk about because they’re embarrassing. They were fucked up.

One time, I bought a unit that had metal cages for chickens and other livestock. I didn’t know. It had this crazy ass smell, but I bought it anyway. This unit came with six other units that were equally foul. Once I got this stuff I wondered what the hell I was going to do.

It was crazy. I had to clean out the units or Public Storage would ban my ass in a heartbeat.

What did I do? I went out and bought more units. I got a jackpot unit that gave me the income to help pay to get someone else to clean out those units.

That’s really a small thing. You’ve got people out there facing cancer. You’ve got people facing unemployment.

When I was living in a boarding house with crack heads, insane stuff was going on. After hitting the bottom, I came up with some of the most innovative tactics, strategies and schemes. I was in the position of either sinking or swimming – I couldn’t drown in my comfort zone. 

There was no thinking that if this doesn’t work I can fall back on the wife. I couldn’t rely on an inheritance.

I’m going to tell you what happens when you are put in this situation. All of the distractions are eliminated. Right now, you have a ton of distractions. You think you can’t get the life you want because of the economy. No. You have a lot of distractions that are holding you back.

When I didn’t watch TV for two years, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to watch TV. I was too poor to afford a TV and cable. I didn’t have it.

During that two-year period, I did more writing, more reading and more educational stuff for grooming the G-verse. I was forced to use my time in a constructive manner. I went on the internet and taught myself stuff.

Once those distractions are gone, you can do amazing things. Once you break out of the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself you can do incredible stuff.

For some people, they don’t have to create those circumstances, because they exist. Other people are going to have to create drama in their life to move to the next level.

I will give you an example of how to create drama in your life. When I wrote my first book, I did a Jedi mind trick on myself. I actually acted like I was broke as shit. This was the deal. I had money. When we closed down the business and sold stuff, I had six figures in the bank.

Knowing what I know about the human condition and how comfort will hurt your chance for success, I did this. I put myself on a regiment. I told myself I had to write a certain number of words per day. I limited myself to going out once a week and to one drink at my favorite bar. That was it. Because I had to make that book happen.

I treated my project like my life would be over if I didn’t get the book done.


I know for many of you, that sounds crazy.


If I had sat back and told myself… “I’ve got time. I’ve got money,” that book would have never been completed.

So, what I am telling you is that if you don’ have a personal situation that is extreme, create it.


Back to the consult we were talking about. This is probably the craziest advice I have ever given in a consult. This person is young. I told him to quit his job. This is when the yelling started. The fear came out.

Long story, short – his dad owned the business that he worked in. His Dad is a millionaire. When Dad dies, he gets everything. When I say everything, I mean about $10 million.

He has no drive whatsoever to do anything significant because he doesn’t have to.

I told him… “You will be worthless because you have no other purpose if you don’t do anything in life.” His Dad is like 85.

I told him…”Take $5K and go to a new city and see what you can do.”

Here’s the thing. I know I can survive some bullshit. I was homeless. I lived in a house with crack heads. Am I going to go out there and do that shit again? No. I don’t need to do it again

But just that memory alone of what can happen to me if I allow myself to fall asleep at the wheel is enough to keep a fire burning under my tender hind parts every day.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take days off because I know what it is like to be 100% ass out.

Remove the distractions and create a personal emergency in your life to move to the next level.

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Donald Trump 96 LLC’s: Fat Cat Secrets in Real Life

Wanna learn how to make that money like Donald Trump? If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

(This video script references The Wall Street Journal article, How Donald Trump’s Web of LLCs Obscures His Business Interests, published on December 8, 2016. Authors: Jean Eaglesham, Mark Maremont, Lisa Schwartz)


Today we’re going to talk about Fat Cat secrets and how LLCs make you bank with a real-life example: Donald Trump


First, before you get all excited about LLCs, it is important to realize that if you have no money or no assets and you’re not planning on getting money or assets, using LLCs won’t help you.

An LLC is like a hammer. A hammer isn’t really good without a wall or a nail. You’ve got to have the appropriate tools for this stuff to work.


For those of you who need help putting this all together – I’ve got an offer. The 27 Business Course package that includes Fat Cat Secrets and how LLCs make bank. The offer is under the video, plus a lot of other stuff to get you going. Start this weekend. Start immediately.


This article is about how Donald Trump’s web of LLCs obscures his business interests. You can check out this article with your iPhone for free if you have one. Scroll to the News section and you can read Wall Street Journal articles every day for free.

Using LLCs is what I’ve been talking about for years.

This is what I think is going to happen with Trump. He’s going to continue running his businesses and that’s why his daughter and son-in-law are moving to Washington DC. The conflict of interests is already starting.

There was an article about how Trump Tower security will cost the country millions now. Here’s the article…. Secret Service Advertised as new amenity at Trump Tower. Is that even legal? The conflicts of interest are obvious.

The article points out that the lack of transparency of his business holdings makes it impossible to determine potential conflicts he faces as president of the United States.

He might get impeached over this. People say that will never happen, and this is why. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He won the election his way, and he’s going to continue to do things his way. He’s 70 years old. You think he’s going to change? I don’t think so.

Let’s move down the article to this section about how Donald uses LLCs to own his aircraft. This is “Big Boy” LLC business “sleight of hand.” That’s what it is. This is a snapshot of what you can do once you get your money right. This shows how you can earn millions of dollars and not pay federal taxes legally.

He’s got two helicopters. He’s got a 757. He’s got a Cessna. Essentially, he has companies that have properties that are leasing to companies that he owns. It’s a beautiful thing. This is America folks. This is what you can do in America.

So, essentially, he owns a company that leases a property that he owns to his company, that takes deductions and makes money off his companies that he actually owns or controls.

It’s like if you pull a dollar out of your left pocket and put that dollar in your right pocket. It’s the same pair of pants, but it’s a different pocket. This is what is going on.

Here’s the thing. This isn’t all of it. This is what they’ve found.

This thing started before he was born with Fred Trump.

A lot of people want to do Delaware LLCs. If you are a “Big Boy” company and you’ve got a lot of stuff going on, that’s fine. If you’re trying to start a brand-new company and you have no assets and no money and you want to go operate in another state, it’s complicated. The bank is going to say that you are incorporated in Delaware, so you need to go to Delaware to open a bank account. This could be beneficial for some businesses.

If you want a bank account that is local, they’re going to ask you to register with your state as a foreign entity. All of these shenanigans don’t work because you don’t have the material to do it.

Here’s the skinny on Trump. Say Trump has one percent in a company and his kids have 99 percent. Who do you think is running things? It isn’t the kids. He’s running it. He controls it and benefits from it.

Let me be clear. If you’re not making decent money, this means nothing to you. If you’re forming LLCs without having money or assets to shield, you are pretty much wasting your money.

President Trump should be the CEO of America. He should not be running any other corporation. This guy’s going to try and do both. What I think is going to happen is either he’s going to crash and burn and get impeached or he’s going to wise up and give full control of his company to his kid. This is Donald Trump. He is who he is. This stuff is crazy.

Preservation of capital is the number one path to get rich.

Let’s talk about some other stuff. Let’s talk about what’s going on. If you’re making over $250K the next four years, they are not going to fuck with you at all. You can save money and make money. For those of you earning under $100K, your money is going to be impacted and these are the ways.

Medicare benefits are about to be cut like a Motherfucker. This is coming. Look at the historical cycle of what Republicans do. What Democrats do is make a lot of people promises and put all of these social programs together. Then, the Republicans go back and cut all that shit. A lot of people get hurt, which causes a lot of new voters to come out for the next election.

In this last election, nearly 12 million people that voted in the last election did not come out.

After this cycle of Republicans, they’re going to come out again, because they’re going to be hurt. Even if you’re not directly hurt, your parents are going to be hurt if they need benefits. People who need Medicare are going to be hurt.

A lot of mess is going to go down for people who don’t have resources. This is why you need to go ahead and put this stuff together. Get yourself setup. Get yourself a business.

For those of you who want to start businesses, right here is the 27-course big deal. It’s going to include Fat Cat Secrets and some other stuff. It’s $1500, just to let you know.

Why is it so much?

When you go and make $200K to $300K from that information, the course is dirt cheap, right? The more people pay, the better they perform.

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