How to Develop a Money Mindset for a Better Life and More Money

How to Develop a Money Mindset for a Better Life and More Money

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It took me a long time to get the views that I have. You can be your fucking self and still be successful. You don’t have to be like that other guy or that other chick. You can be whoever the fuck you are and still be successful.

How does one develop a money mindset? Many people out there in YouTube land or Facebook land want someone to tell them exactly what to do and how to do it, and they don’t want to pay. So many people feel entitled. I’m going to wrap this up and tell you why that mindset fucks up your money mindset. These people feel entitled to great information and they don’t want to pay for it.

There is this video out that says people pay more attention to information they pay for than information they get for free. It’s 100% true for most people. Why? If you go on this channel and go to the older videos from 2009 to 2012, there are tons of videos with great content that will tell you what to buy and how it goes down.

All it takes is you sitting on your ass and watching the videos. But, that takes commitment. People say they don’t want to watch a video. They want bullet points. They don’t want me to charge too much, maybe a dollar or two. They want me to break it down for them.

That is the attitude that explains why they are broke and don’t have any money. Developing the money mindset has nothing to do with money or chasing money for money’s sake. I’ll give you a prime example.

There are TED Talks that talk about the power of telling stories, because they resonate with people. I knew this early on. The more stories I told about the storage auction business, the more books I sold. It’s called indirect selling. The book purchases were a byproduct of telling the stories. None of those people were able to figure it out.

This is what comments about “not wanting to hear my stories” told me. The people saying these things never watched a TED Talk. They never really studied marketing. They didn’t like my stories, so they figured no one else did.

As a business owner, you have to take yourself out of the equation on some things. I have sold so many things that I thought were butt ugly, but it made money. Someone else liked it.

That’s the whole thing. When you tell stories and you create an emotional response, you move people. That’s what happened. That’s why there are so many storage auction stories.

I know one day I had something to do, so I made 10 videos in one day. I released five of them. Then, I went out of town and came back, I had a ton of sales. I connected the dots. You tell stories and you make money. For those of you on the outside looking in, you don’t see all this stuff.

The internet has conditioned people to get stuff for free and expect top quality and perfect craftsmanship for little or nothing. If they don’t get it, they ball up their little fist and scream like babies.

With the money mindset, you have to think about larger principles. Let’s discuss Google. Google’s main purpose was not to get rich. Their mission statement was not to get rich. Their mission was to index the world. They want to catalog every piece of information in the world. That’s their goal. On the way while chasing that larger goal, they made a shitload of money.

Without the larger goal, the minute that you stop working, the money stops coming in. There have been times I’ve stopped working and the money kept coming in. When my partner died, I was worthless for about six months. It’s a system that creates income whether I’m here or not.

You have to sit down and think, #1 What can I do, create or be that serves a lot of people?

I’ll give you another example. People online bitch about how much money athletes make. I have no problem with some quarterback making $100 million. It doesn’t bother me at all.

People will argue that a teacher or other public servants should make the equivalent of athletes since they have such a valuable job. That’s bullshit for this reason. When you saw Joe Montana do that crazy thing, it was magical. You remember who you were with and the entire experience. It will stay with people for years. Those moments are priceless. Montana didn’t do that for one person. He did that for millions. Athletes will inspire more people on one Sunday than a teacher will in a lifetime.

Understand, if you want to make money, you should think of something else first. Think of a larger purpose first. Think of something that serves a lot of people.

Let’s look at the Waffle House. This restaurant has been extremely successful. The menu hasn’t changed since I first heard of them decades ago. They serve basic food to a lot of people every day. They are extremely successful.

Developing the money mindset takes a certain level of creativity. You have to look at making money as a byproduct of making something else. That’s one of the reasons I traded in my life as a reseller to become a creator. I can serve more people doing this than I ever could in the storage auction business. Now, I can serve many more people consistently.

If you can serve a lot of people, you can make a lot of money. If you want to develop a money mindset, first you must develop a service mindset. Start thinking, what can I do to serve a lot of people, not what can I do to make a lot of money. If you create great service, the money will come as a byproduct.

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