Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

Following Your Passion Is Very Bad Advice

This is a summary of this video in I give you why I think following your passion is very, very bad advice!

What I want to discuss today is one of the biggest lies. I call it the passion trap. Follow your passions and the money will come. There is no bigger lie on the planet.Think about what you’re passionate about. Did you become passionate about these things when you learned of them or did you become passionate about them when you became good at them?For example, I’m really passionate about YouTube videos for the last 2 ½ years. I’ve been on YouTube for past 4 years. But I’ve been passionate about videos the last 2 ½ years because I became good at it.

When I first started YouTube, I was a scared little bitch making videos; it was just me and the camera in my basement. I was terrified about what would happen when the video was released. There are things you can get good at that you suck at now. Do not swallow the passion Kool-Aid. One of the best quotes I ever heard was something Mark Cuban said. “Don’t follow your passion, follow your determination.” Anyone who made it through a concentration camp made it by determination, not passion. It was a horror of horrors. This was life or death.When you’re sick. When someone gets cancer – the whole family gets cancer. With these people, it’s determination. It’s something so big; they become super human. If you’ve known someone with cancer, you know it’s a damning thing.

Certain events don’t make you stronger; it reveals what’s already there. Personal courage is already there. Start working on shit you want to do. People screw themselves by waiting for the perfect time. Today, you can pick something. Start working it. Once you start to own shit and feel good about it, passion develops.I’ll give you an example of determination. If you take a person who’s never made more than 30 or 40K and they get a drug addiction, all of a sudden, they’re making 200 or 300K per year. They never could do it before. They didn’t have the proper motivation. You can’t tell me someone selling their body online or on the street is passionate about it. They’re not. They are determined. How do you get determined? You have, to be honest with yourself. You can start assessing yourself. Like, right now I’m fat. That’s why I’m in the gym. I started doing yoga. I was falling and looking crazy. About six months into it, I started to like it. Why? I became good at it.  Now I can hold a plank position 3 or 4 minutes. It embarrassed the fuck out of me when I started. That came from determination.

The first step is to be honest.

The second step is to take action. A lot of action. Actions is the key to everything. Gain experience. Try to be bigger and better than before. Some situations will be humiliating. Put yourself in positions where you look stupid. That is determination.

Step 3 is to take consistent action. You can’t stop when things get dicey. It’s going to get dicey pretty quickly. There will be dark moments when you question your sanity because it is not happening fast enough.

Consistent action is key.

4th step is reevaluation. You must constantly readjust. Why? Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

You must get the courage to deal with these things. I am so criticized.  I am a polarizing figure. Either you really like me or you just can’t stand me. Everybody is not for everybody.

It’s about growing up and being a full, articulate adult. One of the reasons the whining is so loud is because they have fallen into the passion trap. Execution brings in dollars, not passion. Determination brings in dollars.Passion is not as enduring as determination. Number five after reevaluation is don’t be afraid to dream your dreams. Remember, sometimes the dream you have is not appropriate for the person you are. It could be your mother’s dream or your father’s dream or your Boo’s dream. Sometimes, you’re doing it for the vanity of other people. If you are following your passion, there needs to be some results. That means your passion has legs.

You’ve got to stand up. You’ve got to produce results. When you do, your confidence level goes up.Set small goals and consistently accomplish them. Make starting and completing a task a habit. Make it a priority.This means I can’t watch Housewives of Atlanta. This means I can’t go jet skiing this weekend. I need to sit home and get busy. I need to produce some results. Goals must be written down. For any person faced with the accomplishment versus “you have potential,” reassurance, that’s Bullshit.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to start playing with the big boys and big girls to get ahead. You can only go so far by yourself. You still need other people. You have to treat your dreams seriously. One of the biggest complaints I get is…” people don’t take me seriously.” It’s because you aren’t producing any results. You may have to go to a bigger court. You may have to pay for a coach. The level of thinking you have has created your current situation. Until you “Up” your thinking, your situation won’t change.

My income quadrupled when I started paying for education.

If you buy tapes, books and audio courses, they serve you forever. They pay for themselves a million times over.

Life is a journey of continuing education. You have to create new experiences, or you will get stale and ineffective.

The people who really get it, listen to my videotapes several times. You get something new every time.

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