Funding Your Startup – Money for Your Business

Funding Your Startup – Money for Your Business

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Today I got a lot of questions about how to get traffic. The real question is how to get money for your business. It’s all rooted in the same place. I’m going to tell you exactly what I do to get money for my business. It’s not as complicated as you think. It is more of a mindset shift than anything else.

Now. Let’s jump into this video. Okay, this is the mindset shift. You don’t have a money problem. You have an offer problem. If you’re struggling to get money or traffic, go back to what you are offering. I am the king of testing. I have put out so many offers.

Typically, if something doesn’t stick around for a long time, it wasn’t a good offer and I wasn’t getting any traction. I have learned to detach from projects, even when I like a product. If it doesn’t make sense, it won’t make money. What that means is if enough of you doubt that product and aren’t interested, then I know it’s not going to work. So, it’s not a money problem. It’s an offer problem.

Once again, this is about how to find money for your business, but it’s also about how to get traffic. Both of them are running on the same rails. Everything starts with your offer. When you have a very good offer, traffic is not a problem.

So, let’s talk about prostitutes. This is like freak economics, right? So, we have prostitute A who is young, firm and looks like the girl next door and is very sexy. Then we’ve got prostitute B who has been on the street for a long, long time and she just looks like a hot mess. They’re both on the corner. Now, who is going to get more money? The young girl, right?

They’re both on the same corner, right? They’re both exposed to the same traffic, right? You see where I’m going with this? It’s not a traffic situation, it’s an offer situation. If your offer is not hot, sexy and usable, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re exposed to, you’re still not going to make as much money as someone with a better offer.

So, it’s all about your offer and what you’re presenting to the public, because I have learned about the pain of putting together a booty offer. I really like the project, but you say, “G – I’m not really feeling it.” See, you’re the marketplace. You’re the ones that make decisions because I don’t care how much money I throw behind an offer. I don’t care how much sexiness I put behind an offer. If you say, “I’m not feeling that and I’m not opening my wallet,” then it’s not going to work out.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve cleaned up a lot of stuff. I’ve had some great offers out there, but the packaging was screwed up. So, packaging is important.

What’s at the heart of your pain, is you have to craft much better offers to get traffic and money. They’re both the same. Let’s say you need $2K, $5K or even $10K to get started because of the complexity of what you’re selling. Get a part-time job. Get two jobs. Have a garage sale. Have an estate sale. Sell something.

I’m going to tell you something you should do before you sell Grandma’s china. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices. It’s plain and simple. That’s the reality of it.

I urge you to make the money yourself. Don’t put it on your credit card. Actually, do some stuff to earn the money because it will make your decision-making process much better. I mean 1000% better.

Before you go sell Grandma’s china and have a garage sale, you need to find out if someone will pay you. You need proof of your concept. You have to vet what you’re doing. You’ve got to see if the marketplace has a need.

Sometimes the marketplace doesn’t know it needs your shit. Then you have that golden opportunity. I’ll give you an example. In the next five years, video is going to be everywhere. People don’t read. Video conveys so many more messages so much faster. You’re watching this video and you see me. You’re making judgments. You’re getting the nuances. You’re getting way more information much faster. This trend is not going to go backwards.

I know this. I know a lot of people are frustrated. They don’t know how to do video. There are a lot of companies that need video. That’s why I’m building an agency. Enough about me.

Now the third way to raise money is a presale. If you have proof of concept and you know it’s going to work, you say hey, I don’t have it yet but I’m going to have it in two weeks or a month or a year. That’s another way to raise money.

When you are putting together your offer, take out all the bells and the whistles and get it as skinny as possible and then build from that. Then you can get feedback from the marketplace to help you build from there. Many people struggle with video because of fear or equipment issues. It’s mostly fear, because you have seen some ugly mother fuckers here on YouTube with some big ass channels.

If your content is on point. If your information is on point, it doesn’t matter if you look like Big Foot. So, get over yourself and start doing video. Essentially, you’ve got to get on that offer. The offer solves everything. When you’re talking to investors, the offer is present. When you’re talking to clients, the offer is present. Wherever you go, it’s the offer.

If you think you have a money problem, you don’t have a money problem. You have an offer problem. If you have a traffic problem, once again it is an offer problem. So, get your offer really sexy and nice. Then approach the marketplace and you’ll see a big difference in how the marketplace responds to you.

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