How to Be Accountable to Yourself and Your Future

How to Be Accountable to Yourself and Your Future

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I know people who will blow $200, $300 or $400 on a pair of shoes or a purse and will not blink. They’re like, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. They are so excited. They pull out that credit card and then they have it.

Every day I get emails asking if my course is worth it. I’ve developed a new mindset. It started about the middle of last year. There are too many people that really like what I do for me to even worry about folks who don’t.

So now I shrug at people when they ask me these types of questions. If I didn’t do a good enough selling job for someone, then it’s not for them. I hope they have a nice life.

For those of you who really like it, then great. People ask me if it’s like this program or that program. The answer is no, my courses are not like anybody else’s program. It is based on my life.

Just like your life is totally different from my life, my programs can’t be like anybody else’s programs. It’s not modeled after anyone else’s program. I’m not a member of a lot of stuff. Most of my information comes from books, audio courses, and from specific individuals, who for the most part were never online.

Let’s talk about what the Hustler Mindset is. It’s about the ability for you to control you. Most people are a slave to their impulses, habits and desires. When you flip that around, you change your world.

Now what is it? It’s not internet marketing. It’s not storage auctions. It’s not Craigslist. It’s a combination of things. I’ve learned that when people pay money for something, it makes them accountable. You can’t keep paying money for a course and not do anything.

YouTube is going to be crazy in the next five years. I’m not going anywhere. I want to help people learn how to use YouTube and set up their own channels. You don’t have to get a lot of views to make money if you target your audience right. Everyone is going to video.

As I charge more for my courses, the craziness has come down. Since I’ve stopped battling people on YouTube the craziness has gone away. I am interested in serving people who want to be served. That is a better decision. I can have the best cake in a spoon and offer it to you, but if you don’t want cake, I might as well have shit in that spoon. You have to feed the people that want to be fed. Everyone does not want to be fed.

There are still people in the matrix hooked up to the tubes and they do not want to be released. They do not want emancipation. They do not want out of the matrix. They want to continue on doing the same old thing because the price of change is still too high. The only time you are going to change as a person is when the pain to change is less than the pain to stay the same.

I am trying to bring the value of my courses up. I am not trying to come down to where you are. That is my goal. I’m trying to bring you up to that place you want to be.

If you read this far, take thirty minutes and account for all the money you spent on bullshit this week. That would be anything you did not need or some desire that you did not save up for and just bought on a whim. The results may shock you.

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