Hustlenomics #11 How to Prepare for the Economic Shift That Is Under Way

Hustlenomics #11 How to Prepare for the Economic Shift That Is Under Way

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Right now, we are in the midst of a huge, huge economic shift. In the late 90s when things were going seriously sideways for me, I had to either hustle or perish. During this time period, there were people doing amazingly well. I just wasn’t one of them. My problem was I didn’t have skill sets.

I was talking to this friend of mine in a diner and I said the value of a college education is seriously in question and she said she told her daughter told that she would not pay for college if she didn’t know what the hell she wanted to do. So, it’s not just me that is questioning college degrees. The world’s changed. This is part of that economic shift.

There’s a lot of talk about the great economic collapse. There’s talk about the debt ceiling. Understand, that’s never going to be paid off. That’s part of the grand plan. When JFK put the country back on the silver standard, six months later, he was dead. The economic things that are taking place right now were put into play decades ago.

Real wages have dropped. You’re more educated than you’ve ever been. You have more experience. It looks like you have more money proportionately than your parents, but realistically, you have less spending power. Think about that.

Your parents probably had one wage earner, paid for a house, put money away for retirement and still had money to pay for their kid’s college. That was before taxes got so high. You’re struggling even though you make more money than dear old dad did back in the day. Why doesn’t it add up?

People have graduate degrees and make $80,000 a year, but they don’t have two nickels to rub together? Why? Because people have been conditioned to spend everything they make. That’s social conditioning that is part of the economic shift.

If you’re not paying attention and looking at how things really are, it’s going to be very hard for people to protect themselves and their family, and have the life they want. If you know what’s going on, you can protect yourself. Even though a lot of people are caught up in this, you don’t have to be.

Part of this shift is that we’re moving towards knowledge work. Physical labor jobs and servers and anything that is not highly technical is being eliminated or greatly reduced. There are still occupations that need hands on stuff and they’ll be around for a while. But these opportunities are limited. There are still a few physical jobs left, but not that many.

Everything is being disrupted by this economic shift. Once I started looking at the world that it is, instead of the way I thought it should be, my life changed. I stopped getting pissed off and I started connecting the dots. As long as you are saying, the world should be this way or that way, you can’t really get a firm grasp of what’s going on.

With this big economic shift, there will be a group of people living the life. They will work from home. They will make millions per month. They’ll do whatever they want. They will have compounds. You have some of that right now.

You’ll have another group of people who are functionally poor. They may or may not have a degree. They’ll have a car and a house, but they won’t have freedom or happiness. They will always have this ache, that there is more. They will always feel like they are missing out. They feel that so many things that should happen aren’t happening.

A lot of people are talking about the economic collapse. We have a large number of people who are already in the economic collapse.

Understand, there will always be a lot of low paying service jobs for clerks and waitresses where somebody had to talk to a person or serve them. You might need two or three of those jobs to make a living. These jobs will be arduous and low paying with poor benefits, if any.

The big thing now is everybody says they want to be an entrepreneur. When I was a kid, entrepreneur was a dirty word. When I started being an entrepreneur, it was a dirty word. Today, hustler is a dirty word. Mark my words, it won’t be a dirty word in a few years. It’s going to be a sign of respect.

I don’t get caught up in other people’s reality when I have the ability to create my own. Many people try to superimpose their reality on you. If you allow someone to impose their reality on you when you have the ability to create your own, you’re Boo Boo the fool. You have all the power and ability to create your own reality.

If you aren’t preparing for this economic shift and if you’re not prepared, you’re going to get thrown into that category where you have to hustle. That may put you at a disadvantage, depending on the person you are. There are some people who perform well under pressure, and some people wilt like grapes on a vine on a very hot summer day.

The sooner you start conditioning your mind for this new shift, the better off you’re going to be. I have to be careful stating my opinion. Whenever you’re in the matrix and someone is trying to pull you out, that’s threatening. Once you unhook from the matrix, you are floating in a very strange and scary place. It’s new and unusual and it’s scary.

It’s hard to unhook. I did not unhook. I had my shit snapped off. I got laid off three times in 18 months. Then I never went back to the way I used to think.

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