The Hustler’s Mindset: Pimping Your Mind To Success- Vol. 2 The Agency Of Men

The Agency of Men discusses what men must do to reclaim their mental and economic freedom.


Why this book is necessary:


This is a wakeup call for men who are tired of being enslaved by a legal and social system that treats them as disposable commodities.


This book is for you if:


  • You are a male
  • If you are tired of being exploited by women seeking to take your wealth
  • You have been forced to pay child support for a child that is not yours
  • You find yourself in unhealthy relationships with women looking to “use” you
  • You have had a serious of relationships where you left all of your stuff behind
  • If you are angry at women because traditional dating and marriage roles have left you broke and powerless
  • You feel like the deck is stacked against you and in favor of her


This book explains:


  • How men are actively redefining their lives
  • New ways to date that attract the “right” women
  • How to claim your economic agency
  • How to reject decades of programming that doesn’t work about “being a man”
  • How to change your “disposable status” as a male in today’s society
  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • Why men must change the male/female dynamic to finally win again
  • The types of women to date
  • How and when to approach long-term relationships
  • Why owning a corporation is the way to go
  • Why hiding some assets makes sense
  • The process necessary to make lasting changes in your financial and romantic life


You don’t have to opt out of romance to regain your life.


Buy this book and reclaim your new life of power!


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