Hustlology – When Money Becomes a Priority

Hustlology – When Money Becomes a Priority

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Let’s have a real conversation. This has been the question of the week. People want to know how to make money with no money. What we really need to discuss is the bigger problem. Getting money is not the larger problem. The big problem is you do not put money as a priority in your life. It’s not a priority.

You can earn money with no money. The problem is you have to work. You may have to work some bullshit work. You may have to do some shit you don’t want to do to earn money.

I did some analysis and what I am really hearing is how can I make some money with almost no effort. That’s the gist of it. There are videos on this channel that tell you how to make money.

People say they don’t want to work that hard. They say things like, “I’m living with my mama. I want the lifestyle like you have, where I can come and go as I please. I don’t want to work that hard. I don’t have any money to pay you. I just want to get paid.”

The second problem is it’s all about you. There’s no one else that comes into the equation. No one else matters. That’s another reason you are broke. You’re selfish.

Number one – money is not a priority to you. Number two – you’re selfish as fuck. Number three – you believe in fairy tales.

You’re asking someone you don’t want to pay to help you earn a significant amount of money and to only be paid with your undying gratitude. Now, let’s flip it. If I came to your house and I said. “Feed me.” And you’re cool with that. You say, “I have some leftover steak.” Then you say, “No. I don’t want steak. I want that stuffed flounder. And could you get a certain Merlot. They sell it in Publix.”

So, not only am I coming to your house and I’m turning down the good food that you are offering me. The steak was awesome. It just needed to be heated up. No, I don’t want that. I want you to go to the store and spend money, cook and then feed me exactly what I want.

If someone came to your house with those demands, what would you think? You’d think they were fucking crazy. Yes. That’s the problem. People don’t think.

Number one – money is not a priority. Number two – you’re selfish as fuck. Number three – you’re living a fantasy. This is why you’re broke.

To make money with no money requires that you give some type of equity with your life. The more unskilled, the more unremarkable the talents you have are, the harder you will have to work. Many people can’t get it through their fucking skulls that they’ve got to work.

There is no Spiderman or Thor coming to save your ass. When your support system is not in a position to help you, you will perish. The average woman who receives significant child support, when that child support is over, she enters into poverty because they become dependent on the money of other people. This is why you have generation after generation of people on public assistance. They have been taught that someone is going to do something significant for them.

We’ve got these people wondering why they can’t move forward. They wonder why they can’t make the money they want to make. It’s because it is not a priority. It’s not on the table.

Some people say, “I think about not having money all the time.” That’s the thing, you think about you not having money. You don’t think about what you can do for another person. It’s all about you. As long as it stays in that little circle of you, money can’t get in. You’ve got to start thinking about bigger things other than yourself.

The reason I am being so hard is because I know the mindset, because I used to have it. I used to go to the store and pull out these magazines and see these fancy ads and see this slick guy in front of a nice audio system. Back in the day, having a nice audio system was a sign of prestige and status. It would say, hey if you send me $29.99, next month you will be driving a Ferrari. I was that fucking stupid. I was there. When you are selfish and you don’t place money as a priority and you don’t think, it is very easy to be seduced by anything.

If I had sat down and thought about it, I would have known it was bullshit. But I didn’t think like that because I was desperate. Why would anyone do that for me for $29.99? I wanted that shine. I had that thirst. I wanted to be in a big house driving a nice car, but I never thought about how to get that stuff. That’s where you are.

I have people who are mad at me on this channel because I don’t just sit and talk to them for hours and hours for free. If you can disappear for hours and no one is looking for you, that tells you something. If you could die in your apartment and no one finds your dead body until the rent is past due, that tells you that you aren’t doing enough for other people. That’s why you’re broke and you will continue to be broke as long as you continue to think like that.

There are solutions, but you have to pay for them. That’s called being an adult. It will take you from broke to making some money. Then it will take you forward to making more money until you eventually are making the money you want.

Many of you want to jump over these critical steps and get to the money you want to make without serving anyone. You keep wondering why it doesn’t work. You wonder why nobody gives a fuck about you.

That’s the reality. If you are broke and all of your friends are broke, it is because you don’t place a priority on earning money. You’re hoping to earn money. You want someone to come in and save you.

It is one thing to be ignorant. It is another thing to stay ignorant. If you continue to not know year after year, that’s on your stupid ass.

We live in a world of unbridled opportunity, but many people are not taking advantage.

You must make money a priority if you want to make money.

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