I Am Just Hanging Out

I Am Just Hanging Out

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The big question is: How do we start a business that is profitable and fun. I’m going to tell you that and more. There are a lot of people who will tell you that starting a business is easy. If you have experience and if you’re connected with a shitload of money, it could be easy. Even if you have all of these things, there are a few things missing.

The truth of the matter is that many of you only want to make a lot of money. Hey, don’t slay the messenger. I’m just giving you the truth. I want you to be successful. I want you to be happy. I want you to make a lot of money and have unprecedented freedom. These are byproducts of creating a business that serves people.

I’ve got to tell you a few things that you don’t want to hear.

#1 – It’s not going to be easy.

#2 – More than likely, it’s not going to be quick.

#3 – You’re going to have to make some sacrifices.

I know. I know. That’s not what you heard on the internet. It’s not what you heard from that guy that said, “I’m giving you 90% of my information for free.” They add, “So, the 10% I charge you for should be outstanding.” It’s none of that. I’m not going to tell you that.

What I’m going to do is give you my story. I’m going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve started 10 businesses and two hustles in my life. The first business sucked ass.

Let me tell you what I did with that first business. I started a photo service. The name was Pictures with your Pooch. It’s a little crazy.

I bought this camera on credit. I was in the military at the time. I put an ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It was expensive. I had a phone in my room at Ft. McPherson and put a phone service in. I was ready to make some money.

Every day after work I would race back to my room to check for messages, I waited and waited and waited. There were never any messages. None.

Now, I’ll tell you about another business. I was in the storage auction business. If you want to investigate my background, go to Amazon.com and put in Glendon Cameron. My books will pop up.

My first book was about storage auctions. I was in that business for ten years. I worked 70 to 100 hour weeks. I often worked seven days a week. The business was phenomenally successful.

When I was on the showroom floor where I sold a lot of my stuff, I would talk to customers. I knew what people wanted to buy. I knew how to move product.

Many of you are where I was when I started that first business, Pictures with your Pooches. Back then, it was all about me making money. I was a young soldier. I didn’t know anything about business. I didn’t know about life. That’s why that business failed.

If I were to start that business today, I would go out and ask pet owners a lot of questions before I started the business. I would ask, “What kind of picture of you and your beloved pet would you want to have?” I would offer pictures for free to build the business. I would make the business all about the customer and their pet. Once I got a format and a system established, then I would go to Wolf Camera and get a new camera. That’s how I would make that business successful if I did it again, knowing what I now know.

Fast forward to my second business. I got into it after having another professional business. I didn’t like it because I was always in debt. If you’ve ever been $20K, $50K or $100K in debt, you know it’s hard to sleep at night.

Some of my distributors made me put down a 50% deposit because I was a new business. When I’d get a big check from a customer for $150K or so, instead of feeling elated, I had to immediately take that money to buy more product. It looked like I was making money, but I wasn’t. I was making other people money. It was still all about me.

I left that business when I got into the storage auction business. I had to learn so much, so fast. It was crazy. I had to learn about collectibles and antiques. I had to learn the laws about selling guns.

I bought units with cars in them with liens still on them. I had to figure out a way to sell those cars. The process entailed sending the lienholder a notice of rent. I was charging them a holding fee because I had their property. After a while, they would just send me the title instead of paying the rent fees.

At that point in my storage auction business, my mindset had changed. It wasn’t all about me anymore. It was about my partner. It was about my product. It was about the customers. I was last on the list. That’s how you create a profitable business.

If you want to make a profitable business, make it all about the marketplace. Make it all about the customers. Your customers don’t care if you have a bad day. The marketplace doesn’t care if your mother has cancer. That’s something you have to deal with in a business.

I built something called HustlersKungFu.com. We create mindsets. I know that jobs as we know it are about to disappear. A good job paying $60-$100K with good benefits are rare. A lot of people are fighting tooth and nail for those jobs.

If you care about the marketplace and people, you can create a business right now. You can sell a product or a service that will make you money. If you do this, you will feel good about yourself and sleep well at night.

That’s how you start a profitable business. That’s how you make money and set yourself apart from everyone else out there who is trying to make a buck. You can do it.

I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls this week. People say they want to do something, but they don’t know what to do. In cases like this, you need to study the marketplace. Figure out what you can provide the marketplace that is needed and requested.

Remember rule #1. The marketplace doesn’t care about you. You have to cater to the customer. If you do that, you can be successful

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