If You Think Like This You Will Never Make Money – The Danger of Anchor Thoughts

If You Think Like This You Will Never Make Money – The Danger of Anchor Thoughts

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Happy Easter. Today we are going to start a social experiment.  The social experiment is called anchor thoughts. So, we will call him numb nuts for the purpose of the social experiment. What is an anchor thought? A thought you have in your heart and think to be true, regardless of evidence that it is false. I am scrolling down through these comments from these comments from one individual who seems to have a hard on for me.


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I owned a store in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We moved out of the store. Stone Mountain, Georgia is one of those little hick towns that will give you a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street or if your car is facing the wrong way.

Well, we moved out of the store and the fucked-up code enforcement agent left a notice to renew our business license. We’d been out of the store space for two years. So, I get arrested and spend two nights in jail. Every week, a non-performing, unsuccessful person finds my mugshot online. He goes online and says…”Hey go look at his mugshot online.” He gives you no context. That’s what the weak-minded people do because they can’t understand the genius of Glendon Cameron. So, he thinks I must be ripping people off. He says…”See, he’s got a mugshot.” People ask, “What did he do? The answer is.. “I don’t know.”  They asked, “Is he a felon?” “I don’t know.”

I am saving all of these comments for posterity. This is proof positive of anchor thoughts.

When supporters of mine started responding to the guy, numb nuts accused me of making up fake accounts to respond to his remarks. Why would anyone go out and create dozens of fake YouTube accounts to respond to numb nuts? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

But this is the power of anchor thoughts. Once you get this thought in your head, I don’t care how much truth comes your way, you just can’t let it go.

When I saw numb nuts doing this, I sent out an email to the list. So, this is positive proof, these are not fake accounts. These are real people. But because he had this anchor thought, he believed all of these people were fake.

He acted on this thought with vigor. He responded to people. He insulted people.

There was an article about Trump people that talked about the same thing with these anchor thoughts.  It did not matter if the thoughts were untrue. The only thing they wanted to see was that people agreed with them. And if you didn’t agree with them, you were fake.

Here’s my driver’s license. That’s my concealed carry permit. You can’t be a felon and have a concealed carry permit. You can’t have lengthy prison records or incidents of violence and have a concealed carry permit.

I believe in the abundance mindset. I believe there is enough money to go around. You don’t see me hating on people’s videos. If I don’t like it, I don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

Trolls think their viewpoint is the truth. On new videos, I’m going to start replying to comments. This normally brings the trolls out.


Question: Is there any value on a Shopify platform?

Answer: Yes. Shopify is a resource and a tool. What you do with it is on you.


Question: How would you suggest getting a sponsor on Instagram?

Answer: To get a sponsor, you’ve got to have some serious followers. The days of getting a sponsor with 1000 followers is over.


Some people have extreme anchor thoughts. Some people call them limiting thoughts. You screw yourself when you question everything. When anchor thoughts are so strong, it will provoke you to do crazy things.

There is one thing I have learned as a course creator and a trainer.

Everybody is not a teacher. That’s part of it. The second thing is, everybody doesn’t learn the same way. The new build out of the Cold Calling That Makes Money cours , I’m doing it differently. There’s going to be the main video for you to watch. There’s going to be an exercise, then a live stream. Plus, there’s going to be write-ups. Because some people are auditory learners and there are people who can read a book and learn. We all have different gifts.

Talk to anyone with kids. There are a lot of learning problems.

Only nine percent of commerce is online. What does that mean when I say that? You can go out here in the physical world, start a business and make money faster than you can online.

Let’s take the troll. There are a lot of people out there like him. We’re going to get to the point where that goes away. I don’t think we have gotten close to the number of online businesses that are coming.

This is like with anchor thoughts. You’ll notice that many of the Trump people are very angry. Now, I’m not going to call them all crazy. I’m going to say that due to some slick marketing, that people have a ton of misinformation. There’s some people that truly believe that the reason they don’t have a job or that their standard of living isn’t what it should be is because somebody got something they didn’t. It’s simply not true. But they’re full of anger. You can’t talk to them. There’s that “lack” mindset.

Anchor thoughts crowd out everything else. It becomes the predominant theme in your mind.


Question: How do you deal with the inner troll and anchor thoughts?

Answer: I’ve got Personal Development for Hustler’s coming up. I didn’t do it on that channel, because there’s not enough juice on their yet. But I am going to be addressing that. There’s like six channels now. There’s Hustler’s Kung Fu, the main channel. There’s Mack Daddy Media that talks about video marketing. There’s B School for Hustler’s that’s going to be content for people who already have a business. There’s also, I’m Cameron. There’s a lot of stories coming there. Then there’s Rich Self-Published Author that’s going to be my writing stuff.


So, a lot of content is coming. It’s the reason I’m building a team. It’s the reason, I’m getting an office. I’m creating a real media company.


Question: Do you have to have a lot of bills to start a business?

Answer: You can start a business with no money but it takes longer to scale. Ideally, you want to have 10K to 50K. It will help you move so much faster.

With no money, in reality, it will take 2 to 4 years.


For those of you who want to get Cold Calling that Makes Money, it’s going to be different. If you learn it and do the exercises, you’ll make money the rest of your life. You can change your life.

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