No eBay No Amazon Part II – The Vendetta

No eBay No Amazon Part II – The Vendetta

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In one of my groups, I remember someone saying that it was ludicrous to talk about building wealth and to not include Amazon. My mouth was wide open in surprise. There are many, many companies who do not sell on Amazon. Germany has a whole manufacturing block that does not fuck with Amazon.

We are in some of the greatest times in history for people to start businesses. Will everyone become a billionaire? No. Will everyone become a millionaire? No. But if you can earn enough money to pay for your life, that’s a win. You free yourself from a huge amount of bullshit. But there are so many people who like eating shit. If you continue eating shit year after year, you develop a taste for it.

I am really disappointed in the new generation we have now because it is deeply steeped in this entitlement stuff. They think someone should give them something just because they showed up. My friends, I have some bad news for you. We’re about to go through a major economic, cultural and even gender shift.

If you don’t have the skill sets and the ability to make yourself work when there’s no one behind you, you’re going to be in trouble. This world is going to be owned by the self-driven and hardworking. They’re going to own this world. You’re going to be working for those people. Either you’re going to become one of those people or you’re going to work for one of those people if you are lucky enough to get a fucking job.

There’s a guy. He’s a professor at MIT. His name is Andrew McAfee. Google him. He and his partner talk about this. As technology increases, jobs decrease. We’re headed towards something that’s really going to be strange. If you are a job creator and you’re innovating and starting a business, you’ve got a better shot at doing well.

Would you rather be in the jungle with a knife or an M16 and six clips? What would you prefer? That’s where people are.

I tell people the truth. You can make money online. You can make a lot of money online. Is it going to be fast and easy? Probably not.

I’m telling people the truth. That’s one of the reasons I’m hated. You’re not going to press a button and start making $10K a month. If you do get one of these packages and you make $10K a month, if you don’t build the necessary skill sets, the money won’t last. Money goes up and money goes down, and then you’re out of the framework.

I see where things are headed. For my longtime viewers, how many times have I been wrong about the Amazon and eBay thing?

About three years ago in my writing group, I said that Amazon was going to reduce writer’s income. People disagreed with me, saying that other platforms were going to crop up and Amazon would be forced to keep the same payout to compete. Some even suggested they thought Amazon would end up  raising writer’s royalties to 90%. Even though I was wrong about how it was going to happen, I was 100% spot on that is would happen.

So, go ahead and hate me, but most of my predictions are correct. I’m only wrong about twelve or twenty percent of the time. I hear people complaining constantly about eBay and Amazon. People get their accounts suspended and all kinds of things. But then they still stand behind these companies.

You need to start some kind of enterprise on your own. I don’t care if the first year you only make $50 a month. I don’t care because you’re building business experience and learning how to deal with customers. You’re setting stuff up.

But this attitude that you just want to set it up and go to the beach and drink umbrella drinks is nonsense. You haven’t earned that. It drives me crazy to hear people talk like that.

When you start to realize you have to earn stuff and give something to the world, you’re going to have a different thought process. You’re not going to make mistake after mistake over and over again. You’ll make them the first time, learn from them and then move on.

I just read the 4-Hour Workweek. There are people who will have a four-hour workweek. Most of them have worked 60, 80, 100 workweeks for years before they got to the four-hour workweek. They built expertise and businesses. There was something else that was going on.

If you’re deficient right now, you know that can change. If you don’t know how to build a website, you know that can change. If you don’t know how to sell, you know that can change. There are many of you who are locked into low-level expectations and thinking. Then you get mad when someone doesn’t want to drink that shit with you.

You need to build your website. You need to create products and go out into the world and share your shit. The thing is, at some point Amazon and eBay are going to screw you over. It will happen. If you have something of your own at that point, you will have the option of leaving the table and not eating the shit they feed you.  

This is just some food for thought. That’s the end of my rant.

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