I Am Not a Minority – Hustler Mindset Philosophy

I Am Not a Minority – Hustler Mindset Philosophy

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I’m black. But, I’m not a minority. I never considered myself a minority. I never considered myself a person to be inferior or “less than.” How can you be major when you are thinking minor?

Many people accept the labels that are thrust upon them. Sometimes they sit at the table with this big bowl of expectations with a spoon as big as Mars and dip in. They eat that big bowl of expectations every day. Then they wonder why their lives are not what they want.

This is where resentment walks into the room. People say things like, “The reason my life is fucked up is because of those rich people.” No. They have nothing to do with your life being fucked up.

In reference to that big bowl of expectations that some people eat daily, what do we know about the food that we eat? We become the food that we eat. If you eat those expectations day after day, what else can you be than what is in that bowl?

Have you ever thought you could push that bowl away and go out there in the world and get some new expectations? You can dream new dreams by your design. It can be something you want, that you can sink your teeth into.

If you keep eating that bowl of expectations that limit you or tell you something negative, then it will definitely impact your life in a bad way. Negative statements like, “You’re black, you should be in jail. You’re a woman, you can’t be in STEM. You’re Hispanic, take your ass back to Mexico.” These are the expectations you hear from the descendants of immigrants. The only native Americans were the Indians.

People will swallow these expectations. People will eat them day after day after day. Then they wonder why their life sucks. The crime was not having the bowl of expectations placed before you. The crime was taking that big ass spoon as big as Mars and eating from the bowl.

You can live a life of design, intent and choice. There’s something that no one tells you. Freedom is fucking expensive. Freedom doesn’t come cheap. Freedom doesn’t come to the weak or the cowards.

Freedom is something you have to work your ass off for. It’s not an entitlement or an expectation. It just doesn’t happen. If you want to be free, you must raise your paw and declare your freedom and get to work.

What happens to most people is they see that bowl and the expectations become an expectation. I want my bowl. I want my enslavement. Because, see, I want to major in the minors. I don’t want to be something major. I’m cool with being a minority. I’m cool with being disenfranchised.

I’m cool with being whatever they tell me to be because along the way when I was little and grew up where everything was wide open, the world got really fucking small, because you love the taste of those expectations, and because you don’t know how to think.

If you accept the label of minority, that’s what you will be, because you are what you eat. I am not a minority and I don’t think like one. I have radically different viewpoints about what people are saying about police brutality and poverty and the rich and the system. I don’t look at it through the same lens.

Police brutality is a problem, but I think low fucking expectations is a bigger problem. I’ve actually yelled at a cop. I’ve actually screamed at a judge and got away with it. Because I am not a fucking minority. I don’t walk into the room thinking I am going to lose. But, you do. That’s a fucking problem.

You cannot have a major mindset with a minor perspective. It does not work. That is incongruent. It’s like oil and water. It doesn’t mix. You have to walk in with the mindset and the energy that you are going to win. Like I said before, freedom isn’t fucking free. It’s something you have to earn. It’s something you have to take. It’s something you have to claim.

Freedom is not for sissies. Wealth is not for cowards. You’re not going to get rich being a scared little bitch. When I say rich, I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about freedom, freedom of choice. I’m talking about the ability to be your damn self whenever the fuck you feel like it. To me, that is the greatest form of wealth there is.

Once again, I am not a minority and neither are you. If you keep thinking minor, major shit is not going to happen. That’s why you don’t get the girl. That’s why your family fucks with you. People treat you like shit because they know they can get away with it.

I believe in God, but I’m not a Christian because I believe in revenge. I believe in payback. I’ve done some shit in my life and more than likely before I take that final dirt nap I am going to do some more. I don’t fuck with people unless they fuck with me.

You can’t let life push you around. You push life around. You have to save yourself. There is not Spiderman. There is no Superman. There’s no Thor. There’s no Incredible Hulk.

You have expectations and choices. Those are your tools to work with. That is what you need to be who you want to be. Understand, when you are born, the world is your oyster. Everything is yours. You just have to claim it. Before you can claim it, you need to know that freedom isn’t free.

My favorite saying and many of you know it is: “Don’t hate the player. Don’t hate the game. Learn the fucking rules so you can win.” Some of the rules are not in the rule book. When you’re playing by the rule book and 80% of the rules are not in the rule book, that’s why you’re losing.

I will tell you the truth. I will let you know what’s going on. I will shed some light in some fucking dark corners.

When I was ejected from the matrix, I didn’t leave the matrix voluntarily. I was kicked out. I got scared. When I started working on my own, I had no rule book. I had to create my own. That’s what made me create the Hustler’s Mindset.

Until you stop eating from that bowl of low expectations and push it away, you will continue to be marginalized.

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