Creating Your Own Hustle

Creating Your Own Hustle

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Check out the $100 Start Up by Chris Gilligan. I got this book and I listened to it. I have to say the prologue is like the beginning of my fricking life.

I’m not being paid for this. I don’t know Chris. Go to Audible and get the book. Get the audible book, not the print book. This is why. I’ve listened to it three different times. Each time you listen to it, you’re going to pull out something else, another source of inspiration.  The reason I’m recommending this book is I can relate to it. That prologue was my life.

If you start a business that did not cost you a lot of money like a McDonald’s or some other franchise where you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before you make your first penny, and it lasts four years, that’s a learning experience. If something happens and the market changes and what you’re doing is not working anymore, but you made $200K in four years and you had an investment of maybe $10K, you are still in good shape. If that was a stock, that would be outrageous returns.

Comparing and contrasting that book to my own experiences, I’m like, “I can’t believe this.” For a long time, I considered myself an odd duck. People seemed to think if you were hustling, it was because you were unable to get a real job. That was the read. If you were hustling, people thought there was something inherently wrong with you. If you were hustling, they believed you just couldn’t cut it.

It doesn’t matter who is in office. If you’re producing something and there are consumers out there, you can make a business of it and you can generate an income anywhere from a few hundred on the side to millions of dollars. If you’re selling the right product in the right market at the right price, you can make money. It has nothing to do with you. That’s why I want you to get the book. I want you to light a fire under your own ass every day because the opportunities are endless. Do something today so you can start making some money today.

You don’t have to have an extensive plan to start a business. I remember years and years ago I had a friend and we talked and we talked about his business plan. He worked on his business plan for 2 ½ years. To compare and contrast, I created another business that is exactly four months old and that business already makes more than what he was making per month working a full-time job. It’s about looking at what’s out there and having enough courage to fail. When I created the Hustler Mindset, it exceeded my expectations. There was no crazy business plan.

I started on Monday and I said I’m going to create the Hustler Mindset Project. By Wednesday, it was up and I was moving forward. The number one problem is people don’t start. They plan. They get the business cards. They do all this stuff, but they don’t freaking start.

In this book, there are so many stories. There are so many ways people can make money. What was really cool about the book was it was not only about online businesses. There are about 12 business models that I did in some form.

I am encouraging you to get the book. The future is about to be put on gas and a match is about to be struck. We are developing more and more information in the next five years. There will be more development and more information in the next five years than the precious few hundred years. That’s how fast stuff’s moving.

People ask me, “What can I do to earn XYZ? Get started. People say, “Hey Glendon, I have a million ideas.” I tell them to pick one.  If it doesn’t work out, take the lessons you learn and move to another idea.

Everyone doesn’t want money. My thing is freedom. I get to do what I want to do. Do you understand. That’s a lot of freedom. Right now, there’s somebody at a desk or someone doing something they really don’t want to do because they have to, because they need that job. I’m sitting here talking to you on YouTube, messing around. I get to do that as often as I want.

I urge you to get the book today, not tomorrow. Go to Audible and sign up. Get the book, The Hundred Dollar Start Up and then listen to it. The whole thing is nine hours. Listen to the whole thing and then listen to it again.

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How to Quit your Job – The Art of the Weekend Hustle

How to Quit your Job - The Art of the Weekend Hustle

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

You can take those precious weekend hours and turn them into money if you have a plan. There are many people who want to quit their job. This is my advice to you if you are one of those people. Some people want to jump out of the plane and build their parachute on the way down. If you are rough, ready and rugged, you can do that. But, if you have no hustle skills and no money in the bank, keep your damn job and work your hustle on the weekends.

When I talk about weekend hustle, Friday was a serious work day. I went to bed sometimes at 8:30 or 9pm. I had to be up. You can’t shine with sleep in your eyes.

This is something for all of you garage sale folks. If you go out and refresh your signs each day, it will increase your traffic tremendously because it’s new. Just change the color and you will get more traffic. We had nice signs printed up.

If you have no hustle skills or business skills, forget the passion bullshit and do what you can do. Then build into what you want to do once you have some cash flow that is coming from your business.

You need to work 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Set up an income goal. This is what I’m finding to be the big challenge for people. What should I do? Pick something. The longer you sit in that “What should I do” mode, the longer you put off what you have to do to move forward. Many people are afraid of making a mistake.

Pick something, anything. If it doesn’t work out, take notes. Challenge yourself.

When you are reevaluating opportunities, you are going to have to work. Some people think they won’t have to work that hard. Every time someone says that statement to “work smart and not hard” I just want to bitch-slap them into a coma because what it is saying is that if you’re working too hard, you’re not working smart when sometimes, working smart is working hard.

Making money is simple, but it is not easy. It’s very simple. Saving money is simple, but it is not easy. Losing weight is, but it’s not easy. You’ve got to figure out how you can create habits that will help you get past that hump. If you don’t start now, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble later.

Let’s go with service businesses. Craigslist is one of the best resources on the planet. Use it. Then you have Task Rabbit. Then you have Airbnb. There are a lot of things you can do.

For many years here on YouTube, I’ve told people not to quit their job. The storage auction business and the resale business are not games you can play without a lot of money.

If you’re hustling hard on the weekends, your hustle bones and knowledge will increase dramatically. You’ll start to scale. You’ll start to see patterns. In the beginning, it is going to be shitty. You’re going to work real hard and not make a lot of money.

One of the reasons I’m wired differently than you is I have rewired myself. I came out with the same wiring you had. I had the same beliefs. After getting kicked out of the matrix, I had to rewire myself.

I know if I consistently work at it, the walls come tumbling down. You’ve got to build that type of resilience in yourself. That’s another thing about keeping your job and doing the weekend hustle. You will build your endurance. Business hustling is an endurance event. It’s not a power event.

I’ve noticed that everybody is going to Facebook. Everybody is doing Facebook marketing. I see people here on YouTube who can’t build a following, go to Facebook and they crush it. I’m not going to Facebook, because everyone else is going to Facebook.

Let’s talk about why I’m not doing it even though it works. Everyone’s going to that marketplace. But I have this law, it’s Cameron’s law. All third-party platforms behave the same. Anything like that is going to reach a threshold where things are going to drastically change. I may be losing some money by not doing Facebook, but videos have stickiness. I’ve got a video I made five months ago and it’s number one in its niche. It gives me like 1200 views a day.

Video is now. It’s the future. Everyone is going to have to do it. I’m working hard. I’m building value.

If you do the weekend hustle, you will build value for the future. Capacity is bought or earned in advance of money. That’s why delayed gratification is such an important concept. You’ve got to have it. So, pick up a weekend hustle. Knock it out.

It’s about working hard. It’s about doubling down. It’s about doing what other people are not doing. If you do the things they can’t do, that’s money.

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The Power Of Failure


If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I have failed no less than 100 times this year. I’m going to tell you some of the places I failed. I have failed professionally. I have failed personally. I have failed in the gym. I have failed going out in public. I’ve failed across the board. I just started thinking about that. It’s been close to 100 times this year.

This was the gist of a conversation I had in the forum. This person was talking about being an internet marketer. They said they started four months ago and failed two or three times. I thought, what the fuck. So, you’ve failed two or three times in four months, that’s nothing. My first book took three revisions to get it right. I just pushed past that.

I thought you’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve got to be one of the weakest little bitches I’ve ever seen. Three times and you’re out? This isn’t a baseball game. This is fucking life. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Then I started to think about how most people define failure. People think failure is the end. They think it’s a wrap and that there are no other possible outcomes. I failed. I’m embarrassed. I can’t go on.

This goes back to the psychology of success. The other day I was in the gym and I was trying to get 650 pounds on the dead lift. The bitch didn’t move. So, I went and took off two plates. I wasn’t ready for 650. That was a fail. That was a failed attempt.

One of the things that hit me is I put myself in the position to fail. You have to put yourself in a position to fail to win. Many of you are afraid to put yourself in a position to fail. You’re also afraid to put yourself in a position to be successful.

You are defined by the people you spend the most time with. I really believe that. In my group, when I was dealing with folks that had not really pushed themselves, I realized they were scared little bitches. They’re just running fucking scared. Everything is scary to them. It hit me that these people aren’t used to putting themselves in a position to fail. It hurts too much. They don’t have the mental stamina to push past that stuff.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to consistently put yourself in a position to fail. If you don’t, you’re not going to go where you want to go.

I’m going to tell you some stuff where I have failed. I have put so much stuff out, that something had to work. So much of my stuff failed. I would say my failure rate is about 80%. That’s a win because it used to be fucking 100%. I consider an 80% failure rate to be awesome. That’s why many of you are not going where you want to go. You’re not trying enough. You’re not putting in enough effort. The minute you get these hurtful little feelings and things don’t work out, you quit.

I put stuff out all the time. People unsubscribe from the list. They’re like, “It’s too much. I want Glendon to put out what’s going to serve me and I want it to be really cheap. I want him to be efficient. Fuck what Glendon wants to do.”

This is what I know. Let’s go back to my failure ratio of 80%, which is a vast improvement over what it used to be. So essentially, for every five things I try, one is going to work out. So, what does that tell me. Many people say, “It’s not worth the effort. No. No. No. 80% failure. I can’t do that.”

If you think like that, then you’re clueless. You’re a fucking idiot. Someone who is really smart is going to say, “So, I really need to do 20 things if I want four things to work out. Then I need to do 40 things if I want eight to work out. That’s what you say if you’re really thinking.

There are three types of people that come to this channel. There are people who are tired of being lied to. They’re sick and tired of someone saying, “Hey, if you do this you’re going to be a millionaire in two years.”

I don’t tell you that message. I tell you, “Hey, you’re going to fail. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to look stupid. But, if you keep on, eventually you’ll figure it out and be successful.” When will that happen? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball.

The second group comes because they like me and they respect me. They hate the fact I am right so much, even though I’m not always right. I fuck up, but I’m right a lot. I’m right on a bunch of big shit.

The third group just comes to hate.

Longevity makes a big difference. Why am I able to hang in here so long? I can deal with failure. I’m not comfortable with it. There is a big difference between dealing with failure and being comfortable with it.

When I put out a product and a bunch of people don’t like it, I know it’s a booty product and to the scrap yard it goes. Learn to deal with failure. I think that is “hands down” one of the most important things about being an entrepreneur, about being a hustler. Dealing with failure teaches you how to go forward in life.

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Dealing with Change How to Handle It Embrace Change or Get Ran Over

Dealing with Change How to Handle It Embrace Change or Get Ran Over

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

YouTube gives you the ability to upload a video to your channel and then go into your video dashboard and download it. It gives you a perfect high resolution compressed video for free. Back in the day, people paid thousands of dollars for that service. You have to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Just recently I discovered that by taking a chance last year and using a brand, new platform still in beta stage that I saved myself $12K. Let me tell you how I did it. People in my Facebook groups discouraged me from doing it. They said, “Are you going to trust your information and your money to a startup? I said, Yes. I’ve done it before and I will do it again.”

This is my thought process. How do you pay for most stuff online? You pay with a credit card. If things go funky, you can do a chargeback. You move on. You can’t lose. You can’t lose if you know the rules. If I don’t get the service, I’m moving on. A lot of people told me not to do it.

Well, I went ahead and did it. There were a lot of things that weren’t correct. There were a lot of things I wanted to improve. Because this site was in Beta mode, the listened to me and the improvements came. I would say that virtually all of the reasonable sound business suggestions I made were implemented. I call that a win. The site is so good now. I virtually saved myself $12K by going in first.

The reason I am doing this video is to tell you to stop being scared little bitches. Stop worrying about the worst possible thing that could happen. It might happen. I’m not going to tell you that it’s not going to happen. But the other side may happen too and you’ll get awesome benefit.

One of the things I’ve learned is that it is better to be on the ground floor even if the ground floor is a dirt floor than to try and come in when the house is built. You get in better. You get to see how this thing grew. You gain different insights and it’s way cheaper.

Part of what explains this entitlement mindset is that people are accustomed to getting great stuff for free. They’re used to getting stuff for free that is top notch. You get YouTube for free. You have a site that gives you international distribution from your laptop and your phone or your desktop. How fucking awesome is that.

This will blow your mind. Out of all the videos on YouTube, 95% of them have less than 1000 views. What that means is that if you have more than 10000 views you are in the top 5%. Tha’s how low the bar is.

These guys that started first had an incredible opportunity. Some of them became millionaires. There were others who used YouTube for an emotional masturbation platform. They didn’t think about money and they didn’t put forth their best effort.

What I am trying to tell you is, stop being so afraid of failure. It all boils down to the fact that you think you think you are going to lose something instead of gain something. I have made a fool of myself on YouTube. I have gotten myself in pointless fights. I have made egregious errors. I put up some suck ass videos. I would do it all over again because the benefit is so incredible.

What you have is a group of people looking at the distraction. They’re looking at the negatives. I’m not saying not to do an opportunity cost evaluation. That’s just sound thinking.

There are members of YouTube who get on for three, six months or a year then they start bitching because they don’t get certain results. Part of it is because YouTube has grown. Now everyone that has a phone that’s maybe one or two years old is your competition. Most smartphones can compete with you on YouTube. It wasn’t like that in 2006, 2008, 2009 or even as late as 2010. If you get in early, you’re going to get early adopter benefits. If you’re always waiting, you lose momentum and opportunities.

The root cause of all this fear about starting new things or taking chances is related to the society we live in where fats success is always expected. We’re in love with those people that have innate talent. I’m not in love with those people.

I’m in love with that guy that sucked ass when he started out and then became a legend. A good example of that person would be John Coltrane. When he started, there wasn’t a lot of promise for the dude. He was told to do something else. But, he eventually changed jazz. He got in it and stayed with it and now he’s a legend.

You ca do things like that if you will get started and not let all the distractions get in your way. I had so many people tell me not to do YouTube. They said forget about writing a book. Forget about blogging. I did my own thing and I didn’t listen to them. Sometimes I made mistakes. But, as you learn to trust yourself and to grow from your mistakes, you can have an amazing life filled with success.

The changes that are coming bring amazing opportunities. Get your ass in gear and learn how to take advantage of these amazing opportunities. At no point in history could you sit at home in your spare bedroom and create a six-figure income in a matter of six to 18 months. These are amazing times. What are you waiting on?

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Making Money in the New Economy – Young Gifted and Broke

Making Money in the New Economy - Young Gifted and Broke

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I’ve noticed this trend and it’s growing larger and larger. There are so many people who have a four-year degree or even a Master’s degree, who are working in Starbucks, or the grocery store or some bar. This isn’t to say that this work is bad. That’s not the point. The fact is that you prepared yourself for something bigger, but you’re working a job that a person with only a high school education can do.

Society is changing. It’s really, really changing. There’s massive change every 20 to 30 years. It’s been going like that since Day one. I wonder, what really happened.

I stand as a witness; if you’re smart, hardworking, and willing to go through some bullshit that we call life, you’re going to be successful, regardless of your ethnicity. That’s the American Dream baby. It’s real and it happens. The problem is people are looking at other people’s experiences without really knowing the backstory.

I’ll give you an example. Rush Limbaugh didn’t graduate from college. He’s a college dropout. He mastered one thing, the English language. It made him wealthy.

If you can master the English language and write well, you can become quite successful in the USA whether you have a degree or not. It’s the truth. There are many people that prove that.

Some YouTube videos claim that a college degree is a scam. I don’t think they are a scam per se. I think they are overpriced. I also believe college degrees are a rapidly depreciating asset. The time and period when a degree was enough to support you and yours for decades is long gone.

Information is coming so fast, that companies will create a new product or service and within five to eight years, there’s something better on the market. It’s not like the people at the company are stupid. It was good at the time when it was created, but things change so quickly that there is always a better product or service around the corner.

If you get a degree without understanding that the information may be obsolete the minute you walk across the stage to get your sheepskin, you’re in trouble. I do a lot of research and that is why I’m doing this video. There’s this outcry from people who get their degrees and go in to deep debt to pay for it, then they realize their life is no better than a high school graduates with no degree. In some cases, college graduates are even worse off because a person who started a business with no degree is doing better than them.

Understand, business is a risky proposition. It is. But, in the new economy, so is a job. This is the first time in history, that this is the truth. For a long time, you worked for a company for thirty years and got the gold watch, retiring with your house paid for to live the good life. That economy has gone. It’s never coming back.

The new economy is all about learning. You learn something and then you unlearn it, over and over again. That’s the new economy. It’s going to get worse. If you don’t like to read, you’re in trouble. If you don’t like to learn new stuff, you’re in trouble. If your comprehension skills are piss poor, you’re in trouble.

The old paradigm shift is work, work, work, work, work, then when you are old and decrepit you retire. That’s when you have some freedom to travel. That’s never been my plan. Now if you do two things, educate yourself, formally or informally and stay the hell out of debt, then you can start a whole bunch of things.  I read this blog that this guy created on how to travel cheap. He travels 20 countries a year. Essentially, the new economy can give you the things you want now, but it may not be exactly what you expected.

By taking a few chances early in life, you’re going to be better off the rest of your life. You need to get an education, either formally when it makes sense or by reading books and watching YouTube as a practical approach to gaining specific knowledge. If you commit to 20 hours a week watching YouTube videos and reading on a certain subject, then in six months you will become an expert. Seriously.

If you’re young, talented, educated and broke, you have some totally different decisions to make. This is something else you need to do, open up a Roth IRA and put away money in it every month. It’s going to help you long-term and teach you how to handle money.

Poor money skills are killing people. You have to learn how to save money. You have to look at the world differently. A lot of the stuff your parents believe in no longer works.

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Do You Really Want to Be Successful? Killing Your Inner Sheep

Do You Really Want to Be Successful? Killing Your Inner Sheep

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Do you really want to be successful? I was having a conversation with someone about a situation. I am a fighter. I don’t just lay down and take shit.

Sometimes it takes me a little time to get the results I want, but usually I get them. I don’t give up. I was talking to a friend and I was called crazy because I was fighting for what I wanted. I was fully vested. I was like, “What the hell?”

This situation just made me think about a lot of things. I remembered that I heard similar things when I wrote my first book. Essentially the advice I was given was to calm down and that things would eventually work out. I am not geared that way. I am the type of guy that will blow shit up. Fortunately, in my life, there’s only been four times where I’ve had to do such things and the results were pretty devastating all four times.

I am asking you a question. “Do you really want to be successful?” People say they want success. The hard work of success is usually done late at night or early in the morning. That’s where success happens. It doesn’t happen after the check is cashed. The success happened long before then. Many people say they want success and they act like it. But, when it comes to doing the work and developing the strategy or going the extra mile, they don’t always show up.

At one point, I was taking some bad advice from a person. I asked the person a very specific question. He gave me an answer that I later found out to be false. There was no malice in it. That information was a game changer. I got all mad at myself because I didn’t do all my due diligence. When you operate on the wrong information, you get the wrong outcomes.

In some cases, you have to be maniacal to get what you want. When I realized what was happening, I had to use my sheep brain. Then, I had to go back and imagine myself in the pasture. I had to see myself with the flock again. I had to use my sheep brain to understand how people were trying to interpret my actions, because I thought I want this result.

I knew this result is going to require this action. No, that’s not working. We’re going to do this. No, that didn’t work. We’re going to do this. No, that didn’t work. So, now we’re going to try this. Now we got a result. It wasn’t the exact result we wanted, but we’re moving in the right direction. So, now we’re going to do this and this. When I look at that type of trial and error problem solving method from my unicorn brain, that’s appropriate action. But, when I look at it with my sheep brain, I say, “Oh Mother Fucker, you’re crazy. Why in the world would you put that much time and effort into something like that. It’s just not worth it. You’re wasting your time. You’re crazy. You’re obsessed.”

Then, it hit me. When you go to the pasture, what are the sheep doing? They all look down and eat grass. That’s why they don’t see the predators that come to get them, because they are all looking down. When the flock starts to move, they all move because they feel something bad is happening. So, looking at problems or challenges with my sheep brain is fucking crazy. Who would be up until 4am doing research.? Only crazy people do that.

At one point, I was a fucked up human being. I thought people owed me certain things just out of obligation, as a benefit of my humanity. That was my sheep brain working. The sheep brain is very dangerous. The sheep brain is lazy. The sheep brain seeks to do the very minimum, but for some reason it expects results all out of proportion with their effort. That’s how sheep think.

As you develop yourself as a person, you will expose people who are not developed. You will bring them out and it’s going to get ugly. It will be painful because they’re going to come at you with vigor and utter contempt.

I was talking to a new friend and I didn’t really know much about his walk of life. We were just talking about people and I brought up this situation. He said, “Dude. When I started my business three years ago I struggled. I lost my car. I lost my home. Everybody told me I was crazy. People didn’t want to hang out with me. People I thought were my friends disappeared. People that I did not know were my friends got down in the mud with me. They supported me. They brought me water when I was thirsty.”

“That seventh year when the business took off and I bought the mansion and the Porsche, all of a sudden people wanted to come back and hang out. Then I had one of those people shame me for not helping him.” Sheep have no memory.

One of the reasons I had so much trouble going from sheep to unicorn was the drugs that they give you in the pasture. You have certain benefits as sheep. You are comfortable. You are with the flock. Then when you get old, they take you to the barn. The other sheep know you’re not coming back. What they don’t know is that some of the sheep get away. They find a hole and they escape. They get out of the barn and pasture and realize, “It’s a whole new world out here.”

The indoctrination of sheep theory is part of the grand design to keep people in check. The Matrix is only a movie. So many of the parallels are so deep and so on point, it’s scary. What happens in the Matrix? Anyone can become an agent and kill your ass. That’s what these people are doing. People say things like, “You need to calm down.” You need to be a good little sheep.

Understand, when you begin to grow out of that sheep cover and realize your potential, you will know you weren’t working as hard as you could. You were coasting. When you’re dealing with sheep, you’re dealing with a powerful force. It’s a force that keeps you doing things to keep you where you are. The more unicorns that are out there, the more disruption there is. A lot of folks have left the pasture and gone online. The more people who find liberty and freedom, the more the system will be disrupted.

A lot of you want to be successful. A lot of you will face sheep who will try and dissuade you from doing the things that will make you successful such as working hard consistently and doing the things sheep won’t do. If you do sheep things, you get sheep results.

I was told I was crazy for doing eBay. I was told I was crazy for doing the storage auction business and YouTube. When I wrote my first book, they told me I was crazy. I take it as a positive sign when people come at me like that. I know I’m on the right path. When I’ve pushed through the resistance, it was just beautiful.

The more hell that you catch, the greater the reward, if you endure.

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Harder for Americans to Rise from the Lower Rungs – Yes and No – Perspective Matters Most

Harder for Americans to Rise from the Lower Rungs - Yes and No - Perspective Matters Most

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I read an article about how it is harder for Americans to rise from the lower rungs. The average American including poor people are better off than 80% of the rest of the world in terms of medicine, education, standard of living, housing, and personal freedoms. You may feel differently based on your life circumstances.

There is a part of the world where Wi-Fi is not reliable. There are a lot of things we take for granted that are not available in the rest of the world. Long story – short, upward mobility is easier in the rest of the world because we’ve kind of hit a ceiling. Your standard of living in the USA is not going to get any better unless you make it better.

Upward mobility used to be an automatic byproduct of a robust economy, innovation and all the wonderful things going on in America from 1920 to about 1985. There are still great things going on. I was having a discussion with someone about the fact there is information and then there is education. There are many people that are very educated with a Master’s Degree or PhD who are making $30K, $40K and $50K. I’m not saying that is bad.

You have people with the “right information” who are billionaires. Education is important, but information is even more important. What people are missing is the importance of having access to the “right information.” I looked at the article and I came up with these thoughts.

I have travelled the world. I’ve been in other countries and seen how people live. There is some little girl right now in Mexico who is going down a steep ravine to get a bucket of water to take back to her family. She could get bit .by an animal or snake She could fall and get hurt. This is her daily reality. There is some kid in the desert who is burning his ass off. Comparatively, Americans have it really good.

To rise from the lower rungs, you have to get education and information and learn how to use both. When I say education, it is far beyond getting a degree. Right now, for many corporations, the price of admission is a degree. For me, putting yourself in $80K to $100K in debt for a $30K to $45K job that tops out very quickly is asinine. That’s just me. A lot of people are doing it because of the narrative of American culture.

You have to sit down and ask yourself a few questions. First of all, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you have a clue? This is the problem. People want to follow the follower.

At this point in history, you have the ability to define your life like no other time in history. No matter your race or gender, at no other time in history have you had the freedom and resources to move forward in life like today if you know where to look for those things. These are the best of times.

Many people are looking at it the wrong way. They’re seeing the glass as half empty. I am saying, there is no glass. I can build a decanter. I can build a pitcher. I can build a water producing plant. I am looking at making my own sandbox. If you know how glass is made, you know it’s made from sand. Think about that.

So, you have that ability to define your life. When you define your life, the mobility is a byproduct of taking time out to figure out you. You can have anything. That is the cornerstone of your mobility.

You need to figure out your life plan. This life is about experiences. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it solves a lot of problems. Once you decide how to provide services to other people, you may get a ridiculous amount of money for that. If you go out chasing money and don’t tie it to service, it’s a very frustrating chase.

When you define you and your purpose, money finds you. Money will pop up in your life in the strangest places. It is just weird. It is great. Many people are trying to solve internal problems with external solutions and it’s never going to work. You need an internal solution for an internal problem.

When I was in the storage auction business, I bought a unit in Tucker, Georgia. That unit belonged to an ex-girlfriend who disappointed me. I went through the unit and read her journal. You start to decipher stuff. You see medical bills. You see unopened bills, which means they don’t have any money and don’t want to open the stuff.

I got to see what happened to her life. I found out exactly what happened with us. I didn’t hate her. I actually felt sorry for her. It was that information that filled in the gaps. So, I solved a personal mystery and I made a lot of money in the process.

At the time, I was sitting there thinking I had the best job in the world. That was my source of happiness. I was buying units and finding out stuff about people. It was my high.

I didn’t make a lot of money in the storage auction business because I was chasing money. I earned a lot of money because I was chasing experiences. The money was a byproduct. The more experiences I had, the more money that came.

If you want to experience upward mobility as an American, opportunities are everywhere. I have to settle myself at times because there are so many opportunities. I have to force myself to focus and pull back the reigns because I see so much opportunity.

You’ve got to be able to source your own happiness. When you are happy, you will bring happy people to you. The flip side to that is you will create some seriously ugly energy with folks who can’t stand your ass.

At no time in history could you sit at home and watch YouTube, go visit a blog, read a post on Facebook, and connect the dots to create a business within a year that will support you in style. At no point in history has this much opportunity been available to the masses.

So, what do you want? It’s all a choice. You can have it.

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Fast the Truth


If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I get this all the time. “I need to make money fast. I need to pay a bill. I need to pay my car payment. I’m about to get evicted. I need to learn how to make money online fast. Oh, and I have no money to pay you. I’m looking to make $5K to $10K per month. I need to do it within 90 days. What do you have for me?” This happens all the time. Essentially what people do is they get in a financial jam and then they start looking for solutions versus preparing for dry times before they come.

This is the truth about making money online fast. There are techniques and ways to do it. You can make $10K in a month. You can make $20K in a month. The information you would need to do that coasts money. If you are broke, then you can’t get it.

This is a template that you can use to gauge whether your online offer is authentic or not. I have a course 30 Days to $2500 Hustling Craigslist. They actually make a claim of making $1K to $2500 a month which is very reasonable. Are you getting rich? No. But, you’re making money. Now, I’m not going to tell you how to make a million dollars for $10. I don’t have those kinds of powers.

What I am saying is to let go of the fantasy. If you want to make money online, prepare for a long and arduous journey. This is why third-party sites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy are so popular. They already have some of what you need there.

The real truth of the matter is that you should expect to spend six months to eighteen months building your online business. Here are a few tips. Once you start, you must reinvest all profits until you get to a certain level. When I started Conundrum Publishing, I didn’t make any money for six months.

The reasons I created new courses on Udemy is because they’re quick and they’re easy. You can get in, get what you need and get started. They’re also economical.

I see some people who get into a group and they just absorb everything. Within two or three months, they’re doing okay. Then in six months, they’re doing really okay. Then a year later, you’re seeing $20K, $30K and $50K screenshots.

The thing is there is a critical component that people are trying to get around that is really going to hamper them. You must commit to sacrifice, effort and work if you want to succeed. I can’t get you around that hump. I can help you flatten your learning curve, and I charge a pretty penny for that.

If you want to make money online, there are several ways you can do it. You can do it selling stuff. You can do it through affiliate marketing. You can do it through YouTube. There are so many ways. All of them have a very similar beginning process.

You’re not going to know what you’re doing. You will make mistakes. You may or may not spend money on bad decisions. There is a learning curve.

There are many of you who think you can figure it out on your own without spending a dime. That’s a weakness. If you think you can figure it out on your own, you’re going to get to a certain level and stop. You are going to top out very quickly.

I’ll see people who are business folks from other avenues of life. They were maybe wholesalers or had a store and then they come online and knock it out. People are like, “Wow.” They think the reason for the fast success is the platform and don’t give much credit to the person’s experience or work prior to them jumping onto that platform.

The guy who did a million dollars in FBA sales by himself, he has a 20-year career in selling stuff. He’s got decades of experience. Then people try to replicate what he did without the experience. Then when it doesn’t work for them, they wonder why.

Peter Thiel, one of the co-founders of PayPal, said “All businesses that grow rapidly have a secret.” They have a unique selling proposition. They have something special. That’s the reality.

If you go into a group and you trade information and that information is pedestrian, or not special, it will make you some money for a short period of time. Then it’s going to dry up because everyone is sharing information.

To make money online, you have to have something special. If you’re a commodities broker and you’re selling what everybody else is selling, you’re going to be a victim of downward pricing. The more people that come to the market with that item, the lower the price goes.

If you want to make money online, give yourself a year to make money; not a week or a month. Give yourself a solid year of application.

Also, the second year, you’re going to reinvest all profits from the first year to give your business a fighting chance at being successful. Another thing that kills a business is if you want to start a business and eat off the plate immediately. That’s going to kill it. The business will never get as big as it can. You can’t eat off the plate the first day. Starting a business takes discipline and sacrifice.

The companies Google, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Dropbox had an insane amount of effort going into them in the beginning stages when they were making little to no money. That’s how they became the billion-dollar companies they are today. You’re not going to get a billion-dollar company with a W-2 mindset. As long as you try to run your business like a job, you’re deluding yourself.

Forget about fast. Think long-term. Think about starting today and learning from your mistakes and reinvesting money back into the business.  In maybe three years, the business will be making $150K or $200K or $500K a year. If you can do this, it will be worth the wait.

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Why You Need to Start a Business Now!!! Embrace the New Disruptive Economy

Why You Need to Start a Business Now!!! Embrace the New Disruptive Economy

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Let’s talk about your favorite subject, you. During the meltdown or recession that began officially in 2008, even though it started earlier in about 2006, I noticed some things. Every time we have a downturn, wonderful things happen.

Technologies are developed. New practices develop. Every time we have a downturn, people’s backs are against the wall.

The change you’re going to see in the next few years is going to make you dizzy. The recession exposed a few things. A lot of great stuff came out of that.

If you have a job that an algorithm can do in the future, your ass is in trouble. We’re going to have displacement faster than at any point in history. People will point out that automation has always happened, but not at the pace it is happening now and will in the future.

We have super, super, super computers now. There are all types of things happening. If you’re doing manual labor work that a robot can be programmed to do, your ass is in trouble.

Understand, robots will be driving cars once they work out a few bugs. It will be mainstream. That will cause a displacement of truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers and Uber drivers, because the costs will be down.

Trucks won’t have to stop for breaks except to refuel. They can drive until they reach their fuel limit. There’s no healthcare. There’s no worker’s compensation. There are no payroll costs.

These robots are going to be efficient, long-lasting and scary. They are going to be scary for those of you who are not developing something with technology. You don’t have to become a fucking scientist to embrace technology. You just need to know what’s going on. The robots are coming. How does this apply to you?

There are many people on the fence. They kind of want to do their own business, but they’re not sure. Look, I’ve been there. Understand. I know how scary it is to go out and start a business. You decide to do something new and your friends think you’re nuts.

Let me tell you something. You’ve got about ten years to get your act together. When you start a new business, the first few years are not going to be that good in terms of profit. It’s going to take two years at a minimum to know what you’re doing and to make some money. You have to get started.

Understand, YouTube has been good to me. I think it’s the best thing under the sun. It’s getting crowded though. A lot of people with mainstream press are coming back to YouTube. They have full-fledged studios. Mainstream media has a problem and it’s called the internet.

I look at myself and I don’t have cable. I’ve got basic stuff. I don’t usually spend a lot of time on TV. YouTube gives you a dashboard with analytics and I’ve noticed a shift. When I started on YouTube in 2009, my demographics were 95% male and 5% female. Now, it is 70% male and 30% female.

I have a group of friends who are finding jobs, but the pay is not so good. They’re making what I was making 15 years ago. So, when you factor inflation, it is really not good.

I’m going to say something that may not agree with. The chances of starting your own business and failing or getting a new job are pretty neck and neck. There’s no risk in starting your business like there used to be. In the past, if you were a monkey and if you could pull a lever, you could get a job.

Now, you can be the top of the top and still end up unemployed. Think about that. That’s happening to people. It happened to me. I got laid off.

You have to understand what is going on. Companies are looking for “just good enough.” People who are operating at higher levels are not rewarded. It makes you a target. It makes people nervous.

You can think. You can plan. You can plot. You can come up with ideas and concepts. That makes you a very scary person, because one day you may wake up and realize you don’t need to be there. Worse, you may try to take over the organization.

I think everyone should have a business, or a side business. You need to learn business skills, because you’re going to need them. It’s going to be like when those people came over on the boats a long time ago. I’m not talking about the slaves. I’m talking about the Pilgrims.

They had to grow food. They had to make clothes. It wasn’t optional. We’re going to go back to those times. Just look. Corporate growth is high and job growth is low. It doesn’t add up, does it? If you think about automation, technology and outsourcing and the rest of the world, it makes plenty of sense.

So, you have a choice my friend. You can embrace technology. Understand, I’ve been where you’ve been. What we know about the world today is that the world will be totally different five years from now. It will be even more different in ten years. In 15 years, you’ll be wondering, “Where am I?”

That’s happening. There are a few groups of people who are going to do very well in this new world. Number 1 – entrepreneurs. Number 2 – creative people. Number 3 – Managers. Number 4 – teachers. I’m not talking about teachers who teach high school, but people who can put together curriculums to embrace this new society. It’s going to be huge.

Learning new technology is going to be a constant thing. What worked for two years will be obsolete suddenly. Understand that you need a business. You need to start today.

In this new economy, you have the potential to make more money than you ever made in your life. There are people trading time for freedom. There are people who want to make money. But you need that business, that gives you the freedom to make that decision, because it’s here.

People say the American Dream is dead and that the middle class is being slaughtered. What is being slaughtered is that cozy dream in the matrix. There are cracks in the glass. For a long time, we subscribed to mediocrity in this country. We did it for a long time.

You can be in denial all you want, but the world is changing fast. You need to build your team and embrace technology. That’s the reality.

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Scared Money Never Made Money

Scared Money Never Made Money

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Scared money never made money. I think it’s the gospel. But, before we get into that, let’s talk about what is money. There are many different forms of currency. When you speak of money, the immediate default is paper money. It’s more than that.

There are many different forms of currency. There’s spiritual currency, physical currency, and mental currency such as creativity and emotional. There are so many different forms of money, wealth, assets and resources.

So, if you are in a constriction mindset, then you actually chase away the things you want. Let me break it down for you. You can’t own, have, cultivate, gather, collect, or amass things you despise. If you’re scared, you despise these things. Because if you weren’t scared, there would be no fear. I know people who hear me say they do not get what that means. People say, “I don’t despise being wealthy, but I’m not wealthy.” Maybe you are.

You can’t have the thing you are really scared of or despise or worry about all the time. You can’t have it. People ask why. The answer is because you predominantly fill your mind with the thing you don’t want; pushing out the thoughts, the wishes, the dreams, the stuff you do want. There’s an immutable law of nature. Only one thing can occupy one place at one time, except in science fiction. For most of us, we can’t do it. We’re not operating or living on that plane.

If only one thing can occupy one place at a time and you’re scared of money or whatever, you are filling your mind with the thing you don’t want. That’s exactly what you will get though, because it’s the thing you think about all the time.

I used to get tickets like a fool. I would get on the road and see cops and get really nervous. The hair on the back of my neck would stand up. It wasn’t about the cop, it was worry about the repercussions of what could happen if I got a ticket. I thought about it all the time and it became true. I remember one month when I got three tickets in less than 25 days. I was in a tough position where if I got one more ticket, I would lose my license.

Then I remember taking a trip a long time ago when I was still in the military and took a trip from Atlanta to Washington DC. I had a Nissan Stanza at the time. A Stanza would do 110 mph. I went from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington DC in about nine hours and 45 minutes, flying.

This is when the State Troopers had Mustang 5.0s. You didn’t know it was a trooper until it was too late. I passed these cops flying, but my mind was filled with my trip. My mind was filled with thoughts about having a great time. I didn’t get a ticket. I look back at that experience as a reminder when I fall back into scared little bitch mode.

The reason I was speeding and not worried about getting a ticket was because of something First Sargent Branch told me. He said if I ever got pulled over, I should pull out my military ID and hand it to the police with my driver’s license. It worked. Every time I got pulled over, I handed them my military ID and never got a ticket. I tested it several times, and it always worked. So, I had in my mind that I could speed and not get a ticket.

What I just gave you is something you can use in your business. You can use that to be successful doing whatever. Every goal that I’ve written down thus far (except for the newest ones) has been achieved. I think about that often.

Some people are afraid to dream. I know it sounds crazy. How can a dream hurt you? There are so many people who are afraid to dream. If they have this dream and it doesn’t happen, they’re crushed. They’re demoralized. They feel like a sucker.

I think that is misguided thinking. I dream all the time. I think about what I want in life. I fill my head with it.

Being afraid to dream is a form of being afraid of money and will keep you from actually making money. It’s not going to happen. If you are afraid to spend money, you’re not going to make money. If you’re afraid to release love, you’re not going to get love.

If you are in a position where you are experiencing all this fear, you are not making money and won’t be able to achieve your dreams. The only cure for this is to replace the fear with thoughts about what you want.

If you have a plan for your life and your family, it’s not going to be so easy to invade that mental space with fearful thoughts. Be sure to fill your head with all kinds of good stuff. Read books. Watch videos and listen to classical music. Fill up your head with good stuff and it will be much harder for the bad stuff to occupy your mind.

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