How to Define Your Purpose – Law of Attraction

How to Define Your Purpose – Law of Attraction

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

You often hear, “Hey, you need to live on purpose.” I’ve heard that for years. I’ve always been a proponent of the self-help world and personal development. No one really said you need to define your purpose first.

What’s your purpose? Answering that question can be a challenge because you don’t really have a formula. I’m going to give you a little formula. It’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be. What people are looking for is linear solutions for dynamic problems. That’s just not going to work.

When determining your purpose, you’ve got to think about who you are. Let me explain what I’m talking about. A lot of times people will try to create a purpose based on the expectations of other people, versus saying, “This is who I am.”

Let me give you an example of someone living on purpose and you’re going to think I’m a little crazy. Let’s talk about Hugh Hefner. He came up with an idea and concept. He wasn’t famous at first; he was infamous for what he did.

It was not a smooth road, but now he’s a Playboy icon and everybody loves Hugh. He’s doing the same shit he was doing in the 50s. The thing is, he said, “I’m going to do this.” He was living on purpose based on his nature. So, when you are trying to define your purpose, the big thing you have to define is: who are you. Everyone is trying to be like someone else they think is cool or worth emulating without any introspection about who they should be.

For you to find your purpose, you have to define yourself. It’s going to take some exploration. It’s going to take you trying some shit on to see if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, you take it off and you try something else. This is where the road gets tricky, because we live in a society that craves immediate success.

In my world, that doesn’t happen. Fail. Fail. Fail. There are multiple fails, until finally something works. That’s how that shit goes.

You’ve got to take some licks and figure out who you are. One of the hardest things in the world is having the courage to be yourself. A lot of people are just not that brave. People are worried they won’t be liked, or whatever.

So, figure out your purpose. This is where it gets really, really different. When you are looking for your purpose or trying to figure out your purpose, it may remove you from where you are, which brings fear.

I left home at the age of 18 ½ and didn’t go back for damn near three years. It was one of the best things I ever did because as long as you are in your environment or your comfort zone, you are not going to grow. It’s just not going to happen. You are going to have to push outside of that comfort zone.

For me, it meant leaving Alabama and going to the other side of the world to Hawaii. It was the best move I ever made. I got to see things and experience stuff. Growing up in Alabama, there were only three kinds of people. There were black people, white people and a few Asians. I only saw Hispanics on TV.

Put yourself out there. Here’s ten ways for you to discover your purpose. Number 1 – Do some different shit. Experiment. Number 2 – Leave your environment and stop doing the same shit you’re doing. Number 3 – This is going to be a real bitch for some of you. Start working out. When you work out and clear your mind, you come up with a lot of ideas.

Number 4 – Stop being a scared little bitch. That should have been Number 1, since that’s one of the biggest reasons people don’t move forward.

Number 5 – Know you’re going to fail. Get used to it. Failure is a part of life. The more you fail, the greater experiences that you accumulate. The larger your experience base is, the greater your chance of being successful and living a life of purpose.

Number 6 – Have some goals. Write down what you want to do in life. I hear people say all of the time, “It’s up in my head. I have goals.” I’ve heard people make that excuse for 10 years. You can start a whole fucking new career in 10 years if you write that shit down.

Number 7 – Turn off the TV for at least two hours a day. Cut your TV watching time in half. I would say you should eliminate it for a month. You will be amazed at what happens.

Number 8 – Go somewhere you’ve never been before and force yourself to talk to people you’ve never talked to before. It will grow you as a person, because a lot of you are afraid to talk to other carbon-based life forms.

Number 9 – Do something audacious every month. Do some shit that’s over the top. Do some shit you are fucking afraid of.

Number 10 – Learn to appreciate yourself. Take care of yourself. I’m talking about working out. I’m talking about eating right. I’m talking about feeding your mind good stuff. Realize you can’t be everyone’s best friend.

Number 11 – Practice appreciation every day. I focus on the beautiful aspects of life more frequently. I don’t focus on the fucked-up things. You have to be really careful about what you say to yourself because it can make stuff happen. So, appreciate life. Appreciate the simple things, like the beauty of a flower.

Let’s talk about this channel and the things I’m doing. A lot of people are extremely limited in how they see the world and how they see success. A lot of people are fucking lazy. That’s the biggest problem. The Hustler Mindset is designed to help you become a better person so you can have success based on what you want.

The more you improve who you are, the more you are going to improve your outside world. Most people are trying to address internal fuckery with external solutions. It’s not going to work. You have to work on “you” first and that’s how you will find your purpose.

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Not Thinking Big Is the Reason Folks Are Not Successful

Not Thinking Big Is the Reason Folks Are Not Successful

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Not thinking big is the reason some folks are not successful. Yes, that’s the truth. You can work hard a long time and not make a lot of money in a business. I had four businesses when I was in the military.

Even though at the time I was losing my ass money wise, I had income coming in. But, I bought my education because I fucked up. You will learn more from fucking up then you will from your biggest successes.

When you are successful, you relax a little bit. You lose your edge a little bit. Success is nice. It’s seductive. It’s like that pretty chick who is walking your way saying, “I’m going to do you big boy” and means it. That’s success.

Understand. Fucking up and making mistakes is part of the game. I don’t know one person who is successful who had it easy. Let’s talk about Bill Gates. The dude went through more lawsuits than some district attorneys in small towns. Lawsuits, infringements and bad press were constant problems for him.

There was a lot of stuff Bill Gates had to deal with. The dude was going through hell. It was worth it.

The writing thing has turned out nice for me. I’m not the struggling writer. This shit blew up. Why? It happened because I know how to set up and run a business. I did it nine frigging times. The first times were some fucked up dry runs.

Number 6, 7, 8 and 9 were lovely. Why? Because I bought my experience. So many of you want to get out there and BAM! – you’re immediately making $10K a month. I’m going to tell you why that’s the worst thing in the world for you.

If you get that type of success really quickly, you’re going to fuck it up. Your mind can’t handle it. Look at all those stars like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan who have a really good life, but who do drugs and all kinds of crazy stuff. They can’t handle the pressure and stress. You think that won’t be you?

Here’s a FACT. Ninety percent of lottery winners are broke within five years. Many of these people are getting more money in a few days than they’ve made in a lifetime. They can’t handle it because in this country we’ve got some really fucked up notions about money. Common preconceived ideas that circulate include the following. Rich people are bad. Money is bad.

Money is a tool. It does nothing good. It does nothing bad. Some people think there’s a nobility in poverty. I’ve been poor. I lived in a boarding house with crack heads. That shit wasn’t noble.

The deal is there’s a certain amount of dues-paying you’ve got to go through. It’s unavoidable. You can’t get around it. You can try, but it will catch up with you.

So, take your time. Enjoy this journey. Love your family and if you stick with this long enough, you will be successful.

Will you have my level of success? Who knows. You may do better than I did. You have got to get the knowledge. No one is going to give it to you. You’ve got to be hungry.

Let’s get back to the original core of this video which is thinking big. I’m not talking about a big house. I’m not talking about a big ass car.

I live very modestly. I drive a ’94 BMW. Why? I drive it because it is cheap to fix. It’s paid off and it gets me where I need to go in a style I find comfortable. I don’t even like the new ones because they keep messing with the design.

Thinking big is sitting down and not going, “I’m going to build this business to make money.” That’s actually small thinking, I’m telling you. I created a life plan. This was about freedom.

If you can create a business and you have the right financial education, which is very important, then you sell it in three or four years netting $2 million, you’ll never have to work a day again. You can put it in municipal bonds. Let’s say it’s paying five percent. That’s 90K a year.

You still have the $2 million after the 20-year period to leave to your kids or whatever. You’ve got to make some decisions about how you want to live your life before you start your business.

I get people all the time who come to me for help. They say, “I’ve got money. I want you to be my consultant.” I’m like… “No. Think about why you really want to do this. What are you really chasing?”

It’s rarely about money. When I say, people don’t think big, I’m talking about their whole life. Do you want to get married? What kind of life do you want for your kids? All of that is thinking big.

I had a partner which helped make me very successful. She did a lot. To grow, you’ve got to think bigger than where you are today. I can’t really make it any plainer.

I don’t care if you’re in a trailer watching this video on your phone. You’ve got to think bigger than your circumstances. This is how this works. What you think about and dwell on becomes your reality.

Before I did the writing thing, I sold a lot of stuff. I wanted to get rid of everything that could be a distraction. I said, “I’m going to dedicate my life to this for a year.”

That’s called having a goal. You’ve got to have some type of boundaries. If after a year this shit didn’t work, I was going to go back out there. It would have been hard because I’d put out a lot of my secrets. I would have been screwed.

I sat down and wrote eight or nine hours a day. I got headaches and my fingers cramped. I worked my ass off. I had a goal and knew it would not be an immediate success.

It’s a fact that most businesses take two to five years before they spin off a serious profit. Think big. Execute big. Plan big. Work big. If you do this, you will be successful. Stop looking for instant gratification. Have some courage.

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Getting Ready for the Next Recession

Getting Ready for the Next Recession

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I’m getting ready for the next recession. I see it happening in the next three or four years. It’s coming. It’s a great time to build a business. It’s the best time. I started this business in 2009.

I had a situation with banks. There used to be so many things you could do with banking. Due to the Patriot Act, if you deposit more than $10,000 or withdraw more than $10,000 from the bank, they fill out a form about it. I was blown away. Given what is coming, you are going to need to develop a strong relationship with some banks.

You need two or three different banks. You need a relationship with these banks so that when you walk in, they know who you are. They need to know you so well that they don’t have to check your ID when you cash a check. At Chase Bank, they want to check your ID unless the teller knows you.

I did take time out of my day to watch Comey testify. It was very disturbing. I also noted that while Comey was testifying, the House was passing the crazy bank deregulation bill. It happened at the same time. They slid that through. The provisions in this bill will make the last recession look like a picnic.

I look at it and it’s changed my behavior. You can start a company in a recession. Everything is on sale. If your credit is jacked, you need to clean it up as soon as possible. If you have no money saved, you need to change that as soon as possible.

You’ve got to act like the wealthy who make moves when everybody else can’t. Let’s get clear, there are a lot of distractions in the news right now. While people are watching the news, there are important things happening that can be missed.

I’m prepping the people who work for me to get ready for the future because when this thing hits, I don’t want to let people go. I want to be able to move them around to what’s working at the time. I plan on growing during this recession.

For me to grow during this recession, I have to know it’s coming. I have to preserve capital. Number 3 is, I have to develop several different business plans to adjust to possible changes.

When a recession hits, discretionary income drops for many people. The Fed is getting ready to raise interest rates, which is very interesting. Every time the interest rate goes up just a hair, a lot of people are unable to buy a home or afford a car. Every time interest rates go up, people are cut off.

People are looking for a business to make money, which is understandable. But too often, they don’t really give a damn about the business. I’m going to tell you from experience, if you go out and start a business just to make some money, sooner or later you’re going to hate it.

What we’re going to do is guide you into building a business that you appreciate, respect and like. It is hard to start a business. It really is. It also takes a lot of time. Why create a business that you will hate? Why work with people you don’t like? That makes no sense to me.

I’m thinking about starting a political channel. I’m trying to think of a good name. If you have a suggestion for a good name, put into in the comments.

The good news is that what Trump does will not impact me. I have my own business. I chart my own course.

What I am doing now is building a traditional business. When you go to B School for Hustlers or Mack Daddy Media, you’ll see me talk about this stuff. What people don’t seem to understand is that certain marketing and sales skills are evergreen. They just don’t change.

By watching these channels, you’re going to get to see me get to 15 revenue streams. I’m not going to work with Amazon. I’m going to do my own thing. I’ll probably order some stuff from China. You’re going to see me start the media company. You’re going to see me do Kindle and an ecommerce site.

Mack Daddy Media is an agency. Because of these other income streams, I won’t have to take client work. I don’t have to. This kind of goes back to my philosophy of creating a business so you don’t have to work with people you don’t like. I’m not going to build a business doing something I don’t like.

We’re going to talk about these principles on Glendon Cameron, which is another YouTube channel. You may want to check it out. I’m going to talk about personal development for hustlers.

My personal development is very different from other people’s personal development. It’s not that their way is wrong or mine is right. Mine is very different and very effective. Mack Daddy Media and B School for Hustlers are two of my other channels. I am Cameron is currently my political channel. I’m probably going to change that and do a dedicated political channel and a blog. Then, I am Cameron will probably go to stories and vlogs.

You’re going to get to see me build these channels out. The channels, the blogs, and YouTube will explode with content. That’s what you’ve got to do if you want to be heard in this noisy world.

I’m currently working on an ecommerce site. I am looking at a lot of these ecommerce sites side-eyed, because it is not as easy as people would have you believe. I didn’t think it was going to be easy, but the challenges and the things that have happened have been mind boggling.


Question: Is email marketing still important?

Answer: Email marketing is very important if you’re selling a physical or digital product. Don’t let people fool you. Email marketing is not dead. At one point YouTube was my #1 way of making money. Then the email list became #1. They kind of switch.


To get ready for the recession, you’re going to have to get out of debt. You’ve got to get your credit straight. You’ve got to start stacking cash. If you build up your business before the recession hits, then one dollar will be able to buy you three dollars’ worth of stuff. If you get ready for it, you could literally develop generational wealth in the next recession.

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How Valuable Are You? Know Your Worth in the Marketplace

How Valuable Are You? Know Your Worth in the Marketplace

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

A guy called me a staunch opportunist. I was flattered. I am an opportunist. The reason I am an opportunist is because over the years, I’ve learned what my worth is. I also have the audacity to ask for my price and not flinch about it.

This is something I think you should understand. We live in a world right now where people think certain things are unfair. Let me break it down for you. There are certain things that are not fair. That’s life. It’s never going to change. Get over it.

At some point in your life, you will be selling yourself, a product, a service, a company, an organization or a belief. Everyone that is within the sound of my voice will be in this selling position. That’s you.

I don’t care if you get in the storage auction business or not. I don’t care if you’re picky. I don’t care if you watch this for the simple reason that I make you smile. At some point, you will be presenting something and the more value that it has, the more likely that it will be received by the person or persons that you are presenting it to.

The reason I am doing this video is because we live in a society right now that is in a lot of chaos. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on. There’s a lot of people hurting. Many people want real life to soften up and become fair. It’s not going to happen.

Those who have made themselves valuable are going to command a higher price than you will, because you have not made yourself valuable. Is that harsh? Yes, it is. Is it the truth? Yes.

One of the reasons you’re not getting what you want out of life is because you don’t know your price. When I say price, that’s a two-fold deal. You don’t know what price you’d pay to make yourself valuable and you don’t actually have a good idea about what value is.

Let’s talk about making yourself valuable. Anyone that is in resale and is good at it has invested a lot of money, time and energy into it. I didn’t wake up with this knowledge. My business education, in my estimation, has cost me $695K over the course of my life. How much have you invested in yourself? Think about it.

I see it every day of the week. You have people who pay more for a purse than they will pay for a book that will help them make money. I see people pay more for a purse, a pair of shoes or a car that does nothing but take money out of your pocket.

These are some tips for you on making yourself valuable, and this has nothing to do with having a lot of money. It has everything to do with the fact that you are in a position where you don’t have the things that you want. How do you get the things that you want if you don’t have any money?

You study. If you take five hours a week and dedicate those five hours to one subject consistently over the course of a year, you will become close to an expert in the field in the course of a year. It’s not the five-hour commitment that’s going to screw people up. It’s doing it consistently that will be the problem.

You’ll start off really strong. It’s like those New Year’s resolutions. Then it all goes to shit because you don’t value yourself enough to press forward.

Anything that you really want and that you find valuable, you actually have. If you want a big screen TV, you have it. If you want a luxury car, you have it. What you really deem to be valuable, you get. Do you want to take a trip around the world? If it is high enough on the priority list, it will happen.

How does someone make themselves valuable during a recession? Number 1 – forget the recession. Forget the economy. Forget about what other people are doing and focus on what you’re doing. Focus on making yourself valuable by gaining information.

What are you doing to make yourself more valuable? What are you doing daily? This can’t be a part-time occupation or a limited engagement. This is something you need to do every day. I don’t care if it’s five minutes reading a magazine about success. I don’t care if it’s walking up a hill to lose those extra five pounds. You need to consistently work on your goals to make yourself valuable.

There are people out there selling cupcakes. They are selling things that are not necessary. But because they figured out how to make that proposition valuable – they made a lot of money. They bought something to the market that the market wanted.

Once you become a producer, your whole mindset changes. You look at life in a totally different way than you do as a consumer. By becoming a producer, you are making yourself valuable to the world. You are making something that people want, or you won’t be successful.

The deal is to create value in yourself. I’m talking about the mental game. People who have accumulated great knowledge about anything are valuable and usually do quite well in their chosen profession.

Instead of bitching and complaining about the economy, do something about it. Become one of those people who thinks differently. Change the way you think and you will change the way that you live.

One of the things you can do right now to create a lot of value is to turn off the TV and pick up a book or take an online course. I don’t care what it is. Reduce the number of hours you watch TV.

Where you put your time is where you are going to make your money. If you are putting your time into a bunch of things that yield no profit or value, why are you pissed off that your life sucks? You are the sum of what you do and the people you hang around. That is your life.

This is your challenge if you are watching this video. Starting today, take one hour a day to improve your mental game. You are going to pick up a book that is not entertaining, but a book that will help you increase your knowledgebase. If you read an hour a day, you should be able to read four or five books a month.

Another part of the challenge is to scan the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Huffington Post every morning. Take thirty minutes and scan those papers. Watch what happens to your ability to start engaging in conversation.

How does this make you more valuable? It’s about connections. The more people you connect with, the more valuable you become.

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How to Make Money as Fast as Possible – Do It Right the First Time

How to Make Money as Fast as Possible - Do It Right the First Time

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

A lot of people want to know how to make money as fast as possible. This whole notion of making money in a snap is unrealistic in most cases. It typically takes a few years if you continue to work and learn from your mistakes.

It’s possible to make money quickly, but don’t predicate your whole life on that. Instead, predicate it on buying units, spending $50 to $200 and doubling, tripling or quadrupling your money. That’s more realistic.

We live in a society that does not celebrate anything other than first place. When I grew up, there was first place, second place, third place. There were ribbons for them all. Today we live in a culture where if you don’t come in first, people think, what’s the point.

That kind of thinking is disheartening and creates despair, because sometimes the best you’re going to do is come in third or fourth. But, if you keep at it, you can eventually improve and come in first. What I call this type of attitude is an “entitlement mentality.”

They think, “I breathe; therefore, I deserve a lot of money.” You don’t. You’ll deserve a lot of money  when your service equals the amount of money you want to make. That means the more people you serve, the more money you’ll make.

My girl is a teacher. A lot of people think teachers do great things and they should make more money. I agree. But, this is how you’re paid. Your compensation is based on how easy it is to replace you. The harder you are to replace, the more money you will make. A Peyton Manning or a brain surgeon is hard to replace which is why they make so much money. The more specialized the knowledge is and if you do it better than everyone else, then the more money you are going to make.

Just step back and think about how you can increase your service to the people in your neighborhood right now. When you think about your personal definition of success, making a lot of money is not the total sum of success. Sometimes, doing the thing you want to do with your life makes you successful.

You have to determine what makes you happy. What is your idea of success? Don’t let anyone frame that for you. As long as you are chasing someone else’s dream, you are going to be unhappy.

As a business person, you learn how to read people. You learn how to gauge talent. You run into these situations where people ask you questions. They aren’t asking you to learn. They’re asking you so they can figure out how to get out of their spot in life. From what I understand, many people hate what they do.

Not all people hate their work. I love what I do. I’m up at 2am working on this stuff because I love it. Another thing to consider is that I can do this “writer thing” until I am 95 years old.

If you are going into the storage auction business, here’s a “heads up.” You need to develop a load team asap. If you don’t, you will literally wear yourself out. I’ve seen it. If you have any grand ambitions of being a large resale store, start building some contacts and networks. Start building your team now.

Your biggest limitation is not going to be money. Your biggest limitation is going to be space. That’s going to be your Number 1 limitation.

I come to you with this video because there’s a lot of people who are stuck on the idea instant success. It’s not normal. It does happen sometimes. Look at Facebook, for example. Everybody talks about Mark Zuckerberg. He’s a millionaire. He’s about 25 or 26 years old.

He started this when he was a teenager. It’s taken about seven years now. Even with his stunning success and the impressive growth rate of Facebook, it did not happen overnight. There’s been a lot of hiccups and mistakes. There’s been lawsuits.

The dude got the skills he needed to build Facebook in high school. He’s probably been working on code since he was a child. By the time he was at Harvard, he probably had 10 years of experience that he was not getting paid for at the time. That’s very, very relevant.

Anybody that’s played sports knows. You’ve got to get your “reps” in. There are thousands of hours of that type of activity that leads to those shining moments on the field. You’ve got to put in the work before you can celebrate. A lot of people are ready to celebrate, but they don’t want to put in the work.

I did not become successful until I learned how to focus on one thing at a time. If you are a jack of all trades and master of none, it’s going to be damn hard for you to get rich. You are too scattered.

If you are going to get into the storage auction business, start off small. Buy a few units. See if you like it. If you’re watching my videos and you see what I got from the business and you believe you want it; you need to realize there is another side of the business you haven’t seen. You need to experience that before you make any long-term commitment or pony up a lot of money.

This guy contacted me. He inherited $100K or so and wanted to get into the storage auction business. I told him to find out if he liked it first. He’d never been to any auctions. He had just gotten the money and was ready to blow it fast.

I told him to slow down and write down some goals. I told him to figure out what he wanted. A lot of people don’t like the business. There’s nothing wrong with that. Before you invest a lot of money, you have to go out there and see what you’re getting into.

This isn’t just advice for the storage auction business, it’s for any business. If you want to be successful, think about what you can do to be more successful. Ask yourself what you can do to serve more people. If you figure out those two things and really work hard, the money will come.

When I decided to be a writer, I had a conversation with God. My goal was to make $50K a year. I understood there would be compromises. I knew there was a very good chance I would not make the money I was making before as a reseller. The videos were just a marketing tool and now they’ve become a thing of their own.

Forget about microwave success. Think long-term success. As you gain perspective, the urgent feeling that you’re “missing the boat” will leave you and the only person you will be competing with is yourself.

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Predictably Irrational – How People Make Decisions

Predictably Irrational - How People Make Decisions

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

There’s this book by Dan Ariely that I think would be a good book for you to pick up. It’s called Predictably Irrational and talks about why we do the things we do as human beings. This video is going to be part rant, part educational and part observations.

There are some people that will tell you they are working for your benefit from an altruistic position. I’m here to tell you that’s 100% bullshit. The number 1 reason I say that is because making videos is time consuming. It takes effort unless you are using Google Hangouts where Google handles most of the heavy lifting.

You’ll notice, I don’t use Google Hangouts. The reason I don’t is because it is still going through a lot of changes. I’ve looked at it. It’s great for getting together. But for my purposes, it makes absolutely sense whatsoever.

The reason there are people that are pissed off at me is not because I’ve done anything wrong. They’re pissed off because they can’t figure out why their videos don’t have the reach or influence they desire to bring them the emotional or monetary currency they seek. They are pissed off because people are not paying them as much attention as me.

Referencing the book Predictably Irrational again, everybody wants to shine. Everyone wants acknowledgement. People want compliments.

Each year I’ve been alive, I have substantially increased my knowledge base. There was a statistic that said after people get a degree, many never pick up another book again, ever.

When you are successful, you don’t have time for hate. You don’t have time for crazy stuff, because you are happy. Anytime you see some ongoing fuckery, understand that this is a person who is not happy. Some of the stuff I see is done on Friday or Saturday night and I wonder why aren’t they with their family. Why aren’t they with their girl?

Most people start a business because they don’t want to work for someone else. You have to figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you don’t, the business is going to crash. Most of the YouTube channels you see aren’t going to make it two years.

I study YouTube. YouTube started in 2006. If you look at the early YouTubers, all of the people who maintained and figured out a theme for the channel are making money. At the low-end, they’re making $1000 to $1500 from AdSense. The ones that “killed it” are millionaires from YouTube. That’s one of the benefits of embracing technology.

The resale YouTube community is small compared to other communities. eBay is a powerful keyword because there are so many people into it. Once people see the challenges with resale, they fall out pretty quickly. Resellers can only go so far working from home.

Everything that you do is an emotional decision. Everything is driven by emotion. If you realize that and you recognize which emotions drive you, you can use that information to make yourself more powerful and effective.

Let’s talk about markets. I was asked if I did market research. I said no, because I knew the storage auction market was huge. I didn’t do market research, because I knew there was a market.

When I created Glendon 007, I knew there was a market. I didn’t know it was as big as it was, but I knew there was a market. Based on that knowledge, I designed videos for a market that existed.

What most of the fuckery crew does is design videos to teach people stuff they want to teach them with little regard for whether these people give a shit about it. Essentially, these educated people are making videos on topics most people don’t give a shit about.

There are a lot of ways to research YouTube. There are a lot of ways to figure out what is a good video to put up and what’s not. I’m not doing that because I have the G-verse. I have a 4-year-old channel where I can tag my videos Glendon Cameron. I have my own ecosystem compared to many people who are trying to leverage into an ecosystem. Building your own ecosystem makes sense. This is something I teach you in Hustler’s Mindset.

When creating your own economy or marketplace, you have to read newspapers and look at the economy. I am creating a new course about How to Make a Living without a Job. It is going to benefit me in about two years.

There are a lot of people who have great jobs right now. Due to technology, they’re going to be displaced. Technology is going to knock your ass out of the ballpark. There’s going to be a huge number of people who are going to find themselves without a job. In my course, I am not going to talk about Amazon or eBay. I’ve always made the most money when I created my own stuff.

You’re only going to go so far working garage sales and flea markets. You could make six figures doing that now. But, it’s going to get substantially harder for two reasons. The deals will dry up as more sellers have good information about the value of what they are selling. Technology is the second reason reselling will become harder.

One of the reason I believe the good deals will dry up is because most thrift stores will be selling through eBay and Amazon. This shift should take place in the next five to seven years. Thrift stores will be scanning their items to see where to sell them.

I do a little reselling, but most of my income comes from consulting. I consult a lot in the physical world. I make a lot of money consulting, more than through book sales and Hustler mindset products.

One of the reasons I say YouTube is extremely powerful is it helped me get a YouTube gig in Germany. That’s why I make all those videos and I’m working in the G-verse with all my stuff tagged Glendon Cameron.

If you make videos on YouTube, don’t delete your videos unless it’s really shitty. If it’s getting views, leave it up. A video I made four years ago is how I got the German consulting job. It paid me $2400 for about 20 hours of work. That’s not bad money.

At large, YouTube is a wonderful place. If you study YouTube and you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money. You can do well.

When you are successful, people come after you. Success brings two types of people to you. First and foremost, it brings people that are good for you. It brings people to you that can make you more successful. The other, smaller group is evil trolls. Now that I have four years on YouTube, I have seen four cycles of people come and go.

When you are sitting there on YouTube and you are getting ready to do your video, I want you to think about why you are doing it. Do you want to make money? Do you want attention? Do you want to share your views with the world? Once you figure that out, the results and success may blow your mind.

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Hustlology – Thinking Like a Hustler

Thinking Like a Hustler

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today’s topic is about dynamic thinking versus linear thinking. Let me give you some examples. There’s a group of people who feel like they don’t have to pay for information. They feel that sharing with one another will get them where they need to be in life.

How many millionaires and billionaires got that way from these types of information swaps? I don’t know of any. Not a one. While people can make good money in online communities, they hit a ceiling very quickly. People with better information that is working for them are not going to give it up freely, because that would be fucking stupid.

Now when I started on YouTube in 2009, I was out of the business. I had a long conversation with myself before writing that first book. Dynamic thinking told me once you cross that bridge, the chance of going back is slim to none. I knew I was going to put out my best stuff. I was going to put out my secrets. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

For those people who refuse to buy anything, this is the rub. If you watch my videos and talk about me, you are paying me with your most precious resource – your time. Here’s a shout out to the dissenters who keep this stuff going on, I’m going to say thank you. When I was getting a lot of negative push back, I had my highest month of subscribers ever. Now, I want you to think about that.

You’re not going to pay me. You don’t like me. But, you’re helping me make money and you are bringing more people to my channel. Once again, that’s linear thinking versus dynamic thinking. Dynamic thinking is like playing chess; you have to think ahead.

One of my recent consults came from the dissenter activity. They said they had to see what everybody was talking about. So essentially, the dissenters are putting money in my pocket.

Linear thinking is 1+1 = 2. Dynamic thinking is 1 + A where A represents a value X 2 X B which represents another value is a higher level of thought. The people who are making money and living lives of intent and purpose are thinking at a higher level. You can stay on that rudimentary level of basic thinking, but you are only going to go so far.

My questions to you is: do you only want to go so far when the opportunity to go as far as you want is available? What would you choose? The reason I’m talking to you this way is because everything that you have and every relationship in your life is because of your thought process. Everything stems from your thought process.

Let’s talk about the resale community. I went to an event last night and had a conversation with a consultant about my business and processes. They were just blown away. When I talk to people on YouTube who have a job or who have never had the courage to start a business, they often throw stones and hit me with low level thinking.

All of us on YouTube want something. For me, my name is Glendon Cameron. I have information products that I want you to buy. I will say that all day long, every day, because it’s the truth. That’s why I’m here. That’s the reason this channel was created.

Anyone can make 20 or 50 videos. Just because you decide to get on YouTube and you have a hankering to start a YouTube channel, doesn’t mean you have staying power. Because of linear thinking, the number of YouTubers who rise to having 50 to 100 videos online or more starts decreasing rapidly.

Let me talk to you about videos. Just because you made a video doesn’t mean you did something. If you don’t properly set your video up, then once you get past your circle of friends and family or whatever group you’re in, then it’s lost forever in the world of YouTube.

I realized when I started this channel that I figured I had about two more years for the storage auction thing. I knew it wasn’t going to go on forever. When I sat down, I sketched out topics for 100 videos before I made my first one. That’s dynamic thinking. Linear thinking would be… “I’m going to make a rant video, or I’m going to make a bullshit video.

If you’re making videos, you need to have a plan. If you have a channel and you’re making videos, you’re going to run out of material fast without some vision and a plan.

If you start a YouTube channel, you’re going to have distractors, haters and trolls. They’re coming. Instead of letting them get you down, sit back and think about what you can do to make yourself better. That’s what I did.

I came up with a plan. I set a word goal for a new book I’m working on. I created more products. Essentially, I went to work. I had one of the best Junes ever.

Notice how many people have over 200 videos on YouTube. You won’t find many. I didn’t really think my channel was extraordinary or special. If you get from 5K to 30K subscribers or 2 to 20 million views, you are in the top 20% of YouTubers.

Most videos just disappear into obscurity. They get a few views and then they’re gone. There’s about 40 YouTubers that I watch. There’s a point where people’s channels tend to explode. If you keep making videos with a good core subject, you can get there.

Most people who come on YouTube want their fifteen minutes of fame. They don’t want to roll up their sleeves. They don’t want to learn the business. That comes from linear thinking.

YouTube is one of the best resources on the planet. YouTube has made me six figures. YouTube is extremely powerful if you employ dynamic thinking. If you employ linear thinking, YouTube is a pain in the ass. It’s too much trouble.

It’s kind of funny. I don’t give a shit if you like me or not. I know I don’t need everyone on YouTube to like me. If I can get .008% of YouTube viewers in the world to come to the G-verse, I can become fantastically wealthy. That’s dynamic thinking for you. That’s thinking. That’s not reacting.

Now. Let’s jump to the ultimate truth of linear thinking. What you are and who you are is all produced by your level of thought. If you want your thought processes to increase, you have to change how you think.

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Stacking Cash Preparing for the Lean Times

Stacking Cash Preparing for the Lean Times

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I get a lot of people who contact me and say, “I want to quit my job.” They say, “It is sucking my soul out of my body. Every day I feel a little bit lighter because I’m dying inside.” They want to quit now. But, there is something called “life” that is getting in the way.

This is what you do. You sit down and do an assessment. I’m going to walk you through the process that I used with this person I was working with who was so unhappy about his job. This person is married. He and his wife made about $65K. He said it was a struggle.

So, what I told him actually blew his mind. I told him that to escape the life that you hate, you are going to have to do something radical. The person was stressed the hell out.

One of my first questions for people who want to quit their job is, “What is your debt load?”  We addressed that. His debt load surprisingly enough was nonexistent. All they had was a mortgage.

We created a new budget. This person had a lot of fat in the budget like season tickets, vacations; things like that. I gave this person credit for paying cash or paying off their credit cards each month. They didn’t have all this crazy debt.

I said what you’re going to have to do is live on one income and bank the other one. This is advice that actually originated as part of my dating process. If I see a woman who has potential as a long-term relationship, this is one of my dating questions.  

“Hey baby. You know I’ve got a little thing. I was thinking, just suppose you and I were married and I came up to you and said, hey, what if we just live on one income and we bank the rest?” Then, I’d shut up just to see their response. You have to hit them with this question when they don’t expect it. I want to see how they’re going to respond to logic and a strong leadership move. So many women failed that test because they said crazy stuff.

But going back to the couple, I said this is what you do. You live on one income. I said, “Get the wife on the phone.” I told them, “It’s going to cause you some pain because you are used to living on your money and blowing it fast.” I said, “If you want to get out of that, you’ve got to make some serious ass changes.”

This is the deal. I told them that all of that has to go away for a period of two years. They were both resistant, saying they did not know if they could do that. I told them they were saying one thing, but their actions were saying another.

I said if you want to get to that point where you want to be a boss versus having a boss, you’re going to have to change how you live and how you spend your money. This is the time you’re going to have to put up or shut up. I was silent. They discussed it.

They said, “It’s so hard. The kids – they want stuff.”

He wanted to get into the storage auction business. I know what it takes to make a full-time living with storage units. It takes having a warehouse, stuff that a lot of people don’t want to do. Buying one or two units a month is probably not going to be enough to make the money you want unless you are in a really small town and you are the “Big Fish.”

The storage auction business is very hard and you need real scale. A lot of people are stuck in that fantasy that I am going to be able to do this business out of my basement and make a million dollars. It’s not going to happen.

We talked it out. I said some really stern stuff. I asked him if he was a punk or a man. I said this on the phone and then figured this would be a chargeback. He got defensive as expected.

Then I just took control of the situation and said, “This is what you’re going to do.” I sensed that no one in that family unit could make a firm decision on something difficult. I said, “Starting this month, you are paring back. You are going to do this. I said, “For the next 90 days, this is what you’re going to do.”

Three months later, I called them up to see how they were doing. These people who were freaking resistant responded. “That’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. We have $9K in the bank. We turned saving money into a game. “

To give you some perspective about savings, the average American does not have $2K in the bank. Over half of Americans don’t have $2K in the bank.

Here are some steps for paring down. If you have two incomes, you have to live on one. You have to have a “Coming to Jesus” meeting and ask yourself if the things that you have are worth the life that you want. I learned from the storage auction business that people accumulate stuff that really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things.

What you need to do is an assessment. Look at your life and asked yourself whether a certain thing is life enhancing or life distracting. You have to think about what’s most important, your dream life or stuff. That’s one of the reasons I don’t keep a lot of stuff in my life.

Go through all of your stuff and make bold plans about your life. I’m going to say that about 70% of the people in the country can’t have the life that they want because of the stuff they have.

You might need to move back in with your parents. The money that you save should go immediately in the bank or to retire debt. For more steps on this, go to because that’s all they talk about.

Think radically. Sit down and think about how you can make the money go farther. Another reason for living on one income is it gives you the ability to create something that a lot of people don’t have. Assets.

What I’m telling you is the most important thing in your plan to make a living without a job is purpose, mindset, strategy and plan. You have to think about how the seeds you drop today will shape your future. One thing that is certain, if you live long enough, you’re going to get older. Whether you plan for it or not, tomorrow is coming.

Understand that if you want to make a living without a job, it’s going to take effort and potentially some sacrifices. Consistency and dedication are also mandatory.

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How to Start a Business with $500 Today Plus $1000 Dollar a Month Hustle

How to Start a Business with $500 Today Plus $1000 Dollar a Month Hustle

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing, you need to take inventory of your strengths and resources and of what you can do. Many people online follow the leader or follow the follower. People aren’t doing the work and exploring what they can do to make some money.

People ask, “How can I get strangers to give me money?” You may have some friends with money. Maybe you have a certain competitive advantage. Take some time and do some inventory work. The number one thing you should ask yourself is, “Why would anyone buy what I am selling?”

If you are one of those people who doesn’t know what you want to do and you don’t know what you want to sell, or you have no business idea, then check out my video about how to start a service business. That’s the fastest way to make money when you are broke.

Do this. Get a sheet of paper and a pen and ask yourself, “Why should someone want to buy what I am selling?” If you can’t answer that question in a snap, your idea is jacked. If you can’t answer that question immediately, you’re not ready to start your business.

If you’ve got $500, put it in your pocket and start doing these things. Figure out the concept. Answer the question, “Why should someone buy this?” Then find out who will buy it. Who’s your audience? Who’s your target market? Who are these people? You have to figure out your unique market angle and your position.

So many people will literally sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into a business off of someone else’s work. This happens all of the time. The so-called smart money is not about the money, it’s about the marketplace. It’s about the audience. It’s about execution.

To give you a little bit more meat, the first thing you should spend your money on is gathering market information. If you want to spend money to get this, then do it. The more research that you do and the better the research, the better your final product will be.

Today, the reality is that if you know what you are doing and you’ve got good information, you can start many businesses for absolutely no money. The reason I used $500 in the title of this video is you are a little bit more committed, then the people who want to spend nothing. The reason so many people want to spend nothing is because they don’t have any money, which is a whole different condition.

How do you raise the money if you don’t have it? Sell some shit. Work two jobs. There are so many ways.

But be really careful with your money.  Here’s the thing. Let’s say you have $5 million and you don’t do these things. You’re going to get the same results, except you are going to burn through so much cash, so much faster.

Now the Number 1 step is to spend a great deal of time figuring out the answer to the big question about why someone should give you money for your product or service. The clearer you are with that answer, the easier the money will flow.

The second thing you need to do is test everything that you think will work before you invest hardly any money. If you think you can do Shaggy’s Car Wash, informally see how many cars you can get before you go spending money. Another example would be for a wedding planner to go on their Facebook page and do some research. Ask if people know of anyone that’s getting married that’s on a budget. Offer to do it for free to build your portfolio. There are so many ways to get started.

When you start with no money or little money, the path for scaling your business is much longer. That could be a good thing. It could be a bad thing.

Let’s say you have never owned a business before. The slower you go, the better because you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to waste money. You’re going to do stupid shit.

If you’re going slow, the punches are kind of soft. But, if you’re going fast and you make these mistakes, the punches are hard. A lot of people can’t take that first punch.

The problem with going slow is someone else may steal your thunder who is better capitalized. That happens all the time because some people think it’s all about the money. It’s not about the money. If you remember Navigator and Yahoo, you remember Google showed up with less money and took over the market. Where are those other companies now?

It’s not all about the money. It’s about the execution. It’s about the market. It’s about the research. There are so many other things.

This channel is for beginners. What I am telling you is the biggest thing you can do to move the needle so you can start making money is that you need to start executing on a daily basis. Wake up tomorrow and actually go out and execute. Talk to people.

If you’re broke, you’re going to have to put in some sweat equity. You will have to do some shit for free, unless you can execute like a Ninja. That’s really the thing because one of the things I’m going to do is guide you on this journey.

I started a new company, Mack Daddy Media. It’s a startup, but in some ways it’s not like a startup. There are a lot of things I could show you if you go ahead and subscribe to B School for Hustlers. I’m going to give you a business model for those of you who made it this far.

You’ve heard of the Amazon Fire Stick, right? Go out and buy an Amazon Fire Stick. Then go into Google and learn how to jailbreak an Amazon Fire Stick. Once you break it, then you can sell it on eBay for $100 to $175. It will costs you about $40. You will make a $60 profit or more.

This is just one of the things you can do to raise some money. One of the things I am going to do on this channel is give you a lot of hustles. I’ll give you a lot of ways to make money really quick.

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Why You Are Not Winning at Business and How to Fix It

Why You Are Not Winning at Business and How to Fix It

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Today we’re going to talk about why you are not winning in business and what you can do about it. This is for those of you who want to elevate your game at the end of the stream. At the end of this stream, I’m going to get into the new thing, which is Business School for Hustlers brand new stuff. We’ll talk about that later.

Many people feel that if what they want to do is not something really quick and smooth or easy, then it’s a scam. Let’s talk about the social media stuff. Everything is moving online. That’s 100% real. It’s not a myth. It’s the truth. But the thing is, everything is not online yet.

This mindset relates to why some of you are not winning at business. Everybody doesn’t understand the landscape and that’s why everybody is kind of freaking out and going online. If you are already famous and you go online, you will win. LeBron James does not have to ask people to follow him on Twitter. If LeBron James decided to start a YouTube channel, he wouldn’t have to advertise it and he’d have millions of subscribers immediately.

Too many people are trying to act as if they’re famous with their business and it’s not going to work out for them. That’s what people need to understand. Many people don’t understand their position in the food chain and they are wondering why their ass is being eaten. If you are plankton, you will be eaten as plankton. That’s just the reality of it.

Let’s talk about business and environment. Everybody’s running online to try and do something social media-wise. I’m going to ask you guys to do something today. I want you to go out to some people you don’t know and chat them up. Ask them if they have ever heard of Tai Lopez. Commit to asking 10 people.

I could go in my neighborhood and ask 50 people who Tai Lopez is and most would not know. I wouldn’t be surprised if all people said, “I’ve never heard of this guy.” That would tell you something about the environment. He is not a household name.

He’s an internet marketer. He’s for people who want to make money online. Once you get on that path, you’ll find Tai Lopez. You’ll find Grant Cardone. Shit, you’ll find me. But, until you get on that journey, nobody knows who the fuck we are. You’ve got to understand the environment you operate in.

Now. Let’s talk about hiring. Many people want to know why I would actually hire some people to call people up on the phone. I am doing it because it works. It’s faster than creating an online situation. It’s much faster.

You’ve got to understand environments and demographics. I’m 50 years old, right? I don’t buy shit on my phone, except for maybe Uber or Uber Eats. But if I’m going to buy a camera or a computer, I do that on my computer. I bought them on my desktop because those of us from my era are more comfortable buying stuff on desktops. I will answer my phone and sometimes talk to a telemarketer. So, for certain demographics, that still works.

Now if I wanted to reach someone 25 and under, I wouldn’t do direct mail. I wouldn’t do TV ads. They hate ads of any kind. Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube will work for people 25 and under. But for folks my age, traditional marketing methods still work and bear fruit. A lot of people don’t want to talk about that. You can make money faster.

Let’s talk about making money as fast as possible. Cold calling is the way to go. I’m going to hire someone and train this person to be a cold calling monster. They will start making money in a matter of days.

Now, I’m going to talk about how that whole thing works. Internet marketing works. Cold calling works. Everything works. It just depends on who you are and who your target market is.

Let’s say you want to start a YouTube channel. We’ll assume you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t do your research on the competition before trying to sell. Typically, that will be a very bad thing because you don’t understand the environment. Part of the problem is a lack of research and part of it is believing the internet narrative.

Internet money is real. I’m living proof of that. But so is the money being made offline. They are both real sources of income. I’ve done both. To start an online business, you’re looking at three months to two years of marketing and putting stuff out there. Three month would be super-fast and unlikely for most people.

Compare that situation to this. I could take this legal pad and get on Craigslist and start calling sellers in a certain category and start buying things for 50% of the advertised price. I could pick up my phone today and make $2K to $3K. To make that same $2K to $3K online could take you three months to six years depending on the circumstances and who you are. A lot of people don’t understand that.

When I got screwed by eBay and they were holding $32K of my money and deleted 2000 items, I went to Craigslist. It was a do or die moment. I had to fix the problem. When that happened, I freaked out because eBay was 68% of our income. It was gone, just like that. Within six weeks I was able to turn it around and we were making more money.

With cold calling, sales and face to face, you can start a business today. If you are willing to call 100 times a day, five days a week, you will make money. I did this. Tele sales is what they call it. It works.

The game that Gary Vee is playing is different than the game that Grant Cardone is playing. The game that Tai Lopez is playing is different than the game that Grant is playing. My game is totally different than those games. I have a totally different objective. What they’re doing is good for them. What I am doing is good for me. The thing is, there is so much money out there that everybody can do what they want and still make money.

You have different content on different platforms. You have to talk to them in the lingo of the platform. You put different stuff on YouTube then you would put on Facebook or Instagram.

Question: What’s the long-term plan for Hustler’s Kung Fu Life Skills and Hustler’s Kung Fu DoJo?

Answer: They’re going to stay where they are. I’ve got some stuff I’ve got to finish up. They’re not going anywhere. There’s going to be the Business School for Hustlers that’s coming out. There’s going to be an ecommerce site where I’m going to teach people to do video ecommerce which is really, really difficult.

In the Foundation for Higher Income, it is the path I took. I’m not going to tell you to quit your job. It’s too hard for most people.

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