How to Stay Motivated When Things Go Bad

How to Stay Motivated When Things Go Bad

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I was sent a question from someone asking how to stay motivated when things were going bad. At first, they were doing really well, but things started happening. When you are in that spot, you are not unmotivated, you’re depressed. Unmotivated is, “I don’t really feel like doing anything. This bed feels so comfortable. That’s a good movie coming on.”

You’re not unmotivated when things go wrong. You’re frustrated. You’re pissed off. I do believe when you have the correct information, a lot of those feelings disappear.

When I started this channel, I didn’t really know how things were going to go. I was operating on a bunch of assumptions. On one side, it’s scary. On the other side, it is pretty cool because you don’t know how things are going to go. You don’t know what’s really good and bad yet.

The person’s business was a year old and the numbers looked good compared to most people’s. They were making money. They were where they were supposed to be. This is why.

Everybody that starts a business experiences unexpected consequences and things that will rock their world. That is typical. The question becomes about whether you will weather the storm or quit. If you had the right information, you wouldn’t feel this way. People in this situation are operating under the false assumptions they should be much farther along and that things should be easier.

When I started this business, I knew things would be hard. I knew it was going to be rough. I didn’t expect the racism. I didn’t expect the jealousy. I didn’t expect the outright slander. But, I was ready for it.

Anytime that you create a business, if at some point you are perceived to be doing better than certain people, the jealousy and hate can come your way. It is just the perception of your doing better gets people riled up. It hasn’t got anything to do with reality. Perception is everything.

The reason you are depressed and unmotivated is because you are living under a false narrative that you should be doing better than you are. If you started a business a year ago and you’re making a livable income, that’s really good. You are bound to have reversals though in any business at some point.

This business is really ahead of the curve if it is profitable and making money after only a year. There are just some wrinkles that need to be worked out. That’s the deal.

When you feel like you’re not motivated, is it a lack of motivation or is it frustration or is it broken expectations or is it a false narrative. You’ve got to dig deep inside to figure out what that stuff is.

I look at it like this. You’re making money. You started a business. You’re operating under your own power. You are just not boiling. You figured you should kick back like the other internet millionaires and be on the boat. If you believe that is how it works, you’ve been lied to.

Understand that a lot of people online who are talking about “getting rick quick” lifestyles are lying to you. I’m going to give you a template. I’ll give you some parameters. When someone is not talking to you about courses and stuff and they are showing you their lifestyle, that is a very effective selling technique. It pushes all of your buttons and emotional triggers and it appeals to your hindbrain.

You cannot look at all this stuff you see online and believe it. I’ve operated as a physical business and an online business. I will say this. Some people will think this is not significant. If you can create a business using your own creativity and within a year, you can live and pay your mortgage with money left over to reinvest into your business, you are a success. Many people can’t do that.

There are people who have PhDs that can’t do that. If you can do that, pat yourself on the back. If you want to get to the seven-figure mark, you’re probably eight to nine years out, which isn’t bad. Most people are never going to get to a seven-figure income.

Don’t feel unmotivated. Don’t get caught up in the doldrums. Understand, you have already won. As long as you keep fighting, you will continue to win.

If you compare yourself with the false images you hear about on the internet, you will go insane. For a YouTube channel, I don’t have a lot of views. For a business channel, I have a lot of views. Everything’s relative.

You have to be really objective about what you are doing. The big thing is to be thankful for the little stuff. I see this happening with a lot of people. They’re doing okay and then ungratefulness can creep in. If you start taking things for granted, you take your eye off the ball.

Be happy that you have your own business that makes enough to support you. It’s a struggle. It is important to remember that you are doing something many can’t do. Many people aren’t wired for it. Be grateful for the little wins.

Sit down and double your goals and start pushing as hard as you can. I can say this to you because you’ve already made the team. You’re in the game. You just have to increase your skill sets. You have to work harder.

If you are truly stressed out and you want to be motivated again, try picking up your office and working somewhere else. Sometimes a change in scenery will do wonders for you. It can be amazing.

It’s possible you’re not unmotivated, but you’re just tired. Being around family drama can do that. Sometimes you have to get away from other people and bad environments to do what you need to do.

How does one stay the course when things are going bad? You’ve got to have goals. They’re like roadmaps. Goals are mandatory.

If there’s any way you can offload mundane decisions to someone else, do it. That’s another thing you have to think about. You have a finite amount of energy in a day.

That’s just reality. If you can learn how to leverage your time by hiring people or putting things off, do it. Seriously, do it.

Too many people are looking at their progress from the wrong perspective. They’re feeling like they should be where someone else dictates they should be. That is really harmful and corrosive to your success.

My hat is off to anybody that can start a business and be supporting themselves within a year with that business. Bravo. f you’re doing that from your own energy, Bravo. You can scale it up once you get it established. The hardest part is getting that stuff established.

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