Your System for Being Successful in Life 4 Steps

Your System for Being Successful in Life 4 Steps

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Important lessons have become very clear to me this year. It is not how much your course costs or even whether your information is good or not that matters for success. Price points don’t matter. It is your system that matters.

For years, it has been driving me crazy how I would have one person take my course and read a book and do really, really well and then I’d have other people who would struggle or drop out. I’ve had some smart people who couldn’t do my courses.  I’ve had other people who weren’t that smart be able to do my courses, read the books and get benefit.

I wondered what the hell makes the difference. I started to inquire. I’ve talked to some people on the phone. I’ve nailed it down to the system people personally have for success. This goes back to the question: Do you know how to study.” It’s not about money. It’s not about being connected. It’s none of these things.

If you have a process for success, you can get connected. You can easily get connected if you have a methodology. Have you ever thought about how you do what you do?

Frequently when I’m in Facebook groups, I’m the contrarian. When people talk about their success, I will ask them questions. Are you doing X? Are you doing Y? As I ask these questions it becomes clear that these people are doing something different than what I am doing. We’re all using the same words, but we have different definitions based on our experience.

I’ve got a process of success and it’s not going to work for everybody. It’s really, really interesting because some things I’ve done recently which don’t have a lot of people as part of the mix are doing amazingly well. I’m talking about a handful of people. But, these are folks I’ve been choosing. I realize that my system won’t work for everybody. That is a dream I’ve had to let go.

I don’t care how bad you want it, unless you are going to make some fundamental changes in who you are and how you do things, you can have the best mentor, the best teacher, information, connections and money and still fail. It’s amazing. It’s this system of success that explains how Arthur Blank can go from nothing to becoming a billionaire. Then you can have people who are born rich like Donald Trump who does not have the positive impact of an Arthur Blank. Donald Trump had a head start over Arthur Blank, who has ended up richer and as a better human being, in my opinion.

There are a lot of people who want to quit their jobs because they hate them, but they have no process or pathway to success. I have talked more people out of quitting their jobs than I can count. I know what it’s like to work my ass off and not make any money for months. I know that to launch something you are going to have to put forth so much effort, time, energy and enthusiasm, that the average person who doesn’t have this system of success is just going to say fuck it and go get a job.

Number 1 – You’ve got to be honest with who the fuck you are. That’s hard. You can build a successful company that is 100% against who you are as a person and that will destroy your soul. You may have all the trappings of success, but you could end up like Kurt Cobain and commit suicide or get addicted to drugs or alcohol. That happens a lot.  People think if the money is there, it is worth doing.

Money is not the most important think. When I started this YouTube channel and my writing, my goal was to make $50K a year, and I would be good. I had no grand or over the top expectations. I studied the market and knew it was hard to make a living as a writer, but I just went forward. I was very realistic.

You might be a person who wants to make earrings. Making handcrafted earrings makes your heart leap for joy. The market may dictate that for you that equals $80K a year, but you’re happy. The marketplace may pay you $40K a year, but you’re happy.

Then you might start selling some stuff you don’t believe in, but the marketplace likes it and pays you $2 million a year. I just don’t think the money is always worth it. I’ve never been like that.

I’ve never said I wanted to be a billionaire. I’ve never wanted to be a millionaire for the sake of saying I was. With that said, I have always wanted to be wealthy. Wealthy is when your money and assets work for you when you’re not working. That is something I’ve always wanted. You don’t even have to be a millionaire to have that kind of lifestyle.

You could have $800,000 worth of real estate and earn $9K a month from it after taxes and expenses. That’s $120K a year sitting on your ass. That’s a good lifestyle. You’ve got good money coming in and you have the time to enjoy life. Comparatively, if you build something you don’t like and you make a lot more money, you have to consider what your life force is worth.

Let’s get back to how to create a system of success. The second thing you have to know is who you are and not who people want you to be. The world is really strange. If you’re authentic, the world may shit on you at first. As you continue to push on, a lot of people who used to hate your ass will start to love you. They will start to support you.

I’ve seen. Look at Howard Stern. At one point, he was vilified. He’s got his own radio show. That’s who he is. The takeaway is to be brutally honest about who you are, what you want to do and how you want to live. That energy does not disappear like the energy present when you assume other people’s idea of success.

The third thing you must accept is that you are going to have to become comfortable with failure. That’s part of the system. You will have many ideas that won’t work, but you have to keep trying different things to find the winners. You have to look at failure as a feedback source.

The fourth thing you have to do is to learn to appreciate small things. One of the things that stops people is the home run mentality. There are many people who are terribly unhappy who are doing $60K, $80K or $100k a year. They are upset because it isn’t a million-dollar business yet. You’ve got people who can’t appreciate the success they have because it is not the success they want.

Back in 20009, I appreciated all those people who bought my book. It totaled up to only about $560. I was so grateful. I knew if I could make money with this first book that had issues, it made me excited about what I could do in the future. There are some folks who would have given up.

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