How to Make Money Starting a YouTube Channel in 2017

How to Make Money Starting a YouTube Channel in 2017

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

When I started on YouTube in 2009, it wasn’t open for everyone to make money from AdSense. I’ve been making money here on YouTube since 2009, because I sell products and services.

Life is funny. When I started my YouTube channel, I didn’t foresee any of the things happening that happened.

This is how I got started. I didn’t have a great camera. I just sat down and I started making videos. It was a little strange, sitting there talking to yourself, by yourself in front of the computer.

My first video was August 6, 2009. It was Hustling Ain’t for Sissies. As I went on I made a lot of videos, a ton of videos. I made so many videos that I became comfortable with the process. It didn’t happen overnight. It was something that took time. I was a storage auction guy for real before the TV shows came on, before all of the hype. That’s something I did for over a decade of my life.

Storage units make money. You buy a unit for $1 or $10 and make $1000. It’s a great way to really maximize your profit.

Another thing that I did was I made a lot of videos. At one point, I was making five videos per day. I just kept cranking them out because the more videos I made, the more traffic I got to my blog. It was amazing. The more traffic I got, the more books I sold. So, over time, my YouTube thing changed quite a bit. I never thought that this channel would have a life of its own.

In the beginning, I hated making videos. In 2009 and 210, I absolutely hated making videos. But there are 1250 videos on this channel now. At some point, the hate became determination. It became fun. It’s fun to make videos now. It’s fun to meet people and interact with them in the comments.

I didn’t see that coming. It was really a huge shock for me because I’m an introvert. I like to be myself and I like to work in private.

I’ve gotten all kind of incredible opportunities because of this YouTube channel. It all started with that horrible first video. It was just terrible.

You can’t begin something without beginning at some place. That was my deal.

So, the cliff notes version of my start in YouTube in 2009 is I uploaded videos. Then, I found out they brought an incredible amount of traffic to my blog which was called Urban Packrat. Don’t look for it. It doesn’t exist anymore.

I would get 10 to 20 hits a day. I started putting up the stories…. The storage auction stories, the Craigslist stories. Then I started getting 200 to 30 hits a day on the blog.

There’s been a great deal of experimentation. There’ s been so much change with the channel. There have been changes in direction, changes in the logo. I really feel like I am just getting started.

So, in 2009, I put videos up. I didn’t know anything about it. The audio was crappy. You see black bars on the side. It was just horrible.

But, like I said, we all have to begin somewhere. Then in 2010, things got a little better. I started to learn some stuff. I started to learn some stuff. I started to make better content. Then, in 2011, that’s the year things just took off.  

In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, it dawned on me I wasn’t buying storage units anymore. The channel was all about that topic, so I started turning the ship. This rubbed some people the wrong way. They said… “Screw you, we’re leaving.”

So, a word of advice for you is if you start a channel and it gets some traction, you can’t change what you’re talking about without losing the first people who came. It happened to me.

Then in 2013 and 2014 I came up with mindset I’ve had for a long time. I named it the Hustler Mindset Project. I started focusing on that, creating classes and courses. Some of the courses were really good. Most of them weren’t. People told me, “We don’t want them.” That was another learning lesson.

My YouTube channel is really different because it has always been based on selling stuff. I’ve never been overly dependent on AdSense because you have to have a tremendous amount of views or a crazy conversion rate to really rock out on AdSense.

The channel has been about selling stuff since 2009 and I’ve become pretty good at it, which wasn’t really easy. In the beginning, I was so excited for the 100 or 200 views because I was also getting 10 or 20 views on my blog. I was extremely excited and became very determined because I liked the results.

Understand, I didn’t like making videos. That didn’t come until almost my third year. It was really cool that I was able to just whip out a shitty camera, start making videos, start making money online with no experience just because I tried something different and new.

That’s what’s really exciting about YouTube. People are talking about Facebook video and other competitors. I don’t really see anyone being a real threat to YouTube at the moment.

There are many people who asked me questions, like is YouTube still good? My translation of this question is, how hard do I have to work? The answer is: Yes, you do. That’s the thing. I’ve watched many people over the years who started off just like I did with 0 views. It takes time.

One of the reasons I’m really excited is because it seems like the 5th or 6th year is when people really take off.

So, if you want to do YouTube, here are some tips. Pick something that you really like or you can appreciate or learn to like.

Always be yourself. That’s one of the benefits of having a channel. You can be doing what you like all day long and you can make money.

Now, how do you make money on YouTube? Many people throw out the answer AdSense. I think that’s the least efficient way to make money. I have monetized videos. But, once again, I have 1250 videos. There’s only 200 videos that make money. The rest of them make no money.

In my opinion, the best way to make money with YouTube is to use it as a lead generation tool. Hands down, YouTube is the best lead generation tool I’ve seen in my life.

What I’m saying is you have to get started. Play around with it. Have fun.

Another way to start it is to start more than one channel at a time. Start three channels at once. I’ve got five channels.

If you really want to start a channel and you have no clue, I’m going to say you should stay in your backyard. You don’t know what’s really going to work until you really start doing it.

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The Unofficial Uber Partner’s Drivers Guide And Webinar Series

The Unofficial Uber Partner’s Drivers Guide And Webinar Series HUSTLERS KUNG FU ONLINE COURSE ENROLL NOW

You can make a lot of money with Uber if you know how to work the system.

I know, because I drove for Uber to get this “insider information.”

This hustle is one of the best part-time hustles available for earning fast cash when you need it.

This course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a side hustle to bring in quick cash
  • Any person who wants to earn as much money as possible with flexible hours
  • Uber drivers who want to learn how to “game the system” to earn more
  • Entrepreneurs interested in earning more income to feed a growing business

This course teaches:

  • How to work the right locations for higher earnings
  • The best strategies for maximizing income working less hours
  • How surges can negatively impact driver ratings and how to handle the risk
  • Why driving as a sole proprietorship is a bad idea
  • Why you should take screenshots of high priced rides
  • How to find the sweet spots in your geographic area
  • Why You should use a navigation system always
  • Why and when you should turn your Uber App off so you don’t get trapped with low paying trips
  • How and why to use a two-phone setup.
  • How to get the highest paying airport runs
  • The best hours of the day to work
  • The best practices to earn high ratings
  • How stalking black Uber cars benefits your business

Uber offers entrepreneurs:

  • Necessary fast cash to build a business without having the rigid constraints of a job
  • A lead generation source for your primary business
  • A business opportunity to harness the power of Uber and manage your own fleet of Uber cars
  • Odd hours to earn income that complement your primary business schedule
  • Other side businesses and ways to earn money with Uber

Uber has made it easier than ever to earn cash without the rigid demands of a job.

Buy this guide today and maximize your Uber earnings potential.


Hustling 105 : How To Start A Business As Fast As Possible


Taking that first step to start a business is the hard part.

I had to learn these lessons myself as I started different businesses and finally found success. You can benefit from my struggles and shorten your learning curve.

If you overthink everything, then Nothing Happens! This course will take away the guesswork.

This course:

  • Provides a step by step guide to create a sustainable income
  • Can be used by people with little or no money to get started
  • Is easy to understand
  • Is based on proven business strategies that work every time, in every economy
  • Will change your life
  • Offers you a proven way to take control over your destiny
  • Provides the financial security you desire
  • Gives you the secrets used by every successful businessperson.

This course leads you to the answers to the BIG questions that hold you back:

  • What is the right business for me to start?
  • What is the first step?
  • How will I know I’ve chosen the right business?
  • What if I don’t meet my monetary goals?
  • What type of businesses can I start for $100
  • How can I grow my business?
  • What will I do if my business fails?
  • How can I know my idea will work?

Starting a business is about taking action.

This course provides clear action steps that anyone can take to start a successful business:

You will find out why:

  • Taking quick action to test your idea is the best way to create a fast business income
  • There is no shortage of opportunities
  • The more you fail, the faster you will succeed
  • Using “Bill Math” to create your financial goals doesn’t work
  • All you need is your body, your imagination and your time to create a business
  • Writing down your goals is crucial
  • Getting marketplace feedback makes all the difference
  • Success is yours for the taking, if you are willing to work

Buy this course and start today! You can start a business fast with this guide.


How to Start a Business with No Experience and No Money

how to start a business

How to Start a Business with No Experience and No Money

You want to start a business, but you have no experience. Nothing. No experience, no money. Nothing. How do you do that?

I’ll break that down in this video. You can start a business with no experience. You really can.


How to start a business with no experience?

First of all, you’ve got to get started. You have to understand that it’s okay to be you. I’m not saying that in a condescending way. In my course, Local Hustlers – the thing is, it’s okay to struggle.

I had a young lady who commented on the video. She said… “I’m angry.”

There were so many things she didn’t get. Essentially, she’s at that point where her eyes are being opened. She’s where she should be.

The matrix that people will say for you to do is in order to start a business you must have business cards. You must incorporate. You must rent business space.

Right now, I’m in my underwear. I’m not getting up to show you. I started a business so I want you to listen to me. I started a YouTube business that allows me to do that.

So, when I say this. This is not BS. I know it can be done. The reality is you can start right now with no experience and if you work your ass off and you do this for 12 – 24 months, you could possibly have a business. I will make you this guarantee. If you don’t have an IQ of 75, within 12 to 24 months, you can have a business that will support you and your family.

I remember this conversation I had with a fool. Many people are caught up in the façade of a business. I’ve got this nice office space. I’ve got these nice cards. This is the new economy. You don’t have to do things the way your father and grandfather did. Get up. Get started. Do something now.

At the end of the day, you could have the framework of a business. Now, are you incorporated? No. I don’t recommend you do this until you validate your business idea.

What’s validating? Finding out if your concept will get strangers to pay money for it.

How to Start A Business Rule One: Get started!

How To Start A Business Rule Two: Forget about the people in your life who have not started a business and can’t offer you valid, time-tested advice.

When I started my first business that was doing well, I got some bullshit from my mother and I completely ignored it. She filed bankruptcy three times. She doesn’t know shit about money. She never started a business.

What people confuse is age with wisdom. There’s a lot of 60, 70, and 80-year-old fools out there. It is 2017. We don’t do it like that anymore.

A lot of people romanticize the good part of history and ignore the bad part.

How To Start  A Business Rule Three: You have got to become a metric monster. You’ve got to dig in the data.

Many people do not want you to win.

They may say they want you to win. They may act like they’re in your corner. They will become your Brutus, because your winning means they did not participate in the game. Brutus thought he was smarter than you. You’re going to experience success and when Brutus comes along, you’ll be ready.

Rule Number 4: You’ve got to be grateful for the little stuff.

I’m happy for the fools who subscribe to this channel and immediately give me a dislike. Thank you. You just got me a view. You’re just giving me a bigger view count.

During the beginning, when you’re out there talking to people about sales and they say they want to buy, but make excuses about having to pay the light bill or whatever, don’t get upset. Practice gratitude. Practice appreciation. You practice these two things and money will jump in your wallet.

Now let’s get down to the technical parts. At what point do you incorporate? When you’ve earned enough money to pay for the incorporation and money is still coming in. Remember, I believe in incorporating business structures. You’re going to have to do some research. Everybody has a different situation.

To build, you’re going to have to go back to being a metric monster.

Another way for you to start a business without experience is to work for free.

If you don’t have what the world needs at that time – the world has no use for you.

When it comes down to serving people and making money, you earn what you deserve.

Humanity operates from a Quid Pro Quo philosophy. It’s either some money. It’s either emotional benefit. There’s got to be some emotional benefit or people aren’t interested. They’re just not.

So, retrain your brain. Because, yes, you can start this business with no experience. But there’s going to be stages. First, you go through 1, 2, 3, 4, and then stage 5.

Stage five is to realize you’re the owner. Many people own businesses and act like employees, and wonder why their people don’t respect them. When you get to a certain level, you own that shit. You’re the person on the white horse. When you accept that responsibility, you’ll make more money.

What I don’t like about our society today is the thing with the trophies. There are no participation trophies in business. There are none. You fucking win or you fucking lose. So, if you bring that participation mindset into the business and you’re getting your ass kicked, it’s because you never learned to struggle.

There’s this wonderful book by Paul Tugh, How Children Succeed. It’s good advice for adults too. It’s a colorful book with pencils on the cover. The gist of the book is that many kids are spared the process of struggle. It shows up when they are adults.

There’s so much opportunity now, it’s sick. When people say…”I’m waiting for the right time,” you’re waiting because you are afraid.

Every time I put some shit out, I have a lot of losers. It happens. I fail more than I win, which leads me to Rule Number 6. If you fail a lot, you’re going to have to create massive action. I fail a lot. I fail 75% of the time. So, if I do 10 action points, I’m going to win 2.5. So, what do I do with that information? I create 40 action points. I still have a 25% success rate.

I paused because I just gave you the magic jelly beans.

So, if you want to start a business with no experience, you’ve got to work your ass off. People have so many options, they don’t know what to do.

You’ve got to figure out what your thing is. The best way to figure out what your thing is, is to fuck up a lot.

My thing isn’t money. My thing is freedom. That is my crack. I can do what I want on most days.

You can build your life. It’s a matter of courage.

Your deficiencies are going to take up most of your time. I believe in shoring up your deficiencies.

You struggle for your success. If you really want to start a business with no experience, it’s something you can do.

Disruptive Money – The Mad Life Skill

Disruptive Money – The Mad Life Skill

Never be broke again!

I remember the stress of worrying about money. It casts a dark shadow over your life. When I started following this plan, my money worries were over.

You can do the same thing, no matter what your circumstances are.

This simple plan can be followed by anyone at any income level. It is not some complicated stock plan or gimmick that is hard to understand. It is as easy as counting to five.

You have a better option. You can choose to take control of your finances today. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn now, there are proven money management strategies that “people in the know” use to always have the money they need when they need it.

By using this proven system for managing your money, you will never be broke again.

This course is for:

  • Parents who had to say “No” to their children when they asked for something reasonable that they needed
  • Individuals who would be devastated by a job loss
  • People who don’t have the money they need when life’s emergencies occur
  • Homeowners who worry whether they can pay for the next home repair
  • Car owners who worry about paying for repairs and normal maintenance
  • People who are worried about their financial future and employment prospects
  • Anyone who does not go to the doctor or dentist because they worry about the cost
  • People who fear being sick and away from work and getting behind on bills
  • Employees who believe they do not earn enough money to save any
  • People who are always broke after they pay for basic living expenses
  • People who want to start a business
  • Spenders who simply can’t figure out where all their money goes every month

This course teaches:

  • How to save money on “any” budget
  • Why your habits are to blame for having no money when you need it
  • How to set up different accounts to manage your money and save
  • How to start small side businesses to secure your future and build your savings
  • Ways to always have the money you need to take advantage of “deals” when they come around

You have the choice. Buy this course and never feel broke again.


Disruptive Circus: Life Skills – Income and Life Hacks

Disruptive Circus_ Life Skills – Income and Life Hacks

You can earn the money you need to establish the lifestyle and future security you want.

These courses are the strategies I used to go from broke to wealthy. It wasn’t easy, but I am living proof that you can follow a plan and get what you want out of life.

You can do the same thing. If I can do it, then anybody can. I had no special training and no money when I started. But I followed a plan that worked.

You don’t need a college education, investment money, credit or special connections to follow the instructions in this course and get ahead.

Imagine never worrying about being laid off or unemployed again. By establishing a thriving business, you can say goodbye to a dismal employment market where good jobs are drying up and the odds aren’t always in your favor.

This course teaches:

  • How to establish a successful reselling business on Craigslist
  • How to determine the best business for your personality and interests
  • Universal life skills that the wealthy use to protect their assets from Uncle Sam and lawyers
  • How to start a storage auction business
  • How to use the “Discovery Tool Box” to harness your skills and interests for a new business
  • How to buy a used car and beat the system
  • How to earn $1000 a week with Craigslist immediately

This course takes the guesswork out of the equation and leads you to the answers you need to succeed.


  • Never having to worry about being able to pay your bills again
  • Adding an extra $1000 week immediately by following a simple plan that anyone can follow
  • Always being able to say “YES” to a family vacation or a nice dinner out
  • Being able to jump off of the employment treadmill and say goodbye to your boss forever
  • Living in the neighborhood you want and driving the car you want
  • Creating your own dream job that satisfies your wants and needs
  • Not counting the days until the weekend or your day off because you are miserable
  • Being in charge of your own life, free from office politics and unreasonable demands

This course is not:

  • A “Get Rich” scheme with vague instructions that leaves you lost and broke
  • For people who are unable to follow simple instructions
  • For lazy people looking for a quick fix without doing the work

The hardest part of starting a business is taking that first step. This course makes it easy and leads you forward with detailed instructions that anyone can follow.

Buy this course today. Take action and create a life of prosperity and security!


Hustle Sweat Profit – Increasing Salient Action For More Profit

Hustle Sweat Profit – Increasing Salient Action For More Profit

The difference between business success and failure is knowing how to grow your business and then being willing to take consistent action.

When your business stops growing, it is time to pay attention. Trial and error solutions that don’t work eat up precious time as profits dwindle. All business owners know the feeling. That’s when panic can set in. The only path out is through calculated immediate action.

It is too easy to get stuck, making less money than you want. Since your business is either growing or dying, there is only one option for entrepreneurs who seek long-term success.

The solutions are available. You only have to ask.

This guide is for:

  • Business owners who want to increase profits
  • Struggling entrepreneurs who aren’t earning the profits they desire
  • Business ventures with declining revenues
  • Businesses with low profit margins
  • Business owners seeking proven ways to move up to the next level

This guide provides:

  • A step by step guide that will always work to increase profits
  • Tips about how to analyze pain points that need to be addressed
  • Proven strategies for creating “the good life” you seek long-term
  • Practical advice about ways to cut the fat that will immediately increase income
  • Techniques for creating more financial stability to weather market changes
  • Tools for increasing your activity that will produce positive business results
  • Strategies to identify and establish sustainable income sources
  • Proven ways to “blow up your business” for increased income

This guide answers these questions:

  • What can I do to move more money to my bottom line?
  • How can I make my business more efficient so I can earn more income?
  • How can I prepare for an uncertain future?
  • What steps can I take to grow my business as quickly as possible?
  • How can I determine what is causing lagging profitability?


Take control of your business today. Buy this guide.


How to Create Passive Income for Real

How to Create Passive Income for Real

In this video, I am going to teach you how to create passive income for real. Some say passive income doesn’t exist.Be sure to get your Free 19 Business courses below.  80 to 85% of all commerce is done offline in 2016. There are many people who don’t know how to build a business other than an online business. There’s a lot of conversation about passive income. Often it is one-sided. Passive income from online courses. Passive income from affiliate marketing. Passive income from doing something online. Passive income is real. Passive income is possible.

I’m going to teach you how to develop sustainable passive income. Now, what I didn’t say was it would be easy.

Right now, we’re looking at DC Comics. This is a conversation I had in writer’s groups I frequented. I understood many people weren’t getting it. I was writing “How To” books and they were writing fiction. They were like…” How can we get some marketing with fiction?”I said…” You’ve heard of Spiderman, right? Heard of the Flash? You’ve seen the t-shirts. You’ve seen the figurines, right? Well, all of those guys are fiction and fantasy.At DC Comics, they’ve got a lot of stuff going on. They’ve got the characters, the comics, the movies, the TV and the games.

All of this stuff is licensed out to other people. They ask DC Comics… “May I be a licensed merchandiser?” They’ll answer with… “We like what you are doing. We are going to approve you to be a licensed merchandiser.”

It’s called passive income.

Green Lantern. Superman. Batman. These comic book characters are decades old.

How old is Superman? He was created in June 1938.

Someone has been making money licensing out his image, his name, his costume for decades.

Let’s go to another one. Disney. Walt Disney. How old is Mickey Mouse? He’s older than Superman. Disney licenses out Mickey Mouse and they get royalties. That’s passive income. For a long time, Nike didn’t own any factories. They were a licensing company, a marketing company. They didn’t make shoes. They marketed the logo. Somebody else did the heavy lifting. They got passive income to the tune of billions. Michael Jordan makes $90 million a year from his licensing, passive income from the Air Jordan brand. He makes more money now than he did when he was playing.

Now this is one of my mentors. I used to work at Northside Hospital and Curtis Mayfield was one of my patients. I used to see him all the time. The man schooled me in passive income, licensing, and royalties. He was giving me gold. He was 90% paralyzed and supporting his family off of his passive income.

You need to learn how to create something.

Everybody is trying to get rich off of other people’s stuff.I have the right to do whatever I want with my intellectual property because it’s mine. Now, Milo is very popular. This is a character. Very simple. Baby Milo was created. All of this stuff is licensing and merchandise. The company doesn’t make all this stuff. They license out the rights and get a percentage. That’s durable passive income.

You know what Hello Kitty is. You’ve seen it, right? Hello Kitty is a $2 Billion per year brand. They don’t make any of this stuff. They license it out. Do you understand where I am going with this?

The surest road to sustainable and durable passive income is to create something that does not exist or to make something that does exist much better and put your brand on it. That’s how you develop passive income.

You’ve heard of the Super Soaker. If you are of a certain age, you probably have one. It was invented by Lonnie Johnson 20-25 years ago. He’s made over $100 million in passive income by licensing it to Hasbro Mattel.

Well done Lonnie. He’s one of my mentors.

The path to sustainable passive income is to create something, not to use someone else’s stuff. Think of it this way, the next ten years is going to pass whether you do anything or not. So, you might struggle to build something for two or three years, then in ten years you are a millionaire. That’s how you do it. Not with all this quick, hurry up, I’ve got to have my money now. You sound like a bitch. Real adults build things.

Once you’ve made your money, then you park it somewhere. My investment was in me and my business. Let’s just be real. If you get $50 million. What do you do? You’re going to have to pay your capital gains taxes.I’ll give you my scenario. This is what I like to do for fun. If I won the lottery, there’s a scenario for each level of income… $10 million, $20 million, $50 million, and $100 million.

For the sake of this video, let’s just say I got $50 million. Let’s say taxes are paid and $50 million is left.  I would take $5 million and put it in my personal bank account. Then I would take $45 million and buy as much class A commercial property as I could get my hands on.I’m not going to manage it. We’re talking 7 figures a year passive income. This is how you get true and sustainable passive income.

I’m going to tell you my passive income story.

In less than eight years, I made $3 million income from my book, Making Money A-Z with Self Storage Unit Auction and my courses. When the most money was coming in, I was doing absolutely nothing. I would wake-up with $1500 to $3,000 in my account every day. This went on for about three years.

How did I get there? I went out and hustled my ass off and started doing stuff in the storage auction business that no one else was doing. Then, when I got out, I sold this book about it, this intellectual property. Do you understand how this works now?

Create your own dreams. Put your best foot forward. Put your soul into something.

Let go of the new wave stuff.

Look this cat up. Buy these books. The Effective Executive. Get everything by Peter Drucker and by Edward Deming. These books will help you build real businesses. They’re old. But this shit works. That’s how you build true and sustainable passive income, by creating something, by building something, by being something.

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Building a Business Now and Beyond the First Step – Making that First Dollar

Building a Business Now and Beyond the First Step – Making that First Dollar

This is a summary of this video.

What’s the Truth about Glendon Cameron? Former storage auction buyer, serial entrepreneur, publisher, author, school founder. Who’d have thought that was going to happen? Not me.I’ve got no college, no fancy degree, just drive and will power. I wasn’t looking to do that. It was just destiny. I do believe you create your own destiny.I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was where some of you are. I am someone who came from very meager circumstances and did well.I’m in the gym quite a bit. There are people who walk around with big calves. I saw this guy with good calf development and the dude showed me a picture of the little twigs he used to have.

I was, okay, I’m listening. Following his routine, my calves are close to 18 inches.I’ve even gotten whistled at. They are way bigger than they used to be, because I got the right information. That’s what this is going to be about for you. I learned everything from trial and error, making it happen.

You can do the same thing.

It’s going to take effort, blood, sweat and tears. People don’t want to hear that. People are looking for magic jelly beans.For most people, if they could do these things, they’d be happy….have a house paid for before they’re 40, the car they want to be paid off and about 50K in the bank with no personal debt. People living like that are considered rich now. Why? Because they don’t have a lot of issues stressing them out. The world’s about to change. You’ve got to take that first step transitioning from an employee to a business owner. You can start a business.When you use the word “business” around people, they think of a huge skyscraper and pretty secretaries and a car service. That’s part of business for some companies.

But for everyone else, your business is you.

There are many people held up, imprisoned by their own mind. “I can’t start a business because I’m not special enough. I’m no smart enough. I’m not pretty enough. I haven’t got special connections. I’ve got bad credit and can’t go to the bank to get a business loan.Conundrum Publishing  ( Now Mack Daddy Media) was started with $289 without a capital reinvestment for damn near 20 months. So, if you think you need a whole lot of cash to start a business, you’re wrong.  You need hustle. You need drive.

All the opportunity you want is right before you right now. You can’t see it because you don’t believe it.

Part of starting a business is you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to make a lot of them. If you make a ton of mistakes really fast, you increase your knowledge base really fast. Then you can make better decisions to move your business forward. It’s going to take time. You have to pay your dues. I believe that is the biggest barrier to people starting a business. You can start your business in a month or it could take ten years. I don’t know.What I do know is if you start working your ass off and you have a goal and a strategy, amazing things can happen.

The world has changed. Many people don’t believe it. If you read a lot, are a student of history, then you know that.

I want you to check out this book – Race Against the Machine. It’s from 2011. These guys actually study what is happening with jobs. Many of the things they talked about have happened and will continue to happen.Because we are at this apex of innovation and access.If you will hold up your iPhone, Android or whatever you have, that phone has more processing power than your first computer, if you were like me and bought it in 1997. This phone can do way more than that computer that you spent thousands on in the 90s.

Your phone can do movies. Your first computer couldn’t make movies. Your phone searches the internet faster.

I mention this, to compare and contrast and to show how fast we’re moving. In five years, you’ll have people running businesses from their phone. Now, if you are someone that embraces technology every day when you get up, you’re doing your happy dance. These are great times for you. But if you are a person who doesn’t read and doesn’t like technology and doesn’t want to study, you are screwed.We have a new problem. This whole recession, recovery thing is being exposed. Unemployment is creeping back up. You want to know why? There’s no economic drivers, such as housing.

Essentially, unemployment is going up and if true unemployment was factored in, I’d say it is roughly 20% across the board.

College graduates do have a lower unemployment rate. It’s true. It’s because they are taking jobs that high school graduates used to do. If I own a Starbucks, I’m like, “Come on in. Here’s your apron and time card. That’s why the employment rate for college graduates is higher. If you’re getting a degree that can’t give you the skill sets and the ability to pay back your student loans, you are Boo Boo the fool. College used to work. Certain career fields still work. Typically, you want to get into something rigorous and challenging. Prepare to quit your job. Prepare to be fired. Essentially, it’s coming. Something very big; something very powerful is coming. It’s a power shift. By 2020, 40% to 50% of people are going to be freelancers. Years ago, when the Pilgrims came to America, they were essentially self-employed. They had to make their own clothes, their own food and booze. They had to make everything.

And with that comes a certain level of independence, a certain level of ruggedness, a certain level of autonomy.

So, essentially, you can prepare to quit your job or be unprepared and flat footed like I was way back when, when I got laid off for the third time. All of a sudden, you have to scramble to summon the forces of the universe to come to your aid. It lit a fire under my ass. I didn’t have any money in the bank. I didn’t have a job. I was living in a boarding house. I had reached a point where I couldn’t do this anymore. Something has to change. And the only thing in the equation I can change is me.

And I changed me.

And in six weeks, I was living in a house with levels. I was working a job.You have to be prepared to be fired. You’re going to have major corporations with fewer employees. That’s the power of technology; that’s the power of automation and outsourcing. So, if you’re looking for a job, you are just “Roadkill Rob.” Jobs are going the way of the dinosaurs.

So, you have the choice. You can be the pimp or the whore. Hunt or be hunted.

Forget all the noise you’ve heard about starting a business. Until you make your first dollar, you’re not a business. You are better off working from your home until you have cash to ramp up and move your business forward. One of the things we’re going to do with Hustler’s University now  ( Hustler;s Kung Fu Lifeskills)  is hold you accountable. You can build a strong business model in a year.

This is your task, if you accept it, after watching this video. I want you to figure out something you can do to make money online. Go for it. You might surprise yourself.

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