The Producer

The Producer

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There is a serious battle between the producer mindset and the consumer mindset. One of the things about a hustle is that you are going to recognize how the game works out. A lot of people have desire and they want to be a business person, but they don’t have the passion or the courage. There is a world of difference between the consumer mindset and a producer mindset.

If you are thinking I have this business and every Friday I have to have a check, you have a consumer mindset. You’re not looking at the big picture. Consumers get a regular check. They go out and buy stuff. They hope to have enough money to pay for all the hopes, needs and desires. It doesn’t always work out.

A producer mindset as about creating the funds to live the life you want. Producers realize it is not an overnight process. If you look at who controls the world, you’ll see it is producers. What is a producer. A producer is someone that generates a service, an idea, and jobs that move the economy. Those are producers. If you have an idea that you pull out of your head and thrust into the world and that idea generates things that people want, buy or need, you’re a producer. If you’re not doing any of this, you’re a consumer.

Your mindset is the reason you have what you have in your live including the things you don’t have. It makes a huge difference in the way you look at things. Years ago, it scared the shit out of me not to get a weekly paycheck. I wondered, how do you live without a check? You don’t need a paycheck, you need consistent income. There’s a world of difference between a check and income. A lot of people think it’s the same thing.

An example is income is when you sell some chairs and some other stuff, and at the end of the day you have $400. That’s income. It’s that simple. People think if you have a business, it has to be huge. All of these businesses like Apple and Hewlett Packard started off very, very small. Every business has to be born. And with birth comes growth.

Many people think that success should be instant. People thing, I want and I do should automatically equal the desired results. Let me give you another formula. Hard work plus passion plus more hard work and long hours plus consistent effort might equal success. There is a certain amount of risk if you are a producer. There are no guarantees.

As a producer, sometimes you hit a homerun. If things were always fair, you’d never ever hit a homerun. So forget about fair being part of the way it works. Different people put in the same amount of effort, but get different results. You can get all types of rewards totally out of proportion with your efforts if you are at the right place at the right time as a producer. This will never happen as a consumer.

You have to plant something to grow something. I started this in 2009. I’m doing this video and blog to let you know what happens when you plant seeds.

I started this channel August 6, 2009. My expectations at the time was to make 20 or 30 videos and put the storage auction book out and then jump to writing fiction. Boom! It blew up. The TV shows came on. Everybody in America started talking about storage auctions. Then my stuff took off. It was just a trip. None of this would have happened if I didn’t plant the seed.

This was not instant success. When I started this, there were no storage auction blogs. There were people who laughed at my earliest videos, saying thing like, “You’re going through people’s stuff?” HAHAHA Then some of those same people asked me to show them how to get into the business.

You need to start something. It can be anything. You have to start with the right mindset and let the consumer mindset go.

The consumer mindset is I will give “X” number of hours of my life for “X” amount of money. You’re never going to have the life you want unless your paycheck is huge. Let’s just be honest about it. Ninety percent of this country have not had a raise in the last ten years if you factor in the cost of living. Think about that.

As long as you are a consumer, you are fucked. A lot of the stuff I have is from the storage auction business or were bought for wholesale prices. That make my producer dollars go ever further. Are you listening to me? Being a producer is where the money, the savings and the good life is.

The first two to five years in a new business are rocky as hell. You will have times in a new business where your employees are making more money than you. That’s the reality. However, if you spend those two to five years building the business, stacking the foundation, at some point, you could be all over town while your business is making money for you. While you’re having lunch, your business is making money. While you are on a date, your business is making money for you. While you’re on vacation in London, your business is making money for you.

Understand, it takes time to build a business. A true hustler knows this stuff. It’s not a cake walk. It’s not easy. But everyone can do it.

As long as you are always driven to spend whatever you have, you’ll never be able to build a business unless you get really lucky or win the lottery. I’m serious. It’s never going to happen.

It’s not about how much money you make. It’s about how you look at money. Money is not power. Intellect is power. Money is a tool. The money is only as good as the intellect behind the money.

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  1. Hello Mr. Cameron:

    I just started listening to you and I have to say you inspired me. I need your help. When you say “Finding your audience” are you taking about find a market, or a group of people, who are into something, for example, people who like motorcycles? If you could answer this question, I would greatly appreciate that.

    Keep making videos – They are awesome.

    Thank you,


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