What The Hell Should I Create?

These are the best times to be a creator!

You don’t have to be the next Picasso or Beyoncé to create something people want or need.

I used these proven steps to find products to create and sell for profit.

This audio book is for:

  • Creative people interested in making something new to sell
  • People interested in “owning” their creative abilities to earn a living
  • Artists, writers, inventors and others looking for a foolproof guide to earning income
  • Individuals who are struggling to monetize their newly-created products
  • Artists who want to identify and create products that buyers want and need

This audio book answers these questions:

  • How to decide what you want to create
  • How to use “pain” as your guide for identifying new products that will sell
  • Why testing will save you money and precious time
  • How to address the mental barriers to creation
  • Why creating processes for others to use is lucrative
  • How to manage rejection and keep moving towards creative success
  • How to use feedback from potential customers to improve your idea
  • Why using Pre-sell strategies works
  • How to use coping mechanisms to fuel the creative process

You are more creative than you know! Embrace that side of your personality for fun and profit.


This book explains:

  • How to use samples as part of a winning formula for success
  • The criteria for creating a product that will sell
  • The importance of making product revisions based on feedback
  • Meditation techniques to relieve stress and encourage the creative process
  • Why entertainment represents a significant market for creative people
  • Methods for capturing creative ideas
  • Methods for testing your creation
  • How pricing and usefulness are key factors that determine product success

Tapping into your creative skills is one of the best ways to make money and enjoy life!


Buy this book and get started today, designing your creative life for business success!


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