$84,000 a Month – How to Do It

$84,000 a Month – How to Do It

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$84,000 per month, that is one hell of a number, isn’t it? Did you know that $84,000 per month times 12 is a million dollars a year? That’s simple math, right? Men lie. Women lie. Numbers never lie.

There’s a lot of talk about creating million-dollar businesses online. But, there’s not much talk about the process. In this Hustler’s Kung Fu drop, I’m going to give you the process and some methodologies on how you can make a million dollars a year.

We’re going to start with you. You have a service or you have a product or you’re like me, an information marketer. You’ve got something that you’re putting out into the world, right? Whatever that price point is, I want you to take it and divide it into a million dollars.

I’m starting a t-shirt business myself. I have a two-year plan. Let’s go with some basic numbers. Let’s start with a $25 t-shirt. Let’s go with a million-dollar goal. You take the million and you divide it by 25. So, that’s 40,000 shirts. We’re not done yet.

Now we’re going to divide 40,000 by 12. That’s going to give you 3,333 shirts per month. Then you’re going to divide that by 4. That equals 833 shirts per week. Then you divide that by 7 and that equals 199 shirts per day. That’s not even profit; that’s just gross sales.

If you want to create this business, you have to get real. Now I’m going to say something that will make the “follow your passion” people jump all over me. But, I don’t give a fuck. I really don’t care. All passions do not equate to million-dollar businesses. They just don’t.  

It’s about audience. It’s about marketplace. It’s about who is going to buy your stuff. T-shirts are a multi-billion-dollar business. The way I am going to do t-shirts, I know not that many people are going to buy them. I’m doing it because I want to do it and it’s fun.

If you’re doing it to make money or create a legacy, you have to retrain your brain and start looking at business differently. You have to say, there’s what I want to do and there’s what will bring me the money. It becomes really, really hard because everyone is encouraging you to leave your job, start a business and follow your passion. I know a bunch of people who are doing that and I know a bunch of people who are fucking struggling.

Now, you will see someone who is following their passion and they’re making a lot of money. The late, great Paul Harvey used to say…”and that’s the rest of the story.” That’s what you have to ask yourself when you see these people, what’s the rest of the story. When I look at people on YouTube or a website, I don’t just look at the numbers. I look at the connections and connect the dots.

Some people are neighbors with the right person. You never know unless you ask and you start to look and you begin to understand how business works. That’s very, very important.

That’s enough about that. Let’s just talk about how you can make $84,000 a month consistently and create that first million-dollar business. Number 1 – you’ve got to look at your product mix. You’ve got to look at your audience and what people will buy. You also have to consider what you’re capable of fulfilling.

When I was a reseller, I used to be one of those eBay, Amazon guys. The bottleneck was me. I had a partner. Then it got to the point where the bottleneck was us. We had to buy time which meant we had to  hire employees.

There’s this fantasy that you can make all of this money, work from your phone and never hire anybody or talk to anyone and make all this money. Will someone do it? Probably.  Has someone done it? Yep. There’s one person I know who has.

New business people probably don’t do it. The one guy I know who did it has 20 years of experience. People will say, see, he made a million dollars a year by himself.

This is the thing. Today, I had to do something at the bank. I’m running around like crazy. I did not have my wallet. I didn’t have my ID. I went in there and I was like, let me try, right? You never know. So, I go in. The girl said “Hi. How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a while.” I explained my situation. She said, “It’s ok. I know who you are.” Boom. I got my stuff done.

That shows you how important relationships are. The manager was right there and didn’t even bat an eye. If I had tried to do that and they didn’t know me, they would have told me I had to go get my ID.  That’s the power of relationships. Relationships are just very, very powerful.

Most internet marketers make most of their money on relationships not on the shit they sell you. I know I’m not supposed to say that, but that’s the game. Do this. When you’re out here on the internet marketing trail and you start getting on this list and everybody seems to know everybody at a certain level. You’re on eight, nine, twelve, fifteen lists, right. You’re getting offers. You keep seeing the same person all over. You’re not being taught to go out and form joint venture partnerships. You’re being taught to follow your passion.

Go back into your memory banks and think of all the people you look up to. See how many of them did their product launch all by themselves using the tools they tell you to use. It’s not that many. It’s something for you to think about.

Alright, you’ve got your audience. You’ve got your product and your fulfillment. You can start with what you have, but you have to understand that you have to push.

Going back to my storage auction days. Your business can only grow as large as the container you set it up in. So, if your container is only a one-man operation, you’re only going to go so far. So, if you want to build a seven-figure business, know from day one, that you have to hire someone. The sooner you hire someone and maintain an employee, the better off your business will be and the faster it will grow.

You need the right product mix and the right price point, and you need employees.

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