How to Make Money with No Money – Life and Money, the Real Struggle and Some Solutions

How to Make Money with No Money – Life and Money, the Real Struggle and Some Solutions

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You have got to raise your fuck-up threshold. When I work on a project and it doesn’t work out, then I jump to another project. Everybody isn’t used to working like that. I tend to live my life assuming everybody is like me. I do. Then I realize, maybe not.

I am still building and growing. Because I don’t have this sit down and do-nothing bone, it has helped me in many ways.  I feel like I’ll probably be doing this the next 20 years. It’s not because I have to, it’s because I want to.

You have to be able to see the good things when it is all falling part. I’ll give you an example. I was working with this client and things were going great. We got to half a million dollars a month. Then we ran into a supply chain problem which cut us down to $250K a month. Then we hit another supply chain snag which pushed us down to $140K a month.

Then some other stuff happened. I knew the things we did were going to work and really take off, but it was going to take some time. When you are working towards your goal, you have to be able to see the shiny stuff even when it is covered in mud.

When people say that Amazon and Shopify are simple, they aren’t telling you the whole story. Let’s take a Shopify store. A Shopify store is just a tool. Without traffic, it’s nothing. Shopify has become a verb. You hear people say, let’s Shopify.

Shopify is a robust platform. It can take any amount of traffic. Kylie Jenner did the launch of her makeup brand and nearly shut the site down. There were like millions of sales in like thirty minutes. Shopify is good to put your stuff on because it can handle a spike in traffic, but without traffic it is kind of worthless. You’ve got to bring the traffic.


This is the thing about family and friends. Many people subconsciously keep them self in the same place, because they know if they move ahead, their friends or family are gone. It can be lonely at times when you make up your mind to start a business or move ahead in life. You have to make friends with other successful people. If you sit down tonight and think about it, you know it’s true.

I’ll tell you a little story. Years ago, I had a friend. We were the type of friends that I could just drop over to his house whenever. We used to live together.

Then I did this crackhead thing. I did this big furniture deal then I spent my whole check on a new BMW. Yes, I did that. It was paid for, right?

I roll over to my friend’s house in this brand-new BMW, right. He comes out and says, “Hey, you got a new ride.”

“I said yeh. I spent my whole check on it.”

He said, “You put your whole check down?”

I said, “Yes, it was my whole check. This is paid for.”

Then we go in his house and there was a little look in his face, like “Huh?”

See once again, I was the shit bird of the crew. Everyone else was doing better. We were all in the military together.

Then it kind of ended weird because he was like, “Nita said you can’t just be dropping by here. You’ve got to call first.”

I said, “Ok. No problem.”

I’m thinking, I’ve got to call? When did this happen?

So, weeks go by and I’m thinking I want to go by and see him. So, I call. There was no response. No answer. Nothing. The I had my friend call him and he picked right up.

I had my other friend Darrell call Chris. Then I thought, well maybe it was the phone. Then I called Chris again, and he didn’t pick up. So, then I asked Darrell to call Chris again. Chris picks right up. I talked to another friend, and Chris picked up his call. When I called, he wouldn’t pick up.

I couldn’t believe it. I lost a friend because I was successful. I’m not going to lie, I was hurt. But, I learned a valuable lesson. There are some people who are your friend because you are beneath them. They know you’re beneath them and they can feel good because they are doing better than you.


Question: How did you make $6 million in revenues?

Answer: I’ve actually made more than $6 million. First, I created a YouTube channel. Then I wrote, How to Make Money A to Z with Self-Storage Unit Auctions. Then I sold the book from roughly 2009 to 2012 and made $1.5 million. The Craigslist book did like $400,000. Then I sold consulting services and also sold other courses. That’s what made me over $6 million dollars.

I worked hard for that money. I damn near died making that money. So, before you try to make that loot, you have to asked yourself if you’re willing to pay the price of not hanging out with your friends.


I hear people say things like, “You can get rich and not work that hard. I hear people say this stuff. Here’s the thing, You can have something that moves and doesn’t take a lot of energy to move. For about two and a half years, I was retired. I would wake up with $2K, $3K or $4K in my bank account every day whether I did anything or not.

I also knew that wasn’t going to last forever so I banked that money. When it dropped, I figured it was over. I didn’t spend that money. I knew that someday it was going to be over and I was fine.

The problem with so much of the Hustler Porn is people think you can work and get to $2 or $3 million in  only an hour or two. I’ll say something. There are some exceptional people who can pull that off. But you can’t compare the exceptional to the average person.  

When you hustle hard and you are determined to do better, it shapes how you look at life.

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