The Law of Attraction How to Get Anything You Want

The Law of Attraction How to Get Anything You Want

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I don’t care what tools you give a person, until they think they can do it not much is going to happen. It’s like dating a chick with low self-esteem. You can tell her she’s beautiful. You can treat her very well. But because of her low self-esteem, it’s not going to penetrate to her hind brain. She’s going to continue to operate inconsistent with what you’re trying to bring to the table. I’ve done it a few times and it is a very ugly dynamic.

That’s where a lot of you are. When I do my business and I go to the comments and someone says, “I guess poor people can’t afford mentors.” I’m like, “Here we go again.”

There are a ton of mentors in libraries. Go to the library. Read books. Learn.

Once again, you can give people amazing and awesome information and if they’re not taking it in to a container that believes they can do it, it makes no difference. When I talk to you about these tactics and what people are doing, it comes from something I have done, something I have observed, and something I know to be true. But, I will get amazing push back because people don’t believe they are capable. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It’s not a matter of your resources. What matters is how you think. I’ll tell you how I use the law of attraction. There are a few laws I use and I’m going to talk about one in this video.

Number one – dwell, dream, think, groom and talk about what you want. Talk about it all of the time. Believe you can get it. For some of you taking some of those courses I have while I was talking about the Craigslist dating method, that was the law of attraction. For those of you who have taken the course Scripted Days, that was the law of attraction, action and visualization.

Now, you can’t get what you want unless you know what you want. Then you must know what you want and believe with certainty that you’re going to get it. That’s where a lot of you go wrong.

There is no correlation between someone being a billionaire and you being poor. Thank God there is no correlation. The correlation would be your poverty mindset with your lack of action.

This is how it goes. First of all, you believe in a zero-sum game. Then the second thing that happens is you don’t try. It’s so crazy how many people accept failure before they even try. That’s the poverty mindset. The law of attractions means that what you dwell on becomes your life.

If you’re dwelling on poverty and how shit isn’t going right, that’s going to be your reality. It gets real deep. Once you accept that, your life is fucked.

I refuse to accept things the way they are. I operate on that premise. I’m a black man in America, right?  I can get paid. I can make money. White people are going to buy from me. Asian people are going to buy from me. Black folks are going to buy from me.

I operate on that premise. I operate on that belief. And, damn Skippy, the shit happens. Now, I’ve had people fight me on that and tell me it’s just not going to happen. But, that’s my reality. Once again, when somebody is encapsulated in the poverty mindset, it’s very hard for them to change course.

So, for you to start getting the things you want, you must identify what you want. That’s simple enough right. Many people feel ashamed if they want a Bentley. Here’s a great example. I’ve heard people with the money say, “Oh, I’d never spend that much.” It’s not about the money or them going broke. It’s how it would appear to other people.

So, if you have $10 million cash in the bank, right? What is a Bentley? I think it’s $300,000 or $400,000. There are people who could buy a Bentley but they won’t do it because they are worried about what other people will think.

It gets really deep. Once you start to accept things in your hind brain, your hind brain goes to work and makes sure that it happens.

For you people who want a relationship, start telling yourself, “I am going to have a great relationship.” Start telling yourself that now. Don’t worry about who it is going to be with and all that other stuff. Get it in your mind that it is possible.

There’s a group of people who are twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something who don’t believe they can have a good relationship. Then they attract people into their lives who make that shit come true.

When I used to do Facebook fuckery, I remember this friend of mine who always attracted the wrong kind of dudes into her life. I told her that it was something in her that was attracting them. She didn’t believe me. She said, “They lie. I was misled.” You can be misled here and there, but if every dude you meet is dusty, there’s something wrong with you.

I’ve had a few incidences where I’ve attracted the wrong kind of woman in my life, and some bad shit happened. But instead of me saying, all women are fucked up, I’d asked myself what did I do to attract that into my life. One of the incidences happened after my friend died.

I was still grieving, so I wasn’t thinking correctly. It didn’t happen before or since. You could have gone through a serious, life-changing event and you weren’t powered up and that’s how you attracted the wrong person in your life. Accepting your role in that gives you the power to change that shit. But as long as it is someone else’s fault or someone else’s responsibility, and you’re just a poor little victim, that shit is going to keep happening.

This doesn’t just happen with romantic relationships. It’s all relationships. It’s friendships. It’s business relationships. It’s everything, because your mind isn’t where it needs to be.

So, Number 1- You can do this. Number two – Take copious action in alignment with what you want. The third thing is when shit doesn’t go right, you have to go back and asked yourself where you went wrong. Ask yourself that question versus blaming someone else. By asking yourself that question, where did I go wrong, you give yourself the power to fix shit.

You take the feedback and you go out there and double your efforts.

If you believe you can do it and that you deserve it and take action, you will see your life change. You’ll start to get the things you want. Your money will start to get nice. It’s all because of how you think and how you act.

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