Adpocalypse – AdSense Sucks – Why I am No Longer Putting Ads on My YouTube Channels

Adpocalypse – AdSense Sucks - Why I am No Longer Putting Ads on My YouTube Channels

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AdSense has never been a big part of my income. It’s nice to get money every month out of nowhere. Everyone loves that, but there are a few problems. Much of the content I create is not advertiser-friendly. Do I want to change my content to be advertiser-friendly? My answer to that is, “Fuck no.”

When I created the business, I created it because I wanted to do what I wanted to do and say what I wanted. If I have to cater to advertisers, I’m going to have to do and say what I don’t want, and not be myself. That’s not going to work.


Question: Can you show us how to make money?

Answer: We’re going to take a trip down memory lane. One of the things you have to do is to set up your channel to make money. You’ll get a lot of conflicting opinions. Many people will tell you not to set up your YouTube channel to make money. In 2009, I got on YouTube for the express purpose of making money and I’m still here.

You need to learn how to sell. I’ve said this 1000 times and I’m going to say it again. If you’re going to build a YouTube channel to make money, you’ve got to build it in a certain way.

I don’t think YouTube is changing for the worse. There are people on YouTube channels who are literally popping pimples and making money. There is so much noise out there that poor quality content is not going to work anymore.

The first step you should take is to ask yourself how hard you are willing to work. This is not exactly the stuff you hear in typical YouTube “How To” videos. YouTube is going to get harder and harder as more and more people want to do it.

There are kids who say this is their Number #1 career choice. The 13 to 18 age group wants to be YouTubers. They don’t want to work in corporate America.

Now, you can still make funny YouTube videos and personal vlogs, but you’re going to have to be very, very interesting. You’re going to have to look at the project in a different way. Ask yourself, would I watch this video. If the answer is no, don’t put it up.

Like I said, I have been toying with the idea of taking ads off of my videos. If you do a lot of videos, you can make a lot of money during the holidays because of the ads all over the place. With this new thing, I’m making about $150 to $250 a month, which is down about $850.

I know what is happening. Some of my better performing videos have been demonetized. I knew it was coming. It’s cool. I am currently getting $5 to $30 in love offerings a day. I know that doesn’t sound like much. When I compare it to the $1 or $2 I make on a video every month in AdSense money, $5 is really good. $30 is crushing it.

Question: Is Patron the new way to monetize your channel?

Answer: I don’t know. I’m not going to do Patron. Here’s the whole love offering pitch. “If you watch the channel and like the content then go below the video and hit that love offering.” It’s hooked up to PayPal. It’s one link. You can put whatever you want. The reason I’m doing that is there’s going to be six or seven channels. I’m going to do the same thing on each channel. It’s all going to be managed on one PayPal account. If I was using Patron, each channel would have to be setup separately. It becomes very complicated.

I’m going to get back in to the stories on the I am Cameron channel. I’m going to get into personal development on Glendon Cameron. I’m going to talk about video marketing on Mack Daddy Media. For publishing, I am setting up Rich Self-Published Author.

I know from being on YouTube for nine years, if you put enough videos out, you’re going to have something pop. I have one video that was responsible for $100K in income.

Question: Is it okay to put links away from YouTube on the description?

Answer: YouTube will penalize the shit out of you for doing that. Sending traffic off the site is a big issue.


Question: What’s the best way to get exposure for a new channel?

Answer: The first thing you have to do is make some good videos. Then you start getting people that you know to share them.

Verlyncia – How are your channels doing?


Verlyncia shares her comments.

My channels are fine. I didn’t put ads on mine. I could care less about monetizing them because I’m actually using one channel as a platform to shoot short films and music. Monetizing has never been my motive in starting that channel.

I have one channel where I review design issues or major brands where I have connections. This channel is designated to shooting extremely high-end resolution, almost like movie style format. They are short films. It feels good to make original content. The channel has found its own following.

One of my channels is literally my name, Verlyncia Tyson. That channel is DetailGirl with no spaces. Check it out. I’m still testing out coloring and all that stuff. The post production is fairly difficult in terms of changing the filters.

My biggest struggle is because I have extremely poor eyesight. I have to shoot videos four or five times because I can’t tell if I’m in focus. I don’t shoot with any automatic lenses.

When it comes to shooting with the Red camera, the hardest thing about that is making sure everyone is on the same page. Since I have a team and we are limited to a maximum of thirty minutes of battery time, we don’t have time for many retakes.


Glendon continues.

If you’re going to do YouTube in 2017, you have to decide if there is an audience for your content. There are people who will disagree with me and say there is an audience for all types of content. That’s true, but all audiences will not make you money.

This is a tip for you. You have to have consistent behavior in each video. This is where the real money comes in. When we’re about 30 to 50 videos in with the same methodology, then new people will come in with love offerings. This will grow day by day, month by month and year by year. It is the embedding of that message in the video that will build revenues. You can do what I’m doing.

In the long run, the love offerings are going to make more than AdSense. It will be more consistent. When people make love offerings, I get their email address. Then I can send something nice to them in return.

PayPal has this custom URL that you can use to be paid. So, it’s really, really nice. It makes the love offerings possible and easy to setup.

In parting, if you want to grow your channel, really think about it. You can start off with a camera phone. Get started and find out what you like.

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