Basic Business Tips How to Get Your Cash Flow on in One Day

Basic Business Tips How to Get Your Cash Flow on in One Day

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Historically if you look at the facts, those that have money, power and position can benefit their kids more than the hardest working person in the hood. That’s the reality. People want to act like that doesn’t matter. The reason people want to act like that doesn’t matter is because it raises this issue of responsibility. Success is inherently about responsibility.

People will tell you they just want money and they don’t want to sacrifice anything. They don’t want responsibility. They say they don’t want to deal with these things. That’s the reason they don’t get the money. That’s a problem. That’s a big problem.

What we’re going to talk about are service businesses. Let’s say you’re Broke Dick Danny and you are attempting to build something with no help. My friend, your journey is going to be long and arduous. There’s nothing you can do to change that fact.

For most people who don’t have resources, the fastest way for you to make cash today is with a service business. Now, what is a service business? There’s the basic services everyone knows about. There is a car wash. There is being a maid.

There are also upper level service businesses. Typically, the big hiccup with that is people don’t want to do the work. I’m going to tell you how I got started and some of the stuff I learned.

Resources and environment do not give you a leg up if they’re poor. If you’re dealing with that situation, you’re going to have to do what I did. How I got started making money as a kid was cutting grass. It was a lot of physical labor. It was a lot of work.

As a kid, I could easily rustle up $5 or $10 in the neighborhood just looking for stuff to do. One of the things I would do is collect glass bottles and turn them in for the money. Where I am going with this is I’d do that type of stuff because I didn’t have any skill sets.

When you start a business, you should get your children involved. That is a beautiful legacy to leave your children. Immigrants do this all the time. Having those lessons and experiences will help them.

There is this book called the Ultimate Sales Machine. You need to get that book. It will solve a lot of your problems.

In order to get cash really quickly, it’s going to have to be a service business. There are so many things you can choose from. Replacing screens on cell phones is a service business. Uber is a service business. Movers are a service business.

Let’s talk about flipping stuff. I’m going to go back to my path. If you treat your service business as a launch pad from day one, that allows you to create a bigger business. Let’s say you have a car wash service. I was talking to this one guy just getting started and he said he didn’t want to wash cars.

I asked him what other options he had to make as much money. He said none. So, I said, “So what you’re telling me is you aren’t in a position to be fucking choosy.” He said he never thought about it like that. If you don’t have a lot of skill sets, you don’t have a lot of options here.

He got the car wash going. He was going to people’s house. He was doing waterless car washes and all this other stuff. I told him to write this goal down. I will run this waterless car wash business for one year by myself until I can get help.

This is the thing. When you go from having no money to starting a business, when you hire som one, you view it as taking money away from you. You’re not going to grow or make the money you want to make as long as it is just you. It’s not going to happen.

The car wash guy went ahead and hired two employees and got to the point where he didn’t have to run the business. That put him in a position where he made maybe $200 less than when he was doing it all himself. Now. Let’s look at that.

What did he get? He got all his time back and he got $200 or $300 less than when he was doing it all himself. He didn’t have to get up early in the morning. He didn’t have to go out and meet anybody. He just collected money. When you can buy back your time, that is very important. You can’t replace your time. That’s the path you take for a service business.

Let’s say you’re a college student. What kind of needs to college students have? How can you fulfill them? That’s how you have to think if you have no money.

I started off cutting grass. Then, I left home and joined the military. I got training to work in a medical lab. That allowed me to leave service business, because I had a skill set that was in demand. Until you get a skill set that is in demand through a job or business, you are stuck with the bullshit. That’s the reality. I’m here to tell you the shit that no one else will tell you.

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