The Best Reason Ever to Start a Business

The Best Reason Ever to Start a Business

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Let’s get into the rant before we get into the core subject matter because it is all related. I do not believe in clutter. Years and years ago, I used to be a storage auction buyer. I saw what happened to people with an accumulation of stuff with no purpose in their life. Whenever my house starts to get cluttered or I’m looking for space or thinking about buying more organizers, that’s a sign I need to get rid of some stuff.

Well. I actually sold some stuff on eBay. It was the first time in a long time since about 2006. It was high- end camera equipment. I spent about $2700 for all of this stuff new. It was a Canon camera and three lenses. I made a lot of videos. I sold it on eBay for $1700. So, I used it for three years and got $1700 back. That’s not a bad deal.

During the process, I had one fraudulent buyer and eBay got rid of that person. Then I had this person that bid and won, then decided to ask me a bunch of questions. The buyer said they wanted to make sure the item wasn’t damaged. I was like, “Look, there’s nothing wrong with the lens. You bought it. You need to pay.” I’m not going to kiss a buyer’s ass when they are insulting my character.

A lot of people don’t have a great deal of self-respect. They will submit themselves to punishment in the name of a dollar. I’m not one of them.

Then that same buyer asked me another question. I told the buyer, “Look, you need to pay within two hours or I’m going to sell it to someone else. Is that clear enough for you?” I was straight to the point. Thirty minutes later this fool paid. He said, “You need to be more professional.”  I didn’t care and I didn’t respond anymore. I just packaged it up and shipped it out because my goal was to get paid, not sit around and have all of these conversations with this person.

The best reason to start a business is to make yourself happy. You should build something that gives you joy. Doing the YouTube videos and writing and doing the courses is fun for me. Starting a business to make yourself happy is hard, because there are other things you can do. Let me be clear about that. You will not be happy every day or every moment.

You need to have more than one thing that makes you happy that can also make you money. You want to create happiness wealth streams. Find things that you can do long-term.

A lot of people don’t think long-term. They think in terms of the next 30 or 90 days. When you start talking about six-month planning or 12-month planning or 60-month planning, people look at you like an alien.

Right now, we have so much opportunity with the internet. Today, there is no reason for you to have only one source of income.

What is really sad is that many people live their lives predicated on what other people say they should do and have. I vigorously reject those notions. Being in a position to do what you want where money is not part of the equation is an awesome feeling. I want you to experience that. Before you can get there, you are going to have to go through some trials and tribulations. My success did not happen overnight.

When I talk to people and they see what I do, I have to remind them that this took years. People don’t want to hear that. They seem okay with it taking a few weeks or months or maybe a year, but they don’t want to consider doing something that takes years to build.

Here’s the truth for you. Most of the people in this country are close to broke. If you don’t radically alter how you’re doing stuff, the possibility for that to happen to you is so easy because you’re believing in false narratives.

Right now, people are excited about how well the stock market is doing. I am not in the stock market. The stock market is manipulated. People say I’m missing out.

In 2009, I started this publishing company with a $289 financial investment and sweat equity, and it’s yielded six million dollars. So, anybody who has invested $289 and has had that kind of return, please come tell me about it. Stocks do not excite me. For me, the best returns I have had were from my businesses.

If you want to start a business, think about what makes you happy. Invest time there. Do something. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to tell you what your dreams should be. That cracks me up.

If you’re in motion and your mentor is in motion and you meet, you’re going to either collide, not work together or you’re going to collide and go forward together or in opposite directions faster.

If you are busy building something, opportunity will run into you. If you’re just sitting there wishing and hoping, you’re not going to meet anybody. When I meet all these nice people, it’s always because I’m out there doing something. You have to be about something.

If you’re going to do a business, start one that will make you happy. Number two – Don’t start a business where you have to take crap from people just to stay in business.

Go out and find some of your fun today. Pick something. Be serious about it.

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