Big Blog Income Starts with Big Ideas – The Paid Blogger PT 2

Big Blog Income Starts with Big Ideas – The Paid Blogger PT 2

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Big blog income is dependent upon big blog ideas. There are many people who want their blog to make a lot of money, but they haven’t thought about the concept, the idea or the audience. That’s how you end up writing a blog for four or five years and it makes no money. This happens all the time.

If you’re happy writing and producing content for the people that find your blog, that’s awesome. You don’t need to watch this video. If you’re frustrated and you want to build a blog that makes mortgage-paying money, then keep watching.

If you want to make a blog that makes money, you have to have a really big idea. I’m not talking about the subject matter. I’m talking about the format and the execution of your idea. Let’s say you have a blog about making paper dolls. Many people will say, there’s not a lot of money in that. Once again, the money is not in what you’re doing. The money is in the idea.

Uber, the largest transportation in the world, owns no transportation assets. So, why does Uber work? It works because of the idea. Work on building your big idea, and work on execution.

The recipe for making a profitable idea starts with your idea. When I speak of idea, I’m not talking about paper dolls or a fitness blog, I’m talking about the setup and format. I’ll give you an example. There are many people who will not read a blog from first post to last post if it is about 300 posts. They won’t do it. That’s too much work.

If you take the same posts and put them in a book, then more people will read the same exact material. That’s what I am talking about with the execution of your idea. You need structure and a format for what you’re doing.

I’ve been making content since 2009 for a digital world. One of the things I’ve learned is you don’t have to be everywhere and you don’t have to be on every social media platform. In some cases, if you do really well on one, that’s enough. I know that’s not what you’re hearing from others. People are being told they need to be everywhere.

Recently there was a development with Facebook video and I thought I’d go over there. It wasn’t happening.

The whole deal is with the creation of your content, that’s roughly 10% or 20% of success. It’s everywhere. Great videos and great courses for free are all over the place. But there is a group of people online who make a full-time income year after year and it’s because of the execution of their idea.

If you want to be a paid blogger, you have to think of your idea, get your execution together and take the following steps. When you come up with your idea, you need to think a year or two ahead. When you’re putting together your big idea, ask yourself, does it have longevity. Is it something you won’t get sick and tired of after a few months? That’s something people don’t want to talk about. Putting together content is 10 times as hard as consuming it.

If you want to be a paid blogger, you have to think from a strategic standpoint. Your big concept is more important than the topic. You can have blogger A and blogger B and they’re both talking about fitness, yet you have one that is making $250K and another one who barely makes enough to get their AdSense payment.

They’re talking about the same thing. It’s different ideas and a different execution and strategy. It’s all in the strategy. We live in a world where you can virtually talk about anything. There’s a niche for everyone. If you don’t believe me, sit back and try to think of something odd that comes to mind and go to Google and you’ll see there are a bunch of searches for that.

There’s always a niche or a tribe. The question is, will that niche pay you. You can work your ass off and make no money.

It was always my intention to make money from day one. It didn’t take me years and years and years. There are some people who actually think it is wrong to be paid. Get rid of that nonsense. Money is not bad. Money makes the world go around.

You can’t do your blog just for money. There has to be a bigger purpose that I talked about in part one. I’m going to break this down.

Let’s say you want to do a blog. I should warn you about what to expect. I started working on my blogs July 17, 2009. I did not see my first dollar until October, so it took four months. From what I’ve heard that is relatively quick. But in full disclosure, that was all I was doing.

I didn’t have a job and a lot of bills. I was able to devote all my waking hours to working on that. I was doing interviews to get information.

This can be big for you and can actually energize your life. The point I am trying to make is, you’re going to put in a lot of work and if you’re on purpose, it’s going to work out in ways you can’t foresee. That’s why purpose has to be your higher mission with money as a secondary goal. You’ve got to have a purpose that drives you or you will burn out.

If it’s only about the money, then the minute you get enough money to satisfy yourself, you’re going to stop working. You’re going to stop putting out content. It will just fall apart.

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