The Biggest Seller on Amazon/ Setting Up an Office/ Growing a Business Rant

The Biggest Seller on Amazon_ Setting Up an Office_ Growing a Business Rant

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If you are afraid of hardship. If you are afraid of things not being certain, then probably being a business owner is not for you. It’s something that is going to drive you crazy. You are going to stay up all night, freaking out. You are going to be worried about life in general. Certain things are going to be beyond you.

That is one of the reasons that “Hustler’s Porn” is so pervasive. The hook or gimmick used in “Hustler’s Porn” is leading people into believing that you don’t really have to work that hard or worry about anything. Another popular part of this line of thinking is the promise of great rewards and great results for little to no effort.

It doesn’t work like that. It just doesn’t. But you hear it over and over again.

In Personal Development for Hustlers on the other channel, I will get into how you can prepare your mind for the truth and void “Hustler’s Porn.” This is the reason I tell you what I’ve been through. I tell you about the five businesses that failed.

Everybody that I know who has made serious money has had serious setbacks. We’ll use people that everybody knows to drive that point home. Bill Gates got sued by the federal government. Zuckerberg has been sued and is being sued now. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company and then died from cancer.

If you want to be successful, I have two pieces of advice for you. Learn how to solve problems. Learn how to keep your mind when shit goes sideways.

Bad things will happen. Sometimes when something bad happens, that is an opportunity for something great to happen.

Let’s talk about what happened to me years ago with eBay. I woke up and 2000 listings were gone and my money was locked up in PayPal. It forced me to push Craigslist really hard. It forced me to perform at a higher level.

The more that you push yourself, the more that you fail. The more fuckups you have, the more money you will make if you can manage to keep your sanity during the fuckups.

That’s the tricky part. That’s the part that’s a little daunting because then you have to own some bullshit. You have to look at yourself and admit that you’ve fucked up.

I remember years ago in a break room when I worked at Northside Hospital. It was me and four females in the break room. I said I made a mistake and this one woman said, “Let me get this straight, you’re a man and you said you made a mistake?”

And I was like, “You know, everybody makes mistakes.”

She said, “I’ve never heard a man say that.”

If you can admit your mistakes and press forward, your success is almost assured.


Today, I am going out and I’m getting computers for the office. Here’s something that is really a big part of scaling. It’s about getting the infrastructure, because what I am doing is building this business to grow. Everything that I do includes a component for future growth.

If you don’t do that when you are building your business, you are going to trap it at a certain level. The business will stop there and stay there regardless of how hard you work.

When you build a business, you’ve got to look five years ahead which can be very hard if you’ve never done any of this before.

If you are Broke Dick Danny and you move up to Classy Carl with a few shillings in your pocket from doing eBay and Amazon netting $8K or so every month after expenses, you still don’t have a business compared to someone that went into business with $2 or $3 million.

Google Pharmapacks. They’re the biggest seller on Amazon. Now, here’s the backstory. The guy who started Pharmapacks was rich already. He was a pharmacist with one pharmacy and he was opening up another one. We’re looking at millions of dollars in sales before he got anywhere near Amazon.

You can’t compare yourself to this guy if you’re Broke Dick Danny or Classy Carl. He was already rich before he even got started.

You are better off starting a small ecommerce business in an area that a lot of people are not in than trying to duke it out with this person. Many people will try to fight with this person instead of doing their own thing.

I have a client and we’re building out an ecommerce business. We’re putting a lot of time and effort into the company. I’m going to document the process. For people trying to get started, these videos will help you.

I rented another office. Here’s the thing about growth. We had planned on sharing the office, but due to the fact we’re growing very fast I already see that in a matter of weeks, we’re going to be tapped out with client’s people. So, I am getting my own office for Mack Daddy Media. You’ll get to see both companies grow from the outside.

Just to be real clear, I’ll probably show you screenshots with certain things blacked out. If you own a website and you come on YouTube trying to help people by showing your website, it will fuck up the metrics.

What I mean by that is that people come into your websites to check it out, right? That’s in the video. That’s going to skew your Google Analytics because you have a bunch of “Looky Loos” coming to see what you have versus real customers coming to purchase.

Now that’s something a lot of people don’t talk about, the real money. I’m not going to do screen shots of my bank account. That’s a good way for someone to rob you or steal your identity.

But, I’m going to show you the real stuff about building a business, how to make this really happen.

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