The Challenges of Starting a Business – The Big Push – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

The Challenges of Starting a Business – The Big Push – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

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Have you ever had a day when everything was just incredibly hard? Have you ever had a week, a month, three months or a year like that? This video is about how to handle that stuff so you keep pushing and you can make that money.

Sometimes when you are building a business, everything goes wrong. I call that the “Big Push.” There’s this period of time when the big things, the little things and everything is just a struggle. Getting people to do what they used to do and fixing simple issues becomes difficult.

Now many people mistake this for bad juju saying things like, “God didn’t want me to have this.” That’s not it. What you are doing as a person is completely reorienting yourself with your universe. You are making massive changes.

The thing is, when you are starting a business, it pulls on so many of your resources as a human. It pulls on your spirit. It pulls on your soul. It pulls on your finances. There’s just nothing it doesn’t touch. It pulls on your relationships. Everything is being impacted in a major way. That’s a huge transformation. I mean, it is an incredible transformation.

If you go ahead and develop yourself and start a business and really push, you will experience more action points in a few years than most people experience in a lifetime. You are really speeding things up.

I’m going through this now. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced this. I haven’t started new things recently. Lately I’ve been working on an extension of something or a revision of something.

But, I am starting completely new things now, going in a new direction. I am going through it.

Simple stuff is bothering me. One of my pet peeves is people who wait until the last minute to pull into the turn lane and leave the ass of their car hanging out. To me, that’s just an abomination. I don’t know why people do it. But it happens. But now, it’s happening more than ever. The reason is because I am out here more, driving more.

Then I had an issue with my bank. I’ve never been late on my card. It is in great standing. I made a huge payment. The payment cleared, but they didn’t apply it to my account. When I went in, this is where it started to get really long and drawn out. Each time I talked to someone, I got a different answer. One person even lied to me on the phone.

So, I went in the other day and told them, “You need to do something for me to keep this account because you people are putting me through a lot of drama.” They wouldn’t do it. So, I closed the account because I was treated unfairly.

Then there were some business issues. There were delays and you start to question whether this thing is worth having. You have to remind yourself, it’s not you. It’s what you are doing. Many people who haven’t started a business before and who don’t have an entrepreneur in the family to reassure them that this stuff is normal, suffer.

I call this the “Big Push.” It’s like you are fighting against glue. It’s like you are walking in mud. If you’ve ever walked in mud, you know that every step is a struggle. It takes ten times the effort to take a single step. You are like, “Damn, I want to get out of this muddy patch.” You are in that mud field of entrepreneurship. Many people tap out.

They say, “This is too much. I wasn’t built for this. I shouldn’t be doing this. This is crazy.”

I can’t say when your mud field is going to end.

Lately, mine has gotten better. I’m on the shallow end now. It’s not as deep. But, for the last 12 weeks, stuff’s been happening. I’ve been trying to load up courses. The site didn’t work. I’ve got people trying to sign in and the apps don’t work. Every day, it’s been that kind of stuff.

Then, I sat down and told myself, that’s ok. I’ve been here before. What we’re going to do is work harder, not cut back, not slow down. I doubled my efforts. When I doubled my efforts two weeks ago, things started to get done.

That is what I mean when I tell you guys that a lot of people who use the word “easy” when they talk about starting a busy, obviously have never started a business.

I don’t know if anyone that I consider to be extremely successful has had an easy path accumulating wealth, building a durable business. When I say a durable business, I mean one that is not based on a trend.

Right now, these finger spinners or whatever they’re called, that’s a trend. A bunch of people are making a lot of money on that. The market is getting flooded. People can’t find them. The company that is making them is making a lot of money real fast.

That’s different than the drycleaners that’s been on the same corner for 25 years. That’s a durable business. That business has been profitable year in and year out.

Many people like the trendy stuff because you can stick and move. You can jump in and make some stuff happen really fast and get that money. But trends fade out.

Building a real business takes real work, commitment, effort and courage.

If you are building something and it seems like everything that could go wrong does go wrong, it’s not you. It’s what you are doing. It’s what you are creating. It’s normal.

As an entrepreneur, chances are you are the only one in your family or circle who is doing this. You may not have anyone to talk to about this stuff. My suggestion is to go out and make some entrepreneur friends that you can talk to.

If shit’s going wrong, people are saying “no” and doubting your abilities, then you are on the right path. If your family and friends are trying to dissuade you, then you are on the right path.

That’s your message today. I felt like putting that out there. I got on the other side of the mud field of struggle and I’ve got to tell you, you’ve got to keep going. If you don’t, you’re going to regret every breath you take because you tapped out like a weak little bitch.

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