Creating Your Own Hustle

Creating Your Own Hustle

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

Check out the $100 Start Up by Chris Gilligan. I got this book and I listened to it. I have to say the prologue is like the beginning of my fricking life.

I’m not being paid for this. I don’t know Chris. Go to Audible and get the book. Get the audible book, not the print book. This is why. I’ve listened to it three different times. Each time you listen to it, you’re going to pull out something else, another source of inspiration.  The reason I’m recommending this book is I can relate to it. That prologue was my life.

If you start a business that did not cost you a lot of money like a McDonald’s or some other franchise where you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before you make your first penny, and it lasts four years, that’s a learning experience. If something happens and the market changes and what you’re doing is not working anymore, but you made $200K in four years and you had an investment of maybe $10K, you are still in good shape. If that was a stock, that would be outrageous returns.

Comparing and contrasting that book to my own experiences, I’m like, “I can’t believe this.” For a long time, I considered myself an odd duck. People seemed to think if you were hustling, it was because you were unable to get a real job. That was the read. If you were hustling, people thought there was something inherently wrong with you. If you were hustling, they believed you just couldn’t cut it.

It doesn’t matter who is in office. If you’re producing something and there are consumers out there, you can make a business of it and you can generate an income anywhere from a few hundred on the side to millions of dollars. If you’re selling the right product in the right market at the right price, you can make money. It has nothing to do with you. That’s why I want you to get the book. I want you to light a fire under your own ass every day because the opportunities are endless. Do something today so you can start making some money today.

You don’t have to have an extensive plan to start a business. I remember years and years ago I had a friend and we talked and we talked about his business plan. He worked on his business plan for 2 ½ years. To compare and contrast, I created another business that is exactly four months old and that business already makes more than what he was making per month working a full-time job. It’s about looking at what’s out there and having enough courage to fail. When I created the Hustler Mindset, it exceeded my expectations. There was no crazy business plan.

I started on Monday and I said I’m going to create the Hustler Mindset Project. By Wednesday, it was up and I was moving forward. The number one problem is people don’t start. They plan. They get the business cards. They do all this stuff, but they don’t freaking start.

In this book, there are so many stories. There are so many ways people can make money. What was really cool about the book was it was not only about online businesses. There are about 12 business models that I did in some form.

I am encouraging you to get the book. The future is about to be put on gas and a match is about to be struck. We are developing more and more information in the next five years. There will be more development and more information in the next five years than the precious few hundred years. That’s how fast stuff’s moving.

People ask me, “What can I do to earn XYZ? Get started. People say, “Hey Glendon, I have a million ideas.” I tell them to pick one.  If it doesn’t work out, take the lessons you learn and move to another idea.

Everyone doesn’t want money. My thing is freedom. I get to do what I want to do. Do you understand. That’s a lot of freedom. Right now, there’s somebody at a desk or someone doing something they really don’t want to do because they have to, because they need that job. I’m sitting here talking to you on YouTube, messing around. I get to do that as often as I want.

I urge you to get the book today, not tomorrow. Go to Audible and sign up. Get the book, The Hundred Dollar Start Up and then listen to it. The whole thing is nine hours. Listen to the whole thing and then listen to it again.

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