Be Curious for Success Hustlers Mindset Philosophy

Be Curious for Success Hustlers Mindset Philosophy

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I’ve talked to a lot of people and read a lot of comments. People are looking for a sure thing. They are looking for a promise. They’re looking for a guarantee. They’re looking for something that is going to happen no matter what.

If people use that type of promise in their marketing literature, it’s really dangerous. I do make a guarantee, but it is a qualified guarantee. If you do the work, you will be successful; which is true. This is proven. This is what I do to make my business successful. I know it works. It’s worked for me and for other people.

Let’s look at ten people. Out of ten people, you have three people who are serious as hell. They’re ready. They say they’re ready and they will work from sunup to sundown. They say, “I’m going to make it happen.” Out of the other seven, four are “iffy.” They say they hate their job but they admit it pays the bills. They get vacation time and weekends off. But they admit, they feel dissatisfied. They are not happy.

Then the other three people are looking for miracles. They say things like, “I paid $29.99, I better get my money’s worth. I need to see some activity. I need to see some production.” “I should make at least $10K from that investment.” They say they want a return on their investment.

I’m dealing with ten distinct personalities, yet they all want the same guarantee. I give the qualified guarantee, and the top three are cool. The other seven feel cheated. They feel offended.

They are upset. They say things like, “You told me this was going to happen and it didn’t happen. I’m not happy.” You have this going on. You have this tug of war.

The reason I’m talking about this is because I am wondering, where is the intellectual curiosity? I was putting together courses and projects and I do a great deal of research. I found some parts of YouTube I never knew existed before. I got excited.

I didn’t know if it would work. But, it was exciting. I thought I can do this. I can try it. You have people who would say that’s not good enough.

Someone said the people with the most education make the most money. That is 100% true. Now what you have to ask is: what is education? When you have people who refuse to accept the truth, it just tells you they stopped learning.  

There is no such thing as educated. There is educating yourself on a continuing basis. If you look at all of the great research scientists, at the philosophers and the musicians, they never stop learning. There is no such thing as educated. The scale keeps sliding.

When you collect a great deal of knowledge, you start to formulate your own philosophy. You start to connect the dots. When you wait on others for validation versus validating yourself through action and accomplishment, it doesn’t work. When you validate yourself over and over again, then you are not waiting on others to validate you.

I’ve had all kinds of conversations with people from all over the world. The only people who have ever called me arrogant have shown signs of low self-esteem.  I never get that type of negativity when I’m dealing with other people who have pushed themselves.

You have to be curious in order to accept new ideas. If you can’t get what you want, the problem is you. It is important to analyze information and decide what is right for you.

Many people just follow the crowd and accept what others think they should have without question. But, it’s not what they really want. It is not satisfying because they are living life for other people.

I don’t live my life for other people. I live my life for me. That sounds very selfish and arrogant to someone who is living a low self-esteem life. Those people hate people like me, because I don’t give a fuck.

I don’t bow down to convention. Fuck convention. Convention is the reason people like me were enslaved and beaten at one point in time. That shit was legal because that was conventional thinking. That was the way of the land for a long time.

There was a time when a woman couldn’t work, couldn’t vote, couldn’t speak. That was conventional thinking for a certain period of time. What I am telling you is that just because something is conventional thinking does not mean it’s right. If you start looking at that stuff intellectually, you’ll see that shit is fucked up.

Conventional thinking is what fucked all of these kids with massive student loan debt. There are all of these people with education that can’t find a job. A degree sounds nice, but it means nothing to their economic base all too often. Until people start recognizing the facts and change their way of thinking, this will continue to happen. When there is so much change going on and you’re not curious, you’re missing out on 90% of the world.

Another thing I hear is that people don’t want to waste time. That is a valid concern. Time is a finite construction in your life as a human being. You don’t know how much time you have. That goes for anyone, even kids.

So many people learned new skillsets because they were curious. Many monetize those skillsets later. I started YouTube as a marketing arm based on my sales training. I knew I needed some way to market.

You have to give yourself permission to explore new things. When you give yourself permission, you get that God-like power associated with hiring. You just hired yourself to become better than you are. It’s scary for people. Change is scary. Change is like that 20-foot Big Foot that swallows your dreams every morning.

Chances are you will fail. Chances are you will go down some rabbit holes. Chances are you will do all this work and it won’t pan out. What you’re missing is that during that process you are building. You’re building a skill set. You may not have a use for it yet, but you’re building it. That is the power of being curious.

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