The Dark Knight Will Come for You – The Power of Creating Your Own Economy

The Dark Knight Will Come for You – The Power of Creating Your Own Economy

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Right now, you have a lot of people in a heightened emotional state. I’ve learned this the hard way. You cannot use logic to deal with emotion. If you say anything that does not align with the narrative in their head, then you are the enemy. I’ve been the enemy a lot, so I’ve decided to talk to you folks who listen to this channel and who can think for yourselves. I’m going to give you a history lesson.

I believe that the surest path to respectability is to create your own economy. There are people who will disagree with me. I’ve got some historical evidence to prove my claim.

I started thinking about what group of people in the US has the most respectability, highest level of business ownership, highest income, and highest education level. What group of people is that? The answer is Asian, made up primarily of Chinese, Japanese and Korean people. Then there are the Philippine people. Let’s also add in the East Asians, which are the Indians.

Now how did it happen that these people have the highest business ownership percentages, and highest income and education levels? I’ll be 49 next month and I remember when being Asian in this country was not cool. I remember going back to the Archie Bunker timeframe and they used derogatory terms such as chink, and slant-eyed. Being Asian in the USA was not always a good thing. Now we applaud them. How did that change occur?

Economics has changed their position. A lot of those guys who married Asian women were kicked out of the family a few decades ago. They were disowned.

Here it is 2016, and Asians have all of these businesses. Indians have all these businesses. Why? Because they have learned that the surest path to respectability and power is economics. You cannot do shit without money. But you have people who think they can legislate the hearts and desires of people and it’s just not going to happen. The reality is you have to make yourself a valuable part of the economy. You have to make yourself a valuable part of society.

Let’s talk about the second group of people, Jewish people. A lot of people hate Jews. Have you noticed, you don’t see the derogatory language like you used to. If you say something anti-Semitic on TV as a reporter, you just lost your job. If you’re an actor and you say something anti-Semitic or against homosexuals, you just lost your job. Why did you lose your job? Because these people have economic power.

Now I’m going to tell you a story of corporate racism that has a strange fucking twist. It was my last job as an office furniture salesperson. There was this woman who worked in the office who was clearly a racist. There was no doubt about it. She looked at me like…I could just spit on you. It was what I call the “southern nice racism.” There were all of these reason why she would not do what she was supposed to do. I was the salesperson and she was staff. I was at a higher level than her.

Over time and after the owner talked to her, she started doing her job. She was still a racist. Let’s be real clear about that. She just started doing her job and treating me with the respect I had earned.

Times passes and I leave the firm. She knew that I was a producer. She saw that I was a hard worker. Once again, let me say that she is still probably a racist to this very day. After I called her out, we developed a workable relationship where we tried to respect each other.

After I left and I was doing my own thing, I get this email from her. She said, “I hear you have your own business and things are going well.” She mentioned that they had lost a contract to me. While I am reading her email, I am wondering why she sent it. Then I get some more emails from her. She’s kind of softened me up, right?

The next thing I know, this racist sends me her resume. That blew my fucking mind. Let’s just deconstruct that. She’s still a racist. Self-preservation and economic sufficiency are more important than racism. She saw that I could get the job done and her racist ass was willing to work for me because she knew I could bring the money in. The point is her racism did not prevent her from seeing what I brought to the table.

Once you get your fucking economy together, even racists will work for you when you’re black. A homophobe will work for a homosexual if they have a good business. Even men who hate women will work for you if you have a bumping ass business. Most people don’t have what it takes to be an owner or a boss. Most people are followers.

Once you establish yourself as a leader and a boss, then they will follow you even though they have these racist, homophobic, sexist mindsets because they need that money. If you can give people jobs, you become so fucking powerful. That’s my whole viewpoint on this thing.

Understand these people still don’t like you, but they respect you. I would rather be respected than liked. Power is created, earned or it is taken. It’s not ever given away.

I do believe those with the most education make the most money. That brings me to the question, what is education. I believe my self-education and financial education will knock a lot of people out of the frame because they can’t see the world the way I do. They may have a high GPA and have done well in the group study, but a lot of them don’t know how to sell to the customer. That’s where the money happens.

This is another thing about creating your own economy. When you create your own economy, you create a larger picture of what you should be doing. There were people hating. There were people being racists towards me on YouTube. I didn’t participate in that party because I am an owner. I am a boss. These haters are like gnats or bugs that I flick off my shoulder.

I just kept building my own thing and eventually the haters just imploded because they took their eye off the ball. They were putting their time and energy into fuckery. Where your time and energy are is where your money goes or comes from.

You have all this distraction. People are upset. I don’t even try to talk to these people anymore because I have experienced the benefits and the respectability that comes from creating your own economy. It comes from creating a business.

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