Don’t List on eBay Until You Watch This Video

Don’t List on eBay Until You Watch This Video


If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

You know how everybody is telling you to sell on Amazon and to sell on eBay. There’s all these courses and lessons and a lot of other things. I’m one of the few people who said No eBay, No Amazon.

Well it appears I am way smarter than I look, and I look pretty damn smart.

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So, let’s jump into the shit today, because this just tickles my funny bone like you wouldn’t believe. I was talking to my neighbor who used to work for eBay. I was just saying that I predicted what Amazon and eBay were going to do. That was before I knew he worked for eBay.

What I believe Amazon and eBay are doing is a Six Sigma type program because they don’t need all of these sellers. He said, “You’re absolutely right because I used to work for eBay. He said the poor sellers cost us five times every dollar we earned.”

They’re just too expensive. He was just going through this whole list of things. So, they are trying to get rid of the unprofessional sellers because they cost them money. He went on to explain that there are sellers with thousands of listings that sit on the site because they haven’t sold. They are just sitting there. This is chewing up resources.

So, what’s happened is we have reached the saturation point for bullshit for mediocre and average sellers. If you are an exceptional seller and you’re bringing something new to the platform, you are probably good to go. This problem isn’t about the person selling an Apple watch on the platform. You’re probably good to go. That kind of stuff is not really using a lot of resources on the platform. That’s in and out.

But for intermediate or for people who consider themselves to be professional sellers on eBay, they’re using up a lot of resources. They’re causing a lot of problems. He said that eBay customer service costs were five times that of Amazon. I thought that was very interesting.

Then it started to become clearer how smart I am. Yes. I’m gloating. I don’t really care. Here’s the thing. Right now, there are so many courses and academies for eBay and Amazon. You’re going to run into more problems trying to make more money on each site unless you become a professional seller, which is someone who takes exceptional pride in your listings, your shipping, your operation, and your presentation.

I will say that I’ve bought some stuff recently from eBay; and I’ve got to say the game has gone way up. I don’t get anything wrapped in a fish wrapper or something that comes in a McDonald’s bag anymore. I mean the stuff looks damn good.

It’s real interesting. I don’t even know what I’m going to call this video. This conversation was just so exciting. There is nothing like talking to someone who works in the belly of the beast.

He said. “Yep. Yep. That’s what’s going on.” He didn’t even say, “We’re feeling a lot of pressure from Walmart. We’re feeling a lot of pressure from Amazon.”

If you are costing Amazon or eBay money, they’re getting rid of you. Bye Bye. Bye Felicia, you’re out.

What many people don’t seem to understand is you’re looking at it from your perspective of …it’s not that much money that it is costing them. What you are missing is that this cost is spread across millions of sellers.

He kept calling sellers, customers. I thought that was real interesting, since they are sellers. He said customers think the only expense to the company is the listing. Well websites don’t just stay up and cost nothing. There is all kind of stuff going on, especially when you multiply the listings by millions or billions.

Now, that is just to help you guys out with some insight. Once I got it, I thought I need to share this with the people and let them know since everybody is always talking about eBay and Amazon. eBay and Amazon are full of mediocre and average sellers, and they have reached their limit.

Now, if you want to be a superstar, there’s plenty of room for you. I don’t care whether it is acting football, baseball, eBay, Amazon, YouTube; whatever, there’s always room for greatness. But if you just want to be average; well with that first mistake, you could be gone. That second mistake, you’re gone. It doesn’t take much.

To me, and this is the exact terminology I used with my neighbor … I told him “eBay and Amazon have a Six Sigma program.” As a corporate guy, he’s been through these types of programs. He’s like… “Yep, Yep. They are getting rid of you.”

When I did those videos, people said… “Glendon’s crazy. Glendon’s a hater.” They were actually putting together protocols to get rid of you because they don’t need you. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. I love it when I’m right.

How do you handle this if you’ve got to do it?

I have clients and we’re working with some crazy stuff right now. With Amazon, you can lose that Buy Box very quickly, very easily.

With eBay, you must maintain certain standards.

My advice to you is going to sound very hypocritical or like a flip flop. Damn, I sound like Trump.

Get as big as fucking possible on both sites. The days of average sellers are over. There’s too much competition. There’s too many people who are vying for those resources.

So, if you’re going to do eBay, do eBay fucking hard. I mean, hard. You want to become a savage. That means getting a physical location. That means hiring people.

This is my prediction for the next five years. It’s going to be hard for the average person or the average seller to make good money.

You can always make bullshit money… money for a steak dinner or to pay a bill. For you to get to the 20K net profit months, you are going to have to be a professional. The sooner you realize that and start going hard, and understand that’s what it is going to take to really make good coin, the better off you’ll be.

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