Entrepreneur The Loneliness Word – Get Your Mind Right

Entrepreneur The Loneliness Word – Get Your Mind Right

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

One of the issues with being an entrepreneur is you have to get used to being alone. The bad news is you have to be alone here and there. The good news is it isn’t always that way. When you have someone who is culturally predisposed to always be around someone and have people to bounce ideas off of, being alone can cause a lot of problems.

Check this out. Why is solitary confinement one of the harshest prison tactics for punishment? For most people, after they are alone for several days, they start to go mad.

Years ago, I was in Korea. With me being part of the medical unit, I was around women. We were stationed in Hawaii. They weren’t anything special compared to the women in Hawaii, but compared to no women, they seemed extremely hot.

One of the things that is very interesting about humans is this propensity for being part of a tribe. It is very strong. It is in our DNA. It’s something that makes people uncertain about their entrepreneurial pursuits. There are some people who should not be entrepreneurs.

One of the problems with being an entrepreneur is this mental game you have to play with yourself. You have to be mentally strong. You start the company. You put out the product. Unfortunately, there is a long period of time before results become part of your reality. If you’re not mentally strong, you start to lose faith.

I’m going to give you some examples of what I’m talking about. Let’s go the video I did yesterday. This is a great example. I have people who are very much caught up in their feelings. This video evidently hit people in their feelings.

The fact that I said this channel was built for men caused someone to lose their ever-loving mind. I don’t apologize for that. We have all kinds of programs for women, and I think that’s great. Have at it.

But, when there is something for men, some women say, “That must stop.” This is where the mental strength must come in. I know for every person that leaves because I said this channel if for men, that 200, 300 or 400 new people are going to come. If I didn’t know that, I could literally be freaking out.

I deleted some comments. Someone write, “I’m so disappointed in you.” This is the thing about this, the philosophy, the video content, and the way we do things at Hustler’s Kung Fu has not changed since 2009. There’s a lot of videos. There’s a lot of different bridges of content. But the core message is the same.

It’s about self-sufficiency and getting your money together. It’s about getting your business together. I’m doing these to serve as many people as possible so you can make that bread. That is the message. It is steeped in ruggedness. It is steeped in edginess. I like women.

I want you to check out this book, Upside. The trends are coming. There is already massive evidence. The people playing the race game are going to lose. It is going to be an inclusionary, global economy. If you’re not getting with it, you’re going to be run over by it.

Why do you think I’m going to London? I want to see what’s going on and meet with some people. If you are culturally singular, you’re going to lose. You’re going to lose big.

Once again, that’s why you have to be mentally strong. Let’s say you start a baking shop, right? You open up the bake shop and everybody’s kind of with you, but they aren’t sure. What they’re doing is projecting their feelings on you. They feel like they can’t do this. So, they don’t think you can do it, since they believe they are better than you. So, they throw shade on your idea and your entrepreneurial aspirations because they can’t so it and they’re afraid.

Once you learn that, it is going to give you so much power as an entrepreneur. One of the things that I like and gives me joy is to know I started this during a recession. I didn’t start this when things were good and there was money flowing everywhere. So, what I know from a mental standpoint is to be strong in good times and bad. If you want to get into real estate or the car business, get into it when it is at the bottom. That will help you build strength that many weak people don’t have.

You have to be strong as an entrepreneur because the world is going to throw so much stuff at you. It’s going to be crazy. I’ll give you an example. Let’s talk about Mack Daddy Media. I started it this year. Let’s talk about all the stuff that went wrong. I hired 12 people. Two people just left. I fired several people. Five out of the 12 I hired are left.

You can control you, but you can’t control the actions of other people. When you hire people, you’re hiring blind. Resumes lie. People lie. When you realize you made a bad hire you should just let them go. But sometimes your ego won’t allow you to admit you made a bad hire.

The thing about an entrepreneur is you will have some deficiencies and you have to work on them. People don’t want to work on that. When chaos happens and the markets get rough, you’re going to see the real entrepreneurs, and you’re going to see the pretenders fail. When times are good, it is easy for anyone to be successful. But when times are bad, it takes something special.

It takes courage. It takes toughness. It takes enthusiasm to keep going when everybody says stop.

People tell me I’m doing too much. I feel like I’m not doing enough. I wake up every day scared. I’m scared I’m not going to get it. That is one of the driving forces for me. I’m scared that this course will not work out. I’m scared that this show will not work out. I’m scared the channel will not work out.

So, what do I do? Take action! So many people are just thinkers, but you have to be a doer.

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