Facebook Marketing Does Not Get You 50K – $100K a Month Clients

Facebook Marketing Does Not Get You 50K - $100K a Month Clients

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I was looking at a very interesting comment when I decided to do this video. The comment asked, “Why not just target everybody on Facebook?” Well, I’m going to give you a $40K reason why you shouldn’t do that.

I got two clients that I acquired recently and neither one of the clients is on Facebook. Let that sink in for a minute. There are tons and tons of people on Facebook. You know who is making the most money on Facebook? GM. Revlon. It’s big brands. That’s who is making the most money on Facebook. The reason the big companies are making the most money on Facebook is because they have huge infrastructures that allow them to spend $200K a day and profit from it.

Let’s talk about Facebook targeting since that was part of the comment. This was the type of feedback I got when I put up my video, No eBay, No Amazon. People kept questioning why you should build your own ecommerce site when eBay and Amazon have all the traffic. That was back in 2014.

HAHA. Motherfucking HAHA. Since then, not a dozen, but 1000s of sellers on Amazon have been financially hurt because of changes that I published were coming. The same thing is going to happen to Facebook. It’s already happening with Facebook.

Talk to anybody who is making a lot of money on Facebook. They will tell you about the changes.

My experience is that my high-ticket clients come from YouTube. One client is very much about privacy, which means no Facebook and No Twitter. They’re just grinding and running their business.

The other client has a Facebook page. He says he’s never on it. He explained, “My wife made it for me. I don’t believe in that bullshit.”

There are many executives and high-income people who are not on Facebook. Why aren’t they on Facebook? Let me give you a scenario.

If you have the money to really “live that life,” why would you be on Facebook posting pictures to fake that life versus “living that life.” If your name is Al and you run a company that does $10 million a year, netting you about $1.2 million after taxes, you aren’t on Facebook dicking around, arguing with people. Instead, you are in your beach house or your hunting lodge. You’re in Italy with your family or you’re on some excursion. You simply don’t have time to screw around on Facebook because you are too busy running your business and living your life.

Facebook can be great. But, if you only know how to market on Facebook, you’re going to be in trouble at some point. Facebook is not typically business stuff, except for a few of the groups. I’ve done both YouTube and Facebook.

Right now, YouTube is the biggest media thing online. I’ve made a lot of money on Facebook, but I’ve always made more money on YouTube. I’ve always made long money on YouTube. When you put up a video that does well and you’ve got it properly optimized, you can make money even when YouTube changes stuff.

With Facebook, you have to consider how long does that post live? How long does that sucker last? You’ve got to always keep posting.

Let’s talk about posting. Let’s talk about marketing. I’m going to give you an example. I would not want to do this, but if I had to go take a job, this is what I would do. Let’s say it is a carpet cleaning sales job.

I would be a motherfucker on the phone. I would get a lot of business. I would do two things. I would work on the Internet stuff. I would also cold call because the cold calling is faster.

I would figure out whatever they do in the carpet cleaning business to get traffic, and then do it times twenty. Next, I would build a landing page to track my business and hire a team that would get leads.

If all you’re doing is Facebook stuff, a competitor with some seasoning is going to eat your lunch. While you are trying and learning, they’re going to kick your ass. In this scenario, they have already learned it and they are doing it times 20.

There’s this thing called NextDoor.com. Just for kicks, I’ll go look for this person on ,Facebook and notice there is no activity. There may be a few pictures, but that’s it. You see it over and over again. I have more confidence in NextDoor.com because people are using their real names and addresses.

In the beginning, I tried to market on Facebook. I was unsuccessful because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now that I am busy building the new companies, I don’t have much time to spend on Facebook. Being on Facebook is just not a good use of my time.

I’ll give you an example of a big company and how they market. HubSpot sells products to salespeople and companies. They get most of their high-end clients from Meetups, not from the internet. There is this fallacy that everything can be done on the internet.

I think at some point that’s going to be true. But, we’re not there yet. I think you can make a lot of money selling low-end, low-risk, low-trust physical products. When it pertains to high-end consulting, you’re going to have to market differently. You’re going to have to have a better pedigree. You’re going to have to hop on a plane. That’s just the reality of it.

Once again, Facebook marketing is very powerful depending on the game you’re playing. If you are a freelancer and you’re always struggling with the problem of having either a lot of work or no work, you have a sales process problem. The problem is you don’t have a sales process. You don’t have a marketing process or a cold calling process. That’s why it is up and down.

I know that a lot of people are struggling. I know that every time Facebook does an algorithm change, it fucks up a lot of people’s money. It’s the same thing with Google, AdWords and YouTube.

I got hit hard on my YouTube channel because of so many changes. You know I use profanity quite a bit. I also send a lot of traffic off the platform. It took me six months to figure out a way for me to do what I want. I’m going to give YouTube what it wants some of the time.

You should learn how to do Facebook marketing. Take a course. Also, learn how to do YouTube marketing. Learn how to do Instagram marketing. You need to have at least two to three things you can do.

I can do Google AdWords. I can do YouTube marketing. I can do cold calling. You need to have two to three really strong skill sets, and not just because there are people on YouTube who have literally lost 75% to 95% of their income overnight. It’s going to take a minimum of three months to a year to learn a new marketing skill.

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