Fake Internet Hustlers on the Beach Working Hard Is Working Smart

Fake Internet Hustlers on the Beach Working Hard Is Working Smart

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I know you’re chillin’ out. You’re thinking I can’t wait until the weekend. That’s because Monday sucks and Tuesday sucks and the rest of the weekdays suck. Then you’re thinking, what the fuck am I doing with my life. Every day you work in that job, a little piece of you dies.

How did you end up here? I’m going to tell you. You fell prey to this idea we have in our society that recommends that you don’t work hard, but that you work smart. I’ve really dissected that. Anytime that I have been marginally to very successful I’ve worked my ass off.

What is it about hard work that creates such a distraction? I had to think about this. I had to take a different look.

I was brought up on the tail end of the baby boomer to Generation XY timeframe. The way I was brought up, hard work was noble. I was brought up to believe a good day’s work was something to be proud of. Now at the intersection of technology, life skills, lifestyle and social values, things got kind of fucked up.

Let’s say you are supposed to build this brick wall. The bricks are 20 feet away. Your job is to go over there and bring those bricks to the wall. Someone else stacks the bricks. You have this procession of work. In the beginning, it’s not that bad. With every brick, it gets heavier. Then the 20 feet gets longer.

Your back hurts. Your forearm hurts. You swell up because you’re working hard. The problem is you’re working hard in the wrong area. Many people have worked very hard in the wrong area. So, here’s this idea being touted that you should not work hard, but you should work smart.

No one is saying that you should work hard in the right area. That’s the disconnect. That’s the problem.

Another accepted idea by society is that if you get an education, you’ll make more money. That is true. The disconnect comes when the term education is not defined. What’s an education? Is it a college degree? Is it a secondary degree? Is it self-knowledge? Is it just stumbling upon something and finding out you’re good? The answer is all of the above.

In 2009, I just pulled a wild hair out of my ass and decided I was going to write a book. I didn’t know what I was doing. I made many errors. I had people laughing at me. During that period of July 2009 and October of that year, I learned so much about book covers and Amazon’s Create Space program. There were so many things you had to learn. I learned more in those few months than some people my age have learned in the last ten years.

That’s the issue. Because people are trying to work smart, but not work hard, how do you know if you are working smart? You might think you’re working smart, but you might be working dumb ass hard. That’s not going to get you what you want. You’re going to be unhappy.

So, how do we solve the conundrum of not working hard or working smart? I’m going to give you a few steps. It all begins with you.

Unless you are factoring in what makes you happy and what you want to be in life, you’re working hard or attempting to work smart in someone else’s program that you may not even like. But because it sounds good on paper when someone you don’t know and don’t care about comes up and asks you, “Hey, what are you doing?” You can say. “I’ve got two jobs and I’m in school.” Props all around. You’re doing everything that other people expect of you. But, you’re not happy. You’re drinking too much and you’re depressed.

How do we solve this?

#1 You’ve got to ask yourself, what do you want out of life? No matter what your mother of your father wants for you, pick something for yourself. What do you want for yourself? It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters how well you do it and how happy you are doing it.

It can take some time to figure that out if you’ve never done it before. People don’t know where to start. It can be a painful process.

#2 You must give yourself permission to choose.

#3 You’re going to have to make some changes. You’re going to have to do some internal renovations. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be painful. People may laugh at you.

Once you get your head together, your life will come together. Let me tell you what’s going to happen if you work hard. Things are going to hurt. Your mind is going to rebel. You’re going to start taking action.

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