Fear of Failure Holds You Back

Fear of Failure Is What Keeps You in the Same Place in Life

Do you have an inherent, oppressive fear of failure? Mindset is everything. I like to go ahead and Facebook a lot of my favorite authors. Some of them are overwhelmed, but a lot of them will respond to you, and you can have a conversation with them. It’s amazing.

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

I started thinking that information doesn’t even mean anything to most people. Because there is a ton of it. It’s out there. It’s available. There’s so many things you can do. There’s so many things you can build.

When you go through my training and courses, I give you five to maybe 25%. I’m a map. I’ve got some landmarks. I can dramatically cut your learning curve down on certain things.

However, it still requires that you put forth work. I’ve been having this conversation with a lot of people who are under the impression that everybody that is successful had some kind of advantage that they did not.

There are people who feel if they don’t have immediate success that the thing is rigged and it’s a scam. They believe there is something that is really, really wrong.

Let me give you some background about me. I dropped out of college. I was a “Special Ed” kid from first grade to sixth grade. I had a speech impediment, and I’m dyslexic.

Because my grandmother taught me how to read before I went to school, I never got behind. I couldn’t really speak correctly, but I was in some ways ahead of my peers. Back then if you had any type of learning disability, you got tagged. I got tagged.

There were these trailers and paraprofessionals for kids like me. I would go out there every day and sit with them. They would flip flashcards and work on me. This went on for six years.

Many of you who haven’t experienced such difficulty or roadblocks or struggles are not accustomed to the real face of success which is struggle. Success is struggle.

Your success isn’t when you built the company, sold it or cashed in on it. No, your success was when you were working at 2am in the morning on a line of code or a presentation with no money in the bank, when shit was dire and you still pressed forward. You persisted.

If when you failed, again and again and you persisted, then you were successful.

If you wake up every day and learn something new every day, you are a success.

Let’s go back to the idea that time is the most valuable thing you have. If you spent eight to ten hours of your time including the commute, and you make $25 per hour or $50K a year, then you’ve traded 200 hours a month of your life for $50K. That is 2400 hours of your life when you consider your commute. You literally earned that money with blood, sweat, tears and oxygen. That “struggle cash” you earned is hard for you to part with.

You spent precious resources to get that money so it is very hard to part with.

When I talk to a small business owner, they are still in that “struggle cash” mode. It is very different when you talk to someone who has mentally removed themselves from that mindset.

The resale community is nothing but “struggle cash.” That’s the reason they demand amazing information content for free. They have to have it. It’s part of their survival.

Your days don’t have to be filled with struggle. Making substantial sums of money is not evil or diabolical. If you think that way, that is your own insecurity talking. That is your fear of failure.

Once you get past the “struggle cash” mentality, you realize that this isn’t about being a millionaire or billionaire. It’s about being time rich.

I’ll just tell you, I’ve got members of my family who think I am a criminal. They say things like, “Let me get this straight. You sit at home and you talk on the internet and people pay you for that shit?”

They also say, “That ain’t no job for a real man. You need to be working in the coal mine or the steel plant, or driving a truck or something, earning an honest dollar for a hard day’s work.”

That’s why there is one side of my family I don’t fuck with anymore.

A lot of business owners struggle with a fucked-up family.

Part of your success is realizing that everyone is not going with you. I don’t care how much you feel you owe it to them They are mentally not prepared to move where you are. Once they reach a certain age, they are probably going to stay that way.

I will say something else. The people with the most education make the most money. That’s 100% true. That brings up the question, “What is education?”

People who love learning earn the most. It isn’t about having degrees. There are plenty of people with degrees working at Starbucks.

Another reason for fear of failure is because they are not brave enough to claim the life they could have. Instead, you take the life that is given to you or the life you are presumed you should have. That’s what happens a lot.

Essentially, you have to learn to filter out some of the advice you are given. People will try and help you out based on their understanding of life. Just look at the life of the person giving you advice to decide whether you should take them seriously.

Stop taking advice from people who don’t have shit, from a motherfucker who doesn’t have anything. I’m not talking about money. You can meet someone who doesn’t have anything, but he has travelled all over the world and he is rich in knowledge. You can meet someone who doesn’t have a lot of money, but they have special talents.

When you meet someone, who does nothing and who is not remarkable in any way, when they start giving you advice; don’t listen to them.

Can I teach you how to be a billionaire? Nope. I’m not a billionaire. Can I teach you how to be time free? Yep. I get to do what I choose with my time. That’s how I want it. Time is the greatest resource we have.

For the last seven years, I have been able to do pretty much what I want to do.

Listen to yourself if you are talking to yourself like someone who is terrified of success. Ask yourself why. It’s going to require that you change and that you make certain personnel decisions in your life. People that were permanent hire, they’re going to go to independent contractors, per diem or temp.

With that, have a good day.


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