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Are you afraid of failure? Mindset is everything. We have access to so much technology and knowledge and apps. You can just tweet someone that you admire and the chances are if they aren’t too busy, they will tweet you back. I find it really interesting I can tweet or Facebook my favorite authors. This makes me wonder why so many people aren’t doing well. I’m beginning to think that information doesn’t mean anything to most people.

The information is out there. It’s available. There are so many things you can do. There are so many things you can build. I’ll just tell you, I give you 5% to 25%. I’m a map. I’ve got some things figured out. I’ve got some landmarks. I can dramatically cut your learning curve down on certain things.

It still requires that you put forth work. I’ve been having this conversation with a lot of people. There are those who think that people who are successful had advantages they did not have. My first day on YouTube, I had no views. Nobody knew I existed. I put up videos for days and weeks before I started getting much traffic. Now you have people who believe if they don’t have immediate success it’s because things are rigged.

As a person who dropped out of college and a “Special Ed” kid with speech problems, I started with no advantages. Thanks to my grandmother who taught me how to read before I went to school, I never got behind. Even though I couldn’t speak correctly, I was in some ways ahead of my peers.

Back then if you had any learning problems or disabilities, you got tagged.  I would go to the trailers every day and work with the paraprofessionals and they would work with me using flash cards. This went on for six years. I think many people who have not faced such difficulties are not accustomed to the real face of success which is struggle.

Success is struggle. Your success isn’t when you’ve built the company and sold it and cashed out. Success happened at 2am in the morning and you were working on that presentation and you had no money in the bank. Shit was dire and you pressed forward. That’s when you became successful. If you can keep pushing forward and trying things over and over again and having failures, but continuing to try, that’s success.

Many people look at success as the end goal, but you can’t get to the end goal without the struggle. If you spend an hour of your time every morning it will make a big difference. That hour of your time is a cost because your time is the most valuable thing you have in life because you don’t get any more moments. You get to a certain age and you die. So, your time is finite. It ends.

Essentially, part of your success is realizing that everyone is not going with you. I don’t care how much you feel like you owe it to them. They’re mentally not prepared to move where you are. After a certain age, they are probably going to stay the way they are until they take the big dirt nap. Regardless of how much you love them, they are going to stay where they are. They like what they’re doing.

I’m going to say something else. The people with the most education make the most money. That’s 100% true. That brings us to the question about what is education. It’s not about college degrees. A lot of people with advanced degrees are working at Starbucks. Then there are people like me. I’ve never stopped learning. I love learning and meeting new people.

Another reason people fear failure is because they’re grown. They think they’re done learning. You can’t build anything with that perspective.

A lot of people aren’t brave enough to claim the life they could have. Instead, they take the life that is given to them or the life they are expected to have. That’s what happens.

When you duel or debate with people about things they know to be fact, they’re going to think you are an idiot. I’ve learned not to get into it. When someone tells me that you can’t make money on YouTube or using YouTube and that it’s only for kids, I know that’s not true. Then I’ll ask them who told them that, and I’ll get some crazy answers like, “My Uncle Robert told me. He said that internet isn’t nothing but some fuckery. It ain’t nothing but the devil and the devil is a liar.”

Another thing you must do is stop taking advice from people who don’t have shit. I’m talking about a mother fucker that doesn’t have anything, and I’m not talking money. You can meet someone with no worldly possessions, but he’s traveled all over the world.  You can meet someone who does not have money, but he has special talents. When you meet someone who has nothing and they aren’t remarkable in any way, but they have all this advice for you that doesn’t work for them, do not listen to them.

That’s like a broke person telling you how to get rich. I’ve never seen so many people who have no money or idea how money works give me advice about my business. It happens all the time.

Can I teach you how to be a billionaire? Nope, I’m not a billionaire. Can I teach you how to be time free? Yes I can. That’s how I live right now. I get to do what I want to do with my time. That’s how I want it. I think time is the greatest resource we have. For the last seven years, I just do what I want to do.

You’ve got to start looking at why you’re afraid of success. There’s a lot of work you have to do. You can never stop learning. Some people are good at acquiring knowledge but they don’t know how to apply it. You have got to push yourself past your fear if you want to succeed.

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