Forget About Amazon Buying Whole Foods – Focus on Your Business

Forget About Amazon Buying Whole Foods – Focus on Your Business

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Today we are going to talk about Amazon buying Whole Foods and people losing their mind and going crazy. I’ve been getting all these questions. Check out our products. If you see something you like, make a love offering.


Let’s jump into the subject of Amazon buying Whole Foods. I shop at Whole Foods. It’s totally different than shopping at Walmart. The people who shop at Whole Foods are radically different from the folks that shop at Walmart.

I’m going to tell you why I shop at Whole Foods. I go there because I can get in and out quickly. They have a huge selection of the healthy foods that I like in my quest to be healthier.

Every time I go to Walmart it takes me five or six minutes to park. Then I go in to get what I need and I’ve got to wait five, six, seven, eight or ten minutes to check out every time. My big fear is that Amazon will jack up Whole Foods.

I saw the preposterous post that Amazon’s going to put Walmart out of business. Walmart sells four to five times more stuff than Amazon does. Amazon is not putting Walmart out of business. They both have unique competitive advantages. Amazon is the biggest online retailer. Walmart is the biggest physical retailer.

Walmart has more money in the bank than Amazon. Amazon is good at what they do. They own the online space, but they can’t beat Walmart at their game.

Walmart has been making money for a long time. My money is on Walmart. I look at the numbers. In 22 states, Walmart is the largest employer. Amazon’s got a long way to go before we can talk about Amazon killing Walmart.


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Here’s another fact to consider for all the folks cheering on Amazon. Amazon acts and operates much like Walmart. You know how Walmart will move to a town and put all those Mom and Pop businesses out of business. What do you think Amazon is going to do to all those smaller websites that are not selling  certain kinds of products and don’t have a rigorous customer service program?

We the consumers will be winners. The prices are going to come down. Walmart wants to be the lowest price physical store. Amazon wants to have the lowest prices online. For the consumer, it’s going to be great. But, for the worker, that’s going to be jacked up. Both Walmart and Amazon have a lot of ethics and worker lawsuits. It’s going to be interesting.


I see a big shakeout on YouTube because the easy AdSense money is gone for many channels. I never relied on it. It was never a big part of my income stream. I think the best I ever did was $2500 in one month. AdSense fluctuates wildly.


One of the reasons I tell people to forget about Amazon buying Walmart is because most of us including myself are never going to build a business that is even as big as Whole Foods. I’m not saying, “Don’t be inspired by that.” But what I am saying is to focus on what you can do where you are.

Let’s say you do $280K a year. That’s private school for your kids. In most parts of the country, you can get a great house with that. You can plan for your retirement. You can have a nice home, a second home, pretty nice cars and money in the bank. The thing to remember is you’ve got to get to that level before you can get to the mega level.

So many people are trying to get to the mega level and they’re looking at these stories. What is important to remember about Amazon is that Jeff Bezos kept spending all the money on the business versus taking a profit. He did that to grow the company. It worked very well for him. That’s what you have to be able to do to build these huge companies.

I think online potential is unlimited. As the millennials age out and these people who have always shopped on the phone become a major purchasing force, online sales are going to increase. It’s going to be interesting.

One of the things I did was to stop looking at the bigger companies and comparing my business with them. It’s a different animal. It’s like a Peewee baseball team going up against a Pro level team. It’s that different. I don’t even look at these things anymore.

Question: Where can I find your hiring ads?

Answer: Go to the Atlanta Craigslist and see if you can figure out which ones are ours. We are developing a process. We’re going to start inviting people to see what we do because this is some weird shit. A lot of people don’t know a YouTuber. The ones who do know a YouTuber are kids.


Question: Does your motivation ever dip? How do you get it back?

Answer: I’ll start off like this. When I was living in the boarding house and when I was fucking homeless and shit, anytime I feel slack, I just think about that and I have instant motivation.

I think part of the problem is a lot of you don’t know what is out there. Some of you have some serious fallback where you can make the absolute worst decisions in the world and you go move in with mom and dad. I mean, I’ve never had that.

Actually, my mom did say I could live with her, but I did not want to live with her because she was like a drill sergeant. I chose homelessness over living with her.

Finally, my advice to you is to read about Amazon buying Whole Foods and then forget about it. It’s not going to put money in your pocket.

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