The Growth Mindset Is Essential for Getting Money

The Growth Mindset Is Essential for Getting Money

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Today we’re going to talk about mindset. I don’t care about how much evidence shows something is not working out – they will still operate on pure emotion. It is just a fake narrative.

If you are operating on false narratives and you get undesirable results, whose fault is it? It’s something you have to think about.

Not too long ago I had someone arguing with me over personal responsibility on this channel. When you are young, you have all the excuses in the world to be ignorant. You are young. You don’t know anything. Maybe you grew up in a bad situation and nobody’s helping you out. Nobody’s mentoring you or providing guidance.

Once you reach a certain age and you remain ignorant, that’s on you. It’s not on anyone else. That is your baggage. That is something you own.

You meet people who just refuse to accept that fact. When I say mindset, I don’t know how to break it down so you. It is important that you understand how very important mindset is in everything that you do. It is critical.

Sometimes I get exasperated because people are looking for shortcuts. People are looking for this push button solution where they really don’t have to work or they’re looking at someone else’s life without breathing that air.

You can’t look at someone else’s success and hope that’s going to be yours because typically you’re not going to get all the information. You can reverse engineer only so much. That’s one of the things I learned in sales. When you are not privy to the right information, it is hard to make better decisions.

I see many people who research successful people. I suggest you do research successful people. It is important to remember that at some point you have to take that research and put it where the rubber meets the road. You have to apply it. Once again, that is a mindset issue.

I have experienced some things in my life, some things people said would not happen. But I decided it was going to happen. I clung to it.

There are some days you get weak, days where you don’t believe. There are days you don’t work as hard. But you have to keep your mind straight and focus on that aim. If you don’t, the power of negativity is so strong it can just take you out.

As you go forward in life, more opportunities are given to us and more things are required from us. That’s just how it is. Many people do not want to deal with all of the changes that come from success.

When you get to a place where you seem to stop, where you experience mental inertia, it is not caused by a lack of ability. It happens because you have not adjusted your mindset for the next level.

I’ll give you a great example about mindset. For a long, long time, I was a reseller. I loved it. I enjoyed it. It actually provided me with the opportunity to speak to you in this video. It’s great and it’s wonderful. But. I’ve moved on. That was a personal decision.

Here is an example. There was this guy named Dave that I knew in resale. Dave was killing it. I modeled my business after his at one point. Dave started resale when it was flea markets and stores only, before internet became big.

Then he started to lose his standing as a leader in resale. The reason this happened is because he didn’t adjust to the internet. He didn’t move his mindset from level C to level A. He eventually lost it all. When you are successful, it becomes very hard to change your mindset. That’s what happened to Dave.

One thing I’ve noticed about people who are successful in life is that it is very hard for these people to hate on other people. The reason for this type of mindset is because when you are successful and happy in all areas of your life; when you have the time you want, when you have the money you want, when all of those facets of your life are clicking; it’s just not worth your time to be a hater. You aren’t interested in calling attention to X, Y and Z.

Essentially, it’s just unhappiness that creates hate. It is easy to get sucked into the vortex of hate because hate is seductive. It creates a lot of energy. Hate, love and pain all create energy. Hate creates an abundance of energy that people don’t know what to do with.

I’ve seen it on YouTube. People get caught up in hate fests and they don’t really mean to go as fa as they do. They get caught up. Once again, it’s all about your mindset.

When you fill your mind with positive things, you have better outcomes. That won’t allow a lot of the negative energy to take root. There’s just no room for it because you are being a good manager of your mental environment. It is very important that you do that.

How you deal with setbacks and failure is very important, because everyone is going to be unhappy at some point. Everyone is going to fail at some point. It’s just going to happen. The thing to remember is that is a snapshot. It’s a moment. Some people will take that snapshot and turn it into a feature film. It’s sad. Essentially, if you do that, you are taking today’s events and determining your future happiness. It is important to remember that you have a choice about how this goes down.


This is my challenge for you. Reduce your Facebook time by 90%. I’m not saying you should completely turn it off. Also, stop listening to negative things. Take that time you were on Facebook and put it into successful endeavors. Do that for 90 days. Then get back to me about how that changes your life. I’ve seen people get caught up in the negative loop of bullshit. You don’t want that.

If you want to see how a person is living, look at where they put their time. I’m an internet marketer. I put my time in YouTube and in producing new products That’s what I do. The more time I invest, then the more lesson I learn and the more money I make.

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