Harder for Americans to Rise from the Lower Rungs – Yes and No – Perspective Matters Most

Harder for Americans to Rise from the Lower Rungs - Yes and No - Perspective Matters Most

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I read an article about how it is harder for Americans to rise from the lower rungs. The average American including poor people are better off than 80% of the rest of the world in terms of medicine, education, standard of living, housing, and personal freedoms. You may feel differently based on your life circumstances.

There is a part of the world where Wi-Fi is not reliable. There are a lot of things we take for granted that are not available in the rest of the world. Long story – short, upward mobility is easier in the rest of the world because we’ve kind of hit a ceiling. Your standard of living in the USA is not going to get any better unless you make it better.

Upward mobility used to be an automatic byproduct of a robust economy, innovation and all the wonderful things going on in America from 1920 to about 1985. There are still great things going on. I was having a discussion with someone about the fact there is information and then there is education. There are many people that are very educated with a Master’s Degree or PhD who are making $30K, $40K and $50K. I’m not saying that is bad.

You have people with the “right information” who are billionaires. Education is important, but information is even more important. What people are missing is the importance of having access to the “right information.” I looked at the article and I came up with these thoughts.

I have travelled the world. I’ve been in other countries and seen how people live. There is some little girl right now in Mexico who is going down a steep ravine to get a bucket of water to take back to her family. She could get bit .by an animal or snake She could fall and get hurt. This is her daily reality. There is some kid in the desert who is burning his ass off. Comparatively, Americans have it really good.

To rise from the lower rungs, you have to get education and information and learn how to use both. When I say education, it is far beyond getting a degree. Right now, for many corporations, the price of admission is a degree. For me, putting yourself in $80K to $100K in debt for a $30K to $45K job that tops out very quickly is asinine. That’s just me. A lot of people are doing it because of the narrative of American culture.

You have to sit down and ask yourself a few questions. First of all, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you have a clue? This is the problem. People want to follow the follower.

At this point in history, you have the ability to define your life like no other time in history. No matter your race or gender, at no other time in history have you had the freedom and resources to move forward in life like today if you know where to look for those things. These are the best of times.

Many people are looking at it the wrong way. They’re seeing the glass as half empty. I am saying, there is no glass. I can build a decanter. I can build a pitcher. I can build a water producing plant. I am looking at making my own sandbox. If you know how glass is made, you know it’s made from sand. Think about that.

So, you have that ability to define your life. When you define your life, the mobility is a byproduct of taking time out to figure out you. You can have anything. That is the cornerstone of your mobility.

You need to figure out your life plan. This life is about experiences. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it solves a lot of problems. Once you decide how to provide services to other people, you may get a ridiculous amount of money for that. If you go out chasing money and don’t tie it to service, it’s a very frustrating chase.

When you define you and your purpose, money finds you. Money will pop up in your life in the strangest places. It is just weird. It is great. Many people are trying to solve internal problems with external solutions and it’s never going to work. You need an internal solution for an internal problem.

When I was in the storage auction business, I bought a unit in Tucker, Georgia. That unit belonged to an ex-girlfriend who disappointed me. I went through the unit and read her journal. You start to decipher stuff. You see medical bills. You see unopened bills, which means they don’t have any money and don’t want to open the stuff.

I got to see what happened to her life. I found out exactly what happened with us. I didn’t hate her. I actually felt sorry for her. It was that information that filled in the gaps. So, I solved a personal mystery and I made a lot of money in the process.

At the time, I was sitting there thinking I had the best job in the world. That was my source of happiness. I was buying units and finding out stuff about people. It was my high.

I didn’t make a lot of money in the storage auction business because I was chasing money. I earned a lot of money because I was chasing experiences. The money was a byproduct. The more experiences I had, the more money that came.

If you want to experience upward mobility as an American, opportunities are everywhere. I have to settle myself at times because there are so many opportunities. I have to force myself to focus and pull back the reigns because I see so much opportunity.

You’ve got to be able to source your own happiness. When you are happy, you will bring happy people to you. The flip side to that is you will create some seriously ugly energy with folks who can’t stand your ass.

At no time in history could you sit at home and watch YouTube, go visit a blog, read a post on Facebook, and connect the dots to create a business within a year that will support you in style. At no point in history has this much opportunity been available to the masses.

So, what do you want? It’s all a choice. You can have it.

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