How to Be a Treasure Hunter

How to Be a Treasure Hunter

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There are a lot of terms thrown about. Hey, I’m a picker. I’m this. I’m that. I’m a treasure hunter. When I had my storage auction business, I dealt with treasure hunters. It’s a different breed of cat.

If you’re doing this to make money, you’re not a treasure hunter. I’m assuming if you’re doing this to make money that you don’t have enough disposable income to be a true treasure hunter.  Let me break it down for you. A true treasure hunter has disposable income to get whatever he or she wants. They don’t have to work for it or if they have a regular job, it handles the bills and the acquisition of treasures.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with not being a true treasure hunter, but you have to really identify what you’re doing in this business to be successful. For example, if you go out there and you see something that could make you a significant amount of money, but you don’t realize it or care necessarily, it’s because you’re a treasure hunter in the strictest sense.  Labels and terminology are huge. There’s a reason we have nomenclature for things and people. It’s because we’re different. What we do is different. What we think is different.

By claiming that word treasure hunter, you’re taking money out of your pocket and you’re looking for the bit hit. You’re not looking for consistent cash. You’re not looking for a business model, because you are a treasure hunter.

If you’re doing this to make money, take that word out of your vocabulary. You are a capitalist. You are a reseller. You are a storage auction hound. You find stuff that you can buy so you can flip it and make more money than you spent. That’s what you do. Live it and breathe it. This notion about this fancy stuff and you’re going to find this treasure and hit it big and solve all the problems in your life, it’s a pipe dream.

With hard work, a plan and realistic expectations, you can actually build a business that will make you a treasure hunter at some point in the future. Look at Barry West. There are all these rumors about what he did. He and his brother owned a produce business. They weren’t producers, which means they brought stuff in and they sold it. He sold a huge volume, which means he probably got rich and was put on a show because of his amazing personality. He’s got that kooky look. You can’t be Barry without working for 20 or 25 years and retiring with all that loot. That’s the reality.

That’s one of the things that kills so many people in this society. They want to be at the CEO level before they’ve mastered the entry level. You can’t do that. I’m sorry. If you were CEO material or President material, you would be it right now. The fact that you are not means that you aren’t prepared. That doesn’t mean you can’t be that in the future. You need to let that notion go.

First, you’ve got to put in time and work. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not always going to be fun. That’s the reality of it. I felt the need to explain this because I got this email from this guy who said he wanted a career as a treasure hunter.  There’s no such thing as a career as a treasure hunter.

There are people who spend millions looking for treasure on sunken ships. Some people find a piece here and a piece there. Many spend their entire life chasing that dream. A lot of them don’t find it, because treasure is rare. Interestingly, what is really rare is people that understand the dynamics of the situation and treat it as such.

The TV shows have created these crazy, over-the-top unrealistic expectations of what this business is. I did the business full-time, every day, sometimes six or seven days a week and I got to a six-figure income. There was a 10,000-square foot warehouse. There was a 27-foot truck. There was a 17-foot truck. There was a load crew. There was a marketing plan. I had a wonderful partner business partner that kept that shit together. It was a lot of hard work. So, slow it down. Forget treasure hunting.

Now, there are other types of treasure hunters with metal detectors and stuff. I will say they are treasure hunters, because they understand the dynamics. There is a lot of work involved before you find something. You could go weeks, months or years before you find something. They know they are going to put in a lot of work before they find something.

You’ve got to do research. You’ve got to know where the burial grounds are. You’ve got to do your due diligence and hit the beach regularly.

Seriously, if you want to get in the game and be successful, rearrange the terminology in your head. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Be clear about your goals. You’ll be far more successful when you do those things.

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